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(for you, tf.)
“Tell me all of the things that make you feel lovely.”
You whisper to my longing ears
As we quietly barrel down this highway road.
Silence follows us like a dark cloud.
Predicting our next steps, and our doomed fates.
You stay until my heart has calmed and slowed.
I feel safe when I’m with you.
Like there’s a pocket of falling sunlight,
Hidden away from the cruel broken skies,
All by itself, somehow sustained. Glowing.
Nothing in the world could interrupt you and I.

Do you remember the time I spent waiting?
The time we spent in love.
Together. Wandering, learning, living.
The way your hands held mine until they stopped shaking.
I miss you, and the beauty, and wonder of it all.
Especially your endless blue eyes and charming smile
That made my fears seem small,
That told me everything was going to be alright,
It was going to be okay. Perhaps you were wrong.
You told me that I make you feel like you’re floating.
Like the earth has lost its’ gravity, its’ presence
All that used to be of its’ essence
And we are the only two, left behind.
To enjoy each other’s company for eternity.

“Lovely, what a lovely word.”
What a terrible world to take that away.
A list, of all the things that make you happy.
I hope to *** that I would be on that list too.
Because to me, you shined brighter than the stars
And kinder than the waves.
I hope you can hear me, where you are.
If so, I love you. And thank you for showing me
What life really is, and what it can be.
And if not, it’s okay. Right now, it’s difficult.
But, I know we were never meant to be infinite.
July 2, 2018.
Written from the perspective of Violet Markey from All the Bright Places. The death of Theodore Finch really stuck with me for several days after I finished reading. I miss him dearly and his quirky personality.
Jade Quirk Nov 3
“Jade, I am not crying”
“Never, your eyes are just running
You’re glowing though.”
“You’re glowing too. You know”
There are some people who's very continence glow.
These was a very precious  moment I had with friend
the glowing of the
hot embers from
what was left of the
bonfire reminded
me that maybe
some good can come
out of this darkness.
J Oaks Sep 11
Is there a cloud under that tree?
Is there a cloud under that tree?
a small moth ***** its wings
it's in the cupboard
it's in the cupboard
a feeling sends a nerve to hover
and be strung out
a nerve sends a feeling to cover
and be shut out
Six legs clutched to dusty rosewood
eyes spread and eyes should
breathe kindly in life
Six legs clutched to dusty rosewood
eyes spread and eyes should
breathe kindly in life
Glowing light
Pushes through a line
It pushes through the line
It's bright and it's close to mine
glowing light
closer but through my fingers
tighter but shadows linger through
this light
glowing light
a moth ***** its wings
Sarah Mann Sep 4
the heart is a fickle creature.
attached to things that bring destruction.
i wonder if the heart is aware.
told to beware of what’s to come.
to hide away from the glow of the sun.
i doubt that it was, because otherwise
the petals wouldn’t be falling.
and my hands wouldn’t shake like they do.
i also have a fear, that it might be too late.
to save what once was.
to leave free,
instead of empty.
how powerful must one be to
destroy. or perhaps just afraid.
emptiness is pervasive, enveloping, and it seems also impossible to escape. i hope a resolution comes soon. September 3, 2018.
A scene unmasked
the two of you,

Where lights

Red cheeks literally

Over that sparkled wine,
Time stopped.

At exactly 12'o clock midnight,
Our minds spoke.

And remembered,
This is only a moment of

A Spill.

That repeats

And nowhere
To go.
veritas Jul 24
i fell in love with the sun.
and my heart was so heavy it hurt,
because i was suddenly all big inside, expanding,
like i'd swallowed a ball of glowing, happy light and it was
growing bigger and bigger inside me.

but oh, how i loved that sun.

i loved it when it shone every morning, bright and buoyant and hopeful;
i loved it when it sang cheerily and became the light of the party.
i loved it when it just smiled, dazzling and blinding,
and the whole world fell in orbit around it and everyone's sorrows fell away;
i loved it when it made everyone and everything louder and brighter and more beautiful than ever, magnifying reality.

but i also loved it when it smiled,
small and humbly, the true one
that it kept secret and tucked inside.
i loved it when it was tired and quiet and softer,
less harsh-rays and more warm-diffuse.
i loved it when it needed space and hummed dimly sometimes,
like me.
i loved it when it went shy around me
because i was the one planet it couldn't pull in,
the one planet steadily standing out of orbit,
and it wanted to be the one to fix that.
i loved it when it blazed and burned,
when all that is red poured out relentlessly because it would not stand for this.
i loved it so much it consumed me.

you were my big bright sun,
and you crash landed into my heart, flung out of space,
but now all that remains is a depthless black hole.

you took all the light with you the day you left, because the
darkness was all mine.
intj + enfp
meekah Jul 9
sometimes it feels like i’m the
of a sunset that didn’t make the movie
a small
of a spectacular whole
no one will miss...
i could be all the colours you need
every shade of blue
you could think of
and never
still so bright
too late
Your warm look and glowing collision
Suddenly turned into dark sky full of destruction
I remember how you eyes embodied sunset
But now they seem like those that I have never met
Amanda Feb 19
My lips are glowing,
color, reflecting dew that
illuminates rooms.
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