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My boat keeps being drawn back
Endlessly, the minute I think I've surpassed the it
The wind pulls be back
It's so comforting
Looking at all those sweet memories
Floating among the creatures
Time paused
I want to have it back
I keep going there, wishing time would pause once again
But I won't let this build up inside me any more
I searched for you
High and low
Looked up at the heavens
And beneath the Earth
And when I think I’m completely lost
You guide me to nirvana
For all of my pain is lost
And I am one with my shadows

I want to let go of the past
But the scars remind me
Of the consequences
For existing in this life
A mere mortal am I
I’m nobody to tell you
How to live your life

If love is what you seek
Then look no further
Love yourself, and reach your peak
At the end of the day
I can’t take your pain
Though I wish I could
But you would never learn the lesson
That life is formidable
But not cruel
michael Jan 17
cometh now,
deep from within,
i seek thy crown.

dreading chagrin,
deep down,
i begin.

delightful sound,
may i ascend
or am i bound?
not to be confused with the band, they're cool too though.
Ofelia Jan 9
Some flowers for you
To make you bloom,
Bring you peace,
Make you think of me.
Let it be serenity.
A garden where you can be free,
Grow with love,
Sprinkled by joy.
Let it be nirvana.
A place where there's no trauma,
To concentrate on the good,
Where feelings can be savoured.
Think of my flowers
When times are hard.
They're strong and prospered
Just like your heart.
Yazad Tafti Dec 2018
i like **** of all sizes
no matter the shape we always make compromises
they're all generally hidden behind brassiere disguises
embellishing decorations that cover up glamorous prizes

i always got milk on hand
secreted from those voluptuous mammary glands
some may say they feel like water balloon brands
silicone addition seems like an unnecessary plan

honey nut oats with those titttiiiesss!
love yourself because i love you
Solaces Dec 2018
Avrenim:  Log late 5155.  The moving planet of Raspen:

       I passed through a planet in a section of the Raspen Galaxy I have never been before.  The planet was a moving steller body that did not orbit any sun.  It sustained its own energy through core-rifting.  Core-rifting was when a planet had mega chasms that were so deep the energy from the core could be felt on the surface. The planet was much larger than my home planet.  This planet must have been the size of my sun my planet orbited around.   The energy from the core would vent out into the atmosphere creating Light rifts in the sky.  Or should I say Sun slashes. Sun slashes are what brought the day to this strange moving planet.  A sun slash was light that was trapped inside of a reflective prism in this planets diamond like clouds.  If I am correct the cloud material here is called Solacian.  Solacian captures light an reflects it inside itself creating a sun slash.  The sun slash is the sun here. Depending on the angle of the captured light the sun slash will last about 31 hours.
       The life here on this moving planet seems to live in a beautiful harmony.  It exist as energy at first and then becomes something entirely different.  The energy turns into oraganic bodies for a while then reverts back to its state of energetic divinity.  The energy then seems to melt in the Solacian clouds above.  I follow an energy mass into a cloud and watch a beautiful memory being lived out by an oraganism that once died long ago.  It brought me to tears when I found out that the organism did not know it had died so long ago.  Everything here had died some time ago.  But nothing here was sad. There was no anger or despair.  Only happiness, joy, love, and creation.  Could this be Anavrin!?
         Anavrin could never be found. And it all makes sense now. It could never be found because it was always moving about the universe.  Anavrin in my culture is called Heaven.  Which brings me to my next question. Am I here for a reason.  I have no memory of dying. And what makes matters worse is that no one here does either.
No memory of how I got to heaven..
Not swiftly though,
I am moving steadily  
Towards the Sun,
To meet my destiny.
I am fearless,
I belong to the Sun
Who has made me,
And goads me on
To study my being
Which is still obscure
As it is
Covered by darkness.  
Once I reach the Sun,
Thence become complete
Upon merging with it
I will lose my identity
And shine
As brilliantly as the Sun
Beyond dreams and thoughts.
I will then not need
The Moon and the stars
Beside me.
K Balachandran Nov 2018
Past coral garden,
Dive to the depth of blue night;
Blissful oblivion!
ZenOfferings Nov 2018
The steam yields as so
I slurp and gurgle my tea
Oh, jasmine blossom!
Bardo Mar 2018
Snuggy ****** of a curled up cat by
   the fire
Furry faced, smiley headed, svelte
   purveyor of the big meow
Purring away like a Geiger counter,
If you seek Nirvana then seek no
   more, it's here
The Cat, she knows.
My cat poem. He's my relaxation technician.
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