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Phantom Poet Jul 2022
I struck up a conversation in a park,
A stranger sharing the seat,
The sun is setting and just about to get dark,
They sounded timid and meek,
We spoke about dreams,
They said ' I find myself standing on a pier,
Looking out to the end and the ocean's gleam',

We met the next day on the same seat,
They said 'today I saw a boat at the end of the pier,
And I had been feeling a fear',
' There is a ferryman in it and calls me near ',
'He doesn't speak any words and just waits'

On the third day I saw them again sitting,
'I've been waking up late each morning',
'The sounds of the ocean keeps me longing',
'I can hear the sounds of the boat creaking',
'And the ferryman continues waiting',

On the fourth day,
'I spoke to the ferryman',
'He didn't speak but he listened away',
'His presence calmed my shaking hands',
'His eyes felt like he was showing the way',
'Under his boat shifted the sands of time',
'I awoke late crying'

On the fifth day,
I sat there and await,
I was curious to hear what they say,
Today they were late,
I looked around to search for them,
I sat there until the dusk at eight,
I wanted to hear about what they dreamed,
I thought to myself they were never late,
They finally got on the boat it seemed,

I stood up and left,
And never again we met.
Phantom Poet Mar 2022
Everything is moving fast,
At a single blink,
Gone is the days into the past,
All we have our choices to think,
In our decisions to trust,
Distracted by illusions we cast,
Illusions of purpose and freedom to last,
Every decision we make is another path,

Do you not see?

Everything hangs on the scale of choices,
It's just like zeroes and ones,
Like simple binary,
Our destinies coded into reality,
To be or no to be,
To exist or not,
To pursue answers beyond insanity,
A choice to accept or reject,
The very existence of choice,
Dictates free will,
Or so we would believe and feel,
And pretend to be free,
But always end up,
Exactly where we are meant,
to be.
Phantom Poet Jul 2021
Hello old friend....
We meet once again,
I thought it was the end,
But I came crawling in vain,
More words are to be penned,
To write away the pain,
A soul to mend,
Speaking to you feels like solace in the rain,
The construct is nearly at the end,
Have  to get on the reality train,
Our time has come to an end,
We'll meet again,
Until then,
Goodbye old friend
Phantom Poet Mar 2021
I recently looked through my poetry,
they are all past stories,
all locked away memories,
I realized something,
something I worry,
all I write are dark story,
fueled by dark memory,
what is happening to me,
when was the last time I was happy,
in my mind is a painful mark,
oh why ! oh why !
are my thoughts,
so dark..
Trying to get back into writing
Phantom Poet Mar 2020
I am in Netherlands,
Through my university course,
Has allowed me to travel across the lands,
Of the beautiful Europe,
Me and a friend have come to lend a hand,
To farmers for voluntary work,
Which is also a school on the farmland,
For kids who can't achieve the mark,
Who can't study in the normal system,
I am in the pure countryside,
And it is beautiful and majestic,
There are fields wide,
Long clean canals blue,
It is a beautiful sight,
I cycle looking at this view,
The sun shining golden bright,
The wind blowing past you,
The dim villages at night,
It feels nice to be away,
Away from the fright,
This is what I like,
This is,
The Dutch countryside
Hello, it has been 2 years since I have been on here, and been on a terrible path, I am writing again, to become normal and get my life together
Phantom Poet Apr 2019
There are heroes,
Who are people who fight evil,
To save lives,
They have the will,
To stay alive,
But now we have a new villain,
Depression, anxiety,panic,OCD,
And many other pain,
And all it takes,
Is a smile,
Or a 'hi',
Ull see people shine,
Just a moment of happiness,
In their troubled life,
No matter how much Ur broken,
Always make people smile,
And a smile so genuine,
So anyone can be a hero,
So go out there,
No matter what,
Go be a hero.
Inspired by many cool video games
Phantom Poet Apr 2019
I was sitting with her at the port,
A sunny day,
Some are practising water sport,
And we were chilling away,
We were eating ice cream,
The one with cones with a seam,
And I look at her sway,
I lean in and kiss her cheek,
She looks at me with shock,
I tell her I really like her,
She says I know,
And I say, that you don't share the same feelings,
She says I've been thinking about that,
And I'm like let's find out,
I lean in closer to her,
Press my lips against hers,
And kiss her,
And when we broke away,
I gazed into her eyes,
That looked like pools of honey,
When the sun hits right,
And I whispered,
I'll take that as a yes,



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