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Sophie Sharp Jun 2020
So many options.
When can't we just stay still?
Life is so packed that we start to forget,
Stop and just swallow this pill.
You can use distractions all your life,
Drink yourself to death,
Read every book, watch every film,
But what will you have left?

Emotions are all that really count,
But you're too scared to feel.
Your mind is closed off an unhealthy amount,
Maybe it's time to get real.
Butterfly Feb 2020
What if I came back.
What kind of impact would that have on you.
I thought about it many times.
I don't want to distract you from your happiness.
Lu Aug 2019
When something bad happens-
Something so horrible,
That it hurts so much-
No matter what you're doing;
You don't care, what it takes,
To distract yourself from it all,
Do you?
Amanda Kay Burke Mar 2019
I am feeling confused about what to do
This is really what I want
Both know it isn't my style
Lie or put on a front

We fight our emotions so hard
Live every day in denial
You really don't sense our love decreasing
Has been happening for awhile

We are just biding time until
Someone better comes along
Using one another for different gains
Symbiotic romance is wrong

Abusive to you at times
I cannot control my anger
You're just as abusive emotionally
My mental health in danger

Substance after substance into bodies
Distract ourselves from reality
Pain has ruined our beautiful love
All we planned we'll never be
I wrote this when I was upset but the truth is I do think we can have the life we planned we just have to work harder than we have been
Faith Nov 2018
Does my age affect how people think of what I do?
Do my looks alter what people think of my personality?
If I tell them my beliefs, would they hate me?
Can simply my gender change what something could have been?
Does my outward distract from my soul?
Elizabeth Zenk Jul 2018
Happiness is just the product of distraction
Covering up problems with temporary bliss
The less on my mind the happier I get.
So whisk me away from reality,
enchant me with your humor,
and grace me with your presence.
Because you may be the only thing that brings me one-hundred percent pure happiness in a confusing corrupt world like this.
You can single-handly make me forget everything
Bella Jun 2018
I distract myself
filling time slots and empty Windows
blaring nonsense instead of sitting in deafening silence

I beat at my own skull
pulling my eardrums out like string from my head
watch videos on tying nuces
to keep me busy
to keep me from doing the actual hanging

because right now
I'm sitting in silence,
and it's like a timer
it's like I'm just counting the seconds before I start crying
how long can I last?
1 minute,
it's a waiting game
so instead
I distract myself
I watch TV
and YouTube
scroll through Instagram and Pinterest until I run out of pictures
I talk to myself
I beat myself until the thoughts go away
or... turn a blind eye,
until I'm so good at pretending that I can pretend they're not even there
until distraction is my second nature
Don't you see?
Can you understand?
It's the only way I can stay alive
Nylee Jul 2017
IT is there
just in front
but you can see it
from behind
the colours mismatch
eyes attract
but cannot focus it for more
but still linger over
not near , nor far
just staying there
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