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2.6k · Aug 2018
Balance Regained
LR Thompson Aug 2018
I wish I could write about balance
Yet it seems much is lost with me
Like the philosophy that used to define
Or the friends who used to get high
Yes, it seems I have aged for the worse
Becoming the very thing I fought against
The usual nine to five employee
Whose life revolves around a clock
Desperately waiting for the ringing bell
So that I might go home just to start over

"Can you help me with my homework?"

I'm a father now and having a purpose
Helps to cleanse the monotony
Yet, there is always that lingering thought
Who am I
Is this balance?
Or is balance lost?
The uncertainty is maddening as I return to the present
"Life is the geometric progression of experience"
It slips out and they want and explanation
"Please, Dad!"
I internalize my struggle
As I struggle to reconnect with my former philosopher
So I draw two dots for them
One is me now and one is me then
"Boys, this dot here is who your father was"
"This other dot is who he's become"
"Perhaps the value of the latter is less than its former"
"Maybe mathematics got it wrong and real value doesn't have a power"
"Or ratio to determine greatness"
"What if the father you know now is less than the man he was"
"Like that negative sign I find myself subtracting"
"Removing years and tears and time"
"In an attempt to find that simple balance"
"Possessed by a mind without a factor"

The boys look up to me as I hide my shame
They know men do not cry
"Its okay Dad, we love you for who you are now"
"You've become more than just a simple number"
"To us, you are the worlds greatest father"

There it is
I think to myself
I am found
The reason I continue through the pain
(Balance Regained)
2.0k · Apr 2016
Entropic Thermodynamics
LR Thompson Apr 2016
Entropy is increasing
Slowly reducing order to disorder
Like all things must
As confirmed by thermodynamics
And witnessed by aging
To the point where all things
Is the malady of experience;
A means to interpret energy
Such that
Whatever choices
You must face
The first law is final:

One conversion
No waste
1.4k · May 2017
Oft Forgotten Seas
LR Thompson May 2017
This swell in my heart has me considering the sea
'For as it is with the oft rough oceans
That calmness follows great depressions
Replaced by the beauty of royal blues or emerald greens
Standing in stark contrast to the ***** browns and dingy hues
That swirl during times of hurricane force
Like life (and the seas) we oft face times like these
Where mighty upheavals threaten to displace
The footholds to which we become accustomed
Frantically scrambling to reassume some measure
Of the balance better found in quiet places
Where no tide nor storm dare wake
Or disturb the imagined reds of rose or yellows of the sun
That too frequently paint the world in an impression
Even Monet could slightly hope to recreate
'For it is in this desire of serenity that we take for granted
Such trials and tribulations as seen by the seas
Appreciating them only after the calming and the waves recede
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1.3k · Apr 2017
Singing Sandstorm
LR Thompson Apr 2017
As the sandstorm rises to block the sky
And the air becomes thick with grit
I embrace for the impending impact
Patiently waiting to say my final goodbye

As the gale swept closer my ears began to ring
The moan of the approaching monstrosity
Silencing all but my thoughts on life
To which I prehumously began to sing

"Take me higher up ye selfish demon
You cannot take my sway
For I have traveled further then even you
You cannot block my way"

As if angered, the roar began to increase
The arid tempest rotated and spun
Spinning faster than I could ever think
Reaching down it snatched me off my feet

Together we rose, rolled, and tossed
Till the air cleared and I was alone again
Looking down at my last seconds of life
Realizing the beauty of the world I had lost

So I sang as I fell to my death:

"Do not mourn me for I am now free
Higher up above I can finally see
Ye are not the devil I thought ye to be
All along it was the evil inside killing me"
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1.2k · May 2017
Oppression of Life
LR Thompson May 2017
The oppression of life can be sweltering
For as it is with responsibility
Not all directions are chosen via choice
Nay, sometimes we can feel as slaves
Bound to a way of opposition
Against the natural progression
That would otherwise define happiness

Nature, therefore becomes operative
In the language of experience
As from childhood to adolescence
We are free to live and choose and fail
All-the-while learning from each
What it means to be a unique
Individual from the herd that
Silently stalks its prey
Patiently waiting to strike
With its conformist claws
Coated with such vile poison
That the freedom we once had
Becomes a shuddering hallucination
Quickly fading into the obscure
And routine dance of the day to day
Operations that progresses the opposite
Impression of oppression

The heat is unbearable
Just ask the sweat dripping
From your forehead
1.2k · Aug 2018
Flooding Liberty
LR Thompson Aug 2018
The vault of his mind was laid bare
A barren stream with only fossils visible
At the mouth, buried under silt he found unspoken words
That he had left to the undercurrents of political correctness:
"You do not own my mind
It is mine and mine alone
And with it I shatter
Your rules and ties that bind"

As if in response to the unearthing
The dam began to crack
Releasing a tiny rivulet that began to push downstream
Splitting into two distinct eyes that have for too long been blind
Where one stretched long and far into the past
While the other ebbed and flowed in the whirlpool of the future
Where endless possibilities competed for dominance
Against any attempt to join the relative calm of memory

The dam shuddered again and the gates flew open
The river of life rushing back to fill the void
Deafening the ears
Which for so long had only heard the carefully curated lines
Repeated and indoctrinated since his birth
It was in this moment of flood that freedom came pouring forth
His eyes were opened
He saw the sight
His ears could hear
His tongue could fight
His raging river returned to him
Liberty in the light
1.1k · May 2016
Sweet Emotion
LR Thompson May 2016
The sweet emotion of forever
Lasts as long as the wind caresses
And buffets the soul on a cloudy day

The sweet emotion of never
Is the repetitive cast into a flowing torrent
Of a flooded river that masks the shore

The sweet emotion of together
Coalesces into a monsoon of parity
That is a parody of the rain that crys

Now or never
This sweet emotion
Will last forever
999 · Dec 2016
Sunset Reflection
LR Thompson Dec 2016
Upon the banks
Of this little island inlet
The waxing light of sol's solace
Blanketed the horizon
For mile after mile
Casting a cool warm glow
Like a candle in winter
Slowly waning at the stars
When at its apex
The water began to shimmer
Ruffling our image into bright
Replaying our landscape
And our facade
Into countless ruminations
Of the single second
That marked twilight's ascent

This reflected memory remembered
In the twinkling sky
At night
959 · May 2017
The Cravens Blindfold
LR Thompson May 2017
Do not fear the dark that dominates
Your horizons
Instead respect the light that highlights
Your reasons

For in the season of man doth war
Rule over the minds of the blind
Whilst hope doth shine in the eyes
Of the free to see but not to be
As the slaves they are to the power
Cast upon them by thy contrived
To pull yonder veil in concealment
Against truths stronger than thous
Might makes right imperative
Strown across the globe to corrupt
Thine enemy to forever kneel
Afore the folly of mans aversion
Whereas peace is but a demon at night
And death is but an angel of light

We are lost only so far as we can see
Do not let the cravens of power
Bury ye
899 · Apr 2016
Demonic Confession
LR Thompson Apr 2016
We all have our demons
That we attempt to bury
In the depths of purgatory
But like these sins
The path to cleanliness
Of the soul
Requires us to confront
Each individual devil
On that sanctimonious ground
Where every decision
Is laid out in well ordered
Both chronologically
And systematically
So that each ghoul
Sits and stares at you
Silently reminiscent
As we ponder their ghosts
860 · Oct 2016
Hypnotic Eyes
LR Thompson Oct 2016
Sometimes I find myself lost
In your eyes
My thoughts speeding away
As I attempt to comprehend
Your smile
So hypnotic you are,
That every breath I take
Is one less than before
Until the whole world halts,
And existence begins to skip
Like a record stuck in a groove
That attempts to do your beauty
To no avail
And there are no words to describe,
Or define,
Every intricate feature
Which so captivates my mind
Body and soul
So completely
As to make me wonder if time
Was ever really real
Or if it was just an illusion
Alluding to your alluring
859 · Aug 2018
The Bat Signal
LR Thompson Aug 2018
As tragedies befall man
It can be seen that virtue
,Right and wrong,
Has become a mainstream affair
Whereas the mitress of the good
Is the popularity that she possesses
While by some unknown foreign standard
Emotions such as grief or despair
Have been replaced by the all too brief
Cries of fair or unfair
That by some societal norm
We have become a people of characters
Numbering one hundred and forty
Different ways to paint ourselves
Favorable in the light of our peers
Who also choose to weave a facade
Either to illuminate or hide
The true content of their souls
Behind dishonest kindness
Or blatant hatred
Such that, morality as it existed
Is now falling prey to the whims of distance
And the false sense of safety
Provided by the masks we construct
To remove the burden of responsibility
So that we can abdicate our virtue
,Right and wrong,
Just because we use symbols to signal
Where we stand
As we sit
856 · May 2017
Into the Unknown
LR Thompson May 2017
My decent into oblivion
Is certain
For I have been falling for so long
Theres no longer a way
To establish any point of reference
For my moral compass to guide me
Through the torment
Of bad decisions
And beautiful memories
Which coalesce into a virulent
Symphony of midnight destruction
That cripples future dreams
Into a fragmented jumble
Of abstract ideas and words
No longer carrying meaning
Yet still mean everything
To me
As I desperately plummet
Into the unknown
Blinded by your shadow
Old piece I forgot to add
824 · Jul 2016
Chaos Reigns
LR Thompson Jul 2016
The sound of chaos resounds
As the defeat settles in
Every nightmare we fear
Is a battle fought within
These scars paint a vivid field
Where loss reigns supreme
A stark absence of leadership
Burdened by the presence of greed
Awakened we are to this threat
A force called control
This power we have abdicated
Has weakened our goals
That We the People were promised
A deadly deal forged in blood
The war has never ended
It is just time for another flood
802 · Apr 2017
Whisper of Silence
LR Thompson Apr 2017
Silence rarely ends in a whisper
For it is too common that life
And all its accoutrements
Begins with it's rival
Leaving behind all certainty that solitude
Is commonplace in the universe wide
Nay, sound is all around us!
It reverberates in our very molecules
Enticing us to sway and flow
With the motion of space itself
Which is ever expanding like a balloon
In the process of inflation
Continually getting bigger and bigger
Louder and louder
Until critical mass is achieved
With the world we dance upon
Sitting at the very epicenter of tragedy
Whereas all matter reverses course
To crunch with a
Leading to the first whisper of silence
769 · Apr 2016
Quantum Mechanics
LR Thompson Apr 2016
Close to absolute zero
In a state of near preservation
Do our atoms collide
Breaching the comatose exclusivity
Of each electron as it slowly orbits the nucleus.
In this way we can simplify the quantum
To a near exact state of uncertainty
Which Heisenberg predicted
Even as cold as our atoms have become
Their exact speed
Or their exact location
Continues to remain a mystery
As neither can be known plural
Only singular to the extent
That the realm of the smallest of particles
Is dependent on the temperature
Within the heart of a proton
728 · Aug 2021
Tellurian Love
LR Thompson Aug 2021
My eyes alight softly upon pale velvet waxing
Whose grace is as weightless as a tilting feather
Slowly orbiting between gentle arches
Caressing the space that separates two hearts
And minds locked in a tidal waltz

Waning, my gaze shifts to supple curves
Outlining the crescent shaped body
Which loving light reflects in full
As the beats of my pulse rapidly impact
Scaring the surface with my every rotation
That births a new phase with every rise
Yet sets my sights again upon distant beauty
Teasing the mind to reach out and embrace my muse
Relenting to the gravity ever drawing me nearer
Until we collide in throes of violent passion
Two bodies merging in the fires of love
To become one forever more
690 · Jun 2016
Powerful Current of Love
LR Thompson Jun 2016
Together we are towed downstream
On this powerful current of love
Always swaying but never stressing
The magical workings from above
Though this river may wander,
Meander and sway and flow
These feeling I have are far deeper
Than any ocean that I know
So dive with me my love
And then share my sight
Because no beach is too barren
Or stream too slight
Once love is true
It must always be right
678 · May 2016
Sunrise Orchestra
LR Thompson May 2016
I awoke to a song
A melody foreign to the ears
Of a life surrounded by concrete
Walls that strangulate the creative nature
Against mother natures nurture

With every note, a new realization dawned
Like the sun rising above jutted cliffs
Each varying in magnitude
To the degree that even the birds
Didnt know their tune

When alas,
The chorus reached a mountain creshendo
Filling the forest with such harmony
That I knew with every single beat
These woods are a part of me
"Mountain Views of Silent Nights" part2

Copyright L.R Thompson Poetry
677 · Nov 2016
The Solitude of the Moon
LR Thompson Nov 2016
Across the horizon a long dark grew
Faster than a rainstorm
Out of the blue
The gloom, the doom, and pale
Countered the fading luminescence
To the point that the dawn
Was nothing but quiet reminiscence
And its sad to see
But beyond that darkness
Rests a tragedy
That is tragically tied to the suns
Bringing the day to an end
That dawns the beginning
The Solitude of the Moon
675 · May 2017
The Prime Covenant
LR Thompson May 2017
It was a plainly written script offering little explanation into the intricacies of life after death.

To quote

"For every new beginning there is a new ending"

Perplexed, I took it upon myself to attempt to explain such vagueness in a way only a poet can.

What follows is to be known as:

The Prime Covenant

As I stand on the thresholds of death
I can see the landscape of my life
Spread out against the horizon in frames
Within one I see my birth
Kicking and screaming as I met the light
(Curious because, in life, this moment was fast forgotten following the burst of new experience)
To take in the sights of my mother
So proud to have her only child
That she clung to me through joyful tears
Then my fresh eyes caught my father
Shaken to the core after experiencing
The recreation of his own birth
For I was like him and he was as me
(In between all these new wonders rose my first breath, which was so sweet that even the frame of the memory shuddered from excitement)
Through it all I see the memory of love
That can only be found in lifes first moment

From the corner of my peripherals
A new frame caught my eye
Where I stood for the first time
Following months of incessant beckoning
From my parents to abandon the crawl
That had led me away from infancy
Flashes of fear and pure joy mingled together
Leading to my first step
Which led to another
To another
So rapidly I couldn't control the momentum
And then I was running
(The fastest toddler alive if you ask my father)
My legs taking me far and wide to explore
The wide world around me as the frame shifted

Orienting itself into a picture of me
And my first favorite tree
A magnolia standing taller than any God
A child could hope to fathom
But also small enough a mountain
To not stay my freshly found love of movement
Until I was at the top
Looking down at a world wider than comprehension
As flicks of terror stained the frame red
When the screams of my mother
Snapped me back to the reality
That I was a toddler in a tree
My tree

Driven away by panic the frames spun forward
Like that button on old school casset players
Comprised of two sideways triangles
Where every frame appeared frozen
While also moving
Until I sickened of the pace and settled
On a frame seemingly dark
(Bits of angry red and sad grey completing the new patina)
That revealed a new memory of forgotten times
A time where tears prevailed for all accounted
There stood my father, frozen in the door
(The screen partially open to allow his head to poke through)
And my mother, hand on my arm in a vice
Incoherent through sobs of lost love
As she dragged me away from the door
My arms flailing as I made a futile effort
To reconnect the two
...just two more steps...
Then I was in the car
(An old Ford pento if the frame is to be believed)
Reversing away from the driveway that was my home
From my first moments to my first tree
I wailed in what seemed agony
At my father's outstretched arms
Protruding from a screen door
Illequiped to hide his tears

Within the frames I became lost
Neither direction nor time having meaning
(For what end can be more traumatic then divorce for an innocent five year old?)
Here and there were glimpses into yet more
Beginnings lost to even more endings;
My first day at school...
The death of my grandfather...
My first kiss...
The end of my first friendship...


The frame broke my distress and stole my focus
"David, my mom said it was alright if you stay the night at our house!"
I was excited
(Finally a reprieve from traumatic rememberances)
He said "Alright, I'll tell my dad and be over after school!"
He was excited
(His mom had died the year before due to something called 'overdose' and was constantly sad so it felt good to see such life come into him)
The frame grated into place a few hours later
My mother stood in the kitchen of our small trailer
Crying as she told me "I have something to tell you."
(I was eight and seeing her cry made me cry)
"What's wrong mommy?" I asked
She said "honey, we can't afford to live here any longer, your aunt is on her way to pick us up."
(According to the frames this was the fourth such occurance)
"But I invited David over like you said to stay the night!" I pleaded
To no avail as my aunt pulled up to take us away
From my first friendship

Distraught, I raged at the horizon
"Why do you toy with me so?!
You tease these memories of beginnings
Only to destroy them with endings!"
As if in reply the frames shook,
An internal earthquake occurred
And there she stood
My wife
Frozen in the frame of the first time we met
A memory I could never forget
As beautiful as a late afternoon sunset
Fixated, I took her in my arms
Refusing the frame to let go
Holding on through the fast forward
Of our first kiss...
The first time I met our kids...
Our first argument...
To my last breath...
"Though there may be endings to some beginnings, my love for you will never die...

The frames ended similar to the last reel of film from an antique video
The light across the horizon faded
Yet I still held her frame
...never to let go...

You see, the Prime Covenant is the deal we make with ourselves upon entering this life.

We agree to feel love as equally as we agree to feel loss.

Life after death is the reward for making this pact so that even in the darkness that follows the light, the most wonderful beginning will always be with you beyond every end.
631 · Jul 2018
Mother Natures Horror
LR Thompson Jul 2018
The fever subsides
Washed away with a purity of focus
Focusing on the sweet harmonies
That only mother nature can heal
As her tears fall
So to do the responsibilities
Responsible for the sickness
Which so plagues the mortal soul
Bound in chains
Shackled by obligations
Mankind trembles
Afraid to face the truth
That their worldly lifestyle
Conflicts with the natural world
So it rains
To mother nature's horror
630 · May 2016
Third Eyesight
LR Thompson May 2016
The eye that is beholden to less
Is empty and dead
Lacking the myriad pigmentation
Necessary to focus it's lens
On the target at hand
We call this eye "blind"
Unable to determine the difference
Between light and dark;
Beauty nor evil
Yet somehow it manages to feel...
To allow it's owner to gaze upon infinity
And understand that there is no "know"
Only the "why" that motivates greatness
Within the soul that eye can see
All the answers to the world
Lack corporeal reality
630 · Apr 2016
LR Thompson Apr 2016
In a city filled to the brim
With confident philosophers
One was known to be the wisest of them all
A fact told by prophecy
You see
He walked the streets, engaging in harmless debate
In an attempt to sate their accusation with the burden of proof
So to the artists he went
Questioning the beauty and nature of their work
But try as he might, the one did not feel wise at all
Instead by comparison he found himself rather ignorant to those finer things
Then to the preacher he went
To test his mettle with the gods
And to his surprise he was yet again reprimanded
For only partially grasping the truth
Of divine fervor
The one made one more stop
At the political heart of his great nation
So that he could engage in the rhetorical fallacy
Of power for rights sake
When alas he again fell short
Not quite stacking up to the ease of lying
Through a falsely painted facade
Giving up he then sought out the last prophet
An oracle of youth,
And chast
He asked
"Dear young one, the people of my city make a bold claim"
He uttered
"Claiming I am the wisest of all men alive and all those dead"
"How can that be when the knowledge I possess is an insufficiency?"
When slowly the lithe creature arose from the depths
A string of smoky whisps
Encapsulating her tiny form
Seemingly to speak from an abyss in reply
"Socrates, you are the wisest of them all"
Confused, the one was taken aback
How could that be true when apparent knowledge lacked?
"Sweet oracle,"
The philosopher did say
"If what you say is true
Then surely you must have a way
Of explaining..."
In stark retort, the smoking creature snapped
"You dare challenge the will of the Gods?!
"No," he replied coming to the conclusion
"If what you say is true and I am a king above all men
It must be thought
That if I am indeed wise,
As you claim,
It is because I know that I'm not"

"Scio me nescire"
LR Thompson May 2017
I don't know where to begin
To describe the pain I hold within

And your magic
Have cursed me
Creating a diorama
Of longing and loss
Causing me to contemplate
Life's biggest decision
That is asked in a state of
Black and white
Yet you claim life isn't such:
It operates in shades of gray
We'll I have your shade
It numbers in 50
For all the ways I wish
To show you love
And compassion
Caring and acceptance
In an attempt to abolish
Your demons
So that you might sleep in peace
Knowing that no matter what
Happens, I will be there
To hold you as we fall
Off of your broomstick
3000 miles to the ground
With me in my blue jeans;
You the personification
Of euphoria
To the moment
We finally lock eyes
Sharing in the passion
Where two souls mates collide
And dispell the sorcery
Of the witch and her broomstick
600 · May 2017
No Purpose Absent Mountains
LR Thompson May 2017
Without you I am lost
Awash in this sense of dread
That permeates the very core
Of a rationality held in such esteem
That never could I think
To see myself dripping and bathing
In a pool of my own blood
Intertwined with thoughts of you
And completeness and purpose;
Without you I am insane
Left to tremble with your absence
Felt as sharply as a needle
Knowing that you are too far
Beyond walking distance
Such that my heart seizes it's beating
Forgets it's meaning
Begins the ending
Deathly sending
My final thought
About living in a world
Without you
591 · Apr 2016
Natures Art
LR Thompson Apr 2016
It's the symbolism of nature
That defines us
It speaks a loud truth
That only the blind refuse to see
The balance of life
And its complexity
Such as our binary coupling
Like an algebraic formula
Which cannot exist
Absent the many variables
Restricting the reflexivity
Of emotions that do not adhere
To our everyday functionality
Systematically understanding
Love is the value of the whole
While appreciating the part
You have had my heart
Right from the start
Nature's art
573 · Oct 2016
Vader Syndrome
LR Thompson Oct 2016
The mind can be a powerful tool
One used for the good
As it can be turned evil
Like a Vader syndrome
We can become compelled
To do the wrong thing
For the right reasons
Because when faced with love
No decision can be easy
It takes work
And risk to trust another
With your darkest weaknesses
As well as your brightest
Which can yield foresight
Into a future dimmer,
In contrast,
Than the slightly lighter road
That can lead you down a path
Of happiness for those
To whom which all burdens
Are shared
Leaving but one option
To which only the night
Can see
560 · Aug 2017
Contamination Plagues
LR Thompson Aug 2017
And so the corruption began
Spreading like oil drops in water
Pooling like ***** into the eyes whites
Black the irises dilating large orbs
Frantically dashing to and fro
The enlarged vessels sickly green
And blue pulsing yellow ****
In jets to the bodies rhythmic beating
Of a dying hearts last effort less
The panicked mind give in premature
To seizures electric rigidity
Locked tight such that the leather boils
Erupt in the beautiful mitosis
Wherefore the contamination plagues
555 · Apr 2016
LR Thompson Apr 2016
Time is past due for you to be you.
Do not let the clock tell you how to.
Instead, tell the clock:
"I will be I, you can be two."
Second..'s before the third is due.
551 · Mar 2017
LR Thompson Mar 2017
Beyond the moon we float suspended
Hanging onto each gasp
The EarthRise pulsing in our fading vision
Growing dimmer with every flash... until
Out of body we float
Turning towards ourselves in confusion
Letting go for the briefest moment
To touch what always had been us
Trying to grip at the life we once loved
Staring back blankly at our distant home
Now a memory as time is timely forgotten
We drift quietly
Into the dark side of the moon
Where silence gains a new definition
Absent the light that once illuminated
The hidden void between us
Frantically we scream in search of us
Yet not a sound can be heard
Just a faint echo of our late hearts
Thumping in rhythmic unison
To a song shared between lost lovers
Defiant of its ending we struggle
Pushing back against the black
Hoping to glimpse just one more ray
We are together again
Basking in the beauty of balance
Unwilling to ever let go of the other
As we soak in what we know to be
Our final moments of awareness
Hand in hand we kiss
Sparking a multitude of distant images
Completing the final chapter of our lives
LR Thompson May 2016
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532 · Apr 2016
Tennessee Rising
LR Thompson Apr 2016
I'm a mountain man
Far from my range
Surrounded by seemingly endless
Flat plains of sugar sand beaches
Here I am alone
So out of place
While all the waves keep crashing
Reminding me of a Blue Ridge song
Calling my soul farther north
To a place where my hearts match
Is beating along
To the melody
Of high winds
And granite peaks
So I sit knowingly
Appraising the horizon
As I miss my home
In Tennessee Rising
526 · Apr 2016
H to the O
LR Thompson Apr 2016
The wave breaks loose
Upon its apex
Sending a simmering shower of sparkles
Racing down its arching crest
Like a woman in the throws of passion
Lost within this flow of action
Is the hydrogen particles
Bonded to oxygen
Providing the H to the O
And the 2 to the two
Water is formed
A covalent brew
519 · Apr 2016
Wind Moan
LR Thompson Apr 2016
The way the wind moans
Prose a story
Of life lessons learned
Minus love and its glory

Within this wind
Sadness resides
A remainder of madness
Not even the wind can hide

Angered by its loss
Ashamed to say
The reason the wind moans
Blowing away
517 · Jun 2016
Freedom's Toll
LR Thompson Jun 2016
Why should hope?
Why should hope not?
For when hope is gone
All is lost to the nether
Or never and ever
Will it fall quiet
On silent lips
Sewn shut by force
Of forever until it is
Severed like the head
Of a vicious enemy
To be kept and displayed
As a right of passage
This savage behavior
Is common amongst commoners
Content to consent their right
To sovereignty of the infinity
That now and then
When life begins again
Where new hope is found
Along with the sound
Tolling the bell that rings
Freedom isn't free
508 · Apr 2016
The Hanging Bell
LR Thompson Apr 2016
This tourniquet tightens
Like quicksand
In a sunscorthed wasteland
As the sun bakes the parched land
To such an inhospitable temperature
I can no longer breathe
When the pressure of coping
Strangulates me with decisions
Of love and loss
Lost within the deadly current
That is introspection
And inspiration
Which coexist
In a binary partnership
Between life and death
Until my last gasp
The hanging bell tolls
505 · May 2017
Twin Peaks
LR Thompson May 2017
Twin peaks
Flat tops
Rocky ground
Misty highs
Arid lows
Mountain skies
Cold snow

Right green
Left bare
Water runs
Thin air
Smoky whites
Yellow sun
A mountain range
Has just begun
497 · Jun 2016
Obscene Reality
LR Thompson Jun 2016
The deception of reality
Distorts and purports a dystopian image
Contrary to the utopia of our imaginations
This contradiction necessitates a division
And separation from the here and now
To the then and there versions
Of ourselves that depict and depreciate
In awareness of the real issues
That can move a generation to greatness;
To achieve the unachievable,
To tear down the corrupt walls
That constrain and obtain your identity
From the beautiful world around you
Simplifying your nature into a collective
Herd of obedient beasts
That never questions reality
Or its obscenities
483 · Nov 2016
The Wisdom of an Idea
LR Thompson Nov 2016
I am an idea
But I'm just a nobody

Taken with a grain of salt
I cause you to pucker

As the electrolyte
Your sense of reality
Its fabric
Ripples and waves
At my intrusion
Into the certainty
Of your world
Leaving behind ghastly
Embattled within
A war they cannot win
Nor hope to escape
As my identity

Crushes the prominent

Which fears wisdom
Above all else
480 · Jul 2016
Empty Sounds of Love
LR Thompson Jul 2016
There are times when sound can seem empty
And the seams of our reality appear seamless
As they wind and twist upon themselves
Creating a multifaceted facade of perception
About the world
Both full of optimism, yet also very skeptical, and pessimistic
When it comes to life

It is within these moments that clarity can be found
Between the mores of an individuals foundation;
Where action speaks louder than words and time looses all relevance
Like the beat of your heart as I lean close to purge the monotony of the silence
That pumps


Not at all dissimilar to the steady eyes that stare back for long loving moments
Saying more than any cleverly designed line or stanza
Penned by a poet looking to quantify human expression
Into the rapid compression of words that can neither be proven
Nor disproven
Amongst the extreme variations or iterations
That reiterate the same base emotion that motivates the pen
As the paper runs out of lines to spin I begin
Again to listen to the empty air that, in my mind, has became paired
And aware of the natural connection that supercedes and transcends
My thoughts as I'm lying next to you
477 · Jul 2018
Attraction Unlimited
LR Thompson Jul 2018
Diametrically opposed
We push and pull
Like a set of magnets
We are drawn and arranged
In such a way
As to offset normally balanced poles
Into an array of dizzying fractals
Playing off one another
In a symphonic harmony
That vibrates
With a disphonic ferrousity
Until we are drawn closer
And dance in the force of our love
Our attraction unlimited
475 · May 2016
Functional Freedom
LR Thompson May 2016
Freedom is an expression of want
The desire to move freely;
To speak your mind
But too often we find
A lacking in the base refrain
Of purpose and meaning
Behind the individual definition
That separates and divides
US from the animals
That creep and crawl
Along the earth
Never stopping to consider,
Even for a moment,
That the essence of being free
Is a function of OUR need

Only slaves forget liberty
473 · Jun 2017
Us and the Cosmos
LR Thompson Jun 2017
How can one year seem like ten?
Is love just a form of multiplication
Stacking seconds on top of minutes
To the point that each hour
Somehow violates the laws of time?
Or does the weight of our hearts
Bend the very fabric of time
Creating such gravity that our
Beats move like a wave throughout
The cosmos?

To the outside world we appear normal
Whereas the seemingly everlasting days
To them seem brief at best
For our love is anything but general
It is special to the extent
That the faster we move
The heavier we become
As we grow and learn together
Within the shared experiences
All contained within one year

365 days
8760 hours
525600 minutes
31536000 seconds
Of the special relativity
Between us and the cosmos
Happy one year Anniversary to my queen and fiancee, Tara <3 I love you!
465 · Jul 2016
First Lines
LR Thompson Jul 2016
The first lines are always the hardest to cross
For they're unbroken segments of a beginning;
A new story to tell/ told from a different perspective
Intended to refresh and revitalize your eyes
And your Heart
Starting with your desire to live free
Oppositely of a stand/ a quick wash in the rain
As crazy as it sounds all lines can break
Pulled taught to the point tensions snap
Our bridge and one becomes two
The real value of the lines we cross
Is they're crossed with you
For my love Tara <3 I love this woman.
457 · Jun 2016
The Water Cycle
LR Thompson Jun 2016
Beads of moisture settle at dew point
And coalesce into sparkling gems
Resting on vibrant green leaves
Resulting in an early morning menagerie
Of Christmas coated reflections
Refractive of the growing light
Into a kaleidoscope of life and nature
As drop by drop the shimmering beads fall
Down to the earth,
The start of it all
454 · Apr 2016
Forged in Fire
LR Thompson Apr 2016
Today my brain is addled
Fogged by memories
Forged in fire
Searing the madness
That quenches the sadness
Of a life absent control
And a love present in soul
Yet steam continues to rise
As my eyes struggle to focus
My vision of you is hardened
Into a sharpened blade
Given deadly purpose
For this reason
You tower above all others
Providing me the means
To erase my haze
Illuminating the night
So we might wield the day
454 · Jun 2016
Stellar Nurseries
LR Thompson Jun 2016
It escalated rapidly
Sending arcing sparks racing in different directions...
Between the whoosh and the whistle,
Shrill and omnipresent,
Was an anticipation
This emotion,
That permeated the sky
And all the stars that joined to observe the spectacle

As a distant hum began to echo out across the void,
The cold empty darkness,
Began to heat up,
Excited for the upcoming eruption of varying colors
That were sorely missed amongst the monotony
Of the blackest of spaces...

...All went Silent as the world expanded
In a bang it was announced that a star had given birth
Sending fireworks out into the cosmos to deliver the wonderful news
That a new generation had begotten a stellar nursery
Full of healthy little twinkles
Shining their light,
Because in the universe,
Even the dark is afraid of the dark
453 · Apr 2016
LR Thompson Apr 2016
I never understood the real meaning behind poetry and philosophy.

The former takes great meaning and condenses it by duration reduction; Compacting enormous information and emotion in just a few beautiful words.

The latter is the priors direct opposite, opposing condensation for elaboration to the grandest questions a mortal being could ask. It's defined as a love of wisdom but really it's just the wisdom we love.

Both portend to be a front of art and an artistic mind.

So it makes you question these opposites and the balance they bring?

If combined "what is the product" of poetry and philosophy?

I'll tell you,
It's Prophecy
449 · May 2016
Atomic Scale
LR Thompson May 2016
Rotations devolve into fragmented parcels of unwavering fractals that disrupt and distort the epitome of this reality as it descends into the oblivion that is night absent the light of day to shine a ray upon a soul fresh with spirit and aspirations held prisoner amongst its comrades in arms as it struggles to assert it's rightful place in the night sky that is in itself a contradiction to the polarity of the void and its life of never ending twinkles flashing and dancing like droplets of rain bouncing off a brightly lit ballast as they fall into the steady orbit of atomic homeostasis
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