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Mazzy Ram Jun 26
Same place
  same state
  same memory

What if
  its our essence
  no movement
  sanction to experience
  what is
  no motion to distract
and within the malaise
        shifted orientation

Breath reawakening

Rama Krsna May 2022
with zen calm
he awaits,
the next chess move of whimsical time

li’l does ‘time’ know,
he’s way beyond it.
legacy etched in stone,
this warrior of awareness
marches to his impending destination
steeped in silence.

as his life flashes
in that rear view mirror,
his beatific smile says it all.

i’ve attained nirvana!

© 2022
for teachers who have paved the path to liberation with silence
JB Scotsman Oct 2021
Radiant blast of fury and fire.
Mixed and hid inside like uranium in iron.
Wild boy dreams and finds, Nirvana in art.
The art of words, the sculpture made with hands. The music of those dead too young.
A briar wood pipe carved with care.
A smoke of Cavendish hovers in the air, like a phantom.
Mind free, purpose pure.
Perfect peace inside a volcano.
Lev Rosario Sep 2021
I have time to waste
                                I'm losing everything
I'm throwing it all away
                                 I'll put it all in a basket
I deserve to be loved
I am loved
                                  Throw me away
                                  Forget about me
Electricity runs through my body
Filling me with intense joy
                                  I ***** everything
                                  I burn like wood
My family is television perfect
                                  I hate them all.
                                  May ******* them
Music is my only solace
Her synthesizers fill me with peace
Her voice has the strength of prophets
                               Hysterical and useless
                               It's Electric dysentery
Please take me.
Take me to a place between Salvation and Nirvana
That's all I ask of you
                                 Leave me alone
                                 Throw me to hell
                                 Let me be reborn
Kenshō Jul 2021
There was a man who had been abandoned at an early age and left to be cared by a monk at a monastery.

In his early years of adult hood he was so depressed he decided he would climb a mountainous rock and from it, he would jump.

He would die, and the pain would be over.

As he was eyeing his rock and seeing there was no way, he sat defeated.

And then his eyes caught glance of a monkey, effortlessly climbing the rock, all the way up. And all the way back down.

He knew he could mimick that climbing style and make his way to the top as well.

Slowly he climbed, tracing every movement the monkey had made, perfect.

AS he reached the top, he cried from the pain of the physical.. and the emotional..

At that moment, that was a roar

A huge roar of cheering.

From below the people were cheering and saying "He is a world class rock climber!"

They thought he had decided to climb it for sport, his skill seemed to display.

Confused with emotion, pain and elation, he bowed and safely returned to the ground.

Where after his first climb on that precipitous rock, he decided to persue rock climbing from then on..
Rama Krsna Jul 2021
the inexplicable lightness
of pure being
comes from subtly discerning
that the moony mind
is your nemesis....

silencing it
the stairway to heaven

© 2021
Rama Krsna Jun 2021
an accepting smile
i embrace
those two invisible friends
knowledge and death

the bliss gained from true knowledge
seldom taught at any college,
that vantage point
from where
the lingering fear of death,
is vanquished

both of you
hand in hand
stealthily become my left and right half
as i merge
with the macrocosm

© 2021
inspired by the one and only Adi Shankara
Rama Krsna May 2021
into this fire
of pure awareness
i offer
the body
intellect and ego ....

in the charred embers
of this funeral pyre
a pristine white lotus
with one thousand petals
each petal
a proxy for a billion residual desires
burnt forever

time and space 
simply fade away

© 2021
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