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Juno Sep 2021
She earned the title Nine Days Queen,
But hitherto, she was just Jane.
Just Jane, and she had no idea
That when she married the son of a duke,
A plot was forming around her to steal the crown.

A crown she did not yet wear,
But inherited when the King was gone.
She rose to power instead of Mary or Elizabeth
Through an amended line of succession;
She was never meant to be Queen.

The plots and plans and goals of others
Led to the end of Lady Jane Grey.
Mary conquered the throne with little effort
And Jane was one of many to be sent to death
By the woman history calls ****** Mary.

Nine days was the length of Jane’s reign,
Unscrupulous were her advisors.
Just Jane, she had no idea what she was:
A pawn in the games of those around her,
And she was never meant to win.
In English class I had to write a poem about Jane Grey, so here it is.
Summer May 2021
The dragonfly
that perches on your finger,
on the wall, at the doorstep,
like still life human history,
on the page, close to the vines,
balancing atop that blue teacup,
fanning steam

as time slips, whistles, rips
like stitches twisted, which
unravelled, like a wish
you made last summer
when horses snickered, reined by
steel knights sweating and kissing
gloved hands, ladies laughing
over earl grey tea and shipped silk,
the dragonfly danced upon
melancholic waters

what is skulking in the moist darkness
must come forth and answer
how one equates infinite and none,
vain, like history, snow, and gold,
before sung poetry from the old —
to live one’s life for something, you say,
is to live one’s life alone for something

what is repeated,
wars and manipulation,
mutual destruction, human reproduction,
drilling and penetrating,
with rhythm and with force,
Is intrinsically obscene,
the mechanics ancient and ******,
beastly brutal and brutally simple –
the human wheel of time

dawn broke
over churning waters, a cycle of
chalky, foamed flowers grew and died,
quivering is the white fish washed ashore
twitching, pulsating, then stilled

the dragonfly, sensing death,
skitters away
Gabriel Apr 2021
She plays mother,
wraps a scarf around her neck.

Red, once,
a proclamation of this,
of who she is.

In her letters,
she writes of little strong hands
taking her
up and up to the end of the world,
the breathlessness
of love, in which she thought,
and afterwards wrote,
and afterwards danced.

The world takes her
and she paints her neck
with something beautiful;
there’s a lot here
about getting to the roots
of it all.

And from this,
something grows.
Something, now, is cultivated
in the passive tense,
and then poets flock to her,
their little strong hands
grasping against her neck
for a taste of the bruises
and the colours.

But she is a spiral in herself,
a coil waiting to snap,
she is the roots of it all.
And the world wants
what the world wants;
to dig it all up
and plant something acceptable.

the silkworm woman
will not yield,
caught in the effervescence
of spider webs and champagne
she sings,
she shouts,
opens her mouth,
and silence pours out
of the wound.
From a collection of poetry I wrote for a creative writing portfolio in second year of university, titled 'Spiral'.
Elymaïs Mar 2021
When the Saracen had been overcome,
We seized great numbers of them,
either killing or capturing them,
as we saw fit.
Our Princes also ordered the Saracen
Dead to be cast outside, because of the
great Stench, since the whole city was
filled with their Corpses.
Lo, the living Saracens dragged the
Dead before the exits of the Gates
and arranged them in Heaps
as High as Houses.
No one had ever Seen or Heard
of such a Slaughter of
Pyres like Pyramids were formed
from them, and no one truly
knows their number,
except for God.

‡‡‡   GOD'S KINGDOM   ‡‡‡
‡‡‡   PART ONE   ‡‡‡

Lo, and the Flames of Battle
still Roared through the narrow
Streets as Dusk fell on the
Holy Sepulchre.
The Crusaders touched the Ancient
Stones of the Church with their
Fingertips as they entered the
The approach of the Darkness
Obscured the ****** Fingerprints
which they left.

Godfrey of Bouillon, Mighty
Commander of our Crusader
Host, lifted his hand and we
He, who sold his Lands and
Crowns in order to raise our
Swords in the name of the
Who, having relinquished all
his Worldy Wealth and taken
up the Call of the Cross, now
With his mortal eyes upon the
very Tomb of our Lord and Saviour,

"Behold, Brother," said Eustace,
the Count of Boulogne and the
Elder Brother of Godfrey our
"The Lord has granted you an
Appanage," he declared before
the Tomb of our Vindicator,
"For there is no Man here nor
in the Halls of the Pope's Palace
who will deny who the rightful
King should be."
"You have raised the captive
Jerusalem from her sullen, shackled

Godfrey turned, Acknowledging
the Words that Eustace had
Spoken, for he Saw in their
Eyes —
Those who had Followed Him,
Those who had Done as he Had,
Who had taken up Sword and
"It is not to Me that you owe
your Fealty, my Friends, but
Firmly to the Name of
"I am a Simple Servant, a Sinner,
Who seeks solely to Serve the

"Lo," said Tancred the Norman,
of the House of Hauteville;
"There is no Knight who would
"You have led us across the
Lands of Europe and Asia,
to the Foot of the Sepulchre
of Christ."
"Your Conduct is most Honoured,"
continued He to speak.
"Unlike that of your Younger
"How I wretch at the thought of
Him! How deeply it pains Me
To remember his Conduct at
"Lo! Let us remember Those
Three Hundred Normans, which
he allowed to fall victim to
"Having turned them away at
the Gates of the City which I
had Delivered unto his hand in
"Surely, you are much more
Deserving of this Land's
Crown, moreso than that
"He has abandoned the Cross
of Jesus Christ to make a name for

Eustace and Godfrey, the two
Elder Brothers of the one of
whom Tancred spoke, became
Though Baldwin, the wayward
Sibling, had indeed Transgressed
against Tancred at Tarsus truly
His Deeds had Dashed any Doubt
of his Devotion to the Divine
Justice which they had sought to
For Baldwin, Christly of Character,
was Begged by Bagrat the Armenian,
who asked for his Intercession in his
"You shall speak no more ill of
my Kin," said Eustace, the eldest,
for his brother Godfrey was far too
"Did not the Lord of Edessa,
Theodoros the Kouropalates,
adopt Baldwin as he were his own
"Did not the Faithful of the
Land of Armenia raise their
Swords in his Support and
"I beg of you, Blessed Knight
of the House of Hauteville,
Be Still of your Injurious
"For I will hear no more of it."
To Eustace of Boulogne belonged these

Robert the Norman, Son of England's
Conqueror William, and the Ward
of the Fiefdoms of the Viking,
Stepped forward with Robert the
Fleming, Inheritor of the Land
of Flanders which was once Ruled
by Ironarm.
"There is no Purpose in this Quarrel
over these petty matters, my Friends,"
offered the Norman these Words of
"We have won a Great Victory
in the name of our Almighty Lord,

Robert the Fleming agreed with his
Norman comrade. Their sentiments
were shared by Gaston, the Count of
Godfrey was relieved that once more
the Peace had been restored among
the Company of Crusaders in that
The Darkness that encroached did
very little to mitigate the Levantine

"Lo," said Godfrey. "Truly if
there is no Other you wish to
offer the Crown of Jerusalem,
"I will defend the Holy Sepulchre
with all of my Might, so help me

‡‡‡   GOD'S KINGDOM   ‡‡‡
‡‡‡   PART TWO   ‡‡‡

Lo, and two nights had passed since
the Fall of the Fatimid Forces at
the very Gates of God's Stronghold,
Christian Knights who had Nobly
and Fiercely Fought alongside one
another, from many Lands, now
Sanctioned to Save the Sepulchre
by the Hand of God in Gooodness,

From their Princes a Parliament was
called to determine the fate of the
Lands which had been at Long Last
To fail to mention the Famous
Names that made up that very
Council would Cruelly Cut their
And rob them of the Righteous
Renown that is Known to be
Owned by them — a truly heinous

There was Raymond of St. Gilles,
the Count of Tripoli, who had
Routed the Assault on Antioch
Who had been at the Discovery
of the Holy Lance which had pierced
the very Side of our God in Flesh,
The Crusaders, having heard of the
Finding of the Lost Lance of Longinus,
were compelled by the Holy Spirit to
To fail to acknowledge his presence
Would be to fail to acknowledge a

There was also Galdemar Carpenel,
A follower of Raymond of St Gilles,
Who had siezed Cayphas for his own
Surely he deserved such a Righteous
Reward for his Courageous Campaign,

There was also Tancred, who had seized
the Lands of Ancient Galilee from the
Sniveling Saracen Scoundrel, Al-Mustali
Of Tancred I should speak most
Fondly, for his Skill on the Field
of Fighting was Forged by his own
Son of Emma and Odo the Good,
Nephew of Bohemond of Antioch,
Tancred was a fine fellow of excellent
He was patient of Heart, which
Only increased his Prowess in the
Art of War, granting him much
He was known for his Diligent
Execution of Manoeuvres, and
to Him a great deal of Honour is
Surely Tancred has earned his place
at the Right Hand of the Almighty

Blessed Gerard was there was well to
Represent the Christian Hospice of
Jerusalem. There was also Anthony of
Savary, a Learned Lay Preacher, would
serve as the Pontiff's eyes on the

"Surely," proclaimed Godfrey, Ordained
Overseer of Our Lord's Own Lands,
"We must Establish in these Lands our
"The Fatimid Caliph, Al-Mustali Billah,
Saracen Scourge of the Sacred City, still

"It is without Question," proclaimed Tancred,
in support of his Clever and Courageous
Commander, "that the King must wield
"All the Estates for which we have laid
Foundations and Fortifications, for the
defense of the land of Jerusalem, are
"And, surely," continued the noble Norman
Tancred, "not one man here will object to his

Blessed Gerard and Savary would bow
their heads in agreement to the Norman's

"Indeed," added Anthony of Arsour,
a loyal servant of Godfrey while on

"I must raise the issue of Cayphas," said
Galdemar Carpenel, a mighty Crusader
of Christian Virtue and Dignity. He
Acknowledging Tancred, his rival, and
said, "I secured the city of Cayphas from the
Saracen, but Tancred claims that Cayphas is
"If you should see fit to return Cayphas to
this Norman Never-Do-Well, then so
be it, but I requre satisfaction for this
"If you should take this city from me,
I would require a city of equal

"Surely," said Godfrey their Ruler,
speaking with wisdom and wit about
him, "this is a justified demand to
"Surrender Cayphas to its rightful
governor — you shall have St. Abraham

"This is most pleasing to me," said
Galdemar, who would uphold his

"Surely then it is confirmed," said
Raymond of St. Gilles, "that Godfrey
is our King. Who then will agree with
"If anybody should object to my statement,
Make your treachery known and make it

Lo, and not a single man disagreed
except for Godfrey, who was too humble.
"Friends, I am your Prince, but I am no
"For in this land where my Saviour wore
a Crown of Thorns, I will not wear one of

"Truly a righteous sentiment," proclaimed
Savary, the learned man. "Surely willed by

"It must be so," proclaimed Raymond of
St. Gilles, who bowed his head in great

"This is God's Kingdom," proclaimed
Godfrey, lifting his hands and raising his
Eyes to the vaults of the very high
Falling to his knees, he made the Sign
of the Cross and proclaimed, "Not to
Me, O Lord, but to your Name give
"The Fatimid still scourges your Province,
but my Sword is still Sharp! Hèlas, to

Lo, and the gathered-there men did cry
out in support of their Liege and of their

‡‡‡   GOD'S KINGDOM   ‡‡‡
‡‡‡   PART THREE   ‡‡‡

Lo, and the call went out to All
of Godfrey's Valiant Vassals, that
they should Surround the City of
Surely, shattering the Saracen's
sordid sovereignty over the very
Corners of Canaan would be
If only his Fast Foothold on
the Cusp of the Coast were to

Raymond of St. Gilles would
ride out to Jaffa, where the Host
he had so boldly commanded
"In five days," he did promise
before he left to take command,
"I will make camps to beleaguer
"If I fail in this swiftness for
any Fault Found of Me, then
may the Lord's Justice be on
And with that he went, taking
with him his retainers and loyal

Antoine of Arsour and the
Count of Hebron, Galdemar,
Godefroy assigned to his own
"You are my loyal servants,"
he praised them most piously.
"Truly God was smiling upon
"When I gained such friends,
so Valiant and so Virtuous of

Tancred, Noblest of Normans,
rode to assemble the Garrison
which Guarded the Gates of
"These Soldiers which you have
need of — as God is my witness,
I shall deliver them unto you or
"I swore an oath to You and
God," Tancred did declare,
"Woe him who wishes that I
"I shall have brought them in
ten days and not a day longer to

On the very day that Raymond
arrived in Ascalon, a small
Host of Hostile Saracens did
Quickly and Quietly were the
Cowardly Caliphites Condemned
to Crumble before the Cunning
Three hundred Saracen swords
no longer had hands to hold their

On the Twelfth Day of August
Godfrey, their Noble Prince,
arrived to their aid with many
A great Column of Crusaders
as Wide as the Waters of the
Great Sea now supported the
The Siege of Ascalon would
begin in earnest with the next

Fornight came and fortnight
Went as the Siege of the City
of Ascalon dragged on and
Until at last a Great Host of
Saracens finally came up from
the land of Egypt to break the
At their Command was Yamin
the Mamluk, a renowned fighter
among the Ferocious Fatimids of
"God has drawn the divide here
between You and I," declared
Yamin the Mamluk, seeking
"But, though he has given us
different Names, and we to
Him, do you not see our
"Truly, my Heart is Awfully
Aggrieved to have to raise the

Godfrey, hearing none of the
Mamluk's pleas for he believed
them False, declared the battle
"I have not come here to make
War," said Godfrey, "but War
has been made for me and on
"I did not intend to take your
Cities by Force — I simply
gave my Will to God, who
"This is God's Kingdom, and
He has Commanded my very

The Mamluk Commander
lowered his head. "If you will
not reason with me, I must
He raised his sword and Lo,
A Great Flood of Mamluks
and Saracens came charging
From the Rising of the Sun
to the Death of the Day, the
Hordes Hounded the Weary
For every Saracen which met
his Death, there were ten which

"Lose not your Heart, my
mighty Christian Crusaders,"
said Godfrey, raising sword on
Lo, and though he was Struck
in the very Eye by the Hand of
a Saracen Warrior, Godfrey
"Had God wished your blow
to **** me," he said, addressing
the Saracen, "I would have been
"But He has seen fit to preserve
me — Hèlas! My cause is surely

This assured the Crusaders
of the Divine Favour that God
had seen fit to bestow upon
Livening their Fervour and
Lighting the Fire of their

"La samahha 'llah!" cried
the Mamluk Commander,
seeing the hampering of his
"Surely this Sore Aggrievance
is not deserved of Us, O

Beaten and Battered, the
Saracen Scoundrels made
their Surrender known to
Two months before the
Mass of Christ, the Caliph,
Al-Mustali Billah, sued for
"I have no more will to fight,"
said Al-Mustali, head hung

Godfrey accepted the Caliph's
sign of surrender two months
beforet the Mass of our Lord,
A truce was struck to mark the
boundary with Egypt which he'd
Legends from the Early Kingdom of Jerusalem
EmB Nov 2020
haughty and hateful or pitilessly played,
head freed from embroidered shoulders,
her heart beat, heavy, behind corseted layers.
Temptress or model maiden,
she fell just the same.
The jewel in a king’s crown,
cast away for the next shining stone.
Traveler Jul 2020
Challenge Thomas Case
from a historical figure's viewpoint.

(Pay no attention to the little man behind the curtains)

All my great inventions
An Emerald City of true paradise
An eye in the sky that watches all...
At the labor of the Munchkins
The city thrives on and on
  The four winds carry my famous name
The great and most powerful OZ!

There was ones a great disturbance
A march upon my precious city
The yellow brick road of evil
The Witches of all directions raised
Dorothy and her posy had arrived

Why can't they understand
I protect this kingdom
From the dangers of the outsiders
And the opinions of those unwelcome here in Oz!

But then it happened
Nothing would ever be the same
The Munchkins revolted
Red ruby glass slippers some witch made
Would over power my dictatorship

The Munchkins now ruling their selves
In league with some race of monkey elves
Left me no choice
So I returned to Kansas
Just behind Dorothy and her confounded little dog Toto

I joined the mighty Canaveral for a short spell
Still there and everywhere
Again and again evil dwelt among men
So beware
Until this day I still fight for the small people

                         W. Oz
Misty morning, clouds in the sky
Without warning, the wizard walks by
Casting his shadow, weaving his spell
Funny clothes, tinkling bell
Never talking
Just keeps walking
Spreading his magic
Evil power disappears
Demons worry when the wizard is near
He turns tears into joy
Everyone's happy when the wizard walks by
Never talking
Just keeps walking
Spreading his magic
Sun is shining, clouds have gone by
All the people give a happy sigh
He has passed by, giving his sign
Left all the people feeling so fine
Never talking
Just keeps walking
Spreading his magic.

Songwriters: John Osbourne / Terence Butler / Frank Iommi / W.t. Ward

Traveler Tim
Rossyam Hadi Jul 2020
We get on the ride
without any maps
or compass to guide us,
we create our own ways
and start the journey.

It could be dangerous,
but I feel safe
sitting beside you
as you take the wheel
and bring us
to somewhere new.

We will watch
every sunrise and sunset
while I rest my head
on your shoulder
and be your permanent passenger.

I want to see
the world with you,
we can go places
that we have never been,
seeing seven wonders,
exploring exotic and historical cities,
capturing priceless moments.

After the long trip,
I will always come back
to your arms,
my comfort place
and waking up
to your face,
my favourite morning view.
#PermanentPassenger🗺 is about when found the one that you can do everything together with - you can travel the world together and at the same they are the person that will be waiting for you at home.
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