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Nova Jul 28
You gave me a watch
You said “check the time,
When we meet again
It’ll be different on mine.”

But I threw it down
And you hugged me tight
Yet I still didn’t want
To say goodbye.

The dust has settled
I know you’re gone
But still I stay strong
But still I go on.
Venus Star Mar 29
is it real, to be lying in the yellow meadows
beneath the willow trees
in our own worlds

is it too good to be true?
in this cosmos
to be dreaming about a willow tree
in a yellow meadow

a simple thought
a pen in my hand
a thought in my head
i wonder what ill dream up next

~the poetry enigma
Avishkar Aug 2018
My eyes just opened..

The ceiling fan was turning round and round ..

Small breeze was making its noises

I looked towards the window
It was not the breeze but you .. Crying

I was able to see your face in the moonlight..
The tears over your cheeks were visible..

I remembered of the accident..
Oh!  as my eyes are opened I have survived the accident

I wanted to come near you
Hug you..  Kiss you..

And for all that I needed to get your attention
I took a deep breath ..

Closed my eyes for gaining some energy to call your name

My eyes remained closed.....
Love makes life live
Avishkar Aug 2018
The moment your eyes depicted the rejection
I realized I was in the wrong world

Because I don't belong to the world where
We don't end up together

The world where your heart beated for someone else
Was never going to be my world

There are parallel worlds out there,
Where I am with you and you are with me

Where the sun,  shines only to cast our togetherness
by the means of shadow

Where the comet falls only to fulfil our wish

Where the rainbow appears to witness our love

Where the ocean, the silent breeze makes
every scene a Moment of Love

Somewhere in time, I have lost all these worlds,
Which certainly cannot be found again

I lost my way in this world and didn't realized
that this world was not for me,

Because here, in this world, The nature will never witness us together

But somewhere out there, there are parallel worlds
Where you love me the same I do

And wherever those parallel worlds might be


........  Lost somewhere in time
Love is the foundation of human emotions and emotions are at the base of every creation
Avishkar Aug 2018
Everything seemed to be still
There was a slight pain
Darkness was capturing my eyes

I was feeling the whole universe in my breaths

I was in the past , rewinding things

My past reminded me of you

You always said that we are alive only to create a few memories that will create a smile on lips at the last evening of our life

You always found your moments in the magics of universe
I always found them in you

I was able to relive those moments this time
because the flow of breeze touching my soul always reminded me of you

I was not able to differentiate my heartbeats and the ticking clock


For a moment , there was Nothing but darkness

I was feeling some more senses other than the five senses which always helped me creating me

I was feeling blind, light and suddenly my eyes opened

I was able to see myself resting on a bed

There was a smile on my lips....
Love makes life live
Diána Bósa Jun 2018
I am like those SETI-scientists,
clinging on radiowaves;
noise-melodies from outer space,
questing after truth with huge telescopes
and scanning the visible light with satellites,
seeking desperately the limits of worlds apart,
searching for signs of intelligent life
in the desired-to-know universe.
Just to communicate with the extra-terrestrial;
to achieve certainty: there is someone out there,
someone, who is different, yet alike,
who is able to speak my thoughts
without knowing my language,
who still can easily translate my feelings
into the secret programcode of the universe.
An astral-traveler,
who can tame the waves of gravity,
someone, who is faster than the speed of light
and could eat the distance between us.
To be my interstellar compass;
my one and true guidance,
to help me explore this unfathomed life.
Someone, as David Bowie sang at once,
who is able to believe the strangest things,
who is able to love the alien.
Jack P May 2018
although, incredible, the dogmatic pursuit of absent-mindedness, two left feet up the [redacted]

i would make a remark about how fast the time has gone
but i never looked up
to see it moving

wish upon a
wish upon a
wish upon a moribund eternally pessimistic star

[if i was a poem, dear disinterested reader, i think i would be a fridge poem. not very profound, nor eloquent, and rather insipid; though it's quite funny that i exist in the first place]

Me & Earl & The Dying Light Emblematic Of, Or Perhaps Symptomatic Of, My Interest In Whatever It Is You Have To Say

met a genie on a long road
delivered with the smoke of a cracked kitchen kettle
juggling three wishes
in his drunken monologue
like a blind man juggles bowling pins
and stupidly i used them all
on making the next few tomorrows disappear
                                                                                        and now i'm here

anyway how may i take your order?
i'm not entirely sure either
Ken Rafiñan Apr 2018
She was red-light flawless:
districts of ephemeral perfection luxuriating on along sensual stretches.

The unmistakable presence of a woman;
some sense of the sublime:
its invisible edge cleaving my being wide open upon its passing.

The glitter of her dark eyes
a secret signal
tempting me toward sensual settings:
situations whose scents pull on plots pushing potent agendas
and explosive endings.

Ancient intersections awash with new blood;
a warm awakening of an almost forgotten biology.

Our contours resolve an oft-imagined samba.

Her hourglass orbit caresses kisses all over our angular philosophy;
some sympathy—
for the existentialists transpiring in all of us.

A distinctly human complexity that’s haphazardly indignant,
and disturbed only by the tediousness of interstellar transmission.

Into a feathery instability the thread digresses,
then back to hormonal flushes it fluxes,
and by its muscled materiality it flexes.

From ingress to egress:
defined by an awkward acceleration
of her truth’s unrefined relativity:
its complicity
in multiplicity
a welcome duplicity.

Pause: a space apropos: somewhere between ellipses and apostrophes.

A much need riposte from a feminine intensity most imperative.

Tomorrow is another day
and also a night:
further discourse in the eternal struggle
of leaving that her,
losing this me,
and living as we.

The de-territorialization of our skin maps out a dystopic equilibrium:
a chaotic futurescape that only the likes of our they can inhabit.

A final monolith reads: The Grand Narrative of Us.
*Filipino uses the gender-neutral "siya" to refer to a human agent-object.

This ambiguity is the space that the implied actors in this scene inhabit.
ohellobeautiful Jan 2018
never apologize for the way
on your darkest of days
you may enter a phase
that feels a lot like
you are an interstellar being
these broken parts of you
are star-glowing matter
the pieces have a path
they’ll always
and when they do... their
new density will display
an even greater array
of the Light
That is
embrace your fragility
it holds your Power
to  t r a n s f o r m
..the same divine
ability is how a
nebula is
Vachaspathi May 2017
Let us hire a taxi and roam the entire galaxy.
We are two lost stars trying to light up the dark.
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