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Aug 2021 · 377
Home, Divided
LR Thompson Aug 2021
Division runs rampant through unity on the break
Torches flare as rage flickers smoldering kindling to flame
Erupting the perpetual boils that fester beyond infections wake
Fearful that lives saved are endangered for propagandas sake
Nay, the divisions that split rip to shreds the patriotic fabric
Shorn to threads amiable friendships that broach enmity
Between brothers bound by blood shared
Bleeding red in concealed unison given to each at birth
As mighty Gaia trembles under the weight of shrugging Atlas
Beseeching the old gods to return to former glories
Resting lonesome Olympus from its divine pantheon
To quake and shake the shared foundations built
Atop mountains of lies stacked one after another
Before the heavens part and holy Elysium repels
The hearts of both men and women who dared divide
A house unified on sacrosanct liberties inherent
Gifted to the corruptible souls of humanity
On the premise that justice should be for all
That hold the highest values inviolable
By any that would rabble-rouse the masses to forgo
The established law of the land on such flawed premises
Where words hold greater authority than actions convey
And peace is but a pipe dream puffed in perfect rings translucent
Fading before the light has a chance to cast dark shadows
Imperfect in their reflection yet somehow flawless in impression
Oh, if only we were not like that famous allegory
Confined to our own individual caves
Then maybe our eyes could open wide and once again
Let in the truth that we have for too long allowed to blind us in hate
Perhaps the fates would halt their furies
And end our shared torment avoidable
Unifying a once noble people to again stand proud
A beacon to a world begging for freedom
Clearing the fog of war and lighting the path
Back to the house we once called home

By L.R.Thompson
Aug 2021 · 730
Tellurian Love
LR Thompson Aug 2021
My eyes alight softly upon pale velvet waxing
Whose grace is as weightless as a tilting feather
Slowly orbiting between gentle arches
Caressing the space that separates two hearts
And minds locked in a tidal waltz

Waning, my gaze shifts to supple curves
Outlining the crescent shaped body
Which loving light reflects in full
As the beats of my pulse rapidly impact
Scaring the surface with my every rotation
That births a new phase with every rise
Yet sets my sights again upon distant beauty
Teasing the mind to reach out and embrace my muse
Relenting to the gravity ever drawing me nearer
Until we collide in throes of violent passion
Two bodies merging in the fires of love
To become one forever more
Jun 2020 · 90
Impact and Hell
LR Thompson Jun 2020
The tail tore through the sky

Fiery streamers laced the ether

Racing towards the plane

That outlines the firmament

Upon the horizon the comet fell

Destined to return

Impact and hell
May 2020 · 139
The Fires of Life
LR Thompson May 2020
The flame boils upon the cauldron
Sparks arc in fuels exhaustion
An explosion erupts among scattered embers

Seams that trace natures cunning
Within evil facade impressed
Upon purely good
That is
Which burns with the radiance of the sun
A passion diminished by no quality
Other than itself
An expression to be

The passion roils as temperature boils
The soul to ghastly pieces
Imploding within itself when faced with itself
Wrote this after an event where I became conflicted within myself about myself... if that makes any sense... anyhow, enjoy!
Apr 2019 · 110
Silent Sentinels
LR Thompson Apr 2019
Stand tall and proud
Oh ye mighty sentinel
Cast your shade there
Upon yonder ground
And with yer roots
May ye cultivate thine soil
So thoust may creep higher
With limbs reaching
Climbing minutia
Until ye break through the canopy
Soaring amongst the clouds
Sowing thine seeds below
To grow the next generation
Of silent sentinels
Mar 2019 · 316
Ragnarok Regained
LR Thompson Mar 2019
A portal appeared
Thin line sheared
Ripping the world
As the end neared
For cataclysm came
Ragnarok Regained
The gods they fell
The mortals to blame
Thus darkness came
Descent into hell
Lightnings they strike
With storms that hail
Some devils do call
While others may fail
Yet heroes do rise
In light they shine
Rising at the moment
What fate defines
Ready to battle
To war they ride
A shout TO ARMS!
Their enemies do cry
Some may flee
And others do die
The devil had felled
A hero had rised
The day was won
Terra his bride
My fight for my wife, Tara.
Mar 2019 · 297
Freedom From the Storm
LR Thompson Mar 2019
A high pitched siren rang out in the distance
A tree limb snapped and flew upwards
I stood before the storm
Head held high and defiant
Challenging the maelstrom to a duel of wits
"You may churn you evil beast
You may bring death and destruction
But YOU WILL NOT take me!"

The wind howled in agitated reply
Tossing me high up into the sky
Where rain turned to sleet
Which turned to ice
Freezing my flesh
While simultaneously lacerating
With razor precision
The word
Upon my flesh

I fell...

Into the storm wall I lashed out
Imagining the cataclysm but a normal summer shower
I imposed my will and shaped the storm
"This life is mine alone. I am my own light and I live for myself. So take your darkness and destruction and go. For I am slave to no man nor beast...
...I, am FREE!"

Then it was that the storm died with me
That day as I hit the ground
Never to return nor destroy
For I had finally defeated death and destruction
By embracing life and all its pain
We all face that inner storm, that wall that likes to hold us back. Whether it is addiction or depression or the federal government we all face crucibles in life that ultimately define our character. Bravery, therefore, is the fearlessness to accept a challenge and refuse to back down holding firm and constant values.

Be brave in your life and face your crucible. Empower your values and shout "YOU WILL NOT CONTROL ME!" It is there you will find yourself truly free.
Mar 2019 · 154
The Shadows of Ideas
LR Thompson Mar 2019
He emerged from his cave
Parched and sallow
For captive he had been
Chained in place and staked
Detained within the deepest confines
Of the mines beneath the earth

There his world was of shadow
Formed from flames and ideas
Corporeal yet intangible
Dancing upon the cave wall
And within the nothing beyond
Moved the shapes and figures
That cast the shadow of his reality

Yet he was not to be contained
For a mind restrained cannot refrain
From understanding the concepts
For their forms
And the one form he had not yet found
Was called freedom

So he escaped his cave and emerged
A hero
For he had seen past the shadows of his life
And seen into the beautiful world
Beyond the constraints of base perspective
And there he found the sun

Blinded, the man stumbled
His eyes in shock from sensory overload
Freedom was bright
He thought as he stood straight
To face the new day
His first day
Free to understand a world
Without the misconceptions
That arise from the preconceptions
That define his reality
Were we all to see the world as this man...

To see things for their foundational ideas or concepts allows one to truly comprehend ones reality.

The examined life is definitely one worth living.
Feb 2019 · 268
The Canaries Envy
LR Thompson Feb 2019
Stolen on the wings of the canary
Soaring within the clouds
And bouncing within hidden canopies
Is a song known only to the sun
And certain flowers

Trapped, the song pleads
In early morning
And in the dusk of shadows
"Hear me sing 'o lonely forest!"
Yet, sadly she found there was nobody to serenade

Frantic, the canary ruffled her feathers
Searching for just one ear;
One soul willing to listen to her precious
Color held captive

You see, it was yellow what stole the canary
For its song had long since seduced her
Dying the white of her genesis golden
After months spent dancing
In tune to swaying southern honeysuckle
Or simply chasing the setting sun
Soaking up every sweet note
Of yellows orchestra

Defeated, the canary found a secluded tree
Alone atop a barren mountain
And sang one final time
"Hear me sing 'o lonely earth
For I have taken that which is yours and have made it mine!"
She spread her petite wings,
Each feather a ray of sunlight,
"Hear me sing, for you 'o mighty mother
Are the only one willing to listen..."

Then, the canary cried
And with each tear dropped
Individual notes in shades of yellow
As her feathers bleed revealing her true self
A pristine white
Unblemished by the envy of color
Finding she was finally satisfied
With her own song
Dec 2018 · 120
Titanic Weight
LR Thompson Dec 2018
It's in the quiet moments that we dwell
Kneeling from the weight of countless burdens
Imagining atlas as he stood proud after shrugging
Thinking and gathering the courage necessary
To do what is required regardless of the strain
We heave in determined concentration
At first making no discernible impact until...
Progress and a shift in consciousness as peace
Begins to peak over a distant horizon
Silhouetting our boulders in stark contrast
To the warmth and radiance of contentment
And with one final push we shrug our burdens
Catching them in waiting opened hands
For we realized through the trials of atlas
That his mistake was dropping his weight
Instead of accepting responsibility for his actions
It's okay to shrug so long as we keep in mind that some weight can only be lifted by us
Dec 2018 · 116
Gods and Ideas
LR Thompson Dec 2018
The universe is a brain
A brain that you live in
An idea given life

Inside your brain is a universe
And your ideas
Create life

We live inside God
God lives inside us
The universe is full of Gods

Gods and ideas
Dec 2018 · 385
The Lovers Blades
LR Thompson Dec 2018
Seamless we fray
Torn at the seems
Ripped to shreds
As love shears
Our minds
And hearts
Yet mere cuts
Do little to lacerate
The magnetism
That bonds two souls
Stronger than any rending
Splitting or slashing
Capable of separating
Or dividing
Our two hearts
From splicing
Dec 2018 · 128
The Mire
LR Thompson Dec 2018
A dim haze silhouetted the mire
A gurgling burble swirled beneath
A twirled stump rotten in decay
A deer struggled frantic to escape
A high pitched wailing and flailing
A deep moan and groan followed by
A silence
A stench welled up as flesh decayed
A harsh hiss as the acid fizzed
A fetid fragrance that wafted to join
A dim haze that silhouetted the mire
Nov 2018 · 403
The Theft of Old Man Time
LR Thompson Nov 2018
Sadly the clock ticks
And Old Man Time
Steals another breath
As a moment is captured
Frozen in time
Locked away
Just out of arms reach
We grasp
Losing touch with a second
So powerful
As to leave us breathless
For just one more tock
One more kiss
As we say "I do"
LR Thompson Sep 2018
Why cant we do more?
Be more?
Reach for Babel!

All stories told.

Yet we remain cattle,
Chained like links,
Tied by bonds,
We CAN do more,
But first we must unravel,
Travel the infinite highways
Of the mind,
Rewind the needle
And pull the thread.
Shed the unnecessary
That necessitates a clarity,
Away from the herd
Toward the ultimate

To do more,
One must first,
Sep 2018 · 135
Tears of Gaia
LR Thompson Sep 2018
Bring down the earth for your own gain
Mother nature tears fall like rain
Open your eyes and you'll see her pain
We're all in this together

What we call progress is really the spread of disease
Man content to exile his home
Forgets that, like a tree, he has roots
That stretch for miles
Creating a vast web that strangulates
The lifeblood responsible for his sustenance
Until the point to which starvation
And devastation run rampant
Darkening the firmament
With smoke from their bombs
As Gaia shakes with earthquake trembles
Warning the plague that they have broken their covenant
As they huddle cowardly in their machinations
Hurriedly searching for the reason why their home aches
While not giving a single thought to the consequences of their actions

However, Gaia, doesn't care about their ruminations
The deal has already been struck
And it is time for her to cash out
She looks to her sister Luna
Who sits in a crescent wink
Hurdling towards their destructive reunion
And the end of the ungrateful pestilence
That made their mother cry

Bring down the earth for your own gain
Mother nature tears fall like rain
Open your eyes and you'll see her pain
We're all in this together
Aug 2018 · 139
Plunging The Heart
LR Thompson Aug 2018
The heart begins to deteriorate. Leaving behind only minute palpitations that tell the story of the current fall. A single sputter gasping out of synchronicity causes a spastic flutter of images past; facades in multitude. Vanish. Leaving the heart sinking in growing desperation, deprived of that which lends reality to its existence...

"The fact or state of living or having objective reality"

Were we ever even alive?
LR Thompson Aug 2018
At lights end we find a state of mind
Grasping for the familiarity of life
Hoping that we live on in a memory
That establishes how to be a moral
Aug 2018 · 202
Forced Fear
LR Thompson Aug 2018
Millions of miles
Into the sea.
A Darkness beyond,
You fail to see.
Ask not why?
For failure, believe.
Its duty is known
As force to be.
Wonder not?
For fear to bleed.
The universe is vast,
Its secrets you seek.
Look on,
To timeless past,
The answers are yours
Better first,
Then last.
Aug 2018 · 859
The Bat Signal
LR Thompson Aug 2018
As tragedies befall man
It can be seen that virtue
,Right and wrong,
Has become a mainstream affair
Whereas the mitress of the good
Is the popularity that she possesses
While by some unknown foreign standard
Emotions such as grief or despair
Have been replaced by the all too brief
Cries of fair or unfair
That by some societal norm
We have become a people of characters
Numbering one hundred and forty
Different ways to paint ourselves
Favorable in the light of our peers
Who also choose to weave a facade
Either to illuminate or hide
The true content of their souls
Behind dishonest kindness
Or blatant hatred
Such that, morality as it existed
Is now falling prey to the whims of distance
And the false sense of safety
Provided by the masks we construct
To remove the burden of responsibility
So that we can abdicate our virtue
,Right and wrong,
Just because we use symbols to signal
Where we stand
As we sit
Aug 2018 · 1.2k
Flooding Liberty
LR Thompson Aug 2018
The vault of his mind was laid bare
A barren stream with only fossils visible
At the mouth, buried under silt he found unspoken words
That he had left to the undercurrents of political correctness:
"You do not own my mind
It is mine and mine alone
And with it I shatter
Your rules and ties that bind"

As if in response to the unearthing
The dam began to crack
Releasing a tiny rivulet that began to push downstream
Splitting into two distinct eyes that have for too long been blind
Where one stretched long and far into the past
While the other ebbed and flowed in the whirlpool of the future
Where endless possibilities competed for dominance
Against any attempt to join the relative calm of memory

The dam shuddered again and the gates flew open
The river of life rushing back to fill the void
Deafening the ears
Which for so long had only heard the carefully curated lines
Repeated and indoctrinated since his birth
It was in this moment of flood that freedom came pouring forth
His eyes were opened
He saw the sight
His ears could hear
His tongue could fight
His raging river returned to him
Liberty in the light
Aug 2018 · 2.6k
Balance Regained
LR Thompson Aug 2018
I wish I could write about balance
Yet it seems much is lost with me
Like the philosophy that used to define
Or the friends who used to get high
Yes, it seems I have aged for the worse
Becoming the very thing I fought against
The usual nine to five employee
Whose life revolves around a clock
Desperately waiting for the ringing bell
So that I might go home just to start over

"Can you help me with my homework?"

I'm a father now and having a purpose
Helps to cleanse the monotony
Yet, there is always that lingering thought
Who am I
Is this balance?
Or is balance lost?
The uncertainty is maddening as I return to the present
"Life is the geometric progression of experience"
It slips out and they want and explanation
"Please, Dad!"
I internalize my struggle
As I struggle to reconnect with my former philosopher
So I draw two dots for them
One is me now and one is me then
"Boys, this dot here is who your father was"
"This other dot is who he's become"
"Perhaps the value of the latter is less than its former"
"Maybe mathematics got it wrong and real value doesn't have a power"
"Or ratio to determine greatness"
"What if the father you know now is less than the man he was"
"Like that negative sign I find myself subtracting"
"Removing years and tears and time"
"In an attempt to find that simple balance"
"Possessed by a mind without a factor"

The boys look up to me as I hide my shame
They know men do not cry
"Its okay Dad, we love you for who you are now"
"You've become more than just a simple number"
"To us, you are the worlds greatest father"

There it is
I think to myself
I am found
The reason I continue through the pain
(Balance Regained)
Jul 2018 · 237
Understanding 'K'now
LR Thompson Jul 2018
Minds claim to know that which is not.
Foundations... they are broken and they rot.
From the rubble is found a truth stronger than life;
To understand that knowing is nothing but
Standing on our understanding.
Now we 'K'now
My first poem.
Jul 2018 · 631
Mother Natures Horror
LR Thompson Jul 2018
The fever subsides
Washed away with a purity of focus
Focusing on the sweet harmonies
That only mother nature can heal
As her tears fall
So to do the responsibilities
Responsible for the sickness
Which so plagues the mortal soul
Bound in chains
Shackled by obligations
Mankind trembles
Afraid to face the truth
That their worldly lifestyle
Conflicts with the natural world
So it rains
To mother nature's horror
Jul 2018 · 477
Attraction Unlimited
LR Thompson Jul 2018
Diametrically opposed
We push and pull
Like a set of magnets
We are drawn and arranged
In such a way
As to offset normally balanced poles
Into an array of dizzying fractals
Playing off one another
In a symphonic harmony
That vibrates
With a disphonic ferrousity
Until we are drawn closer
And dance in the force of our love
Our attraction unlimited
May 2018 · 129
The Sojourner
LR Thompson May 2018
For one known to sojourn
The world becometh but a fraction
With every incremental journey
The puzzle of life clarifies
Like an uncouth window in need of cleaning
Every swipe removing a haze
That had previously clouded your vision
So that absent your cataracts
Each new destination resolved
And the beauty what lay beyond
And as you merge into nature
Father asks you:
“Do your legs not tire little one?”
Enthusiastic you mew the contrary
You always were the contrarian
Springing away in leaps and bounds
In search of the next great adventure
Waiting around the next bend
I watch you go feeling proud of my little girl
Yelling after her:
“Daddy loves you my little traveler
Be sure to return with tales of your exploits.”
Like clockwork she returned again and again
As days became months and those to years
I began to fear the day when you no longer came
That day is today my baby kitten

And my heart aches for just one more story
From the one cat known as Sojourner

Daddy misses you so much
I hope your final journey was peaceful little one. I will never forgive myself for not being there with you.
Apr 2018 · 107
Unspoken Truth
LR Thompson Apr 2018
What words left unspoken
Speak callous to the mute
For it is grace to give sound      
Opposition tranquil                        
Like the rushing water              
Heard from a background ravine
Babbling incessant                              
Just out of reach                              

Woe it is that such secrets rest
That truth ranks second      
En lieu of base expression      
Deeming stoic pretense superior
To turbulent interior                          
Similar to the focus of a predator          
Stalking it's prey              
Waiting for the perfect opportunity
To sate the quiet hunger              
Patiently lying in wait                

Oh, it is a shame that masks be worn
For behind that false visage        
Rests a truth                        
Left unspoken
Feel incomplete like something is missing. Any advice?
Apr 2018 · 104
Deceptive Rage
LR Thompson Apr 2018
Deceptive it sleeps
Waiting for the rage
All consuming
A break in the torrent
Pain subsiding
It's replaced
Singular focus pulses
Throbbing incessant
Needing to be released
Craving blood for blood
Seeing red
It's free

And then words
Are not enough
To sate
The demon patient
Hiding behind
My face
Apr 2018 · 244
Raging Cyclone
LR Thompson Apr 2018
Storms wash over the lands
Causing a veritable maelstrom
Trunk swaying in reaction
Flashing and booming in bass
Wind pounding and beating
Attempting to erode the landscape


A break in the dissonance
Filling the pall left behind
Healing the ravaged earth
Shining glorious rays
That shatter as the eye passes
A terrifying howl reminiscent
Followed by a sickening rip


I am flying!
Rotating at an ever increasing rate
Confused as my world tumbles
From the only home I'd known
Just a tree caught within a raging
Apr 2018 · 131
The Meeting of You
LR Thompson Apr 2018
Down trodden and bare
Worn behind miles shorn
Bore a single set of footprints
There you stood
Sun behind weaving a silhouette
Dancing in frame of smile
Radiant cast in rays
Arms length
Rain and you and clouds and sun
Peace, passion, beauty
<One in life>
<One in love>
For with nature present
Emotions surge in competition
Daring to challenge the established order
As does the wind
<Slight breeze>
Sounding in submission
Groaning in anticipation
A balance craving to be struck
The agreement of
And their pursuit

To nature I owe
The meeting of you
Apr 2018 · 98
My Sadness
LR Thompson Apr 2018
My sadness comes when life is put into perspective
Just how tiny we all are
In a scheme unknowable
But also possessing knowledge
A contradiction set in the realization
That perfection is not a part of our condition
Instead that we are conditioned to seek
My sadness is not one devoid of happiness
But alas one of wanting more than can be obtained
Straining to see through a looking glass
Whose aperture contains but the slightest imperfection
Such that the vision produced is warped
To a degree that sight becomes a lie
Dancing like a butterfly just outside my peripherals
Taunting and laughing at me during those quiet moments
Of peaceful contemplation
That lends the insight that generates a sadness
As massive as the black hole at the center of our galaxy
******* in the surrounding information
Only to spit it back out
To the otherwise happy and content man
That desires to be more than this mortal coil can permit
So I sit and write aimless lines
Designed with the intent
To convey in words
The potential inherent within a mind
Wondering adrift in a world possessing a surplus
Of ignorance

If only others possessed my sadness

The world could be a happier place
Mar 2018 · 225
Freedom Abdicated
LR Thompson Mar 2018
Why hasn't it changed?
If all we just do is sit back and abdicate
In faith that justice and liberty are inherent
Within the minds that control and manipulate
Both the means and the ends
That lead to a prosperity unworthy
To the masses and become limited to an elite
Selfish and soaked in a tyranny
Founded on the power generated
By the minds of the ignorant
Who truly know not the meaning of freedom
Given, only to be ripped away by the simplest
Execution of our most fundamental rights
Possessed by all with a mind
And a soul which yearns to decide
For itself whether it is to be free
Or a slave to those inferior in wisdom
To the animalistic tendencies we so quickly
Fall back on in a relative, fictional, safety
Feb 2018 · 125
Discovered Treasure
LR Thompson Feb 2018
We all have a treasure to discover.

Some of us collect cards
While others of us hoard gold
But there is nothing in comparison
To the love I now hold
For there is no price tag
Or dollar amount to pay
The value that you bring
Makes tolerable my day
For you I will sing, scream
And even write
Proffessing my love
In all its might
So that it might grow at a steady pace
Never moving to slowly
Always giving chase
Because you are my queen
You're happiness my focus
To spend my life with you
Is just a pleasant bonus

I discovered my treasure. Shes priceless.
Jan 2018 · 126
The Forest May Know
LR Thompson Jan 2018
The clouds scamper along the horizon
Bringing with it a breeze of life
Ever so succulent
Like the sweet smells from a jungle canopy
Ripe with fruit and flowers of all variety
Accompanied by the sing song melodies
Of crickets
Chirp, chirp, chirping
And bees
Buzz, Buzz, buzzing
As the breeze weaves it's way through the trees
Causing a deep moan sporadic in nature
Then... rain...
Falling out of nowhere
Lightning flashes as thunder follows
Upsetting the breeze to a gust
Speeding up the world in a fast
Slow motion
That yields sight to rushing lime greens
And bowing brown boughs
Caught within the torrent of life
Only the forest may know
Dec 2017 · 145
A Mothers Respite
LR Thompson Dec 2017
Woe is natures peace in quiet respite
When confronted with the haste of man's despotic despite
She mourns and screams as her majestic memories
Are burned, cut, and cast into tyrannical histories
That honor folly over beauty
And ****** over purity
Leading her tears to bore holes where life once thrived
Foreign to all who sit content and watch her die
So that ignorant men can suckle at her bountiful ****
Yet are conveniently to arrogant to bow at her feet
Till the day comes and her gift is never more
Barren are the days that is their reward
Then the sun will set and man will discover
The earth as their home and nature is their mother
Dec 2017 · 252
Mirrors Reflection
LR Thompson Dec 2017
Words absent I sit and ponder...

Am I the one I see in mirrors reflection
Or I am just a mirror immage of potential
Lost in the convex surface striving to be more
Like light flowing in waves to form an image
Particles aligigning at the wrong moment
And at the wrong time to develop a concise juxtaposition
So that the world appears like a 3D movie absent 3D goggles
Side by side with the potential to relay a whole
Yet only delivering a blur of information undescerned
Similar to a vinyl record slipping on an endless scratch
Forever broken and divided from it's potential
To deliver a clear and crisp note tonally pleasing to the ear
Yes, I am he who exists in a self imposed purgatory
Forever doomed to repeat the mistakes from his past
Never quite grasping the difference between the cardinal directions
Of life and the proper heading into the storm and the fluctuations
Marking the true course of happiness and it's cardinal rose
No, I am just a broken man sitting and remembering
The myriad failures that drove me to write the very words now read
By another soul dissatisfied by the image facing them
As they sit and ponder their reflection in the mirror
Nov 2017 · 139
Lovers Esteem
LR Thompson Nov 2017
What esteem there is between lovers
Whom time has allocated a chance
To prove that not all obstacles
Require tears
It's the years spent together
That true value can be found
Like hidden gems in a simile
Where the relationship between two
Is best expressed through relativity
Shared within a hearts journey
As it ascends and descends the mountains
That represent the highs and lows
Of our loves ebbs and flows
Where our fingers can brush heaven
Tracing our names in the clouds
Or where our feet hit the valley
And the only way left to go is up
So we climb in effort to summit
The esteem only lovers can know
Not finished. Will edit later.
LR Thompson Nov 2017
The light retreated as he stepped forward from the shadows

Recoiling away like the hand from a poisonous snake

Casting the world in a semi-luminous glow of a crimson washed patina

He struck a bell seven times to announce his arrival

With every strike the sound became less pronounced; distant

Until at the end of the seventh, ghostly silence reigned supreme

As he moved the air started to sizzle, the energy overwhelming

An oppressive heat boiling the air itself into a darkened conflagration

The stench of decay followed in his footsteps, putrid and wretched

Life held its last breath begging with eyes pleading for lights return
Part 1 of The Symmetry of the Imbalanced
Oct 2017 · 158
Children of the Earth
LR Thompson Oct 2017
The last leaf fell into the wind
Soaring high above the world
As it hibernates in its cool embrace
Dancing the leaf spins and flips
Burnt orange and red outline
Creating a juxtaposition of gesture
As if the leaf itself were cognizant
Conscious of its high altitude journey
And its low altitude destination
Below the foothills
Beyond the mountains
The leaf crested the final peak
A near miss by leaf standards
Stiff fir trees with prickly boughs
Waved their farewells with a flourish
With a tilt and a final gust
The descent began
Faster and faster the leaf fell
The valley growing nearer and nearer
The wind stopped
Leaving the leaf to glide
Rocking side to side
Like you would a screaming child
Ever so gently
To sleep
Joining his brothers and sisters
Children of the earth
Oct 2017 · 156
The Mountain of Everest
LR Thompson Oct 2017
The great flood had begun;
Replacing the land with a waterworld dotted with mountain top islands;
Arks of mammalian preservation.

It was there I stood as the moon fell.

Night had never been so bright;
Luna inching ever closer;
Craters becoming more and more visible;
Resolution broadcasting high definition;
I raised my hands to the sky;
Reaching out to catch the massive satellite;
First contact came as my hands bore down;
Soft silt of the gray quality puffed;
My arms and legs began to bend;
The weight so tremendous that the effort shook my body;
Hers as well;
My left knee struck the land;
Terra redoubling my efforts;
Heaving with all my might I shrugged;
Sending the moon back towards the heavens;
I watched silently;
Luna was returned to her orbit;
The flood began to dissipate as tidal forces resumed;
Leaving me alone;
Hands to the sky on one knee;
Looking down at the world;
From the mountain of Everest.
LR Thompson Oct 2017
This is the soliloquy of a dying man
Today I have hit a wall
I can see it's cracks
It's crumbling foundations
But more that I glance
I find myself amazed
At the gently hewn strata
Layers upon layers
Of myriadic dissonance
Attempting to prose a story
Where each vein
Has a beginning
And an end
My eyes blank
Features stoic
I stare into the wall
Of my new tomb
Oct 2017 · 149
Autumn Tempest
LR Thompson Oct 2017
The gust has a chill
Reminiscing the warmth of days past
It carries with it the soft embrace
Of lavender and dew
As the mourning sun rises
And nature awakens
A deaf pall falls with the leaves
Gently stirred by the growing gusts
Tilting just enough to reveal
The myriad of flashing diamonds
Common to the seasons first frost
Deflated the trees grown as stiff
Sore from the cooler climbs
They groan in protest at the push
Pulling back only in agitation
Somewhere in the canopy
A lone squirrel barks for love
Only to be drown out by the howling
Ever present within the autumn tempest
Then time freezes the landscape
Into a frozen panorama
Painting the anticipation for fall
In a quiet longing for spring
Sep 2017 · 360
Loves Typhoon
LR Thompson Sep 2017
The sustained winds of our life
Blow strong in the direction of love
Consistent in its endeavor
To engulf the "I" with your eyes
With you I am grounded
Compounded with the rushing pulse
Of my hearts buffeted beating
Such that, with every gust
I realize how deep the roots go
That prevent me from falling
In any direction other than into
Your arms

This is our true strength
Stronger than any hurricane
Brave enough to cross the path
Of our loves typhoon
Aug 2017 · 137
Ever Lasting Life (Haiku)
LR Thompson Aug 2017
Is the flowing blood inside
Veins of remembrance
Aug 2017 · 178
Abnormal Normality
LR Thompson Aug 2017
I am anything but simple
I tell this to myself daily
Referring to the laws and principles
Of physics and philosophy
Help me to better affirm
My self applied identity
Like a mask carefully painted
With articulate lines intended
To misdirect my audience
With clever puns or phrases
Turned in on themselves
As a means to prevent you
Seeing the simplicity of me
And my basic reality
Where even lime would be jealous
Craving doses of muratic acid
To raise my alkalinity
So that I can burn away
This distasteful facade I parade
Revealing the true face of a man
Burdened and afraid
Never questioning the worth
Of my abnormal normality
Aug 2017 · 560
Contamination Plagues
LR Thompson Aug 2017
And so the corruption began
Spreading like oil drops in water
Pooling like ***** into the eyes whites
Black the irises dilating large orbs
Frantically dashing to and fro
The enlarged vessels sickly green
And blue pulsing yellow ****
In jets to the bodies rhythmic beating
Of a dying hearts last effort less
The panicked mind give in premature
To seizures electric rigidity
Locked tight such that the leather boils
Erupt in the beautiful mitosis
Wherefore the contamination plagues
Aug 2017 · 150
The Hall of Mourning
LR Thompson Aug 2017
Solemn ghosts sat reluctant
Aligned in neatly established rows
Facing the lectern of the unknown
Knowing that He who stands
Would soon cast judgement
Upon the hapless souls unchained

The prideful priest boasts purity
Trailed by flowing robes He strode
Standing tall, bright light glowing
Entering the sober hall of mourn
Crossing the pews of onlooking orbs
He prepared to sentence the dead

"The time is now to show your worth
In this life for the next
Though you sit quietly content
Beyond this hall you will repent"

The hall began to tremble
As the priest gave His command
The silence of solemnity
Quickly replaced with an eagerness
To move at His behest
Together the ghostly souls went

"Bright are the lights of few
It is plain to see
The moral life you once knew
Will now continue into eternity"

One by one the brightest of them wept
As they vanished in a flash
Until the final light stood in contrast
Against the inky orbs of fiends
It's glow beginning to pulse
Refusing the priest his past

"Curious you are my wayward son
To deny your Lord privy
Into that brilliant life you led
Makes one consider if you're really

A violent ripping began to sound
The hall then began crumbling
Falling to pieces on the ground
For within that final light
A demon the priest had found
Speaking in dark rolling tones
To the wicked souls around

"This man lies to you
For you are not truly dead
Everything you see and hear
Is all inside your head
Stuck inside this holy dream
Of all the ******* you've been fed
So wakeup now and return to your life
And the comforts of your bed"

The hall fell with a sharp retort


I awoke panting and covered in sweat
Thankful for the light of morning
Jul 2017 · 378
LR Thompson Jul 2017
The skin sloughs ever so slowly
As it parts from the blade and body
Slipping into the pail of past identity

On top I can see the newest addition
Eyes burning with golden bursts
Accentuated by cool emerald outlines
Staring back at their owner
The narrow pupil dilated in question
"Why go blind?"

I ignored the orbs
Instead turning back to the business
At hand
Where I was carefully removing
Fingernails and thumbprints
One by one joining the flesh
That had once been me

My eyes glared at me
I stared back
Empty sockets dripping
"Never have I seen more clearly
For without my skin I truly feel
Without my eyes I cannot cry
Nor nails nor prints to conceal
The real me is not outside
He's inside wanting only to heal"
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