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an accepting smile
i embrace
those two invisible friends
knowledge and death

the bliss gained from true knowledge
seldom taught at any college,
that vantage point
from where
the lingering fear of death,
is vanquished

both of you
hand in hand
stealthily become my left and right half
as i merge
with the macrocosm

© 2021
inspired by the one and only Adi Shankara
Rama Krsna May 31
i offer
into this fire
of pure awareness
the body
intellect and ego ....

in the charred embers
of this funeral pyre
a pristine white lotus
with one thousand petals
each petal
a proxy for a billion residual desires
burnt forever

time and space 
simply fade away

© 2021
"Hello, hello, hello, how low
Hello, hello, hello, how low
Hello, hello, hello, how low
Hello, hello, hello
With the lights out, it's less dangerous
Here we are now, entertain us
I feel stupid and contagious
Here we are now, entertain us
A mulatto, an albino, a mosquito, my libido
Yeah, hey"
Jamming right now to this song. On my knees, playing air guitar, shaking and swirling my hair like I'm in a rock band lol. LOVE this song soo much!!
isolation is a redly glowing wolf
it is too close to me, get away
how can i believe in myself?
the night swallows self-confidence

i am waiting for an angel sent by
the tall and wise heralds of my fate
they are riding the train of future
i don't know how to hop on, no clue

eden's sounds are distracting me
but in her eyes i can see where my train
is supposed to stop and to arrive
ancient existences are floodding her pupil

they stem from a place called nirvana
it is the deep core of a human being's soul
light suffuses their shape, goldly shining
they fight against the demons of our world

and as the years passing by, they become
our nostalgic memories and our sentiment
i want to be there for eden, protecting her
the red wolf will not come between us
in the middle of nirvana, ashima wakes up
she doesn't know how she reached this sphere
full of silver lights and black silhouettes
everyone she knows seems to be present

greyly shimmering leaflets are floating
through the air, gently, like mist
and red fireflies are clapping their wings
the crowd of shadows is starting to sing:

"ashima, you have come a long way to us
we are the voices of nirvana, listen
nirvana is the deep core of your soul
the land of your most secret wishes

sometimes, in your dreams, you reach out
when you are waiting for a train and the
rays of the sun are reflecting your thoughts
you never find us but we know where you are

you may call us your wishes, we belong to you
as ****, as branko and your mom do
are you the imitation of your dreams, ashima?
or do your dreams imitate you, our girl?

certainly, you will become the thing you dread
we know that you took revenge recently
when you were slashing the *******'s throat
as his blood was slowly flowing into the sheets"

in the middle of her apartment, ashima wakes up
she becomes aware of a crinkled and dark leaflet
it is more than twenty years old, informing about
something that ashima can not read anymore

the letters on the leaflet have become dust
ashima is taking a deep breath and sighs
her pitbull branko is strolling towards her
his wet tongue, ashima thinks, feels cute
Traveler Dec 2020
It’s me
But it’s not me
The witness behind
It’s always watching
I pretend to hide

This is my life
So why would it care
What ever I think
It is aware

And when I give in
Nirvana take over
The laws of nature
Intoxicatingly sober!
Traveler Tim
Rhys Hebbs Sep 2020
Like Christ I was betrayed by a kiss
The best kiss I ever wasted
The one delayed with a wish
The last I never tasted
Twas the sublime decline of the un-divine find from the mine within my mind
My new muse fused with pure white beacons of truth;
It was love.
It is love.
It will always be love.
Until the bodhisattva’s of bohemia are free to leave in peace,
Until the unbloomed seek what their enlightened prophets beseech.
When the the ****** find nirvana by practice of kinder hearted karma
Then and only then the world will know peace
Rhys Hebbs Sep 2020
A pauper once pondered if he would ever fall in love with life again,
after feeling the rain during a chance encounter with fate
he abandoned the lottery,
with the tenacious ferocity
only a vagabonds prophecy
could stake to his faith

For he’s fought his life with losers and uncouth career choosers,
he was the splinter caught between a hellfire and winter
after Papa State eraced the grace from a once true and youthful face
he found the hunger birthed by adversity is a lethal fuel for change
So now he’ll never rest upon a steadfast crest lest he can can feel his dreams like pain
A little something I wrote after I quit my job and started to finally pursue my truth
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