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LR Thompson Jul 2016
The forms have spoken
Upon teary eye they break away
From the norms that attempt to define
Love in all its beauty
While all but ommiting
The proximity that lashes repetition
To an oath few can keep
For the heart can become numb
From the suffering of a soul
Once held in the highest of esteems
As the daily routines begin to toll
And the engine that once drove a pair
Begins to seize upon itself in a forceful
Like an ache in the spine
Our weathering starts to show
Making points already proven
Impeding the natural growth and flow
That once reached towards the skies
Illuminating the heavens
The desire for eternity
Is a jackpot of lucky sevens
LR Thompson Aug 2017
I am anything but simple
I tell this to myself daily
Referring to the laws and principles
Of physics and philosophy
Help me to better affirm
My self applied identity
Like a mask carefully painted
With articulate lines intended
To misdirect my audience
With clever puns or phrases
Turned in on themselves
As a means to prevent you
Seeing the simplicity of me
And my basic reality
Where even lime would be jealous
Craving doses of muratic acid
To raise my alkalinity
So that I can burn away
This distasteful facade I parade
Revealing the true face of a man
Burdened and afraid
Never questioning the worth
Of my abnormal normality
LR Thompson May 2016
A fire has never burned so beautifully
Its radiance so mesmerizing that,
Like a thief in the night,
It had captured and stolen
More than just my attention
But also the affection of my heart
As it brushed its golden hot flames
Into forked tridents,
Each invoking the image of poise and grace
As it danced around
Joyfully engulfing every ounce
Of positive energy to be found
With every twig and log added
The blaze raged brighter
Burning at such a pace
Not even a whole tree could withstand
Its reach
Yet no ember wishes to be confined
As the wind gusts in,
A shower of sparks fly at their embrace
Spreading the message in wonderful ashes
Across this mountain
And to the amazing woman
Who ignited my inferno
"Mountain Views of Silent Nights" part 3

Copyright L.R. Thompson Poetry
LR Thompson May 2016
My mind unwinds
As I'm constantly thinking of you
Wondering where you're at
And how you are
It so hard
You weighing on my heart
If only I could just see your smile
Or hear your laugh
All my troubles
Would be written in the past
Times like these
I wish I could be
Alone on a mountain with you
LR Thompson Dec 2017
Woe is natures peace in quiet respite
When confronted with the haste of man's despotic despite
She mourns and screams as her majestic memories
Are burned, cut, and cast into tyrannical histories
That honor folly over beauty
And ****** over purity
Leading her tears to bore holes where life once thrived
Foreign to all who sit content and watch her die
So that ignorant men can suckle at her bountiful ****
Yet are conveniently to arrogant to bow at her feet
Till the day comes and her gift is never more
Barren are the days that is their reward
Then the sun will set and man will discover
The earth as their home and nature is their mother
LR Thompson May 2016
Rotations devolve into fragmented parcels of unwavering fractals that disrupt and distort the epitome of this reality as it descends into the oblivion that is night absent the light of day to shine a ray upon a soul fresh with spirit and aspirations held prisoner amongst its comrades in arms as it struggles to assert it's rightful place in the night sky that is in itself a contradiction to the polarity of the void and its life of never ending twinkles flashing and dancing like droplets of rain bouncing off a brightly lit ballast as they fall into the steady orbit of atomic homeostasis
LR Thompson Jul 2018
Diametrically opposed
We push and pull
Like a set of magnets
We are drawn and arranged
In such a way
As to offset normally balanced poles
Into an array of dizzying fractals
Playing off one another
In a symphonic harmony
That vibrates
With a disphonic ferrousity
Until we are drawn closer
And dance in the force of our love
Our attraction unlimited
LR Thompson Oct 2017
The gust has a chill
Reminiscing the warmth of days past
It carries with it the soft embrace
Of lavender and dew
As the mourning sun rises
And nature awakens
A deaf pall falls with the leaves
Gently stirred by the growing gusts
Tilting just enough to reveal
The myriad of flashing diamonds
Common to the seasons first frost
Deflated the trees grown as stiff
Sore from the cooler climbs
They groan in protest at the push
Pulling back only in agitation
Somewhere in the canopy
A lone squirrel barks for love
Only to be drown out by the howling
Ever present within the autumn tempest
Then time freezes the landscape
Into a frozen panorama
Painting the anticipation for fall
In a quiet longing for spring
LR Thompson Aug 2018
I wish I could write about balance
Yet it seems much is lost with me
Like the philosophy that used to define
Or the friends who used to get high
Yes, it seems I have aged for the worse
Becoming the very thing I fought against
The usual nine to five employee
Whose life revolves around a clock
Desperately waiting for the ringing bell
So that I might go home just to start over

"Can you help me with my homework?"

I'm a father now and having a purpose
Helps to cleanse the monotony
Yet, there is always that lingering thought
Who am I
Is this balance?
Or is balance lost?
The uncertainty is maddening as I return to the present
"Life is the geometric progression of experience"
It slips out and they want and explanation
"Please, Dad!"
I internalize my struggle
As I struggle to reconnect with my former philosopher
So I draw two dots for them
One is me now and one is me then
"Boys, this dot here is who your father was"
"This other dot is who he's become"
"Perhaps the value of the latter is less than its former"
"Maybe mathematics got it wrong and real value doesn't have a power"
"Or ratio to determine greatness"
"What if the father you know now is less than the man he was"
"Like that negative sign I find myself subtracting"
"Removing years and tears and time"
"In an attempt to find that simple balance"
"Possessed by a mind without a factor"

The boys look up to me as I hide my shame
They know men do not cry
"Its okay Dad, we love you for who you are now"
"You've become more than just a simple number"
"To us, you are the worlds greatest father"

There it is
I think to myself
I am found
The reason I continue through the pain
(Balance Regained)
LR Thompson Apr 2016
I am Becoming Not.
Wasting away with the singular,
Empowering, He, the titular
Man of Wisdom.
Thence denouncing the God of Reason
As Thy transformation rip Thee
To pieces of never ending conformity.
Abandoning the mind,
Raising the soul,
Through which, the pain of loss,
Drives He to convince,
Conceive, and deceive
The prior aspirations
That once supported
The search for understanding
Now Thy sit and wonder
What is most important?
Not Becoming?
Or Becoming Not?
Tell me which is more important.
LR Thompson Jun 2016
There is a beauty inside every darkness
A light that shines so bright
That every demon or devil that plagues
Your soul
Dissipates into the recesses of the black
From whence they came
Yet there are days when the shade reigns
And your beautiful spark dims
To the point that even angels
Begin to appear demonic
Sending shivers of fear through your spine
Causing all your thoughts to whirl
And unwind
A process that brings a craziness
To an otherwise brilliant mind
Capable of such passion that claws
In pleasure
When I step in and share your pain
Like a sentinel guarding your heart
From the deepest depths of despair
Reminding you that sight can be impaired
To the extent that you struggle to see
The honest man in me
I'll always be there to shield your eyes
LR Thompson May 2017
Atlas may have shrugged
But you're a fool
I wish the weight of the world
Would simply crush you
And your blind faith
To which you hold esteem
That is quickly draining
Your life as you bleed
To death do us part
Theres always a plan
Whether divine creation
Or evolutions hand
You think I'm wrong
We'll let me teach you
For in every situation
My philos will be true
Never succumbing
To popular notion
The wisdom of your words
Like an empty ocean
So tell me again
The master plan
Because blind faith
Creates a blind man
LR Thompson Feb 2017
Blood lashes in the rain as the wind buffeted the Plains of Detritus.
Fetid smells plagued the air in torrents of swirling effluence.
The red moon shone beyond the bending and bowing trees slashing the horizon.
A lone figure stood awash in the downpour yet firmly unaffected by the gale.
"Stay" said the statue.
Unmoving in his conviction that all trespassers be swept away with the storm.
White lighting struck the ground mere feet from his outstretched palm.
The explosion reaping a cacophony of destruction resulting in smoldering craters.
Glare obstructed the morosity but did little to extinguish the rotten fumes of death.
As sight regained clarity another flash lit the scene to reveal a writhing mass
Emerging from the rent earth like the oscillating arms of a millipede.
"Come closer" said the Devil.
In a blink a thousand wails descended on the land.
Baring teeth and grabbing hands.
To grab hold of the light of the last soul holding claim to its life.
Stubborn, it resists the touch of darkness by force of will alone.
Until even the last spark of hope became entangled within the putrid hellscape,
Winking out of existence and forgotten;
Consumed by evil.
"Such is the price of the blood moon" cackled the fallen angel.
LR Thompson Sep 2018
Why cant we do more?
Be more?
Reach for Babel!

All stories told.

Yet we remain cattle,
Chained like links,
Tied by bonds,
We CAN do more,
But first we must unravel,
Travel the infinite highways
Of the mind,
Rewind the needle
And pull the thread.
Shed the unnecessary
That necessitates a clarity,
Away from the herd
Toward the ultimate

To do more,
One must first,
LR Thompson Dec 2016
This wall is like bedlam to my senses
Constantly catching my minds attention
As I remember the struggle
When two hearts collide
One with a way of knowing
The other to hide

In this wall that is dented
Is a story to share
Beholding witness
To my lack of care
It is my demons that speak
Come to claim my soul
For hurting my loved one
Instead of letting go

This wall is living
Like the cracks in my heart
Forever forgetting
How to restart
Absent these emotions
My world is clear
I am now lost
Forgotten my dear

So like the wall
I am searching
For a path to repair
Unstoppable in my search
Unflappable to despair
For the future I love
Not the future that I hurt
These dreams that die
They go to the dirt

So like the wall that is broken
Its history complete
I crumble
Then I break
Always to repeat.
LR Thompson Dec 2016
I have a tendency to covet broken things
Like broken hearts
And broken minds
They are like an unsolved or unwritten equation
Begging for an answer or solution
Like the riddle that has all the right pieces
But is just rearranged shards of fragmented glass
Craving a resolution to the disorder of shattering impact
That is in need of a strong glue in which to bind the razer sharp edges
Back into a semblance of order
That is the Brokens' Beauty
LR Thompson Sep 2016
Uncertainty is painful when coupled with Certainty
Like a storm building in the distance with no way of knowing when or where
It might fall
Sometimes I feel like the lightning
Racing towards the ground at a pace faster than light
Only to be accompanied by the boom of thunder...
Then finally the shock;
The realization that the divisions I feel inside myself
Are manifestations of time paired with love
That carries on its shoulders, like Atlas,
A ticking clock
Counting down the seconds to when my heart explodes...
And Atlas shrugs
All thanks to Certain Uncertainty
LR Thompson Jul 2016
The sound of chaos resounds
As the defeat settles in
Every nightmare we fear
Is a battle fought within
These scars paint a vivid field
Where loss reigns supreme
A stark absence of leadership
Burdened by the presence of greed
Awakened we are to this threat
A force called control
This power we have abdicated
Has weakened our goals
That We the People were promised
A deadly deal forged in blood
The war has never ended
It is just time for another flood
LR Thompson Oct 2017
The last leaf fell into the wind
Soaring high above the world
As it hibernates in its cool embrace
Dancing the leaf spins and flips
Burnt orange and red outline
Creating a juxtaposition of gesture
As if the leaf itself were cognizant
Conscious of its high altitude journey
And its low altitude destination
Below the foothills
Beyond the mountains
The leaf crested the final peak
A near miss by leaf standards
Stiff fir trees with prickly boughs
Waved their farewells with a flourish
With a tilt and a final gust
The descent began
Faster and faster the leaf fell
The valley growing nearer and nearer
The wind stopped
Leaving the leaf to glide
Rocking side to side
Like you would a screaming child
Ever so gently
To sleep
Joining his brothers and sisters
Children of the earth
LR Thompson Apr 2016
Sit and talk
Write the soul
Blank canvas
Stained red
Talking all
Those words away
Twisting madness
Turning gray
Running over
All the stories
Every sip
Turns into more
Blue thoughts
Of the falling rain
Don't compare
To this life of pain
As I hit this green
Nothing has changed
Everything is yellow
Nothing the same
LR Thompson Aug 2017
And so the corruption began
Spreading like oil drops in water
Pooling like ***** into the eyes whites
Black the irises dilating large orbs
Frantically dashing to and fro
The enlarged vessels sickly green
And blue pulsing yellow ****
In jets to the bodies rhythmic beating
Of a dying hearts last effort less
The panicked mind give in premature
To seizures electric rigidity
Locked tight such that the leather boils
Erupt in the beautiful mitosis
Wherefore the contamination plagues
LR Thompson Jul 2016
To be more is a thought that troubles my mind
Binding and steering a good natured heart to a desire
In a reality where less is the standard of affection
Leaving a hole both empty and wide like a trench
That divides and separates our paths down a similar road
While merging these differences might yield uncertainty
Ultimately life is full of crossroads and what's important
Is which direction you decide to turn
LR Thompson Apr 2018
Deceptive it sleeps
Waiting for the rage
All consuming
A break in the torrent
Pain subsiding
It's replaced
Singular focus pulses
Throbbing incessant
Needing to be released
Craving blood for blood
Seeing red
It's free

And then words
Are not enough
To sate
The demon patient
Hiding behind
My face
LR Thompson Apr 2016
In a city filled to the brim
With confident philosophers
One was known to be the wisest of them all
A fact told by prophecy
You see
He walked the streets, engaging in harmless debate
In an attempt to sate their accusation with the burden of proof
So to the artists he went
Questioning the beauty and nature of their work
But try as he might, the one did not feel wise at all
Instead by comparison he found himself rather ignorant to those finer things
Then to the preacher he went
To test his mettle with the gods
And to his surprise he was yet again reprimanded
For only partially grasping the truth
Of divine fervor
The one made one more stop
At the political heart of his great nation
So that he could engage in the rhetorical fallacy
Of power for rights sake
When alas he again fell short
Not quite stacking up to the ease of lying
Through a falsely painted facade
Giving up he then sought out the last prophet
An oracle of youth,
And chast
He asked
"Dear young one, the people of my city make a bold claim"
He uttered
"Claiming I am the wisest of all men alive and all those dead"
"How can that be when the knowledge I possess is an insufficiency?"
When slowly the lithe creature arose from the depths
A string of smoky whisps
Encapsulating her tiny form
Seemingly to speak from an abyss in reply
"Socrates, you are the wisest of them all"
Confused, the one was taken aback
How could that be true when apparent knowledge lacked?
"Sweet oracle,"
The philosopher did say
"If what you say is true
Then surely you must have a way
Of explaining..."
In stark retort, the smoking creature snapped
"You dare challenge the will of the Gods?!
"No," he replied coming to the conclusion
"If what you say is true and I am a king above all men
It must be thought
That if I am indeed wise,
As you claim,
It is because I know that I'm not"

"Scio me nescire"
LR Thompson Apr 2016
We all have our demons
That we attempt to bury
In the depths of purgatory
But like these sins
The path to cleanliness
Of the soul
Requires us to confront
Each individual devil
On that sanctimonious ground
Where every decision
Is laid out in well ordered
Both chronologically
And systematically
So that each ghoul
Sits and stares at you
Silently reminiscent
As we ponder their ghosts
LR Thompson May 2017
As two strands
Spiral in a complete helix
Our genetic code is written
Laying out the framework
That is the complexity of humanity
And its detailed genome
That pairs alleles
To alleles
Potentially producing
The most beautiful of minds
Or the ugliest of bodies
Sometimes together
Creating a cacophony
Of individuals
Swimming around
In the local cesspool
We call DNA
Old piece I forgot to add
LR Thompson Feb 2018
We all have a treasure to discover.

Some of us collect cards
While others of us hoard gold
But there is nothing in comparison
To the love I now hold
For there is no price tag
Or dollar amount to pay
The value that you bring
Makes tolerable my day
For you I will sing, scream
And even write
Proffessing my love
In all its might
So that it might grow at a steady pace
Never moving to slowly
Always giving chase
Because you are my queen
You're happiness my focus
To spend my life with you
Is just a pleasant bonus

I discovered my treasure. Shes priceless.
LR Thompson Feb 2017
As the eagle soars so to must our hearts
Fly above the clouds that might cloud our vision
For sight is a precious gift, privy only to those
With the bravery to look past that which obstructs
Our wishes and desires so that we can appreciate
The short life that we're given and recognize
It's beauty inherent within each other's souls
To find the worth of the character that shines
Like a radiant sun slowly peaking over the horizon
That highlights the ground below with the majesty
Of the heavens as fits Gods that cast aside doubt
To favor us that affix divinity in the nature
Present all around us yet shrouded by the night
Content to cast shadows to hide the innate array
Which is life in love with it's ability to be
More than the various shades oft lost to the eye
Weaker than the telescopic accuracy of the eagle
Gliding high above the minds that are blinded
Against that which perpetually surrounds them
LR Thompson Mar 2017
Beyond the moon we float suspended
Hanging onto each gasp
The EarthRise pulsing in our fading vision
Growing dimmer with every flash... until
Out of body we float
Turning towards ourselves in confusion
Letting go for the briefest moment
To touch what always had been us
Trying to grip at the life we once loved
Staring back blankly at our distant home
Now a memory as time is timely forgotten
We drift quietly
Into the dark side of the moon
Where silence gains a new definition
Absent the light that once illuminated
The hidden void between us
Frantically we scream in search of us
Yet not a sound can be heard
Just a faint echo of our late hearts
Thumping in rhythmic unison
To a song shared between lost lovers
Defiant of its ending we struggle
Pushing back against the black
Hoping to glimpse just one more ray
We are together again
Basking in the beauty of balance
Unwilling to ever let go of the other
As we soak in what we know to be
Our final moments of awareness
Hand in hand we kiss
Sparking a multitude of distant images
Completing the final chapter of our lives
LR Thompson Apr 2016
Time is past due for you to be you.
Do not let the clock tell you how to.
Instead, tell the clock:
"I will be I, you can be two."
Second..'s before the third is due.
LR Thompson Jul 2016
There are times when sound can seem empty
And the seams of our reality appear seamless
As they wind and twist upon themselves
Creating a multifaceted facade of perception
About the world
Both full of optimism, yet also very skeptical, and pessimistic
When it comes to life

It is within these moments that clarity can be found
Between the mores of an individuals foundation;
Where action speaks louder than words and time looses all relevance
Like the beat of your heart as I lean close to purge the monotony of the silence
That pumps


Not at all dissimilar to the steady eyes that stare back for long loving moments
Saying more than any cleverly designed line or stanza
Penned by a poet looking to quantify human expression
Into the rapid compression of words that can neither be proven
Nor disproven
Amongst the extreme variations or iterations
That reiterate the same base emotion that motivates the pen
As the paper runs out of lines to spin I begin
Again to listen to the empty air that, in my mind, has became paired
And aware of the natural connection that supercedes and transcends
My thoughts as I'm lying next to you
LR Thompson May 2016
Ten times timid tabulations terribly toutes total transmissions transferring tan trucks through trials trailing tight time to testify truthfully the tabloid traction tracking then talking timid ten times
LR Thompson Apr 2016
Entropy is increasing
Slowly reducing order to disorder
Like all things must
As confirmed by thermodynamics
And witnessed by aging
To the point where all things
Is the malady of experience;
A means to interpret energy
Such that
Whatever choices
You must face
The first law is final:

One conversion
No waste
LR Thompson Aug 2018
At lights end we find a state of mind
Grasping for the familiarity of life
Hoping that we live on in a memory
That establishes how to be a moral
LR Thompson Aug 2017
Is the flowing blood inside
Veins of remembrance
LR Thompson Nov 2016
I am becoming something else.
That is not to say that I am different
Than before.
Still, I feel it inside,
Like a benign tumor
Applying pressure against my heart,
Forcing my mind to work
So that my center might remain balanced
For the duration of its growth
Which is guiding me to become better;
An upgraded version
Where my decisions are in line
With the philosophy I've always kept
Yet never to completely follow
But now is not then
And then is not now
I'm evolving
All thanks to love
LR Thompson Apr 2016
Ashes of the Wake
I would like to tell you a story
Of a young man born with a power
To channel the sun

His name was Regan Noel
And he was born in the light
His destiny written prehumously

Foretold to end the destruction
And oppression
Of a tyranny called The Wake

Yet his ability was beyond control
He hurt those closest to him by proximity
Causing the prophets to denounce him

Fortunately for Regan
There was a saving grace
A solution to his madness

A drug or drink
Dulled his ability
Allowing him to think

As the war raged on
His vision cleared
He'd do anything to be a hero

So he stepped onto the field
To face The Wake
And free his people

In a blinding flash
His presence was known
Replacing evil with beauty

As the glare receded
Regan stood alone
His destiny complete

Later he announced
To his people
Theres only ashes of The Wake
Waking The Fallen
This is a continuation
For the story of the sun born
Regan Noel

For after his victory
That left only ashes
A new Wake formed

Sour from defeat
Craving to regain control
Of slaves recently free

They ambushed our hero
Then threw him in a cell
Blocked from his light

He felt powerless
For the first time
But he was not alone

Chained next to him
Was a wizard of dark ability
Named Nicklaus McCanter

Like Regan
His power was foretold
Deriving magic from the moon

"We must do something"
Nicklaus pled
"Rather than sit here virtually dead"

So together they formed a plan
A way of escaping
The ties that bound them

Absent power
They used their minds
Tricking the turnkey to set them loose

Once free
The new brothers set a course
For vengeance against oppression

In tandem they lay waste
To a fallen army risen
From the ashes of The Wake
Fall of The Wake
This is the conclusion
To a far away trilogy
Of magic and revolution

You see
The Wake could not contain the sun
But it could control the moon

So it sought to separate the two,
Regan and Nicklaus
In an attempt to disrupt balance

They turned the moon to the dark
Alienating the light
Of brotherhood

Pitting friend against friend
In a battle to the death
Poised to retake control of the aftermath

"Look into the light Nicklaus!"
Regan implored
Yet only hate looked back

"What have they done to you?!"
The hero begged
Not wanting to hurt his partner

"They awakened me!"
Nicklaus screamed
As black ink consumed his flesh

Knowing the battle was at a ******
He had no choice
So Regan summoned his voice

Like a white hot bar of iron
He flashed an image to his companion
A last ditch please for reason

In that instant time was frozen
Two men forged by prophecy
To restore balance

As blinding radiance met absent black
The opposing forces
Canceled out

Restoring sight to Nicklaus
Long enough for a noble sacrifice
That can be seen at night

'For he was a hero too
Giving his life for destiny
By destroying the moon

So everytime the moon is new
Just remember it symbolizes
The fall of The Wake
LR Thompson Apr 2016
As the diamonds fall
The night they fill
Threatening the darkness
The light their thrill
Seemingly endless
These stars do fall
Together they are balancing
The weight of it all
Harmoniously they plummet
Throughout the sky
Revealing the reason
That their heavens cry
Heedless of the night
These diamonds do shine
Moving ever toward
Their grand design
Broken and beaten
These stars be true
As the diamonds do fall
Ive fallen for you
LR Thompson Apr 2016
We are all free falling
Yet never really free
Inside and out
This fall tragedy
We reach for help
But find no footing
Spinning around
Our stomachs churning
Endless is this abyss
Tumbling away
Our minds begin to slip
Running astray
In this place
Time has no bearing
Yet a light does shine
A pinpoint in the black
Forever a way of knowing
The path to get back
In our struggle to grip
That ever expanding gray
My solution for you is simple
Stop running away
Do not run away from responsibility, run towards it.
LR Thompson Jul 2016
The first lines are always the hardest to cross
For they're unbroken segments of a beginning;
A new story to tell/ told from a different perspective
Intended to refresh and revitalize your eyes
And your Heart
Starting with your desire to live free
Oppositely of a stand/ a quick wash in the rain
As crazy as it sounds all lines can break
Pulled taught to the point tensions snap
Our bridge and one becomes two
The real value of the lines we cross
Is they're crossed with you
For my love Tara <3 I love this woman.
LR Thompson Aug 2018
The vault of his mind was laid bare
A barren stream with only fossils visible
At the mouth, buried under silt he found unspoken words
That he had left to the undercurrents of political correctness:
"You do not own my mind
It is mine and mine alone
And with it I shatter
Your rules and ties that bind"

As if in response to the unearthing
The dam began to crack
Releasing a tiny rivulet that began to push downstream
Splitting into two distinct eyes that have for too long been blind
Where one stretched long and far into the past
While the other ebbed and flowed in the whirlpool of the future
Where endless possibilities competed for dominance
Against any attempt to join the relative calm of memory

The dam shuddered again and the gates flew open
The river of life rushing back to fill the void
Deafening the ears
Which for so long had only heard the carefully curated lines
Repeated and indoctrinated since his birth
It was in this moment of flood that freedom came pouring forth
His eyes were opened
He saw the sight
His ears could hear
His tongue could fight
His raging river returned to him
Liberty in the light
LR Thompson Aug 2018
Millions of miles
Into the sea.
A Darkness beyond,
You fail to see.
Ask not why?
For failure, believe.
Its duty is known
As force to be.
Wonder not?
For fear to bleed.
The universe is vast,
Its secrets you seek.
Look on,
To timeless past,
The answers are yours
Better first,
Then last.
LR Thompson Apr 2016
Today my brain is addled
Fogged by memories
Forged in fire
Searing the madness
That quenches the sadness
Of a life absent control
And a love present in soul
Yet steam continues to rise
As my eyes struggle to focus
My vision of you is hardened
Into a sharpened blade
Given deadly purpose
For this reason
You tower above all others
Providing me the means
To erase my haze
Illuminating the night
So we might wield the day
LR Thompson Jun 2016
Though there may be a tear the moment will pass
Living within the chains between now and the past
It strangles and chokes you until you struggle to breath
A fear so great and mighty that gives you no reprieve
From the loss you've incurred to the tolls you've paid
Every single tear you have cried must also be forgave
LR Thompson Mar 2018
Why hasn't it changed?
If all we just do is sit back and abdicate
In faith that justice and liberty are inherent
Within the minds that control and manipulate
Both the means and the ends
That lead to a prosperity unworthy
To the masses and become limited to an elite
Selfish and soaked in a tyranny
Founded on the power generated
By the minds of the ignorant
Who truly know not the meaning of freedom
Given, only to be ripped away by the simplest
Execution of our most fundamental rights
Possessed by all with a mind
And a soul which yearns to decide
For itself whether it is to be free
Or a slave to those inferior in wisdom
To the animalistic tendencies we so quickly
Fall back on in a relative, fictional, safety
LR Thompson Mar 2019
A high pitched siren rang out in the distance
A tree limb snapped and flew upwards
I stood before the storm
Head held high and defiant
Challenging the maelstrom to a duel of wits
"You may churn you evil beast
You may bring death and destruction
But YOU WILL NOT take me!"

The wind howled in agitated reply
Tossing me high up into the sky
Where rain turned to sleet
Which turned to ice
Freezing my flesh
While simultaneously lacerating
With razor precision
The word
Upon my flesh

I fell...

Into the storm wall I lashed out
Imagining the cataclysm but a normal summer shower
I imposed my will and shaped the storm
"This life is mine alone. I am my own light and I live for myself. So take your darkness and destruction and go. For I am slave to no man nor beast...
...I, am FREE!"

Then it was that the storm died with me
That day as I hit the ground
Never to return nor destroy
For I had finally defeated death and destruction
By embracing life and all its pain
We all face that inner storm, that wall that likes to hold us back. Whether it is addiction or depression or the federal government we all face crucibles in life that ultimately define our character. Bravery, therefore, is the fearlessness to accept a challenge and refuse to back down holding firm and constant values.

Be brave in your life and face your crucible. Empower your values and shout "YOU WILL NOT CONTROL ME!" It is there you will find yourself truly free.
LR Thompson Jun 2016
Why should hope?
Why should hope not?
For when hope is gone
All is lost to the nether
Or never and ever
Will it fall quiet
On silent lips
Sewn shut by force
Of forever until it is
Severed like the head
Of a vicious enemy
To be kept and displayed
As a right of passage
This savage behavior
Is common amongst commoners
Content to consent their right
To sovereignty of the infinity
That now and then
When life begins again
Where new hope is found
Along with the sound
Tolling the bell that rings
Freedom isn't free
LR Thompson May 2016
Freedom is an expression of want
The desire to move freely;
To speak your mind
But too often we find
A lacking in the base refrain
Of purpose and meaning
Behind the individual definition
That separates and divides
US from the animals
That creep and crawl
Along the earth
Never stopping to consider,
Even for a moment,
That the essence of being free
Is a function of OUR need

Only slaves forget liberty
LR Thompson Dec 2018
The universe is a brain
A brain that you live in
An idea given life

Inside your brain is a universe
And your ideas
Create life

We live inside God
God lives inside us
The universe is full of Gods

Gods and ideas
LR Thompson May 2017
There are bodies lying everywhere
Home to thousands of wriggling maggots
And flesh eating flies
The remains of your victims
While slowly mulching organic material
Into a fertilizer of death
Where each corpse is marked
By bleach white bones
Crossed in such a way
You can visibly feel their pain
Old piece I forgot to add
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