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Phantom Poet Mar 28
I recently looked through my poetry,
they are all past stories,
all locked away memories,
I realized something,
something I worry,
all I write are dark story,
fueled by dark memory,
what is happening to me,
when was the last time I was happy,
in my mind is a painful mark,
oh why ! oh why !
are my thoughts,
so dark..
Trying to get back into writing
Phantom Poet Mar 2020
I am in Netherlands,
Through my university course,
Has allowed me to travel across the lands,
Of the beautiful Europe,
Me and a friend have come to lend a hand,
To farmers for voluntary work,
Which is also a school on the farmland,
For kids who can't achieve the mark,
Who can't study in the normal system,
I am in the pure countryside,
And it is beautiful and majestic,
There are fields wide,
Long clean canals blue,
It is a beautiful sight,
I cycle looking at this view,
The sun shining golden bright,
The wind blowing past you,
The dim villages at night,
It feels nice to be away,
Away from the fright,
This is what I like,
This is,
The Dutch countryside
Hello, it has been 2 years since I have been on here, and been on a terrible path, I am writing again, to become normal and get my life together
Phantom Poet Apr 2019
There are heroes,
Who are people who fight evil,
To save lives,
They have the will,
To stay alive,
But now we have a new villain,
Depression, anxiety,panic,OCD,
And many other pain,
And all it takes,
Is a smile,
Or a 'hi',
Ull see people shine,
Just a moment of happiness,
In their troubled life,
No matter how much Ur broken,
Always make people smile,
And a smile so genuine,
So anyone can be a hero,
So go out there,
No matter what,
Go be a hero.
Inspired by many cool video games
Phantom Poet Apr 2019
I was sitting with her at the port,
A sunny day,
Some are practising water sport,
And we were chilling away,
We were eating ice cream,
The one with cones with a seam,
And I look at her sway,
I lean in and kiss her cheek,
She looks at me with shock,
I tell her I really like her,
She says I know,
And I say, that you don't share the same feelings,
She says I've been thinking about that,
And I'm like let's find out,
I lean in closer to her,
Press my lips against hers,
And kiss her,
And when we broke away,
I gazed into her eyes,
That looked like pools of honey,
When the sun hits right,
And I whispered,
I'll take that as a yes,



Beep beep beep beep
Beep beep beep beep
Phantom Poet Feb 2019
I don't know what to do?,
I might have made a mistake,
Which I never realised or knew,
I thought things would be better,
But I feel under the weather,
I don't know what to do,
I made a mistake,
Which I never knew.
Phantom Poet Feb 2019
today is the first day I didn't take drugs,
no ****, no hash,
for once I didn't spend cash,
but I cannot sleep,
I cannot sleep if I'm not high,
I cannot until I'm ****** deep,
I cannot....,
until I feel like I can fly,
because when I am not high,
and the day flies by,
I cannot sleep at night,
I realize emptiness,
I don't have anything to distract me,
I just feel this lonliness,
I'm afraid when I have to end everyday alone,
I can't sleep,
in this darkness,
I want to feel like a falling trip,
I want to create anything in my head,
a girl, a story, a song or just a close friend,
I wish my purpose could just end,
that's all I need,
I can't sleep.
Phantom Poet Feb 2019
I'm high,
I am going to die,
I'm not gonna lie,
the noose is very sly,
bullets fly,
at my head,
I'm going to die,
I don't have a reason to live,
a knife will slice viens,
I loose blood,
Wither and die.
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