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Mar 11 · 61
Dutch countryside
Phantom Poet Mar 11
I am in Netherlands,
Through my university course,
Has allowed me to travel across the lands,
Of the beautiful Europe,
Me and a friend have come to lend a hand,
To farmers for voluntary work,
Which is also a school on the farmland,
For kids who can't achieve the mark,
Who can't study in the normal system,
I am in the pure countryside,
And it is beautiful and majestic,
There are fields wide,
Long clean canals blue,
It is a beautiful sight,
I cycle looking at this view,
The sun shining golden bright,
The wind blowing past you,
The dim villages at night,
It feels nice to be away,
Away from the fright,
This is what I like,
This is,
The Dutch countryside
Hello, it has been 2 years since I have been on here, and been on a terrible path, I am writing again, to become normal and get my life together
Apr 2019 · 168
Go be a hero
Phantom Poet Apr 2019
There are heroes,
Who are people who fight evil,
To save lives,
They have the will,
To stay alive,
But now we have a new villain,
Depression, anxiety,panic,OCD,
And many other pain,
And all it takes,
Is a smile,
Or a 'hi',
Ull see people shine,
Just a moment of happiness,
In their troubled life,
No matter how much Ur broken,
Always make people smile,
And a smile so genuine,
So anyone can be a hero,
So go out there,
No matter what,
Go be a hero.
Inspired by many cool video games
Apr 2019 · 157
Phantom Poet Apr 2019
I was sitting with her at the port,
A sunny day,
Some are practising water sport,
And we were chilling away,
We were eating ice cream,
The one with cones with a seam,
And I look at her sway,
I lean in and kiss her cheek,
She looks at me with shock,
I tell her I really like her,
She says I know,
And I say, that you don't share the same feelings,
She says I've been thinking about that,
And I'm like let's find out,
I lean in closer to her,
Press my lips against hers,
And kiss her,
And when we broke away,
I gazed into her eyes,
That looked like pools of honey,
When the sun hits right,
And I whispered,
I'll take that as a yes,



Beep beep beep beep
Beep beep beep beep
Feb 2019 · 374
I don't know
Phantom Poet Feb 2019
I don't know what to do?,
I might have made a mistake,
Which I never realised or knew,
I thought things would be better,
But I feel under the weather,
I don't know what to do,
I made a mistake,
Which I never knew.
Feb 2019 · 165
Phantom Poet Feb 2019
today is the first day I didn't take drugs,
no ****, no hash,
for once I didn't spend cash,
but I cannot sleep,
I cannot sleep if I'm not high,
I cannot until I'm ****** deep,
I cannot....,
until I feel like I can fly,
because when I am not high,
and the day flies by,
I cannot sleep at night,
I realize emptiness,
I don't have anything to distract me,
I just feel this lonliness,
I'm afraid when I have to end everyday alone,
I can't sleep,
in this darkness,
I want to feel like a falling trip,
I want to create anything in my head,
a girl, a story, a song or just a close friend,
I wish my purpose could just end,
that's all I need,
I can't sleep.
Feb 2019 · 95
Phantom Poet Feb 2019
I'm high,
I am going to die,
I'm not gonna lie,
the noose is very sly,
bullets fly,
at my head,
I'm going to die,
I don't have a reason to live,
a knife will slice viens,
I loose blood,
Wither and die.
Jan 2019 · 103
Phantom Poet Jan 2019
I don't know what I want,
I have made mistakes,
And I regret it,
There is no good way out.
Jan 2019 · 213
Phantom Poet Jan 2019
I am making a video game,
a chatting game,
conversations are familiar and same,
you get to talk to me,
Save me from shadows chasing me,
running towards a changing exit,
get to the exit and a decision awaits,
There is a deeper meaning to it,
To do the right thing as a human,
or the right thing someone else wants,
and then the game ends.
probably take a couple of months for the game to come out, i have started working on it, its the darkest part of  my mind embedded and you have to make a decision, i will never need to again
Dec 2018 · 110
Phantom Poet Dec 2018
I... Just need a friend,
I just want the loneliness to end,
I just want my life.....
To end.
Dec 2018 · 59
Phantom Poet Dec 2018
I have given up,
On everything,
I never want to wake up,
And sleep in the evening,
I haven't cleaned up,
My room for months,
Pizza boxes, clothes, unwashed cups,
Cigarette butts and ashes on the floor,
I have no purpose,
I never feel like walking out the door,
I keep wishing a car would hit me,
I keep wishing if I could just drown,
But I never have the courage to go down,
How pathetic,
I know no one will miss me,
Nobody knows me,
I just want to hurt that one person,
To show how much it meant to me,
To satisfy my ego,
I'd give up my life,
Just for the person to realise,
Their mistakes,
To feel my pain.
Dec 2018 · 198
Day 2 - second Life
Phantom Poet Dec 2018
2 and half days I have been high,
Went to an internship interview high,
I woke up that day and smoked,
Told everyone bye,
And walked out feeling stoked,
Walked in the rain all the way home,
I was lost many times,
But then I just wanted to roam,
Bought a bunch of food,
Went climbing Everest,
The experience is just to good,
When it wears off,
It's the scariest,
I feel lost,
Empty and broken,
When high,
I have everything I need in life,
I go on dates in my mind,
Fight bad guys,
Get stabbed,
And I'm just lying on the bed,
I wish I could stay high forever,
I can just get the person I want,
As my wife,
This is reality,
This is the second Life
I ran out of supply and am busy so had to stop the experience
Dec 2018 · 185
Day 1
Phantom Poet Dec 2018
I have been high for a full day now,
Smoked 7 joints the past 24 hours,
The experience is just wow,
I can feel the water slide off cars,
I can travel in time,
My mind can go anywhere in the past,
I can feel someone who isn't there,
Someone in front of me,
Someone I dearly care,
Someone I wish I could be free,
I can feel being with my love,
I'm reality she is not there,
But in my mind when I'm high,
We are drinking coffee,
On the grand canyon,
Inside a tent,
Watching the sunset,
And that is what love feels like,
Alone with that one person,
And know that we love each other,
And it's beautiful,
It's what everyone in the world wants,
It's what I want,
I'll see how long I can stay high.
Dec 2018 · 170
Phantom Poet Dec 2018
I wake up,
Open Instagram,
And I began to tear up,
The first post is a ram to my heart,
It's hers...,
With someone else,
Always with someone else,
All happy and cheery,
And I'm suffering and misery,
The first thing in the morning I see,
Makes me cry,
Makes me angry,
Makes me wanna die..
Dec 2018 · 110
Phantom Poet Dec 2018
My hands are bleeding,
My knuckles are bruising,
My skin is tearing,
My eyes are tearing,
Another hole in the wall,
And angry outburst,
It's not a first,
I have scars to prove it,
So much anger and pain,
All the time it is rain,
My mind is stuck,
I just want to break something,
Probably my own neck.
Nov 2018 · 78
A thing
Phantom Poet Nov 2018
As a child,
I would carry something,
It was always on my mind,
It could have been anything,
A rock, a pebble and plastic find,
And I would keep it on me at all time,
I never had any friend,
And that weird thing,
Was mine,
I was hold it in my hand,
Talk to it,
Feel it all over,
And I could trust it,
For months I would carry it,
Till I accidentally lose it,
Or my parents throw it,
Relying and trusting a useless object,
Is much better than trusting someone,
The object will never hurt you,
But someone will,
Now since I don't have anyone,
I carry around a necklace,
I bought it for someone dear to me,
Close to my heart,
A necklace with an S,
But I will never get to the part,
To give that person,
And I just have given everything,
To this necklace,
And I rely on it,
It is a source of pain,
But I just can't seem to leave it.
Nov 2018 · 58
Nothing to lose
Phantom Poet Nov 2018
I have nothing to lose,
I had a friend,
But that journey came to an end,
And I didn't realise how much I needed it,
How much I need that friend,
How my life has changed,
I did this,
I broke the friend,
I did it to save me,
But now I don't know,
I don't have a reason to wake up,
I don't have a hand to lend,
I don't have my friend,
This is what I choose,
And now,
I have nothing,
I have nothing to lose.
Oct 2018 · 158
Let go
Phantom Poet Oct 2018
Sometimes let go,
It's less painful than holding on,
To let yourself evolve and grow,
It hopeless to hold on,
To hope,
To barely survive,
To hope for something to never happen,
To expect and believe,
And eventually be broken,
Because you didn't let go,
Because holding on,
The rope will break,
Ull be taken for granted,
You loose your value,
You won't get what you wanted,
It's an ugly thing but true,
There is no point in holding on,
When eventually ull be left,
Left to eat dirt,
Left alone,
There is nothing as hope,
It's a lie,
So just let go
*** ever you want to percieve  it
Phantom Poet Oct 2018
when I first saw u,
U were all happy and fun,
And I wanted to be friends with you,
But over the years my heart began to run,
To beat fast when I'm close to you,
Shiver when I look at you,
When I look at you,
I talked with you,
Day and night,
Jokes and fights,
I got closer to you,
As close as I might,
Got to know you,
Know your mind,
Know your heart,
Then I became blind,
I fell in love with you,
Happiness I always tried to find,
Was found talking to you,
Darkness in my mind,
Was vanquished talking to you,
Love in my heart,
Was growing for you,
Each day to talk to you,
Was what I look forward to,
Each day to tell you,
I love you
Sep 2018 · 206
Catch 22
Phantom Poet Sep 2018
How do I tell someone,
To stop talking to me,
To get out of my life,
Because I can never help,
But fall in love,
Even after trying to forget,
To ignore,
One message and I'm in love,
How do I tell someone who is hurting,
That I don't want to talk to them,
When I am the only person she trusts,
But even I am hurting,
Only thing is I have no one to trust,
I have to suffer to help her,
To make her smile,
I have to shed a tear from my eye,
I cannot leave her,
Atleast not now when she needs me,
But I do not want to talk to her,
Cuz I will fall in love again,
And she will break my heart.. again,
And never love me like I do,
How do I tell someone,
To stop talking to me,
Seems like I am in a catch 22
Jul 2018 · 735
Phantom Poet Jul 2018
I have a list,
With points more than five,
A list,
Of why I have to stay alive,
In that I have various things,
To learn new things,
To talk to people,
To help people,
To confess my love,
And many more reasons,
To stay alive,
To wake up the next day,
My list is now less than five,
Everything I had have gone away,
Ruined or cannot be done,
It's not that I didn't do it,
I couldn't due to reasons more than one,
Now the list just has two or one,
Reasons to stay alive,
To open my eyes I strive,
In the last reasons,
Is poetry,
It is like a diary,
It's the only thing I can do,
I wonder what would happen to me,
If the list becomes,

Jul 2018 · 583
Love is a POISON
Phantom Poet Jul 2018
love is a poison,
the most cliché line ever,
but it is as true as the sun,
love is a deadly poison,
so strong it has to be shared,
when two share it,
it becomes flared,
when two feel it,
they trust each other,
because both consumed the poison,
there is trust,
and together the pain,
becomes something beautiful and romantic,
and the pain becomes aesthetic,
it is like a drug then,
but love cannot be consumed by one,
one person cannot handle it alone,
the poison is too strong for one person,
it will destroy the person,
break him from inside,
eat up his feelings,
turn him into darkness,
make his life a mess,
increase anxiety and stress,
it is a slow effect but effective nonetheless,
and at one point the mind and heart,
cannot take it anymore,
they decide to break themselves apart,
and now from inside,
the poison has affected the outside,
scars on the hand,
cigarettes on the floor,
a one way ticket to death's door,
waiting for sweet release,
a bottle of cheap ***,
drink to forget,
to forget the pain of this poison,
fingers itching to hold the Glock,
to **** it,
all this is because,
one person had to deal with,
a tempting poison,
called love.
Jul 2018 · 180
Phantom Poet Jul 2018
never dream together,
with someone who is not yours,
you know that there will be never,
be an us,
but still dream with them,
imagine together with them,
create a whole new dimension with them,
I ask to never to that because,
in the future you can't cuz,
they will have someone closer,
and you cannot talk to that person like before,
cannot dream like before,
cannot profess your love like before,
cannot make promises,
every hope is lost,
every effort to get that person in vain,
every memory you feel is pain,
every reality you tied to dreams,
what ones was a paradise in our minds,
but in reality is a nightmare without them,
it's just pain and painful memories,
and some memories last a lifetime.
Jul 2018 · 205
Phantom Poet Jul 2018
I keep myself busy,
Try to make music,
With no knowledge on theory of music,
Try to make a game,
With no knowledge on coding,
I am engrossed in these works,
Work for days,
Exhaustion lurks,
I push myself too much on these,
I love these,
But the real reason,
To keep myself in a prison,
To not feel or remember,
Memories locked away,
To hide away in this work,
But then,
My work feels fake,
Everything mentally it takes,
And I end up resenting,
What I make
Jul 2018 · 267
This is what you get
Phantom Poet Jul 2018
When you make a friend,
Someone who knows you,
And feel like she will stay till the end,
A feeling develops within you,
The more we talk,
The more this love is there for you,
A friend who would mock,
A friend who would talk,
About endless dreaming with you,
Make plans with you,
Always talking over text,
Everything is perfect,
And everything blinds you,
Cuz you love her,
She never loved you,
You imagined a life with her,
U can't leave her,
And she loves someone else,
She will be with her lover,
And you can't even talk to anyone,
Cuz you loved her,
And she was your best friend too,
You have no one to talk to,
You don't know what to do,
Feel this familiar pain,
A pain you are used to,
This is what you get,
For being kind,
And good,
To someone so much,
Just pain,
Just tearstains,
And sleepless nights,
And empty stomach,
And broken heart,
You are not ready to smile again,
To try yet,
Cuz everytime,
This is what you get.
Jul 2018 · 137
I love you
Phantom Poet Jul 2018
When we talk late at night,
Imagination running bright,
I always want to tell you,
I love you,
And you will say,
I love you more,
But we both say the same,
But we both know,
That it doesn't mean the same,
Mine is an effort in vain,
Yours is friendly words,
I feel Hurt,
And happy,
And everything,
Just those 3 words I longed to hear,
Now is what I fear
Jul 2018 · 196
My life
Phantom Poet Jul 2018
After so long feels good,
To write again,
Finally in the mood,
Finally more pain,
I thought it went away,
I'd never feel it again,
I guess now it's here to stay,
Finally more darkness,
Thought the light was a way,
The light was a lie,
Now I am not fighting it,
I will not even try,
This is what I like,
This is what I want,
This is my life.
May 2018 · 172
Just a friend
Phantom Poet May 2018
Friend: who is she?
Me: someone who stays up all night,
And chat with me till no end,
In my dark world my guiding light,
A potion of happiness she can blend,
Never once did we ever fight,
Someone who chats with me with no end,
Friend: but what? She sounds perfect!
Me: but....she is just a friend,
Her love string is not at my end,
Love letters I cannot send,
She is just,
A friend,
Friend: why do you wait for her message?
Me: because I love her
Friend: why do you not want to talk to her?
Me: because.....I love her
May 2018 · 122
Check it out
Phantom Poet May 2018
I made a game, one my website, a small 2 minutes text game, it's a demo .
Please do check it out and give you opinion on it
Thank you ^.^
Link is in bio
Apr 2018 · 682
Living V Surviving
Phantom Poet Apr 2018
Surviving and living,
Both have the same meaning,
It is just the difference in feeling,
Let me begin explaining,
Surviving is staying alive,
Just for the sake of being alive,
Surviving is struggling,
It is a rough journey,
Full of hatred and being lonely,
Living is surviving,
But with happiness as feeling,
It is a rough journey,
But feeling happy,
In every little story,
Feeling happy with oneself,
Happy with whatever is happening,
Even if your world is crumbling,
Find joy within the disaster,
The aesthetic within the storm,
Don't waste time competing,
Struggling and fighting,
Live life don't fight it,
Once you can smile through a storm,
When happiness is the feeling,
That's when you know,
You are living,
And not surviving.
Mar 2018 · 161
Phantom Poet Mar 2018
I have never been kissed,
So I don't know,
The feeling I have missed,
I don't even know how,
To kiss,
But I long for someone,
To press their lips against mine,
To get lost in endless time,
To feel bliss and,
Pleasure In my mind,
People say it is on of a kind,
Cannot be expressed in words,
The feeling of pure bliss,
Now I know what I miss,
The mending of a heart,
With a single kiss
Mar 2018 · 530
Phantom Poet Mar 2018
I would never hurt anyone,
Or make them sad,
Even if it risks my reputation,
Or make me feel bad,
I would make you smile,
Even if what you say breaks my heart,
In your shoes I have walked more than a mile,
I know how it feels,
And I would risk everything,
Just so happiness a person could feel,
If I cannot have it,
Doesn't mean others cannot too,
I will sacrifice every bit,
Of my emotions just to make you smile,
I would lie,
I hate you for what you have done to me,
But I can't tell you that,
I can't tell you how I truly feel,
It will hurt you,
And I can't let that happen,
I guess I will give up myself,
To you,
Something like a clown,
Nobody sees the frown,
Behind the laughter and mask,
No one sees the heart,
Behind the entertaining art,
No one knows the truth,
This is the purpose of my creation,
To make you smile,
Even at the cost of my reputation.
Feb 2018 · 187
Safe and sound
Phantom Poet Feb 2018
Every morning when I wake up,
My heartbeat kicks up,
I am scared,
I'm just sitting on bed,
I think that I woke up to a new day,
I don't know what will happen,
Is it my last day,
Few minutes ago I was in dreamland,
And now I wake up to this nightmare,
Everytime I wake up scared,
My surroundings feel weird,
I don't like it,
I have to sit and breath,
Till everything settles,
Till my heart slows down,
Till I feel,
Safe and sound.
Feb 2018 · 235
Phantom Poet Feb 2018
I rest on the couch,
And somebody knocks aloud,
I answer the door,
And there stands she,
And white dress all the way to the floor,
Dark black hair,
Dark as the night sky,
And black wings folded behind her,
death has arrived at my doorstep,
She  puts out her hand,
And utters words in a melodic voice,
"Come with me",
"You were never supposed to be alive",
"U have a choice",
"Stay here among this generation",
"Or wait until your actual creation",
"Your mind is far too advanced"
As it hit me, the realisation,
It made all sense now,
Why is hate everything,
Why i don't like the system,
The education system,
The political system,
Why everything was wrong,
Why there was always something off,
I had thoughts about a different reality,
Thoughts of a new family,
I don't hesitate and take her warm hand,
And step out the door,
And around me is suddenly black sand,
She says this is the gateway to heaven,
A gift from God for all your struggles,
Till your actual birth,
You can live in heaven,
Do whatever you want,
And wait for your actual life.
Feb 2018 · 326
To fail
Phantom Poet Feb 2018
In life we learn,
If you fail,
Try again,
Even in education,
If you fail,
You are offered one more shot,
To reach the top,
But society, friends mock you,
In class if you fail,
You get to try again,
To take the classes again,
But it has been deemed bad,
By students and teachers alike,
It is used to threaten,
"Don't study and fail",
Makes you feel beaten,
Everyone will mock you,
The mark of failure,
Burned to the flesh,
So what was supposed,
To be a second chance,
Now is a bad glance,
From everyone,
That's just students cheat,
Because they know that they will fail,
And their reputation will fall,
So cheating is the best way,
No one wants to be left behind,
No one wants to destroy their mind,
No one wants to try again,
Just because no one will allow them.
Feb 2018 · 210
To steal
Phantom Poet Feb 2018
Why do people steal,
Some to provide their family,
With a meal,
Some just to prove,
They are better than the security,
Some kleptomaniacs,
Fulfilling their desire,
I see this cute thing on the aisle,
Take it and shove it in my pocket,
Or in one of many pockets in my jacket,
Someone left their Starbucks unattended,
The taste of fresh coffee blended,
"Oh excuse me sir "!
"You dropped your wallet!",
Within my pocket crumpled money stir,
The thrill of stealing,
And the reward gleaming,
Life is unjust,
I cannot change it,
Might as well be part of it.
Feb 2018 · 256
Phantom Poet Feb 2018
I lay in bed,
My had dangling off the edge,
I don't have any fear,
Of the monster under,
On my face is a tear,
I wish the monster would grab my hand,
And take me to Neverland,
Away from the demons in my life,
I'm not scared of ghosts,
Or titans or ghouls,
I'm scared of people,
People who break my heart,
People who tear me apart,
I'd rather cherish the company,
Of ghosts and monsters,
Cuz they try to scare or **** you,
They **** your mortal vessel,
But people I knew,
They **** me from inside,
They **** my soul,
They will lead me,
To **** myself,
A slit on my wrist,
In pain my body twists,
The warm blood gushing out,
The light fading out,
Finally I can sleep,
Only time safe it keeps,
No one can hurt me when I sleep,
I drift to the dreamland,
Finally I can be here forever,
And on earth my corpse lay on the sand,
Nobody can harm me,
Nobody can break me,
Not another tear,
Across my cheek,
Or within my heart.
Jan 2018 · 406
Phantom Poet Jan 2018
everyone who reads this please write a line in the comments and continue the poem, it not necessarily needs to rhyme please!
it is a beach sea water themed

these r lines by other poets I have compiled and it's beautiful, submission r still open in the comments.... please do continue

I wander along the sea shore,.....
Unsure what it is I search for,
Walking wondering across the sand as I'm,
Does someone wait on another shore,
wind and water salty spray...
The roar of the ocean speaking in Nature’s tongue...
my feet sinking in sand marking my way,
With two feet beating the waves kiss the undertow,
I have taken lines from other poets from a  different site, and it's starting beautifully, please do continue it, the same poets may offer more lines to the poem..
Jan 2018 · 378
Continue the poem,
Phantom Poet Jan 2018
Everyone who reads this please write a line in the comments and continue the poem, it not necessarily needs to rhyme please!

I wander along the sea shore,.....
Please do continue the poem
Jan 2018 · 266
Phantom Poet Jan 2018
Come with me,
Let us just runaway,
To some place far away,
Hop on the midnight Train,
Leave behind all the pain,
The fresh smell of rain,
Don't know where,
But we will know,
When we get there,
Struggle for living,
Jobs one after another,
But all that won't affect us,
As long as we have each other,
Live in a peaceful village,
By the forest,
Farm for the best,
Every Morning,
Smell the fresh air,
Birds chirping here and there,
Life is brought another,
A happy mother,
Remember the day,
Together We ran away,
On the midnight Train,
With the aesthetic smell of rain,
So I ask you,
Take my hand,
Let's runaway,
And catch the midnight Train,
During the rain.
Was kinda fast paced, but it feels so aesthetic
Jan 2018 · 236
Truth and lies
Phantom Poet Jan 2018
Why is the truth painful,
To keep it hidden is painful,
To say it is painful,
To know it is painful,
I guess that's why people lie,
Just so they don't hurt anybody,
So that nobody has to die,
From the inside,
But then if only people were Satisfied,
All the tears cried,
The attempts tried,
The heart pried,
Heart broken,
All because someone said the truth,
Or they lied.
Dec 2017 · 143
Happy new year
Phantom Poet Dec 2017
New years are depressing,
I don't want to go to the next one,
I don't want to grow older,
With life I am done,
Every year I grow weaker,
And more insecure,
Every new year,
Is a fear,
Of getting closer to death,
Of losing people,
Of being alone......,
Another year,
Another tear,
Happy new year.
Dec 2017 · 115
What to do
Phantom Poet Dec 2017
if I tell her I love her,
we lose our friendship,
if I don't,
I lose my heart,
I don't know what to do,
I just want to be with you,
because I'm in love with you....
Dec 2017 · 636
Phantom Poet Dec 2017
Behind every song is a story,
Some moody,
Even EDM has a story,
It is a powerful story,
With unknown sounds creates,
A musical mystery,
For People it's just "sounds",
Sounds mixed and thrown together,
But it may sound all messy,
Scattered and unorganized,
But to create that ball of excitement,
The music is carefully analysed,
Up untill the last note,
Everything is precisely predicted,
Sounds unorganized,
Creations is organised,
Making it is perfection,
An artist work,
I was trying to emphasize on how much effort music producers have to take to create an EDM track
Dec 2017 · 297
Help her
Phantom Poet Dec 2017
Everyday I help her,
Help her mend her broken heart,
Someone else broke it,
And she wants him back,
And I try to help her,
But she never know the fact,
That while others were breaking her heart,
I was always ready to peice it,
But she always went behind him again,
She loves him,
And I love her,
She won't notice what she wanted,
Was right there,
And I am silent and helping her,
Get back with someone who hurt her.
Nov 2017 · 242
Phantom Poet Nov 2017
I feel happy when I hear your voice,
I fell in love with you,
I did not have a choice,
And when I told you,
I could never hear your voice,
Your eyes would never meet mine too,
My heart felt like broken toys,
You became a ghost,
For you I was just another boy,
You are what my heart desires the most,
For you to play with I was not a toy,
I was just a boy,
Whose happiness was your voice,
And he fell in love with you,
He did not have a choice.
I'm really not paying much attention to my poems lately I just write what comes to mind
Nov 2017 · 139
Falling in love
Phantom Poet Nov 2017
I think I realised why it's called falling,
It's like falling in real life,
U use a stick or support for walking,
U use a person to support you in life,
But either leaves you,
You can't walk,
Can't talk,
Can't stand,
Can't hold her hand,
U hate everything,
Don't care about anything,
And crawl on,
Until you find,
Another stick,
To pick,
And lean on,
And carry on,
So this is why,
It's called falling,
In love.
Just a thought
Nov 2017 · 295
Phantom Poet Nov 2017
The eyes depict emotions,
The face may hide those notions,
But the eyes show the truth as whole,
They called Windows to the soul,
Everytime I looked into her eyes,
I know she loves me,
But never did her lips smile,
And into my heart never did she see,
Or maybe she learnt to use her eyes,
To deceive me.
I saw it in her eyes but she never admitted it it said those words
Nov 2017 · 358
Russian roulette
Phantom Poet Nov 2017
Snap open the Smith and Wesson,
Model 19 six gun,
Empty the barrel, sound of bullets is fun,
I place a single bullet,
Along my sleeve the barrel I run,
And snap it back to place,
I ask myself with a straight face,
Did she really love me?click,
A blank,
Will I ever find love again?click
Another blank,
Will I ever be set free?click
A blank,
Losing love has made me lose fear!click
Another blank,
the sound made me see stars,
But I was not dead,
I did not feel,
Warm blood trickle down my head,
No pain,
What if this is death?,
I look at the vintage gun,
Smoke rises from the chamber,
The hammer was rammed,
The bullet was jammed,
I down a glass of whiskey single malt,
I have my answers now,
It never was my fault!
Just some casual writing
Oct 2017 · 301
No regrets
Phantom Poet Oct 2017
There was a time,
I cried and cried,
Because I had a dream,
That my parents died,
So realistic it seemed,
And I thought,
How long would they live,
They won't be there all the time,
At one point I must leave them,
At one point I'll never see them,

For four years,
I have had these great friends,
But then suddenly a rolling tear,
They won't be there for long,
They will go their own way,
They will move on,
I feel this guilty pain,
In a few months I may,
Never see them again,
Just memories,
All the fun memories,
Oh the crazy memories,
The happy memories,
The struggle memories,
The jokes and chats,
The stories and back pats,
All those will be missed,

My parents have years to live on,
And those years,
I must make the most of it,
Play with them,
Laugh and joke,
Everyday just be there for them,
So when death parts them from me,
I will not regret it,
I will smile,
Behind the smiles all the memories,

In a few months,
My friends will go their separate ways,
Till then we have days,
And we play like crazy,
Spend as much time with them,
Joke & laugh like never before,
Do crazy stuff,
To be remembered by,
The nicknames,
The arguement,
The debates,
So when they leave for their future,
I will see them off with a smile,
Behind it every single joke and games,
Over the years,
The favours and mistakes,
The laughs and craze,
I will not regret it,

I don't want to leave anyone I've met,
Within my heart,
With regret.
My friends will be leaving and am sad cuz I don't want them to and be with them forever
Oct 2017 · 423
Single child
Phantom Poet Oct 2017
Everyone I have met,
Have siblings,
And yet they don't find,
Their life set,
They complain out of their mind,
That wish their sibling they had never met,
That they do not belong,
But I tell them they are lucky,
And they think that's funny,
They ask why,
And I say,
You have a friend,
All the time twenty four seven,
U never feel alone,
Never truly feel loneliness,
There is someone,
You can talk to,
Open up to,
You won't tell your parents,
Deepest secrets,
But to a brother or sister,
Someone you can trust,
With someone a bond,
With someone memories so fond,
And you think being lucky,
Is funny and wild,
Clearly you have never been,
A single child.
I am a single child,and people complain to me about having brothers and how lucky I am,the grass always looks greener on the other side
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