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Shame 5d
Oh me, oh my,
I hate to sound trite,
but I guess in the end
we all die, so
turns out to be true
whatever way.

Oh me, oh my,
I hate to sound trite,
but I could really use
a lullaby.

Great Papa, he left.
Great Mama, so close.
Mama, in the deep end.
Sister, she ghost.

What's love got to do with it?
It just so happens, in my world it's all.
I am conditioned to serve in the name.
No matter how hard servants seek servants,
the wardens and the masters pick up on the scent,
come running over the distant hills to close in on the ****.

I am conditioned to serve in the name.
Here they come running to stake their claim.
Bad Vibes Mar 5
Some days I dream of the way my feet would hang off the side of a roof top garden ledge
Crisp air cooling my toes.

Some days I wish I was hanging from a tree
Lifeless, still, and calm.

Some days I wish I was at least just hanging in there,
Instead of feeling empty and numb.

Makayla Jane Feb 24
Hang a rope 'round my neck
Say goodbye, write the check
Just something random I wrote.
Feel free to share revision ideas (:
Xallan Feb 21
There is no finality
in the climbing of the stairs, he held the railing
with hands shaking, he shivering,
his pathetic hands quivering.

As he ascended, he looked below.

As he stared back, the world flipped
upside down.

Reality threw out a rope to save him,
and gravity tightened it around his neck.
His eyes, once averted, were glassy as theirs.

He joined the hangers.
Hanging on
Originally, I had a girl hanging from a string that was connected to the letter T in "thread". Here it is:

Or if that does not work..
Seanathon Feb 8
When words sprout limbs
And grow as trees in the summertime
Steadily until they bare their fruit
Then my thoughts will be hanging within reach
Would you pluck them as you'd pluck some fruit?
And take a tiny bite of me
Or at least of my thoughts?
Would you, wouldn't you?
Would you, wouldn't you?

This might be a duplicate... I'll look into it later.
Amanda Jan 23
You have left me hanging once again
Been eight hours and still no word
After all you put me through
Do you think punishment is what I deserve?

I have suffered enough at your hand
Cried enough tears in your name
Yet it doesn't matter to you
Just treat our love like a game

I have done my best to be patient
Multitude of mistakes dismissed
You left me stranded without a care
Or courtesy of a goodbye kiss

I have been staring at the door
Waiting on you to arrive
You have been gone all day
Absent of you, barely feel alive

It hurts knowing youre fine alone
What the **** are you trying to prove?
Already know I'm disposable
But wanting to improve

I tried not to get too close
Failed right from the start
Fell straight into your enchanting  embrace
Now I'm falling apart

I wasted countless nights
Waiting to hear your soft voice
But until now I always felt
I had no other choice

Lately you have been cold to me
Putting me down with hurtful things you don't realize you say
Before you walked out the door
Seemed like your mind was far away

I do not know what changed between us
Or why you started treating me bad
How did things get so ******* ip between us
Reminiscing on the good times we had

I'm sorry our story turned out like this
Arguing night after night
Would do anything to go back in time
To days you still held me tight

But those days have come and went
Only exists in memory
Indifferent silence clearly shows how you feel
You are no longer in love with me
Why do you always find a way to keep me waiting around for you?
Daisy Jan 8
When you feel that there’s no hope,
Just grab a rope.

When you feel there’s no way,
Just go away.

When you feel that you have no life,
Then hold the knife.

When you feel that everything is black,
Just drown yourself in the lake.

When you feel that your sanity is at stake,
Feed yourself a poisonous birthday cake.

When you feel that you are of no use,
Just learn how to tie a noose.

when you feel that in this world you can't fit,
Just say I QUIT.

When you feel that you want to die,
Jump off the cliff and fly.

When you feel that there's nothing to feel,
Then do the overdose of a sleeping pill.

When you feel that there's no reason to exist,
Then cut off your wrist.

When you feel that you're living in vain,
Then give yourself sorrow and pain.

When you feel that you want to cry,
Then go ahead, please don't live a lie.

When you feel that you want the last kiss,
Kiss the death and you rest in peace.

When you feel that you want to escape the day,
Just take the gun and hunt yourself like the Hunter hunts a prey.

When you feel that you don't wanna get awake,
All you need is to make a big mistake.
Dear readers, if you are suicidal, please take help and don’t consider suicide in any circumstance. Suicide is not an option. May god bless you
Daisy Jan 8
This world is mad.
What will you do here?
Come with me,
join me,
Joys and sorrows,
everything will flee.

Wear necklace of rope,
Wear bracelet of blood,
And flow with me in speed.
So that no one can stop,
You from this flood.
And make yourself bleed and bleed.

Feel the pain,
Don’t sound sane,
Let’s shower the blood rain.
There is no any reason,
To stay alive here.
This world is prison,
Your end is near.

Even if you have anyone,
who will cry for you when you die.
Then also after sometimes,
you will become a forgettable person.
Everything is blatant lie,
This is a fragrant crime.

Drown yourself to death,
Discard all fear and faith,
Dreams are shattered,
you never mattered.
Conduct the demolition,
Utilise this ammunition,
Suicide is only an option.

Instead of dying daily,
Let’s complete this story,
You will feel very holy,
Let’s end this agony .

Pour the gasoline,
This is holy sin.
Burn yourself by the flame,
And end this god game.
Let’s die together,
Let’s go away from this world forever.
Don’t live for anyone, no never,
The devil inside me is so clever.
Dear reader, if you are suicidal, please consider taking help. Suicide is not an option.
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