I haven't yet made it to first base
With the woman of my dreams.
All I seem to be able to manage
Is a sacrifice bunt,
I realize
That the  sacrifice bunt
Is a precise artform
Because it's not about individual success.
It's about collective well-being.
When I die,
I wish to be added to a sand mandala,
perfect in compassion, peace, and understanding
perfect sanity,
perfect wisdom,

and once it's through;

I wish to be scattered along with the thoughts
of all our ancestors,
all of our teachers, and spiritual friends
and my life, my body, my wishes
to join with theirs

to float down a river;
blessing all beings,
with the things I could never get right,
the things which I wished, and hoped for
but didn't have the strength of will to accomplish

I simply wish, to be one of you,
perfect, sane, beautiful,
compassionate without fault,
and my useless form,
to bring merit to
everyone who genuinely needs it.
Death, Wishes, Compassion, Buddhism, Mandala, samadhi, Enlightenment
I tore apart
All the moralisms
And threw them into the flames
Of indifference.
The burden on my back
Was gettin' heavy
I opened up my knapsack
And practiced generosity
When she stripped off her clothing,
She stripped off her inhibitions
She stripped away
Layers of deceit.
Naked and vulnerable
She had no need to be
Cloaked in her ego
Any more.
There are many well-written erotic poems
On Hello Poetry today.
In my aging,
Post-divorce reality
I can't say
That I have much to add to the mix
Other than sex being a good  way
To relinquish the ego.
Two "separate individuals"
Become one
For a few minutes
Or hours.
They "lose themselves",
As Eminem would say.
From a creative standpoint,
This is a very good thing.
Mixes up
That stagnant chi.
In actuality,
We are never really "separate"
From anyone
Even if they exclude us....
If if they shun us.....
They are not really
"Separate"  from us
Even if they are
Unwilling to have sex.
When I visited Thailand,
I wanted to have lots of sex
As well as studying
The Teachings of the Buddha
On Spiritual Retreats.
I thought about visiting other parts of the world,
But Thailand seemed best to me
For one-stop shopping.
Maybe, I’m just using you
As a prop
To escape for a little while
From what I can’t control?
I think that the Buddha would agree
That there is no point
In dwelling too much
Upon my
The Karmapa advises us
That we should try not to let love
Get boxed in by our expectations,
But sometimes,
We forget
To REDUCE our expectations
Of ourselves!
It all seems so overwhelming!
It all seems so hopeless,
But "It"
Is not gonna'
Stay the same.
Zach Rourke Apr 21
to feel
of    it   all
in waves of fauna
growth of wet particles
frothing into this

to seed a tree
in five dimensions
and from its slow grain
a vain flower
for God's teeth

to take your place
in the giant fractal dance
of hello and goodbye
with all hands shaking

to sap
the great whole spirit
from void to funnel
into countless tiny souls

whose lives happen all at once
in snakes
writhing in global mating ball
and calcify
into fossil crusted earth

only few of which
loop into the empty sky
                      look back
and see the matter
as a verb

to die and reappear
in hunger or glut
to love or suffer
and get born
every morning
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