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Bella Jul 2018
Sometimes I get stuck in this state of Darkness
where my eyes can see
but it's like my head is just pitch black
and I almost wish I couldn't see anything,
like I wish I could just curl myself into a ball so tightly that I disappear from space for a while

sometimes I get stuck in this space
and I feel like my tears and my thoughts
are climbing up my esophagus and clogging my throat
blocking my airway
suffocating me from the inside

maybe I never told you I was depressed because who wants to relive that moment
that choking hazard moment of cotton ***** in my throat

maybe I never told you I was depressed because there are no words I can use to describe it that don't transform themselves into their meanings
that don't take over my mind
crawl through my head like little worms
eating away at my brain
my thoughts
my skin

have you ever thought of a traumatic experience and then felt those events happening again
felt the dark hole of life-threatening-trauma attack your mind
Shiver through your body
like it was a demon you let in through a memory-
through a word

maybe I didn't tell you I was depressed
because I wasn't strong enough
my depression fills me to the brim
fills my head and my chest
my arms and my fingers
I can feel it moving through my body
I can feel it expanding and engulfing everything inside of me
every last vein, nerve, *****, and tissue
how can you expect me to have the energy to fight
how can you expect me to have the energy to pick up the phone
to open my mouth
how can you expect me to have energy-to have the courage to utter the words of how I feel
I feel so worthless
in those moments I feel like there's this black whole inside me and it's consuming everything
it's taking everything but my skin
and it disgusts me

can you imagine the feeling,
having something so utterly repulsive on your skin you had to scrape it off immediately
It felt like you needed to be cleansed
like you needed a shower
take that feeling
now imagine it being under your skin
imagine, every muscle ***** vein nerve every cell in your body underneath your epidermis disgusts you
imagine all you wanted to do was to
and you can't
no matter how hard you try
you can't scrape it off
you can't claw It off

imagine you're scared of spiders
now imagine you're covered in spiders
and someone's holding down your arms
so you can't get them off
imagine them walking on your skin
in your mouth
crawling on your open eyes
in your ears
you're cringing at your own skin
You can feel them going down your throat
Their disgusting tickle in the pit of your stomach
in every crevice of your body
their tunneling under your skin
and you can't get them off
what are you supposed to do
but cry
My best friend's mom who doesn't believe in depression asked why I never told her I was depressed...
7.2k · Jul 2018
Bella Jul 2018
I Send my words hurling into your airway like swords
I bite off your tongue with every sharp response my body conjures
I have every witty comeback on speed dial to drill into your spine
The way your gays drilled into mine Pull old pennies from my pockets and throw them into your eyes
So you may not look at me the way you have for so long
You're are barely worth my pennies anyways
Here's a donation to your sorry ***
How about I grasp your neck, at just the right spot, just hard enough, to crush your voice box
To dwindle your air pipe just a little
So you cannot throw those trash comments at anyone else
How about I crack each of your fingers
Push them deep into your pockets
So that you can't feel anything without remembering me
You look at me like a mannequin in the window of your favorite retail store
You try yo put a price on what I'm worth
Maybe you can try me on
Throw me on the floor
Grab another
How about I tattoo my name on your chest
So that you cannot take off another piece of clothing
Take off another girl
Throw them in the floor
And not remember me
You will never throw me on the floor again
For I am permanently burned into your chest
How about I burn off each hair on your body
One at a time let it Sizzle down and sear the skin
Let each tiny poor feel the pain one at a time over and over and over again
Until you are left, raw

Is the day I speak back when you catcall me from across the street
3.9k · Oct 2017
Bella Oct 2017
I keep finding peaches
I don't think it's possible to not smile when you say the word
they turn my cheeks the same color as their skin
it makes me grin and laugh to see them sunbathing on the banister
lining the window sills like shining trophies
on my porch like children climbing to Set upon the tallest object They can find
beaming as children do

Maybe it's cuz I grew up in the south
Knowing you have to set them out And wait for them to be soft to
     the touch
let them ripen in the Sun so you can then pick your fruit that up
     until now has been forbidden
it's like a little fuzzy ball of gold Sunshine warming your face and
     your mouth
I love the word peaches

maybe it's the memory,
the name,
“chin up, peaches”
it carrie's such an innocence such a light-hearted, free-spirited
something warm and welcoming and something I could only find at home

maybe it's the breakfast
peaches and cream
three ingredients
so happy, so creamy, so sweet, smooth, summary, comforting
it's what my grandma would give me
so sugary, yet so filling
it reminds me of her
it tastes how she act
it is her hyperbole
peaches and cream is a grandmother
it's as sweet as her voice
as comforting as her touch
as filling as her hug
and as smooth as her skin.

maybe it's all three
either way
this time of Peach field windowsills will come again next year
and the year after that
and the year after that
until I am the grandmother they represent
and every year, I will smile.
I wrote this in peach seasoned, if you couldn't tell and as silly and stupid as it sounds peaches bring back beautiful memories for me. I tried to convey some of those memories in this poem, such as they're embodiment of my grandmother (who  makes me that dish to this day).
2.7k · Oct 2017
Red, Black, & Blue
Bella Oct 2017
I wear no sunglasses that Shield my
   eyes from the realities
       of this world
that put a Valencia filter over the
    things that I see or a sensor
        over the things that I hear.
I do not push the news stations
    through a small strainer only
        allowing the ”easy to
             handle”  stories to reach my
                 cup for me to consume.
I know that red is this world's favorite
black it's favorite oil paint,
and blue it's favorite watercolor.
the painting of our world has red
    splattered across every
        building and seeping out of every
black in every sidewalk crack, every
     alleyway, and across
         every, screaming, mouth,
and blue welling in every eye.
I know this, but I have ripped the tape
    from my mouth, bandaged my
        wrists, and wiped my eyes
I have become comfortable.
opening my mouth
Like pulling the trigger of a gun
Aimed at anyone trying to Paint those
    colors back into my life
shooting their thoughts down making
    pastel bullet holes so the light can
         shine in.
I have become too comfortable.

I only come to this realization when I
    hear gunshots coming from a hand
        who does not know what it is
when I hear seemingly Innocent
     Voices say
“Well, why does it even matter,
if you've given a blow-job before, what's the hesitation to doing it  
“ Because I said no.”
“ But you've already done it, before.”

I've told you, I do not wear filtered
but sometimes I forget that people are
     programmed with black paint on
          their brushes ready to cover over
               your mouth again.
I remember that as soon as I learned
     to rip the tape from my mouth
I realize that I can't just watch them
      bring the tape closer until they
           push it over my lips
I have to scream, as soon as I see it,
Because that is what my mouth is for.
And I have to fight to keep it of,
because that is what my hands and
      wrists are for.
And I have to look- not like the prey
      trying to stay out of sight,
but like a warrior with eyes like
and a mouth...
like a gun.
Bella Mar 2018
Women are so beautiful

take a woman down to her skin
and you can trace the lines of her back
like tracing the curves of silken cloth
every dimple
every curve

the crease of the neck
the elegance of the shoulder blades
the rolling divot of the spinal cord
the curve of her sides
the dimples at the bottom of her spine
her hips
that dint that curves around to her inner thighs
her thighs
her knees
her ankles

the feeling of pressing your naked body up to her naked body
your hands on her hips
your palms in her dimples
your chest on her back
chin in her collar
fingers in her pelvic crease
your lips on her neck
her **** fit into your pelvis
your tongue at her jaw line
hands in between her thighs
teeth pulling at her earlobe
fingers on her ****
her *** on your fingers
your leg wrapped around hers
your hand tracing her outline
like rolling hills
and smooth

she's so beautiful
and it's all so perfect
Bella Jul 2018
For my birthday
you bought me my favorite book
That I already had
for your birthday
I bought you
the party

when you met the new boy at school
I told you he wasn't a good guy
you did not listen
when you told me
that the boy I'd known my whole life wasn't a good guy
I list without question

last night
you told me that your mother did not approve of my new haircut
this fact I already knew
last night you told me that you are uncomfortable and ashamed standing next to me
this fact I did not know

8 years ago when I met your parents
I was astonished and ashamed to stand next to them
for they pinned you to the wall like a dartboard
like a piece of meat for their game
they pushed pins in you of self doubt
of self hate
They said to you word I had never heard and adult say to a child before
if they could they would have cut into your flesh themselves
taking razors to every fat cell they did not like
8 years ago I stood up to them
to do what you never could
1 week ago even after you stoped listening to me I stood up to them
I tried as desperately as I could to take away their words

I stand here as your own personal dartboard
and because of that
I am now ashamed for you to call yourself my friend
2.1k · Feb 2019
Bella Feb 2019
I never wonder what it would be like for me to not have my disease
But I do wonder what it would be like to be someone without it

What it would be like to not miss school to see a doctor whose specialty my classmates can't even spell
What it would be like not to take a pill every morning
What it would be like to not face the repercussions of not taking my pill one morning
What it would be like not to pay for the Synthroid
What it would be like to not know anything about it

I think it would be quite ordinary
I think I would be weaker for it
not being able to endure the symptoms
I think I would have less initiative
Not having to take my pill for myself at a young age
I think I would be less curious
Not wanting to know more about myself
I think I'm better off for it

I know more about myself
I know more about the world around me
I know more about perseverance
I know more about medicine
I know more about budgeting
I know more about individuality

I would never want for me to not have my disease
I'm a better person for it
2.0k · Jun 2018
Death Knocks
Bella Jun 2018
Death knocks on the door with flowers
She does not answer

He knocks again
She blocks the door

He shouts her name
She buys a new houses

He comes again
And she builds a Panic Room

He shouts once more
And she locks the Panic door

He breaks into the house
And she blockades the hallway

He rattles the handle
She puts in ear plugs

He kicks and he screams
And she goes to sleep

In her chamber of solitude
With nothing
And no one
Dreaming peacefully
As he breaks down the door
This is to my grandma
1.8k · Feb 2019
Bella Feb 2019
I forgot your birthday, after 9 years.
But you were the one who left in the first place
and I have no reason to forgive.
So I will only continue to forget.
1.7k · Dec 2019
Grandma says
Bella Dec 2019
(Meant to be read in the voice of a child)
Grandma says, that she grew up in the water
She says that she lived on the edge of a place called Myrtle Beach
That she could drive 15 minutes and then jump into the sea

She says- that the smell of sea salt and seagrass is the smell of home
And that she can still hear the sounds of crashing waves on an empty beach
She says that the best feeling was sinking under a wave and watching the crisp clear current pull the water over her--

I told her that I went to a beach too!
Momma took me back to where she used to live
To get to the beach we had to cross two bigggg rivers
Grandma said that one of those was a creek when she was my age.
That men dug the other-- by hand a long time ago 90 feet across
But they are much bigger now!

I told Grandma that when I got to the beach, there were a bunch of buildings, right there in the water
I said it was silly of people to leave buildings in the water like that.

I asked-- if we tried to keep those buildings out of the water
And she said no...

I asked-- if we knew they were gonna get so wet
Grandma said-- that we knew since the 1950’s
She told me about a scientist named Edward Teller
Who gave a big speech to the important people
He predicted the future in 1959
And told them the ice was going to melt.

I asked why we let it melt...
and then grandma got real quiet...

...I’ve-- seen pictures of the ice in school.
--We learned about polar bears and penguins
We even went to visit them in the zoo
My teacher said they only live in zoos now.

We learned-- that they are animals that look
kind-of like rocks
-Or like plants!
-Or like jellyfish!
We learned that fish like to live there-
Fish like the ones in NEMO!
My teacher said there’s not much coral left...

I asked--
why the coral at the aquarium
didn’t look all bright and colorful like the movies
I asked-- why there were no Nemo’s in the aquarium
I asked-- what that big ocean current was called
I asked-- if sea turtles still ride in the E..ast Austra...lian current

She said that the Clown fish died when the coral was bleached
-And there aren’t many sea turtles
-And there is no more current
-Because the waters are too warm

I asked how the water got so warm,
I asked-- Who Did It!
She said Everyone
And I didn’t understand that

I asked grandma if she did it!
She said yes-I said How

She said every time she drove her car
And every time she flew on an airplane
And every time she used a plastic cup
She released carbon into the environment

I asked how all those things made carbon
She said that carbon comes from burning things
She said that we burn things to make energy

I asked if we could make good energy
She said that we can
We can use water, wind, and sunlight to make
~Clean~ energy

I asked if we made clean energy
Grandma said that only 15% of our energy was clean

I asked how carbon made the water hot
Grandma told me that when carbon goes into the air
It traps heat near the earth
Kind-of like a blanket
And it makes the air warmer

She said that the ocean
and the ocean animals
try really hard to absorb the carbon,
But too much carbon is bad for them

I asked why it was so bad
She said that carbon was an acid
~like lemons~
And when the ocean absorbs the carbon,
The ocean becomes more aaa-cidic
And most fish can’t live in a-cidic water

I remember learning that plankton
can’t live in acidic water either
My teacher said that plankton are very important
They make oxygen
And they feed the fishes
I even heard they used to make the water green

I told grandma
about the field trip my class took to the Smithsonian
There was a new shellfish exhibit
The teacher said
that everything in the room was extinct or endangered
There were *****- and oysters- and corals

The sign said that-
“these shells can’t form in acidic water”
I asked the teacher if ***** and oysters and things were important
She said that they were an ess...ential-
Source of food for coastal communities

I asked if they were so ess...ential--
than why didn’t we protect them…

She told me that some people tried to help
She said people talked about it
and bought less plastic
And supported sus...tan...iable companies
She said that there weren’t enough of those people

I asked-- what could have protected them
She said-- that poli...ticians and CEOs could have protected them
She said-- that if there were laws
restricting or banning fossil fuels
Or carbon emissions
We could have kept the ***** alive

I asked why the poli...ticians didn’t make those laws
She said that the poli...ticians were good friends
With the oil companies
She said that if they made those laws
Their friends would lose money

But that doesn’t make sense because-
Grandma told me
We ended up spending more money
Reacting to climate change
Than it would have taken
To prevent climate change.

I just don’t understand so much--
It doesn’t make sense...

I wanna know why there’s more plastic in the ocean than fish
I wanna know why we wear air masks when we go outside
I wanna know why there are so many hurricanes
And fires
And droughts
And floods
I wanna know why your old house is underwater
I wanna know what waves looked like without trash in them
I wanna know why lady liberty is drowning
I wanna know what hawaii was
I wanna know why california is on fire
And why Charleston doesn’t exist
I wanna know why there’s no coral
Or fish
Or pandas
Or tigers
Or butterflies
I wanna know why there are so many wars over food
I wanna know why we’re out of water
I wanna know why there are walls in the ocean
I wanna know why you didn’t listen to the scientists---

I wanna know why you didn’t do anything to fix it!
I thought this was a compelling way to discuss climate change because of the emotional tie. I hopped writing this poem from the voice of a child (and more specifically the future grandchild of mine or of the reader’s) would make the reader think about how their climate impact will affect their own children and children's children. Hopefully this could cause readers who wouldn’t normally be concerned with climate change to empathize with the writing. Using the voice of a child also helped me to tie in so many different topics (because children are so scatterbrained). I hope this is able to reach a larger demographic than the typical climate change essay or journal. (ps. I based this off of 50 years in the future just for reference to accuracy).
1.6k · Nov 2017
Bella Nov 2017
Hold my hand
sit near me
let me sink into your lap
just please don't leave me alone with my thoughts
or lack thereof

You see,
if you leave.
my head will not scatter into a million deadly shards
it will do quite the opposite
it will collapse

whatever you do, don't leave me,
not now.
you see if you leave
I lose my sanity
I lose my restraint

the second you turn your head and walk out that door
my eyes will well
my heart  will lose its rhythm
My hands  will shake
and my breath won't be able to claw its way up my throat anymore.

You don't have to say anything
you don't have to do anything
just please don't leave
I'm scared of what happens when you leave --
please don't leave...
1.3k · Mar 2018
Prove yourself guilty
Bella Mar 2018
If you take me
if you're so destined to tear into my flesh
to consume what innocence I have left--
take me with an iron fist
take everything I have
everything you want and more
with blunt force
leave me shredded,
leave me bruised
with permanent scars
beat me until I'm ******
until I'm black and blue
until my bones are crippled
and my skin is sore to the touch
And everyone can see  your marks
all over my body
until you have ripped my insides out like a trophy
until you have destroyed every bit of beauty my body once held--
do this all,
I beg you
so I can show the world what kind of monster you are
take me--  take all of me,
I'm asking for it
I'm asking you, to prove yourself, guilty.
This is a very touchy subject. I don't mean to offend or put down anyone. I don't mean to say this is how everyone or anyone other than me for that matter feels. This is a personal poem that I wrote only to apply to myself. I'm not saying **** or **** culture is good on any way shape or form, I am saying that If This Were Ever to happen to me I would want them to Mark me so bad that there was so much proof on my body that no  police, judge, or outsider could say it wasn't ****.
1.3k · Jul 2018
Give me pretty
Bella Jul 2018
Give me pretty
give me sunflower dancing
and petals turning
give me
coachella girls

give me pretty
give me layers of long see through skirts
and dresses
and Shaw's

give me pretty
give me dancers without teachers give me dancer with the wind as their muse

give me pretty
give me bouncing
give me everything's spinning
and turning
and lifting
and flying

give me flying
give me eyes closed
head back
arms stretched
fingers reaching

give me pretty
give me white linen pretty
1.1k · Aug 2018
Im doing so good
Bella Aug 2018
I'm doing so good
so good
but I know it's just distractions
and what happens when the distractions run out
at what point is getting rid of the bad
by ignoring the bad
a bad thing?

I mean,
it seems good
until you think about it
and I think about it
it's all still there
I just kept tip toeing around triggers in the battlefield of my own mind
and I can't just do nothing
and I can't be alone in the dark

because then I'm not better anymore
and all of that hard work of ignoring and ignoring and distracting and ignoring just crumbles
it all goes to ****
and I'm left sobbing desperately so desperately

so tell me
which is better
being depressed all the time
or distracting myself from my own depression
tiptoeing around my own thoughts and dying a little every time I step on a creaky board

which one is better
1.0k · Oct 2017
Her Name is Beauty
Bella Oct 2017
Her name is beauty
you can call her pretty
her friends call her cute
strangers say appealing

she spends her days wandering
draws eyes Wherever She Goes
Like a worm lures fish
or a magnet draws metal

Everyone wants to be her
She thinks the world is gorgeous
everyone gets to be unique
To have their own skin

She wishes she was like them
but everyone who takes her picture
Everyone who tells her what she looks like
Give her a different image

She is not unique,
She Looks like everyone at one point or another
She doesn't know who she is
all she wants is to be unique, like you.
827 · Jan 2019
Bella Jan 2019
Red silk is not what I'm used to
but it will do instead of Blue

and it feels a little diff-er-ent
and it doesn't hold, onto tears
and the name doesn't ring the same in my ears

For it's not the one my mama made
Out of pajama pants
814 · Nov 2017
Thank you Mom
Bella Nov 2017
Thank you mom

for using harsher words,
than the boys in middle school did

for teaching me to love myself,
and then **** shaming me

I should let you know that all the boys at school were joking,
but from the tone in your voice I knew that you weren't

Thank you Mom

for bringing up impossible conversations,
in situations where I can't escape

like that lovely conversation in the car,
on the way home from school

the one about birth control,
when I desperately tried voice my opinion for the hundredth time

hoping that maybe you'd finally understand,
there was no need for it

nothing good or helpful came from it,
only inconvenience and discomfort

Thank you Mom

for leaving me stripped and naked,
with a spotlight shining on me

there's nowhere to go,
nowhere but out the car door onto the highway

that actually didn't seem like a bad option,
I always have preferred blood to tears

Thank you Mom

for expressing how you,
“don't want to raise your grandchild”

it's like, when I said I'm waiting,
it went through one ear and out the other, for the hundredth time

Thank you Mom

for giving me so much confidence,
and then taking it back, More easily than you gave it to me

Thank you Mom

for giving me such confidence,
that I'm a disappointment
My mom is good until she isn't. Like outright saying, "I don't want to raise my grandchild"
758 · Nov 2017
Bella Nov 2017
Am I the,
Artistic type?
The one who sees the world through a different lens
who turns sounds into colors
and sites in to Smells
into feeling
and two children running are not children running
they’re Happiness
their giggles turn into Yellow and Pastel Pink
turn to Sunshine
turn to Waking
turn to Serenity
Relaxing on the beach
where you can hear the baby blue and white waves
and see the soft calming sand slipping through your fingers and toes
turning to…

Maybe-- I am the,
Partying type.
Dance Grinding
music Pounding
the same beat of our heads
of our bodies
flashing lights
the dark and the heat
Drinking Screaming
loving one another with our bodies
not caring who it is
our bodies don't care
if we are in sync
what is the difference
the same…

What if I'm the,
Frantic type?
the Busy type
Scrambling, Rushing
time is something I don't have Time for
running is my Past
if only I had Passed Time
noise flies by
not looking anywhere but straight
car horns, buildings, wind blowing
the sound of friction across my own skin and the skin of those like me.
that is my Familiarity
Air I do not Breathe
it flows through me.
it hits me and I consume it
I do not Break for it
I cannot Break for it

How about,
the Silent One?
nose in a book,
hearing the voices in the background.
looking up occasionally, to see the others.
see their confusion.
their Hindsight is my Foresight,
I understand what will happen before it does.
I've seen it before,
I can look ahead,
see the outcome,
slow down the world like it's a video in an editing software that I can stop.
Slow down.
that I can…

I am all of them.
it doesn't matter.
I can turn the sounds rushing by me hitting my skin into color
I can separate time into partying and people watching
Both are possible.
life doesn't have to pass in one form,
it can be Technicolor
and Beautiful at the same time.
sound can pass into colors
and life can either Fly
or Pause-- and drag on.
Either way, it's okay--
because it's me.
686 · Mar 2018
I love you...I think
Bella Mar 2018
I love you
I mean, I love the thought of you
The idea of you
The look of you

I'm not, in love with you
Not for now
Not yet,
But I want to mumble it under my breath
It just wants to slip through my lips
To fly out
You mesmerize me
And give me butterflies
And I love you
I really do.
674 · Jun 2018
A number poem
Bella Jun 2018
I want to write a number poem

1) the number of boys I fallen in love with

2) the number of houses you lived away from me

3) the years it's been since we broke up
I know this isn't how number poems work but let's skip,
to five 5

5) the months we were together

7) the days a week I think of you

how about 12)
the month you broke up with me

21) the day you broke up with me

22) what would have been our 6 months

183) the number of days we were together

1,000,000) the number of times I've come back to you

3,159,353,015) a number I will always remember for you

∞) the amount of people I tried to replace you with

∞) the number of times I've cried over you

∞) the number of people I've dragged into this

∞) the number of poems I've written you
letters I've written you
texts I've written you

∞) the number of hours we spent on the phone

∞) The number I hold in the pit of my stomach because I know it will never be us.
The first number poem I wrote (a while ago)
642 · Oct 2017
A Starfish Story
Bella Oct 2017
There's a story about  starfish
they're sprawled out on the coast thousands of them after a storm
a boy is tossing them one by one back into the ocean
he is told what he is doing doesn't matter
that he can never put all the starfish back into the sea
but he picks one up and says,
“ it  mattered to this one.”

in the story he's seen as a hero, saving all the starfish
but I don't see him as a hero
he is just living the way he is
the way we are supposed to live

I don't like the concept of schools requiring community service hours.
you see the point of community service is not to get credit for it.
the point is to make the world better
I don't want to hand out a homeless back,
see the smile on their face,
and then hand them a piece of paper to sign saying I did my
good deed for the week.

now some of you hearing this are thinking,
“ ***, she's such a great person. she hands out homeless bags ”
you my friend have missed the entire point of this Poem.
no, I'm not
I would be an, “ awesome person, ”
if I  dedicated my whole life To charity
or if I cured something.
if you cure cancer you are a hero
if you feed a whole Community you are a hero
if you actually risk your life for someone you are a hero
and we should all strive to be heroes everyday.

I'm not trying to degrade the awesome things people do
and have done
like that little boy in the starfish story should get Praise,
In This Day in age
I'm saying that in the alternate reality where everyone does
what humans are meant to do,
community service is done like eating food
not like something to brag about at church
not like something to add to a resume
it's not like... community service.
604 · Nov 2017
Bella Nov 2017
Can’t I be thankful for pomegranates?
The setting of such a royal fruit on my table
I am so lucky
to be able to decorate the holiday table with such a royal fruit
I am thankful for pomegranates.
596 · Aug 2018
Hair Cut
Bella Aug 2018
Okay so maybe I did cut my hair because I was depressed
and what's wrong with that if I did
a healthy release right
it's not something that I regretted
and I wasn't crying while I did it so
isn't it a good thing
even if that's all shaving my head did
was get me to stop crying for the 10 minutes it took for me to shave it clean
isn't that a good enough excuse
cuz it's a **** good excuse for me
594 · Apr 2018
Tears Sting
Bella Apr 2018
Tears sting
like salt water in cuts
or jellyfish tentacles,
like Indian Burns
and peroxide in day old wounds

Tears sting
as they rolled down tender skin
like Marbles in gutters
they’ve stung their way down before
they've eroded the skin away like drops of acid
like sand spurs rolling down my face
560 · Apr 2018
thank you.
Bella Apr 2018
I think sometimes my nose is pulled so high into the air that I am a skyscraper
that my ears hear only Birds
that my skin feels only wind
but my ears
that is not what they hear

they hear
“hey baby”
“****... girl...”
“What u doin all alone”

my skin-
feels their hands
feels their selfish - dominance
their greed, for my, body

so my nose, goes higher up.
while my heart, sinks further down
I cannot ignore their words,
or rather, I should not ignore their words for my own protection
because that makes me feisty
makes me unattractive
makes me stingy
to withhold myself from their, greedy, hands
so I must respond
or at least acknowledge
be confident
be ignorant
pretend you didn't know it was anything more than a compliment
flash them a smile
continue walking

and Oh...
don't forget to say
thank you.
this isn't to say everyone on the streets makes me feel this way, or that there aren't kind/appropriate ways to deliver genuine compliments. It's just to express what I just began to understand about myself to be my second nature.
511 · Dec 2017
My Boys...
Bella Dec 2017
My boy told me the other day
That he didn’t have a mother
He only had a babysitter

I say my boy--
The boy at my daycare
The boy with seven siblings
Ripped from five of them
Gained another in the process
Losing mothers like pencils

The mother he has now is a teacher,
No summer job,
But four foster kids to her name
Her summers are free
Her pockets are full
But my boys

They’re still in daycare
Six to six
Or longer
They come with bagged eyes
one in pull ups at the age of five
My boys

Their sister's in the other room
Their mother sits at home
Doing nothing
Probably drinking
Or anything but mothering

Right now
She’s out of town
There’s a babysitter at home
She picks them up late and drops them off early
They're cranky
And tired
They're getting six hours of sleep
Plus one at naptime

My boys never sleep at nap time
None of them but Isaiah
He loves to talk about his home
Not where they sleep at night
But at home
In Africa
He’ll tell you if you ask
It’s beautiful to hear
The joy filling his face is fixating

But then you see his legs
How they wobble in at the knees
When you see how he sleeps
He rocks himself the whole time
Rocking even through his dreams
It’s all from the orphanage.
The workers couldn’t help him to sleep.
He just turned five.
He starts kindergarten soon,
And he just learned how to spell his name
Everyone else here can read all the names
His and theirs
My boys

I love them with everything I have
And they know that,
But I leave soon.
In a few weeks we all go to school
I’ve been doing this for years, but them,
They haven’t
It’s their first
And I’ll pray
But I hate that all I can do is pray
They deserve more than that.
They deserve attention and love
They deserve hope and security
I can only hope that the next teacher will give that to them
To my boys
To my wonderful boys...
469 · Oct 2017
It was always so beautiful
Bella Oct 2017
It was always so beautiful
Was love at first laugh
Always constant, always there
So much love, so much lust
Beautiful Love, Beautiful lust
414 · Jun 2018
Long Thinking Girl
Bella Jun 2018
blonde ponytail swinging from brunette root
angled in a straight line with her jaw bone
Pouted lips
and manicured eyelashes
layered in dark,
heavy fabrics
to counter her fair skin
and tall golden brown boots

Her hands are heavy
Her eyes are tired
her jaw compresses.
Up and down
chewing on gum
she has a few red scars
scattered on her cheeks
like freckles

She's curved
not necessarily slouched
but more like
it's the only way to fit all of her into her chair
her legs are crossed
her earrings dangle
as if in mid-air

She's thinking,
This is for Lilly
391 · Apr 2018
Bella Apr 2018
I never loved you

I never got the chance
To hold your secrets like memories
To hold your skin like it was mine
To take everything you have
So you don’t have to carry the hurt

You never gave me the chance
370 · Jul 2018
The tears take me back
Bella Jul 2018
I don't have any pretty song floating around in my head like leftovers from my childhood
but I have Reno

"when I was a baby
my momma told me son
Now always be a good boy
and don't ever play with guns
but I shot a man in Reno
just to watch him die
now when I hear that whistle blowing
I hang my head and cry

now when I was a baby
my mama told me son
now always be a good boy
and don't ever play with guns
but I shot a man in Reno
just to watch him die
now when I hear that whistle blowing
I hang my head and cry"

and I do
I Cry
and I Cry
my tears they take me back to a Time when my daddy sang even when I didn't want him to
My tears they take me back to a Time when everything was peachy
and I didn't have a single worry
I was so free
and I wrote of those x with every new year
I wrote of crying
tears and memories they come together
wrapped in a bow
I wrote a song
several years ago I sang

"so dad,
if it's not too much
won't you sing a song
for me
Take out your guitar
I just want to hear your melody"

and I Cry
and I Cry
and the tears take me back
to every song we ever sang
every word or hum mumbled through my lips with eyes closed
deep in the music
like it was the only thing on my mind
every song my dad ever played
strumming his guitar like a harp
and I Cry
and I Cry
and the tears take me back
359 · Apr 2019
Bella Apr 2019
Trying is the biggest mistake anyone ever made.
350 · Jan 2019
How do I Explain
Bella Jan 2019
I didn't tell him to stop
I just told him I was going to be late
I didn't mind what he was doing
and some of it was nice
but I figured, I don't want to lie to him
I don't want to fake it
but I don't want to ignore what should be happening right now
so I said I had to leave
and he understood
or he thought he did
he thought I was late
I wasn't.

I just can't do that anymore
it doesn't work
it's not his fault
It's from a while ago
from someone else
and I don't tell anyone
I don't know how to
it's not dinner table conversation
It's not even therapy conversation at my age
Because, I'm my age
Because at my age that shouldn't be a problem
that should be a blessing
at least that's what my parents would say
"maybe then you won't try to do it anymore"

well that's not how it works
I so desperately want it back that I'll do anything for it
it's brought on me boyfriends that I didn't care about
people I thought--
“you might work”
“you might be able to fix this”

the more people I let try the more I understand
So since b and c and d and e... couldn't do it
I know that it's not the person
and since b and d and g couldn't do it
it's not the attraction
and since c and e couldn't do
It- it's not the experience
And because that f and h couldn't do it
it's not the talent

Here's the thing though
I know the issue
I know what it is
I don't know why I can't let go of that issue,
but it doesn't work
341 · Mar 2019
Bent Over Fowards / Melting
Bella Mar 2019
My head is hitting the ceiling
My spine is bent and my neck is pushing up the tiles on the ceiling as I walk
My body is too tall for me

I, inside my body, sink forward
In agony
In smallness

But my body keeps growing up
And now, I am hungover
My head and my feet both touch the floor like a bent tree

My face is melting onto the ground
Where as my legs are crushing the ceiling
I fold in half at the thighs

And then the knees and then the calves and then the ankles
And now I’m lying face down on the floor
Seeping into the tile.
313 · Sep 2019
I called my therapist
Bella Sep 2019
I called my therapist to tell her I won't be coming in tomorrow because my dog just died and we grieve and then there's Christmas and my uncle has liver failure and then I find a lump in my breast near my 18th birthday my uncle finds  colon cancer I find out the lump is non-cancerous at the same time my aunt finds out hers is cancerous they removed the cancer spot in her breast my sister start having pain worse than she's ever experienced she's crying everyday the doctors don't know what's wrong with her she's going to doctor after doctor and eventually they say it's a kidney stone and they'll do a sonogram soon the procedure is over everything went well  my aunt also comes out of a checkup with more cancer my sister's perfectly good surgery it's her to excruciating days of pain and she has to have a stent put in my grandma gets extra sick her stent causes her even more pain but she passes the kidney stone and eventually distant comes out my uncle thinks he's going to die but my grandma does instead. everyone Grieves. I prepare for college My uncle still thinks he's dying I go to college orientation my uncle dies that's the story of the last 8 months I'll be at College in a few weeks so will my dead uncle's kid and our other cousin there will be hollow family dinners a shell of a family a shell of a home
309 · Nov 2017
How to Remember
Bella Nov 2017
Has anyone ever told you that you have a beautiful nail bed?

I was once told that if you give people compliments they don't usually receive they'll remember you better

Has anyone ever told you that the freckles on your cheeks remind them of the Galaxy in the sky?
The galaxies that I thank God for every night because they're how I know that there's something bigger than me out there.

Has anyone ever told you the waves in your hair remind them of the Fibonacci spiral?
The one found in flower petals.
The one that so perfectly balances Beauty and nature and science.

Has anyone ever told you that your deep brown eyes look like they hold all of Earth's purity?

And that the Shimmer in them looks just like the Moon's bright light?
It isn't actually shining itself, but whose light comes from something much bigger
and much brighter
and much More Beautiful, than the tiny glimpse of light seen.

Has anyone ever told you that when they see the Shimmer in your eyes they know that the reflected light is coming from your soul?
That it is so bright
and so beautiful
and so endless, that it has found a way to shine into your eyes and out into mine.

Has anyone ever told you that watching you love something is addictive?
Seeing The Unbroken attention
and heart, you put into it is mesmerizing.

Has anyone ever told you that your lips look as soft as silk?

Has anyone ever told you that your hug feels like it could cure a heart attack?
The way you're so calm and so warm.

Has anyone ever told you, that they want you to remember them?
No explanation needed
296 · Dec 2017
Bella Dec 2017
Shaking into the absence
As a ring slips
Digging into the emptiness
And nothingness that is left
295 · Jun 2018
Bella Jun 2018
I distract myself
filling time slots and empty Windows
blaring nonsense instead of sitting in deafening silence

I beat at my own skull
pulling my eardrums out like string from my head
watch videos on tying nuces
to keep me busy
to keep me from doing the actual hanging

because right now
I'm sitting in silence,
and it's like a timer
it's like I'm just counting the seconds before I start crying
how long can I last?
1 minute,
it's a waiting game
so instead
I distract myself
I watch TV
and YouTube
scroll through Instagram and Pinterest until I run out of pictures
I talk to myself
I beat myself until the thoughts go away
or... turn a blind eye,
until I'm so good at pretending that I can pretend they're not even there
until distraction is my second nature
Don't you see?
Can you understand?
It's the only way I can stay alive
293 · Oct 2017
When I Love You
Bella Oct 2017
When I Love You-
you’ll know it.
I’ll hand myself over like a bird.
you’ll have to care for me,
because I can break.
you can crush me, in your hands, if you want
but I-am trusting
I am not-naive
I know what COULD happen
I am loving,
because in spite of it,
I hand myself over.

When I Love You-
you’ll know it.
I will become a collection of all your lost parts.
I will continue organizing your memories until I am your own
     personal encyclopedia
your secrets I will share with no one
your fears
your likes and dislikes
your history
no one
you, and only you, will have the key.

When I Love You-
you’ll know it.
I’ll sing a song of “I love you’s”
because the thought of you not knowing that I do
scares me-
more than anything.

When I Love You-
you’ll know it.
because of that one thing that I am so scared of
I’m scared when you’re all gone.
when I’m not near anyone I love it really really scares me
and this has effected my actions and personality so, that…

When I Love You-
you’ll know it.
because I will cling to any part of you that I can hold onto
and when I’m not doing that,
I will grab your arm
or your hand
or touch your cheek shoulder something anything
because I am reaching past your skin
through your muscle
the heat of your body is not what I am craving
it is more than the touch of your skin I am looking for
I need your soul.
to hear the words that language can not form,
the connection…

Haven’t you ever touched someone,
and heard a story?
heard the words you needed to hear
felt safe?
not because the skin you are touching is strong,
not because you know it will protect you
just because,
you’re touching it
you’re hearing their story
because their words surround you like a blanket.
they block everything else out.

So when I touch you-
when I Love You,
please don’t run away so fast.
let me hear your story.
let me feel safe.
because no matter how long it’s actually been,
a month
a year
to me
it was an eternity
of being in the cold
of being in the snow-
without my blanket…

               I don’t know... why I am like this,
               why I…
               Love, like, this
               but I promise you,
               when I Love You-
               you’ll know it.
This was not written for a romantic type of love, while it can apply to that type as well, it was written for many different people.
283 · Nov 2019
Good night my love
Bella Nov 2019
I can still taste the kisses you left on my lips
Tonight before bed I will pray that they never go away
And I will slip into dream with the memories of today held softly on my tongue
279 · Nov 2017
She Watches
Bella Nov 2017
she watches him
her eyes stuck
becoming a role model
for the glue of his shoes
the glue  he practically pours on
it's trying to hold all those pieces together
the pieces falling like crushed leaves from a set of hands
it knew it had a job to do
like a mother trying to hold her family together
she doesn't have enough arms to reach out to every person who needs holding
to work her 9 to 5
to pay the bills
to take care of her parents
one of whom has forgotten her name
to pretend that her marriage is fine...
for the kids sake.
the kids who watch her sulking eyes on the way to daycare
and yes she's been told that only ****** mother's put their kids in
but that's all she can do
so shut up
just shut up

it's like the high school girl
trying to hold her heart together
it's been broken...
like the shoes
the ones on the boys feet
278 · Dec 2017
Bella Dec 2017
Open your hands slowly towards each other
fingers reaching like lost lovers
each with their own soulmate
they meet each other with a kiss
no lust
just love,
slowly trembling to each other
embracing in a long hug.
wrapping around each other

it's silent
They're holding each other in safety
the manner of love to attain to
like a dance in the dim
of pure,
but unspoken,
276 · Nov 2018
Red is our favorite color
Bella Nov 2018
The map of our country is stained in cranberry juice
the streets are red with blood
and in the south red flags hang like ignorance
or like all those sentenced the death penalty

isn't red such an American color
276 · Nov 2017
Bella Nov 2017
Is there a correct set of words,
To describe my relationship with God?
Because the words I’ve settled on don’t portray the magnitude of my emotions

Those words begin…

God is there
I know this because of the flowers
The way that earth is balanced
How pine-cones, leaves, and petals follow the Fibonacci sequence.
How the stars make me feel so…
And never bore me
No matter how many hours I stare into the heavens beautiful eyes

I know God is there
But I often don’t see him.
The funny thing is,
I know how wonderful it is to see
and to know him.
So the times I doubt him the most,
Are the times I serve him the most
the time that I strive to create the most disciples

God is a funny being.
We know nearly nothing about him
Yet so many of us know him
And we know him by different names
And different faces
Isn’t that funny?
Isn’t it all so funny?
248 · Oct 2017
The Breakdown
Bella Oct 2017
I want the trees to shake from my screaming!

I want to bite through my own jaw!

I want to claw all the skin off my body!

To break everything & hit everyone

So just let me ******* be alone.

I want to kick the boulders off the mountains!

& push the ground away from my feet!

To rip the trees up like carrots from the ground!

Bang my head against the pavement!

& curse every bad name at everyone!

But then I get sad

I get sad and I cry

I cry because I can’t believe I ever thought those thoughts
I can’t believe I ever wanted those things

I’m good

I-I-I shouldn’t think like that

I love this world

I don’t want to hurt myself
I don’t want to hurt anyone else

I love my family
I-I-I love my friends

They did nothing so wrong as to deserve this

They don’t deserve this

I’m sorry
I-I-I’m sorry
This poem is my raw thoughts while I am in a state I refer to as a "breakdown." These have happened for at least three years consistently anywhere from twice every-other week to twice an hour and can last from 2 minutes to an hour. Writing this poem is how I figured what they are. Finally!
246 · Dec 2017
Bella Dec 2017
I'm sitting in the car
I'm sitting in the dark
I don't want to go in
to leave this place
this safe space
I want to curl into a ball
to leave
to go somewhere else
I don't know
my home isn't broken
the people in that house aren't hurting
but I don't want to be in that place
not even in my bed
in my room

I'm sitting in my car
I'm sitting in the dark
staring at the light soaking through the walls
stress hanging from the rooftop like christmas *****
I just want the dark
the small dark
somewhere else
anywhere else
the lights look like spotlites
I don't want spotlites
I want small dark and alone
I want away
far away
to escape
somewhere they can't find me
where they'll never find me

I'm sitting in the floor under my stearing wheel
I'm depressing into the dark
241 · Oct 2017
Bella Oct 2017
I really like the idea of a week without technology
it sounds great
it sounds like practicing what I preach
like actually spending time in the real world
the thing is, if I put down my phone…

you see I'm a very loving person
so I surround myself with people who need loving
I open myself up to anyone and everyone so they see me
as an Open Door
one they don't have to knock on upon  entering
I open myself up as a pick-me-up,
as a first or last resort
as a…

people these days, they act fast.
if they ask you a question and you don't respond within a few minutes,
they make up their mind.
people are no longer patient
they make life-altering decisions in a matter of minutes
so if I don't pick up my phone…

if I don't pick up my phone,
someone cut Herself
someone could **** Himself
I could be the person they call before they do it.
maybe I could have taken their hand off the trigger,
convince them to throw out there razor,
in this day and age, it isn't safe... to put my phone down!
240 · Jan 2019
Bella Jan 2019
I talk a lot about sanity
as if I have any to give
to stretch
as if I want any
But I haven't for a long time

if there's sanity left,
Then where do all of the beautiful people go
The Beautiful World
if I'm normal then what is the joy in staring at a sky for hours
or a person
or a hand

looking into every crack and crevice
for fun
to find the beauty
to find the similarities
the differences
The uniqueness

What’s the point
Of being normal
211 · Dec 2017
Bella Dec 2017
It’s been 17 years since your birth
Yet there isn’t a number to describe what your worth
It is more than the count of curls on your head
More than the amount of books that you’ve read
You could count all the stars and they wouldn’t compare
To the kindness you give and the love that you share
I’ll wish you much luck when you travel around
And when your head’s in the clouds don’t forget to look down
Because we’ll lose our smiles
But we’ll see yours for miles
What’s special about you, Gillian, my love
Well it’s just that, it’s your love
This was a poem to my good friend who was turning 17 and in her card I said that I wasn't very good with letters so I'd write her a poem instead.
210 · Sep 2019
Bella Sep 2019
This is a hard stone world that we live in
Where air gets covered up by cement
And bugs get squashed on windshields!
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