People are stuck in
Psychological Prisons
That I can't even begin to understand.
I WANT to understand.
I WANT to have compassion,
After awhile,
The pain of Samsara
Gets to be too much for me,
And I'm forced to
Walk Away.
I know you're thinking!
You think that I am a Racist,
Israeli, "Sex-Freak".
After all,
What the Hell am I doing here in Pattaya,
The "Sex Capitol of Asia"?
But you don't REALLY  Understand
My Life,
And all the Crap I deal with
From day to day!
You think I come from
"The Promised Land",
And that I am one of the
"Chosen People",
But this so-called "Promised Land" you speak of
Is really a Goddamn Hellhole!
The only Type of
I got into in Israel
Were Vodka and Whiskey.
At least,
Here in Thailand,
My Health is being Restored.
Does God  not dwell
Within the Human Body?
So I PURCHASED  the Sexual Services
Of a Young Lady here for a week.
If you want to get all Moralistic and Preachy with me,
Go ahead!
I don't give a damn!
THIS young Lady,
Is a lot SWEETER
Than any Woman I ever met in Israel!
I wish I could take her Home with me,
But, then
I would be subjecting her
To Life
In that  Holy Hell-Hole of a place!
When Singalong asked me,
"What Nation you from?"
I told her.
"I'm a Jew!"
She said,
"Oh, Jew must be very nice Country!"
That's it.
That's all she said.
No Intellectual Analysis.
No Left Wing/Right Wing Talking Heads
No Dissertations
No debates and dialogue
On the Mother Fu#$ing ,
Crazy Middle East.
For one week,
We did  EVERYTHING together.
We ate together.
I LOVE Thai Cuisine,
Because it's not as bland
As the shit I eat in Israel.
We walked  together
We talked together.
We prayed together.
And,  of course,
We Made Love
With a fervor I had never felt
While praying in any Synagogue.
What could be more Sacred  than That?!
Fighting some Stupid War
With a bunch of  People
Who are enraged
Because we keep forcing them  out of their homes?
I'd be enraged too!
Why should I care
What skin color the Palestinians have
Or  what their religion is.
These superficial characteristic  mean Nothing to me.
This sweet Thai Girl.
Singalong,  told me.
"You a good man, Moshe."
"You helping my Family."
Imagine That!
A Prostitute
Than I ever got  from my own  Family!
They just view me
As  a useless jerk.
It brought Tears to my eyes.
I told her,
"You are the Sweetest Girl I've ever met in my Entire Life!"
"I wish I could just move here to Pattaya,"
"But the Israeli Army won't let me go."
"They just allowed me to come here"
"To unwind for awhile"
She told me,
"That  okay, Moshe."
"You pray  to Buddha,"
"And Buddha give you Peace."
I had my Shabbos in Pattaya.
Shabbos from the Horrors of War.
Shabbos from the Torment
Of Liquor and Hard Drugs.
I never even drank a beer in Pattaya.
Just sips of Cool,
Thai Tea.
I didn't want to imbibe anything
That would ruin my sexual performance
During my long nights of passion
With  my dear,
One can find all sorts of creative ways
To insult the racists
Of the Ku Klux Klan,
The Neo-Nazis
And the Alt-Right,
But is there any real Authenticity
Under that Liberal Veneer?
The Haters
Are, at least,
Genuine in their Hate,
But Real Love
Requires a little more work,
And we aren’t very good at it
Is ephemeral,
And our lives
Are also destined
To end.
The ultimate expression
Of a woman's sexual attractiveness
Is closely related
To  death.
In a society
Governed by economic fundamentalism
Love can seem
"I love you."
"When is payback time?"
Better to practice
We Americans tend to be big on QUANTITY
Big Meals
Big Burritos
Big Boobs.
However, being saturated with information
Doesn't make one wise.
One requires discernment
To make sense of it all.
So many people
Strive for perfection
In order to impress
Or please others,
But perfection lies in the IMPERFECTION.
Samsara is Nirvana.
These are Buddhist Artistic aesthetics
This poem was influenced by the photo, Sunny Afternoon, by Chu Tieu in Vietnam on 500px
People keep worshiping
The old gods,
And continue to defer
To authority figures
That aren't worthy of respect.
No one wants to be the first
To dive off the cliff of security,
But the waters at the base of the cliff
Are cool and comforting,
But the demons and fiends
Chasing people to the edge of the cliff
Can't be appeased.
Dustin Dean Jun 9
It was stepping into the Afterlife
With extraterrestrial angels
Singing the chorus of My Sweet Lord
In otherworldly harmonic unison
As George Harrison embraced me
Open arms, his face transforming
Between his and Jesus Christ's
And mind you, not the one you know
But the true Middle Easterner
Most Christians tend to forget

It was a segue into a golden palace
Where Krishna showered me
With korma flavored karma
For all deeds gone unnoticed
In a life of ego and suffering
It was a most revealing of times

It was a feeling of fearful dread
When Muhammad appeared
Before he gently let me know
Misrepresentation by extremism
Had plagued his holy message
And to just live for your neighbor

It was inside a bamboo house
That was set on a tropical land
I went in to simply find peace
And saw a golden glowing man
Meditate a couple feet in the air
With one eye open, he said
"I could kill you with one thought
Conversely, you could too
However, we sit in peace
And there is great power in that"

It was all the same
Aa Harvey Jun 3

Lost in the world, searching for answers.
Why do we only live once?  Why are there no second chances?
What is the meaning of life?  What is our purpose for being?
Why do we not yet know?  Do you know the reason?

A search for enlightenment, using many different teachings;
I must find the answer, by using any means,
To reach a state of enlightenment and find my nirvana.
So I'll ask someone who knows; can you hear me Buddha?

To find your nirvana, follow the teachings of Buddha;
Buddha gained enlightenment, so you must become a Buddhist.
Buddha was an atheist, searching for his Heaven;
A way to be free and stop repeated reincarnation.

To reach a new state of consciousness,
You must become free from life and your attire.
Your possession’s you must leave behind and you must forget your desire.
To find freedom from life, you must want for nothing;
Then you shall become free, from eternal suffering.
From the pain of the circle of life being repeated;
Because Heaven can't be reached, if you’re always reincarnated.

To find enlightenment, forget human treasures;
To raise up into the sky, you must not crave possessions.
Trinkets or money or power keep you trapped and without insight.
They stop you leaving this life; they stop you reaching the light.

Buddha’s Buddhist’s, practice his teachings
And they lead their life in the way in which he believed,
Was the right thing to do and he did do it right;
Buddha left this world enlightened…he walked into the light.

To find your nirvana; to raise to a new state of consciousness,
Is to die as a man and then pray to go to Heaven and be blessed.

Maybe there is life after death
And maybe I will fly up and face God.
Maybe anything is possible...

But when I learn the truth, I will be gone.

(C)2005 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
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