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Andrew Rueter Aug 2023
Echoes of words never said reverberate
through the desolate rotundra of my mind
encapsulating stabbing nothingness
featuring the limits of chaotic kismet
until the shade creeps into my eyes
like bubonic wraiths scouring the globe
searching for cravings, craving the search
discovering urchins and serpents alike
in the ocean that now fills my eyes
I watch a giant squid shoot ink
and articulate itself away
swimming to the bottom of my retina
where everything is flatter to withstand the pressure
bottom feeders suckle at the **** of the depths
pervading my flattened vision
swirling in a frenzy over pieces of my eyes floating downward
forming an inescapable black mass
trapping me in its rotating world
until a bioluminescent olm wanders through
trying to reach the surface
its light inspires me to follow
like I could grow to one day glow
in the sheltered cove of my eyes
the salamander rescued me to
where the shade still exists
with feeders beneath
but all those do anymore
is make my sanctuary feel like home.
LC Apr 2022
the dark limb splits the moon
from the expansive, pitch-black sky.
at a distance, we paint it
as a glowing, surface level circle
that we place our wishes onto.
we never listen to it in return,
so the limb fiercely protects
the whispers of the moon.
Escapril Day 3! The prompt was "limbs." I used the astronomical definition of limb, which was "the edge of a celestial object." This poem took some twists and turns, and this is where it ended up.
Nikkie Jan 2021
I have made my transition to another place, a place where beauty needs no explination.
God’s great timing is everything;
it may not be what we expect but God is always in control.
Sands will flow through the hourglass, slow and steady, throughout our lives.

Time will end and the sand will stop flowing, but God’s love for us is forever growing.
I have worked all my life for this to happen, to see my Lord face to face.

I’ve been accepted in this majestic place, where pain no longer has a hold on me.
My eyes have adjusted t my new reality, I can see bright skies and butterflies.
Don’t worry about not seeing my face, don’t worry abut not feeling my embrace.

Hold our memories inside your heart, and know that our live will never depart.
Cry for me, just for a while, but not too long, ‘cause I’m don’t just fine.
My bags are unpacked and I am settling in, taking my place next to the Master.

He said that he’d never leave nor forsake me, He kept his promise, I am with him now.
He has taken my hand and opened up the doors; to a Paradise of beauty and love divine.
I know you’ll miss me, I’ll miss you too!
Just know dear hearts, we will be together again someday.
Live your life to the fullest, and remember our love
each and every day.
Just remember your hourglass is still flowing strong.
Do what you can so you can see, my hourglass is full again, this time my sand will never end!
i’m a butterfly in the rain
wings dripping with salty tears
i’m a firefly in the dark
possessing a glow so beautiful
it makes me worth catching
i’m a girl with no hope
for i am too much of everything
and never enough.
I met you in the winter, and I remember
Your hair burned like autumn leaves.
Like a fresh cup of coffee on the skin,
Like embarrassed, flushed red cheeks,
And like the suffocating stage lights.

I wished my tone was as warm as yours,
I wished my brain was as bright as yours,
I wished my words were as illuminating as yours.
But for now, all I can do is help you
Clean up your mess with my cold hands.
clean up other people's messes, it might gain you a friend. for Liam
Amanda Kay Burke Nov 2020
Beauty within seems so far out of reach

Being slim comes easily

Starving for something more fulfilling than calories or carbs

For a glowing serving of enlightenment
For soul food
Yolanda Oct 2020
She is cute, she is small
She's got a pretty round face that glows like sunlight
She is got a pretty little mouth with white glowing teeth that brings a perfect smile to her face
Her breath smells like the scent of roses
Her cute big eyes look like those of Slow Loris
Her hands are tiny like little rat claws
Her little feet like the feet of a deer
And her tininess brings perfection out of her.
Speaking of a friend who I love dearly, she's tiny and gorgeous, and everything she does is just perfect, she's my inspiration, and my role model, she's one of the top ladies I will consider beautiful in every way.
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