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I never have been good at receiving compliments
Unwilling to overlook numerous cracks, scars, and dents
I liked myself once
Long long ago
Lot happened to slowly make self-esteem low
Now when peers tell me I'm pretty I assume it is a lie
I'm only growing older each day that passes by
Crying does not help but I can't stop the tears that fall
Most days can't stand my reflection at all
It is easier looking in the mirror when day is captured by night
Disguising dark blemishes all too clear in the light
I have a bad habit of not accepting compliments
Amanda Kay Burke Nov 2021
I'm not pretty but that is what they say
Do not believe yet still I reply "okay"
I have cuts across my heart
Sorrow portrayed as a work of art
I'm always sleeping in late
Life lived in a foggy state
Dark circles rest on face
I've had plenty hours
In dreamland dancing barefoot picking flowers
Permanently bitter due to much neglect
Too far gone for innocence to ever ressurect
I'm too cynical to let anyone near
Not warm enough so people disappear
And I cannot fathom why anyone would stay
It's no surprise when good things slip away
I fake laughter to disuassade any concern
Joy is a blessing for which I desperately yearn
But in conversation I act like I am fine
Do very best not to reveal a single sign
I wear dark eyeliner to match my point of view  
Even black isn't quite enough to mimic the hue
Because insecurities constantly bring me down
Erasing smile then replacing with frown
I self isolate
I know deep inside
Loved ones would be better off if I died
Why are my demons so persistent?
Brandon Diaz Sep 2021
Compliments, compliments, compliments.
This girl loved compliments
And she received a lot

The sun would tell her she glows every morning.
The moon would cry when he had to leave every night.
The frogs would gossip about her eyes.
The cricket would whisper about her lips.
Fire would blush,
And Ice would sweat.
Death gave her extra time.
Life would stop and admire.
Summer would visit her in winter,
And Flowers just like to say hi.

Compliments, compliments, compliments.
This girl loved compliments.
The only person who didn’t compliment her was the
girl in the mirror,
she said
“The sun doesn’t know what glowing means
The moon has something in his eyes .
The frogs have a bad cough
And the crickets lie.
The fire was having a heat stroke
The ice was merely melting.
Death doesn’t give time to anyone,
And life doesn’t stop for no one.
Summer can’t visit in winter
And flowers bloom for only the bees.”

Compliments, compliments, compliments.
This girl loved compliments.
But every time the girl in the mirror had something to say.
Outraged I was to counter every point she made.
So all day I waited,
and waited,
and waited,
and waited,
and waited
I met the boy in the mirror instead
Who agreed with every compliment said
MsRobota Jul 2021
Poorly-contained ball of anxiety
Overanalyzing every interaction

I'll tell you something sweet

Write down
and compliments
and silly jokes
on sticky notes

along the floor
on the wall
in the car

I'll tell you something sweet
JCabanilla Jun 2020
Miracle happened not only once but twice,
He let us meet again after so many tries.
Meeting you again brought me into tears,
Thoughts of losing you make me shiver in fear.

I am moved by your sweetness.
I am mesmerized by your kindness.
Do I deserve someone like you?
Am I worthy of having you?

I want to be better,
But you said me being weak doesn't really matter.
Unintentionally you became my knight,
You came and you lessen my fright.

If my words is your energy,
I'll give it to you wholeheartedly.
If my words are enough for you,
Then it's all yours, it will always be true.

You're the guy who deserve every praises.
You are worthy of all those respectful gazes.
You were the gift not me,
You were created perfectly.

How can you hit my heart so effortless?
How can you do nothing and still look your best?
How can you put a smile in my face that easy?
How can your words makes me feel so free?

Boy, unintended you fixed my heart.
My pieces were empty until you became my art.
It may sound crazy and lame,
But you inspired me the moment that you came.

I don't care about their compliments,
Your compliment is enough to leave it permanent.
You're nice, sweet, hardworking and a workaholic guy,
And so I wish never lose your smile.

Can I take your words seriously?
I will never let you go free.
I don't want to see you feeling blue,
So yes, I'm willing and I'll be happy to take you.
So this is my poem answering his poem for me ❣️ Chibi is his nickname for me since he's taller than me and he says I'm cute and small just like a Chibi in anime 😣
Saige Mar 2020
When I compliment you
I'm not handing out an invitation
to the 'compliment exchange party'

I'm not asking for validation,
or pointless "you too"s.
You'll know I am sincere
when I move on
not hesitating,
or waiting for
a return.

Just accept it -- or don't.
Either way, I sent it your way.
But I don't have a return address.
Nola Leech Mar 2020
Don't be happy just because someone is giving you compliments
You're better than that
Jaxey Oct 2019
Your harmful words
Pass through me as I bath in
My own compliments
reverse poem; it's all based on perspective
melli7 May 2019
You're So Skinny,
you say to me, I Wish I Had a Waist
Like Yours, you say

like it's a compliment.


I never agreed to spice up your
own personal recipe
for low self-esteem If
you persist in this
body belief I
will no longer be your
body's relief Go
find another Skinny to
feed your grief
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