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The steam yields as so
I slurp and gurgle my tea
Oh, jasmine blossom!
Bardo Mar 13
Snuggy ****** of a curled up cat by
   the fire
Furry faced, smiley headed, svelte
   purveyor of the big meow
Purring away like a Geiger counter,
If you seek Nirvana then seek no
   more, it's here
The Cat, she knows.
My cat poem. He's my relaxation technician.
kenny Oct 23
Nobody mourn,
nobody get hurt

We just project
redirect the blame
and sink back
into interactions
with coping devices
of mass distraction

The artificial ****
of the masses

Tethered by an invisible
umbilical cord
feeding us way
too much

Like hungry ghosts
the next notification

We can’t run.
We can’t hide.
There’s a threat to survive,

But we’re so ******* desensitized

Seduced by the school shooter
we don’t hear him coming
singing siren songs
heart-beating shotgun blasts

That leitmotif
in sync with
The American Horror Story allegory

Just forget it
Too much in the queue
Too many new things

We can’t reject this reality
It’s really ******* broken

Em, I’m sorry we’re descending
Much Madness has lost its meaning

It’s just the means to
unlock an achievement

Emulate another scumbag.
romanticize a villain
amplify the bodycount
Like how many do you need to ***** out
before they give you the cover
of the Rolling Stone?

It's comedically-tragic,
Stranger than satire.

The Judge, the jury
Executioner cutie

cut all your losses for ya
cashed in your lil tax deductions

The most sacred snuffed out
before the light could become them

Get woke a-f,
This is enlightenment!

Come on get
your mind blown!

He’s the one who loves
to shoot his gun
But he knows not what it means
knows not what it means.
Do you know what it means?
erin Oct 19
he strongly gripped the nape of the boy's neck
and in his lips, he found nirvana.
a paradise filled with raindrops and waterfalls he could bathe under for eternity
and pixies dancing in the trees
but the fairies stared at him and their smiles turned to frowns
their eyebrows creased and their hands reached for him
claws extended
and they hissed '******' into his face
so he pulled away and said
"I'm sorry-
it just wasn't for me."
featuring a boy in denial
Sutherland Oct 10
Here I stand on the shore,
slowly drifting into its endless

If my path be nirvana,
and you, the

Then lay waste to the shore,
and let reality be,
Aditya Roy Oct 9
If not for death
Life wouldn't come from within
To leave the soul
For something different
"I'll stop wearing black, when they invent a darker colour"- Wednesday Addams
Beings only hide from the truth
Truth never hides
Waves hit the earth nearly the same time the winds do
As above so below
Ancient times with new lines
No shadows can discriminate what’s light in a fulfilled dimension
It’s only overwhelmed by the pure blinding consciousness to dissipate before it even entered and cast
The necessity of distinction has always been in existence......here
finite and limited creations we be within the cube my friend
Lest we seek transcendent wisdom
This will only be and our memories will be lost
Nothing is permanent however
Even if at times it seems otherwise
Experience is the hand that I acknowledge as my support
Being lost is not always so bad, neither is being alone
Getting lost is how we are always found
The original
The indestructible
The evolution of the immortal
Sehar Bajwa Sep 4
From -
“you’re a girl, you cant play.”

- To -

- Now -
“you play like a girl”

From orders to insults.
From bonds to bullying.

Did we ever really evolve?
musing over sexism on the basketball court.
jas Aug 9
we all coexist within another.
father time, granting us a constant movement of life
a cloaked, bearded man with the power of an hourglass.
an endless cycle of highs and lows effecting the world
as above so below.
alas, without love, the earth would turn to dust
drawn together, since the beginning of eternity
father time founded mother earth.
intertwined out of chaos, a nurturer was born.
to create out of love,
trees alongside the sea
time never catching up to the speed of light
equality of the unknown, transpiring its purpose to live
granted, the universe aligns in peace
nirvana at its peak
solely, as an individiual
we seek the hidden purpose
beyond ones navigation of life
usagi Jul 10
She dies repeatedly, in just one life time;
She dies religiously
she hopes each time, death would lead her to nirvana
but instead she wakes up
just to realize she is exhausted and still stuck, alive.
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