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Sehar Bajwa Sep 4
From -
“you’re a girl, you cant play.”

- To -

- Now -
“you play like a girl”

From orders to insults.
From bonds to bullying.

Did we ever really evolve?
musing over sexism on the basketball court.
jas Aug 9
we all coexist within another.
father time, granting us a constant movement of life
a cloaked, bearded man with the power of an hourglass.
an endless cycle of highs and lows effecting the world
as above so below.
alas, without love, the earth would turn to dust
drawn together, since the beginning of eternity
father time founded mother earth.
intertwined out of chaos, a nurturer was born.
to create out of love,
trees alongside the sea
time never catching up to the speed of light
equality of the unknown, transpiring its purpose to live
granted, the universe aligns in peace
nirvana at its peak
solely, as an individiual
we seek the hidden purpose
beyond ones navigation of life
usagi Jul 10
She dies repeatedly, in just one life time;
She dies religiously
she hopes each time, death would lead her to nirvana
but instead she wakes up
just to realize she is exhausted and still stuck, alive.
acacia Jun 20
to be a human and to
drift in and out of
here does not seem plausible.

but when i am to die and i
open my eyes, i’ll find that i am washed
up on shore.

somewhere between this future death,
memories continue to be made and fade.

to be free from this cycle
of life, death and repeat,
will be the ultimate goal.

i want to be free. to live a life in valleys,
to sit in grass,
to wade along the shoreline.
i’m constantly comparing myself to others.
Lara P Jun 15
Me, myself, and I.
Nothing ever changes, does it?

It's always me, myself, and I
At the end of the day.

Honestly, that scares the crap
Out of me, myself, and I.

Because me, myself, and I
Are not friends.

Me, myself, and I work
Against each other.

But, when he's here,
There is no more me, myself, and I.

There is just him
And Lara.

With him, I am
In nirvana.
Maybe I started to fall in love with him and the way he makes me feel.
"…Your character, demeanour,
How you project or articulate yourself
Could be just a figment of your imagination.
It’s really in the authenticity of your Spirit
(Indians/Buddhism call it Mahayana/Nirvana)
that gives the canvas substance
which inevitably(…God-willing) becomes
what we call today, REAL
even if it WASN’T from the inception (evolution).
Therefore, if you’re not authentic (Real)
Nothing is…you see with your Brain, so
If you’re not true to yourself or you’re
not manifesting what truly resides
within you. Then you’re NOT BORN YET
You’re as good as null and void…”

I should call this one REALIING(Realing 2)
Maverick Notes
Aa Harvey Jun 3

Lost in the world, searching for answers.
Why do we only live once?  Why are there no second chances?
What is the meaning of life?  What is our purpose for being?
Why do we not yet know?  Do you know the reason?

A search for enlightenment, using many different teachings;
I must find the answer, by using any means,
To reach a state of enlightenment and find my nirvana.
So I'll ask someone who knows; can you hear me Buddha?

To find your nirvana, follow the teachings of Buddha;
Buddha gained enlightenment, so you must become a Buddhist.
Buddha was an atheist, searching for his Heaven;
A way to be free and stop repeated reincarnation.

To reach a new state of consciousness,
You must become free from life and your attire.
Your possession’s you must leave behind and you must forget your desire.
To find freedom from life, you must want for nothing;
Then you shall become free, from eternal suffering.
From the pain of the circle of life being repeated;
Because Heaven can't be reached, if you’re always reincarnated.

To find enlightenment, forget human treasures;
To raise up into the sky, you must not crave possessions.
Trinkets or money or power keep you trapped and without insight.
They stop you leaving this life; they stop you reaching the light.

Buddha’s Buddhist’s, practice his teachings
And they lead their life in the way in which he believed,
Was the right thing to do and he did do it right;
Buddha left this world enlightened…he walked into the light.

To find your nirvana; to raise to a new state of consciousness,
Is to die as a man and then pray to go to Heaven and be blessed.

Maybe there is life after death
And maybe I will fly up and face God.
Maybe anything is possible...

But when I learn the truth, I will be gone.

(C)2005 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Out by the pool
water's cool

Flowing to transcend

Tanning skin
burning in

Sunblock to defend

Pruning hands
lesser plans

Under to descend

Quantum leaps
never cheap

And yet

They have

No end
No phone no work
no motorcars
only some beer
tanning all
the scars

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