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Rhys Hebbs Sep 27
Like Christ I was betrayed by a kiss
The best kiss I ever wasted
The one delayed with a wish
The last I never tasted
Twas the sublime decline of the un-divine find from the mine within my mind
My new muse fused with pure white beacons of truth;
It was love.
It is love.
It will always be love.
Until the bodhisattva’s of bohemia are free to leave in peace,
Until the unbloomed seek what their enlightened prophets beseech.
When the the ****** find nirvana by practice of kinder hearted karma
Then and only then the world will know peace
Rhys Hebbs Sep 27
A pauper once pondered if he would ever fall in love with life again,
after feeling the rain during a chance encounter with fate
he abandoned the lottery,
with the tenacious ferocity
only a vagabonds prophecy
could stake to his faith

For he’s fought his life with losers and uncouth career choosers,
he was the splinter caught between a hellfire and winter
after Papa State eraced the grace from a once true and youthful face
he found the hunger birthed by adversity is a lethal fuel for change
So now he’ll never rest upon a steadfast crest lest he can can feel his dreams like pain
A little something I wrote after I quit my job and started to finally pursue my truth
Buddha was not the only one who understood the relationship between suffering and nirvana. Jorge Luis Borges once said the most important task of a human being's life was to learn how to transmute pain into compassion. Perhaps every human being, even if unconsciously, spends her/his life doing what Buddha did with his. As everyone knows, it is not an easy journey, but it is vital humanity takes it successfully. For millennia, however, humanity has, for the vast majority of time, failed to make spiritual progress. For example, for the past 3,400 years of recored history, most scholars have found that only 200 of those years could be deemed peaceful;  the rest were fraught with wars after wars after wars. Buddha, Borges, and most of the rest of us wish there were continual Peace on Earth, but sadly we see that sanguine phrase only a couple of weeks a year on Christmas cards.  

Copyright 2020 Tod Howard Hawks
A graduate of Andover and Columbia College, Columbia University, Tod Howard Hawks has been a poet and a human-rights advocate his entire adult life.
Audrey L Jun 10
my dear heart,
it's flying
flying aloft
it might reach nirvana .

in the deep sea of desperate
you fell and scattered
i'm in the verge of expectation.
hoping for you would come back one day
Jonas ernest May 21
I just know I'll end up alone in an apartment with **** memorabilia relics and statues of Egyptian artifacts like Lemmy in a condemned apartment in the outskirts of LA with my hairless cat watching old VHS tapes and drinking decaf coffee with my slippers on;
   mainly when I'm not touring.
  I want the rock'n'roll life, and it's mainly lonely. life of the cowboy. Some illegitimate children, and then it's me all alone again--  like always , like how it's supposed to be,
because you all drain me
-elixir- May 13
Silence is grim.
Silence is liberating.
Silence is peace.
Silence is war.
Silence is safe.
Silence is dangerous.
Silence is love.
SIlence the answer to some.
Silence dooms.
Silence is rebirth.
Silence is emotion.
Silence is torture.
Silence to lead.
Silence to learn.
Silence for the ignorant.
Silence is unlimited.
                so what's your silence about?
Silence is the language for those who wish to understand and portray a plethora of things in their minds
Andrew Layman Apr 27
My life is on the tethered line
as I watch you go by
dirt caked, through dusty eyes
on those legs that have no restraints.

Those young ones leave the yard
and return to it without issue
I am amazed
there is nothing chained to them.

Why do I have chains...
What is my purpose...
Where is my master's presence...

These questions do little to give me warmth
as the earth gathers around me
and collects inside my nostrils.

I keep the seasons in my fur
And snow and leaves cover me
Like a ***** blanket.

Where is my kind master...
He brought me here
to share this life
then deserted me
just out of reach
I think of you as God
so please don't cast me aside.

I'll sit here as faithful servant
beside my empty bowl
and pray some more
for the master to return
when my tears turn to mud
I will know
that I have been on my leash
far too long.
BOUND TO NIRVANA'S GATE, Copyright © 2020 Andrew Layman, All Rights Reserved.
Smiling through the rain
when I'm under your
you're my rainbow
after a rainy day
no need to search for gold
because you took me to
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