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jennifer delong Mar 2018
My eyes are my weapon
They can bring you up
or tear you down
they speak there own
language if you pay
there exciting
can be enlightening
These eyes can dance
follow your moves
but do me wrong
they'll bring you down
I hope you never find out

© Jennifer Delong 3/2018
Bella Nov 2017
she watches him
her eyes stuck
becoming a role model
for the glue of his shoes
the glue  he practically pours on
it's trying to hold all those pieces together
the pieces falling like crushed leaves from a set of hands
it knew it had a job to do
like a mother trying to hold her family together
she doesn't have enough arms to reach out to every person who needs holding
to work her 9 to 5
to pay the bills
to take care of her parents
one of whom has forgotten her name
to pretend that her marriage is fine...
for the kids sake.
the kids who watch her sulking eyes on the way to daycare
and yes she's been told that only ****** mother's put their kids in
but that's all she can do
so shut up
just shut up

it's like the high school girl
trying to hold her heart together
it's been broken...
like the shoes
the ones on the boys feet
She watches
He's had better days
He feels her eyes on him
She continues to watch
He's distracted and stutters
He likes his Saturdays
Chills on Fridays
He's tone is in a stuff
He's all alone
He says, "wait a minute, come back here"
He brings up the same things
I wonder why
Has he got nothing else to say?
He continues to talk
But she's gotta be on her way...
Boy, it is always a pleasure to see your face
TIME has so much power and say on our day to day.
It tells us if we are early or late.
If we should be hired or fired.
Determines if we're morally correct or socially incorrect.
Our definition of TIME is far from perfect.
TIME is a song that has your radio station infected.
Can't change the station, can't escape it.
"Ugh! I hate this song!!!" singing along

We are the dysfunctional orchestra,
the composers of this catchy tune.
Composed by the abused watches we wear,
the guilty murderer clocks we hang on our walls
and by our notorious digital clocks in our phones.

Our favorite dance partner is 'Father Time'.
Dancing to the ticking and tocking.
Grooving at the speed of gears turning.
Steady rhythm; never speeding or slowing.

TIME does not exist, TIME keeping does. Oh silly humans......
measuring something that does NOT exist.
Rockie Mar 2015
Planes crashing
Towers exploding
News covering
Tears forming
Men falling
Videos created
Uprise roaring
The whole world
In baited breath
Death all around
It started with a hijacking
Or maybe a bit before
But we are resilient
*We shall NOT be brought down screaming
I am currently studying a poem based of off 9/11 and formed this in my head while reading it. Although it doesn't quite capture the true emotion by this particular event, I hope it gets that across.
Kinsey Jordyn Dec 2014
I look at life in a completely different perspective as others.
I watch the leaves grow and fall.
I watch the heart breaks, and the tears.
I watch the blood drip to the ground so effortlessly.
I watch my life fall to pieces around me.
I watch as she takes the pills and knocks them back.
She's fire, or a tornado.
She will destroy anyone in her path.
I watch as she runs from the ones that love her, and makes excuses for the ones that don't.
I watch her grab the gun, but watch as she is to scared to pull the trigger.
She writes all this deep ****, but she would never say it aloud.
Hello poetry don't judge as she pours this out.

— The End —