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Gabriel Aug 2020
We bought the galaxy

on a mortgage of borrowed time.

Because I wanted

to give you something grand

and you wanted space

and all of the stars.

Who’s in charge of this?

Not us, lying in a single bed

traversing the skies;

you need a bottle-opener

for your wine,

so you destroy a planet

and forge one in a star –

one use only.

I tell you that if we fall

into a black hole,

we’ll see in front of us

everything that will ever happen;
and you tell me you’ll look behind,


We try and find one,

but our hands come up empty,

and you say you never liked

vacuums, anyway.

I know all this.

I’ve always known all this,

and yet still,

I let you destroy

any home we create;

your hammer on the mantelpiece.

Perhaps spinning 
through the universe

is worthwhile,

because it means you

have to hold onto something;

Something I wrote for a creative writing portfolio in first year of university.
starstrike Jul 2020
terrestrial minds suffocate in the clouds
Logic and Rationale scream out loud
consuming the oxygen needed to live and die
leaving none for those with galaxies in their eyes.

Atmosphere pressures all to conform
and crushes all that stray from the norm.
These are conditions where land lubbers thrive
and star chasers are crippled by society’s vice.
Sal AK Apr 2020
Only a love that transcends reason
A love meant for the stars
Can survive this wretched world
With its beauty and scars
Venus Star Dec 2019
the foundations we built without knowing
i cant let you in
theres things i need to say to you
but i cant
and i cant keep you out
so i wait

and we keep building
and we dance in silence
to the music
and let the world burn
from the fires of our silence

watched by the moonlight
the ashes are our scars
i just wanted to dance
in our usual trance
Mark Toney Oct 2019
In the womb
In labor, boom!

Her he enabled
Now she's disabled

Travel to Mars
Next stop stars

Math Test
Don't be hysterical
It's only numerical

Long awaited summit
Ascend or plummet?

Unlikely Nexus
Hooked on drugs
Lack of hugs?
6/9/2018 - Poetry form: Six-Word Couplets - Over the last year I've been intrigued by the "six-word story," which has gained popularity, including the 2006 Six-Word Memoirs® project. What about a six-word couplet? This post consists of a total of six different six-word couplets. Each couplet is preceded by its title. - Copyright © Mark Toney | Year Posted 2018
Juno Jul 2019
You gave me a watch
You said “check the time,
When we meet again
It’ll be different on mine.”

But I threw it down
And you hugged me tight
Yet I still didn’t want
To say goodbye.

The dust has settled
I know you’re gone
But still I stay strong
But still I go on.
Venus Star Mar 2019
is it real, to be lying in the yellow meadows
beneath the willow trees
in our own worlds

is it too good to be true?
in this cosmos
to be dreaming about a willow tree
in a yellow meadow

a simple thought
a pen in my hand
a thought in my head
i wonder what ill dream up next

~the poetry enigma
Avishkar Aug 2018
My eyes just opened..

The ceiling fan was turning round and round ..

Small breeze was making its noises

I looked towards the window
It was not the breeze but you .. Crying

I was able to see your face in the moonlight..
The tears over your cheeks were visible..

I remembered of the accident..
Oh!  as my eyes are opened I have survived the accident

I wanted to come near you
Hug you..  Kiss you..

And for all that I needed to get your attention
I took a deep breath ..

Closed my eyes for gaining some energy to call your name

My eyes remained closed.....
Love makes life live
Avishkar Aug 2018
The moment your eyes depicted the rejection
I realized I was in the wrong world

Because I don't belong to the world where
We don't end up together

The world where your heart beated for someone else
Was never going to be my world

There are parallel worlds out there,
Where I am with you and you are with me

Where the sun,  shines only to cast our togetherness
by the means of shadow

Where the comet falls only to fulfil our wish

Where the rainbow appears to witness our love

Where the ocean, the silent breeze makes
every scene a Moment of Love

Somewhere in time, I have lost all these worlds,
Which certainly cannot be found again

I lost my way in this world and didn't realized
that this world was not for me,

Because here, in this world, The nature will never witness us together

But somewhere out there, there are parallel worlds
Where you love me the same I do

And wherever those parallel worlds might be


........  Lost somewhere in time
Love is the foundation of human emotions and emotions are at the base of every creation
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