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Raven Feels Jul 1
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, the grass is not green:)

too much to bare
the polar twins resemblance in no fair

now the run I understand
still the twist of burning faces is what I can't

ran wind free
a second of nothing but me

the blonds in uniqueness stand under the red light
wait until the fear cripples and the big dog bites

the tea boiling somewhere for no one to drink
the ruined building leaves a pile to think

pupils dilate
thoughts shrink swallowing the bate

yet the crowd remains
I shower in public and fingerprints don't stain

a red rock star barks
stage shakes and throats are mic marked

nice dreams but crap
the plutonian not funny when children under your feet you have

                                                           ­                      -------ravenfeels
Raven Feels May 17
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, things can get weirder than ever---and I like it<3

welcome to the nation savor

a whole new destiny like a cinnamon flavor

although some rainy a bit abnormal to my harbors

yet that blond charm made it hard to delete from my markers

everybody wants to swim

in a world to bond and have a friend a twin

afraid if I was about to miss the rocking riff

I don't know if I can handle yellow anymore so stiff

                                                         ­                   ------ravenfeels
Kennedy Dec 2020
i stay because you need me,
because i have so many people to meet.
i stay because without me,
my siblings won't remember each other.
i stay because there's guitars,
and blond boys
with butterfly-inducing powers.
i stay because i know this is a bad time,
not a bad life.
i stay because too many people have left;
left me, left her, left them, left him, left you.
i stay because i don't want to be a statistic.
i stay because i want to watch,
i want to watch everyone i've ever loved
grow and be happy.
i stay because they can't lose me.
i stay because my childhood pet has.
i stay because my abuelita cries on the call,
because i haven't seen enough of the world.
i stay because there's no time like now.
i stay because there's so much good.
i stay because i'm stubborn,
because i've crunched the numbers,
and the pros outweigh the cons.
because life is grand, and because i haven't punched the prime minister.
Sara Svensson Dec 2018
You're so much like our father
With the careless gaze you have
Your unempathetic, selfish ways
Your golden, bright blond hair.

Perhaps it is why you coloured it brown
So you'd look more like me instead
You must not have noticed yet, dear brother
I look so much like our dad.
Talia Sep 2018
The more I find out, the less I know
you gaze into the black abyss of my eyes
while I admire your pale skin like it's snow
you think I can't see through your seductive disguise?
your blue eyes only entice me more
I didn't mean to dive in this deep
lost in your ocean, no hope of washing ashore
as your blond hair glistens in the moonlight, the secrets seem to seep.
Bella Jun 2018
blonde ponytail swinging from brunette root
angled in a straight line with her jaw bone
Pouted lips
and manicured eyelashes
layered in dark,
heavy fabrics
to counter her fair skin
and tall golden brown boots

Her hands are heavy
Her eyes are tired
her jaw compresses.
Up and down
chewing on gum
she has a few red scars
scattered on her cheeks
like freckles

She's curved
not necessarily slouched
but more like
it's the only way to fit all of her into her chair
her legs are crossed
her earrings dangle
as if in mid-air

She's thinking,
This is for Lilly
c May 2018
Maybe snow cones
And pickup lines
Aren’t meant to go
Hand in hand,
But I needed a map
Because I was lost in your eyes.

You gave me a snow cone
I gave you my number
And maybe
That’s not a good trade
But you thought
It was worth it
At least for one night.

You’re just a football-playing
Baseball boy
And maybe
There was a spark
And maybe
You liked the taste of grape
That lingered on my lips
And maybe
You’re still going
To text me back.

But maybe
Is no assurance
To a girl
In love with love
And boys who make
Snow cones.
nick armbrister Feb 2018
Blonde-haired girl waiting for something, I don’t know what,
standing there with a look of mischievous happiness on your face.
I see the wind tussle your hair, delicate blowing strands, see the sunburst
on your blonde hair – an explosion of gold, beauty eternal at this moment.
Head slightly bowed, eyes ahead, mouth resting on your pink cardigan.
You must be thinking of something funny, see you smile for an instant –
sun through the clouds.
For few precious minutes I watch you, you don’t see me, I see you
and do this poem for you, blonde girl waiting for something – what?
I will continue on
With my undying passion
And will continue to smile
Because I contain no compassion

I must find a new house
This one is getting old
I forgot to clean a mess
So now the energy is cold

I must find my new girl
Blonde hair blue eyes
She must not get away
I'll have to tighten the ties

From my truck to the kitchen
Everything in fine
Until you awaken
And realize you are mine

That is when you panic
And try to scream or yell
Little do you notice
You've already entered hell
I live for sight of pain
And will do what I have to
To see your eyes roll backwards
And witness your lips turn blue

I will use whatever device
That brings you the most tears
So you will not forget my face
And I will haunt your fears

Even my touch stings your skin
Imagine how my knife feels
You may cry all you want
But I do not make deals

There is a reason you were chosen
And I am not giving you away
All my senses pointed to you
Which is why you're now my prey

You keep trying to fight back
But that just makes it worse
For I cannot heal your wounds
Because I am not a nurse

I regret the way you died
I didn't mean to stab your heart
It's been 5 weeks and some sewing
But you are still falling apart

I left the house today
I will get over you, but when?
Hey, Blonde hair blue eyes
There you are again
Just some horror fiction
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