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If I was
A ghost
I would be free
To be me

If I was a ghost
I would be free
And possible romance
That causes suffering

If I were a ghost
I would be free
From my
Even though I was good looking

I would become
An exotic butterfly
Appreciated for its
‪When I ‬
See the circular
Diamond in the night

Everything glows
Snow and all

I have an enlightening experience
As the winds blow
They stir up
The snow
Revealing a
Small but resilient lotus
That was composed of
Changing colours
How beautiful.
As I go
Outside late spring night
The moon is full
The flowers fragrant
The flowers glowing
In the moon light
Does my heart chakra.
Some people
Take to
The bottle
To deal with their loss

Some people
Take to opioids
To relieve themselves
From life’s
And physical pain

Some people
Take their lives
To free themselves
From suffering

I don’t do those
For I have Buddha.
Jes Feb 9

Superimposed with self-perpetuating pollution

But being sustains all and won't mourn its loss

Clear as the sky





I am

The end is just the beginning

Shedding limitations

In spring reborn

A heart of immense power

Cares for all

No longer infected by the sick

For illness is a choiceless choice

That needs no cure

This is the good news

Jes Feb 9
A feast awaits, yet we live off crumbs

A feast of the soul that is

For anyone who thinks their birthright is material has been blinded by the blind teachers

What is good fortune compared to a mother

And What is a mother compared to her embrace

And What is her embrace compared to embracing all that is

But this blindness is willful

Open the eyes that open the heart and realise the world

The space will fire up your heart like a furnace

Infinity, localised
Toxic yeti Feb 7
My loving Sublang
These intense feelings
And desire I have
Of your flesh
Inside of mine
You compassionate lips
On mine
Is a karmic tattoo
That haunts me forever
Toxic yeti Feb 7
Every night
I end up with intense
And the idea that
As we kiss
You feel me up
And my forbidden flower
Toxic yeti Feb 7
When I first saw you
I saw another side
Of me as well
I found out that
I had a strong
And loving
Tantric goddess
Inside me
Every time I take a picture
Of yours truly.
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