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If loving you was a mistake,
Then I’d gladly go down in flames,
But like a phoenix,
I will rise through the ashes.

Either as the devil or the angel,
Either as a sinner or a saint,
I will hold you,
Until the end of our days.

And when it comes,
You can choose to be my salvation or my damnation,
But know that whatever the decision,
I will love you nonetheless.
The Ripper Jun 2017
Stretched out on my table
bound gagged brunette
I admire the bolster && ****

Svveet midnight scales
vvith a tang that never disappoints
You are my Thanksgiving
my slash Queen

My ruin runs deep & cold
vvith it
I vvill **** everything You knovv

Once done carving
I remove Your pearls
and keep them in my pocket
for a future moonless stroll
jane taylor May 2016
precious innocent soul
skipping rocks
on cobblestone roads
vulnerable untarnished pure
no residue of earthly soil

return me to that naiveté
unburdened by layers
of fake masks
and perfect capped teeth
in narcissistic societies

but I shan’t grasp
at ethereal edges
of nebulousness
and ephemeral

i shall endure
what I abhor
a master’s soul
cannot be forged
in paradise

wisdom’s essence
‘tis not pristine white
hints of ivory
tinge the effervescence
of the sage’s breath


— The End —