Jen Snow Feb 10
Freud says tattoos
The Manifestation
Of a

Every point
Separate pain

It took
And a

To complete
Of my

And half a million perforations

To convert
Into something




To finally
Let go
Of the past
Jen Snow Feb 10
Birth into this new form

My soul stretches to fit this shell

It is whatever I chose to become

No one can tell

What I will become

Moving eternally between life and other

Finally at enlightenment I will be done

Or will I have just begun
Allison Jan 17
I dreamt that gravity
was just a conspiracy
to sell us shoes
but we never questioned it
just stood, penniless on blistered feet
gazing at the stars

Rage, riot-
wage war against the mind-cage

I dreamt I was an infant
who never learned
that my outstretched hands
were mine, were 'I,'
they tried to bathe me but
I swirled down the drain
and became the sea

Wail, weep-
sell your soul to the keeper of the mind-cage

I awoke with this migraine
shook my head and
heard the shackles clink
reached up and felt
this fissure in my skull
pried it open, watched my mind sigh
and expand to fill this space

Grow quiet, shake hands-
have a cup of tea with the mind-cage

Now I am creation
took the roof off my house
I waft into the open sky
opened my heart
clowns from a clown car
the sorrows walked out

Embrace, make peace-
just be with the mind-cage

Weightless, I meet my old desires
fluffy little wishes floating in the breeze
but there is nothing lacking now
I hold the mind-cage in my arms
we float as it screams
and blames, and fades

Slither, creep-
escape through the open bars

Come home to this joy
Back to Zen and Zazen ( a meditative practice in Buddhism) , the latter is a method of briefly leaving reality to see reality.
Polarity of consciousness and being
We are, at once, in the thick of it and in nothing at all
The pendulum swings
I detach, far away
Into the nothingness that I am
Seeing the projected narrative I've crafted
Projection of self, past and present
Polarity of being and nothingness;
That which we contain, our eternal truth
At once, insignificant and the Universe encapsulated
The vastness of all I cannot see, but feel and know
The contrast of being and ubiquity

I am an expression of the Universe
I am the Universe's poem, waiting to be told,
And I am the Poet through which the Sacred Message flows
I am the vessel and the painting.
I am not I
I am nothing
I am everything
Luuk Dec 2017
There is one big illusion
We have a spacious room, where you are living on your own
Filled with perception
The concept of identity that you know
The limited illusion of the self

It only creates confusion
Because now we’re separated from eachother
Though we think it’s not
We only have to learn to
Let the e-go
Don't cling to your Idealism
Any more than you would cling
To your Hatred or your Sorrow.
Try to adapt to the world
As it is.
Samuel Nov 2017
“I am lost! I am lost!” cries the pilgrim,
Trapped in the haze.
Through the malaise nothing is seen,
Only shapes, indistinct, creeping.
With them comes dread.

“I am lost! I am lost!” cries the pilgrim, again
But help they deny
From shapes and all.
Far easier to wander illusions
Than to pull back the curtains.
Samuel Nov 2017
Watch him creep about,
that Prince of Pleasure.
He sets out fantasies,
digging in deeply.
Nagging thoughts,
aches and pains,
flash of want that feels like need.
Only lions can shake him off.
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