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Sep 2018
i spent so long
making mountains
with my inability
to trust

creating dust
with my worries
as i grew tired
of chasing
broken promises
and tasting
the bitter
in the never
of forevers

just so you
would have to climb
to my new heights
of broken life
and find my love
more worth the fight

and as we spent
less time alone
i found that broken
made quite the home

the universe in me
made sense
my worries felt
much less intense

you held my hopes
in your warm hands
and i grew trust
where i once ran

and in the midst
of all of this
i felt secure
in all those hits
my heart
once bared

for every tear
had led you there
to clear the air
for us to share
the taste of honey
in my despair
who said broken was a bad thing?
Written by
ohellobeautiful  m e l i s s a
(m e l i s s a)   
       countingstars, Crow, Henessy J Beltre, Fawn, --- and 11 others
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