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That Girl Aug 2020
Saying sorry is the hardest word to say in the english language.
Saying sorry is a humbling experience.
Saying sorry takes courage.
Saying sorry requires your own feelings to take a back seat.
I hate the word sorry.
At least I hate saying it.
I want to erase it from my vocabulary.
I say it too much.
I tend to apologize when it’s not entirely my fault.
I usually say sorry when I want to “save” a relationship.
Or at least try to make it better.
And it’s not even romantic relationships.
It’s friendships, family, etc.
I felt like saying sorry would change things.
I felt like that maybe if they saw me put forth the effort to make it work then they would too.
I thought that if I said sorry that they would say sorry too.
I was wrong.
Every time I said sorry no one said it back.
I took responsibility for my actions,
why weren’t they taking responsibilities for theirs?
I know I was in the wrong,
but I wasn’t the ONLY one in the wrong.
Why am I always the one to take the blame?
I thought saying sorry was supposed to make me feel better.
Why do I feel worse?
I’m tired of being the only one who is sorry.
I want to live my life unapologetic.
From now on the only thing I’m sorry for is not being sorry.
Sorry not sorry.
SA Szumloz May 2020
Be unapologetically you
That's all you can do
To feel complete
On the inside.
i wish there was a world where him and i
could hold hands, kiss, and smile, and cry
without eyes that smolder and judge and pry
and preach false teachings and fabricate lies
which hold us captive and try to baptize
the lovers and the wanderers and the devoted allies
with hypocrisy, terror, and a biblical reprise
which bares no truth except to the unwise.

minds untouched are easy to compromise
so we must be aware of all that we jeopardize
when we teach false stories and attempt to criminalize
the simpleness of love and with whom one chooses to romanticize
and this is the reason i write this lullaby
to warn of the dangers that happen when you vocalize
the hatred or ill will or disappointment or chastise
that you or another may feel for us butterflies

there one day will be a world where all love will be normalized
whether you like it or not we will never apologize
for who we were, who we are, who we prized and who we prize
as our lovers and loved ones and all of our pride
Marri Dec 2019
I can’t keep giving you this favor you asked for.
I can’t keep this promise I made to you.
I’m sorry.

I’m breaking everything.
I’m shattering glass,
I’m tearing down walls,
And I am unapologetic.

I didn’t mean for it to escalate this far,
But then again,
Here we are.

I can’t keep this promise,
My skin just wants to break free.

I can’t keep giving you this favor,
My skin just wants to be against yours.

I am ripping your poems to shreds,
I am slashing tires to your sweet ride,
I am breaking the gazes between us.
I am unafraid.

I can't keep loving you,
This stupid schoolgirl crush.

I am walking over our memories,
Crushing the seeds you grew in me.

I am destroying the thought of you,
I am rendering love identical with night.

Tears don't stain my eyes,
Neither does pain.
So don't act surprised.

I am dancing again,
I am singing once more,
And I am not in love.

I am the moon once more,
I am the sun again,
And you aren't the stars.

You aren't the reason.
You aren't my rhyme.
You aren't a poem,
Let alone mine.

You're just a shell of a man that I once loved.
Even then, you're still empty.
Even the moon must go through phases of feeling empty to become whole
Kryptonite Oct 2019
blue peonies
the dragonfly swifts in
pink lilies
landing behind the windowsill
green orchids
piercing screams the creature exhales
one last glance around the empty room
the dragonfly flies out
a pin drops
day 69
chitragupta Mar 2019
When you tinker with broken glass
You must not complain for getting hurt
For so mercilessly,
so delicately it cuts
Why should I ever apologize for being broken,
when those who broke me never once did?
chitragupta Mar 2019
I admit
I made
a mistake
But the only one I owe
an apology to
is myself
So there's no reason
for you
to wait
If I said
I'm sorry
that's not how I felt
Izzy Krompack Feb 2019
her fingers ran like ink across my skin
never ceasing to keep flowing
we wrote our own stories

but one day she left
and she took our pen with her
ceasing me from ever wanting
to write stories again
Brandi Dec 2018
In love with life
With memories
With you
(Who? Who?)


© 2018
Brandi Keaton
Ritz Writes Dec 2018
I am not shy to be a woman.
I am not shy to raise my voice.
I am not shy to own my body.
I am not what others pour their hatred upon me.
Oh! So many hurts and slur comments;
Labels and taglines your pour on a woman who earn their strip.
" Unedited, Raw and Unabashedly"
Take me for who I am.
You think it is not ladylike to sit or pose.
And if you think I care;
I don't owe anyone an explanation.
Talk The Talk.
Raise your Voice if you wanna be heard.
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