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Aŧül Feb 14
Oh my lover,
Do not mind my haircut.
If you miss my longer hair,
See an older picture.
I am surely bigger than my locks,
My experience is the greatest.
My HP Poem #1909
©Atul Kaushal
Sarah Synk Nov 2020
I once cut my hair,
And wanted to grow it long like Repunzel.
I almost did.
But heaven forbid.
It was awful.
It grew out weird,
But you know-
I soon loved my weird style of hair.
It was beautiful- short- and fair.
And I did not simply care.
I once died it red,
The color of an apple.
And the hair dye faded,
And turned to brown.
I have an obsession-
Combing my hair too many times.
When I take a shower,
I love being able to washing it down,
With wonderful smelling shampoo.
It’s weird--- the hair on my (your) head can have some sort of history.
Stories throughout the years.
I like wearing a bun.
I like wearing a ponytail.
I like wearing bangs,
I think my hair is super lame.
But I can maintain.
I hate when it is all knotty.
And jumbled up,
In a huge mess,
My messy hair is not something I would love to address.
So yeah,
There goes my hair,
Blowing in the wind.
- Do Not Be Afraid If It's An Awful Hair Cut, but Embrace it. Won't be a hard task in the end!
Maria Etre Sep 2020
My hair got darker
when I cut the dead ends
to the unfinished stories
with split plots
at the end
Akhiz Munawar Jul 2020
The phrase might go like this
Between those flashes of lightning and rolls of thunder
It all became evident
So, he showed an axe to his hair and tossed them in flames
Flames of every bridge he just burned
Thus, allowing rationality to rendezvous with his mind and soul
It’s a reciprocal arrangement nurturing a moral endeavor
One that nullifies willful blindness with concrete truth
Restraining all those peculiar idiosyncrasies of the heart
Flatlining prospects of getting lost in the familiar
A newfound resolve to honor the obvious
No more niceties of showing a candle to the sun
* Got a Haircut after 6 months… just wanted to give it some meaning.
Ashlyn Yoshida Apr 2020
Snip Snip
She's staring at me in horror
Snip Snip
My hair is growing shorter
Snip Snip

'You look like a boy, Ash'
Got a haircut that took me forever to get.
I got my first masculine haircut today
:) :) :)
A poem every day.
eva-mae coffey Nov 2019
I cut all my hair off yesterday.
8 inches of golden rays gone.
The blunt ends now sit upon my collarbones.
it’s softer.
I like it.
He is the short haircut
I have always loved
that never suit my face
yet would still get
every single time anyway
hoping one day,
it miraculously would.
Laura Mar 2019
I rub my hands
Along my scalp
I watch the hair
Fall in the sink
Bleach blonde hair
With mousey brown roots
Locks upon locks
Falling to the sink
I tell myself I'm brave
I can do this
My hair will grow back
Yet I still cry
As I watch all the hair
That he touched
Fall to the sink
The hair that he stroked
The hair that he pulled
The hair that he brushed
out of my eyes
I watch him leave my head
Along with the last thing he touched
My hair
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