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I am neither the past present nor future
I am a love lorn ghost
I am cursed to find true love
As I get reborn and reborn
Finding the lover
Who I lost centries ago
In a land of hills
In a land of mountains
In a land of deserts
An exotic place
Where the curse started
When he died.
I’m a buddhist woman living with mental illness.

It does not make me weak.

It does not make me any less of a of a Buddhist

Buddhists live with mental illness too.
It’s ok not to be ok.
As the prayer flags sway and wave in the breeze
The poppies blossom
With their forbidden fruit.
The doctors say that that
Forbidden fruit is the oldest pain relief
I say love, kindness and compassion are the oldest forms of pain relief.
The flower is only a beautiful and
Yet obnoxious ****.
Which offers no enlightenment but misery and suffering.
Every meeting I see her
Trying to avoid my stare
With her racist hand
Is she abnnoyonh me?
Is she the cause?
The cause of my suffering?
Anger soon tells me
Telling me “yes”
Wishing we never meet
I burden that has a name
That name
That name
That name is ignorance
The one who invented anger
The one who gave birth to suffering
The one who represents crime.
The one
The one
The cause of yin
The opposite of enlightenment
The evil she is
My energy the one who I have compassion for.
I am always looking
Looking for that permanent high
Trying to end my anger
I will keep looking
Chasing enlightenment
Chasing enlightenment
For the rest of my life
I will be looking
I will be chasing enlightenment
Until I die
Just keeping hope
And thanking my mom
Thanking both my parents
But I will be searching
Like a detective
Hoping to find the
Meaning of life.
One day when I was walking
When I saw some prayer flags
Prayer flags swaying
Swaying in the wind
Just swaying
Bring people luck
Making them the luckiest of the lucky
I ask what a simple life
A simple job
A simple bunch of flags
Then I become jealous
Jealous of their simplicity
Just wishing
Just wish for their lifestyle
Prayer flags
Simple life, simple job:
Simple flags.
The puffs.
Those mini puffs.
Then round, yellow, mini puffs.
Making things seem happy.
Making things smelll nice.
Making things simple and beautiful.
Tickling when touched.
Teaching us about love,
Warmth and family.
Round, puffy, fuzzy, yellow and petable
Yet tiny:
The yellow baby mums.
The young lady asked the Yeti
“What is your name…do you have one?” As the kissed.
While kissing, the Yeti said that he had no name. So the young lady
Massaging his chest gave him a name
Vajramrita… after the fierce deity
For he was a fierce lover.
He kissed her on the fore head.
Vajramrita and the young woman kissed
Their tounges me and dance erotically.
She sat on her lover while kisssing and rode him and rolled her hips.
He ****** with her ****** rhythms as they coupled.
Soon enough the Yeti got on top of his delecate lover.
He entered her and gently jumping
As if trying not to hurt her
The yeti thengot between her legs
She could feel his face bewteen her.
Then she felt his probing tounge.
He gently yet passionately kissed her womanhood
Again not to hurt her.
Even monsters need love and defection.
The young woman stroked his head and he looked at her.
She took him my the scruff and pulled his head closer to her
And kissed him. As they kissed monster and human explore eachother in an embrace
The young lady went down
And kissed and nipped at his member.
After she was done with his member
The kissed and they slept in each other’s arms
Body twisted and entwined together
And the Yeti found it too warm
And the young woman thought she had to return home.
The thought saddens her, for she was in love with her savage lover…..
The yeti.
The two ran away into the mountains.
Where it was cooler and less human contact.
There the only thing warm was the Yeti’s embrace and the young woman’s heart.
At night outside of the cave, being kept warm my the yeti
The young woman and her Yeti
While gazing at the stars.
As the Dipper twinkled. The young woman and the Yeti make love.
When it got too cold to bear the Yeti
Takes in her into the cave
The young woman lights a fire
Then the Yeti has his way with the young lady.
She kisses him
As they couple in the warm cave.
The young woman got exited and decided to have her way with her lover
She rides him and they kiss gently yet passionately.
He had to be careful as to not to but her as they embrace.
The Yeti reassured the young woman, that she didn’t have to go back.
She cried and then kissed her skilled lover with joy and passion.
Happy she would spend her life with her love.
One moon lit night
The young woman went out the cave
After an evening of coupling with her yeti lover.
The moon was big and bright
Like her face.
She in invites the yeti to see the moon and he said that it wasn’t as beautiful as her.
Her lover held on to her as if she was priceless.
In the moonlight among the stars
The yeti and the young woman kiss.
While kissing the Yeti has his way with her again
They couple on the edge tantrically.
She could not contain her pleasure
And she moaned loudly
As if she were a she yeti.
Her skilled and savage lover smothered her with kisses.
When he arrives at her mouth
She opens up like a flower… inviting him in to kiss her in the mouth.
This time she had her way with him.
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