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irinia Dec 2022
a shy sunrise over the hills
the quietness of frozen earth
dead leaves blessed with crystal
delicate magic
pine trees, white fir trees,
like untouchable heights
of my garden
the cherry tree dreaming
of cherries and the birds
in the sky
and my heart cracked opened
by the crisp wonder
of a winter spirit
ChinHooi Ng Nov 2022
After all these years
when i step into
the land of rye
i can still hear summer
its most authentic heartbeat
roar of the machine takes over
from the rasping scythe
cutting through stalks
when the grains are harvested to the barn
they'll be no more painful stubble at the feet
after many years
the summer is still so **** hot
i like it just as before
the season of mellow mango scent
and pleasant earthly aroma of barley
though all beings are a little deflated
no one wishes to light the flame
at the moment i miss the dense woods in the distance
because that's where cool breezes are born
i appreciate the hospitality of the cotton and corn
they keep bringing the joy of maturity
flowers are exceptionally generous
they keep painting the landscape
standing on the fresh verdant ground
let the rainstorm clean my dusty soul
summer is the season of zeal
i will extract the poetic fragrance
on every lush green plant
so that folks longing for a peaceful mind
can get a peaceful lyrical feeling
across this summer
i especially like the other side of the water
where i can dance with the shy lotus
this summer i've gathered
a bowlful of poems to read
with you.
neth jones Oct 2022
move to the countryside
(cities crowd judgement)
   and carve a tree upon my heart

span life in walks
   and scrapes with harsh weather

soon to leather myself
   into a practical creature

earn lighter being
  seldom to pass stressful thought
Carl Sinderby Sep 2022
Trees are tall their leaves fall,
We look them up and down and see beauty,
The vision of growth and strength in the overpowering Branches,
There are funny little shaped trunks,
They are claimed they are hugged,
They are drawn and sawn,
Trees are our friends when we let them be,
Trees contain the destruction,
In mother nature's grace,
We love the trees all the same because they give us space.
Alan S Jeeves Feb 2022
When the morning first is born
With darkness on the run.
Warmth and light then greet the morn'
And make the way for sun.

When night-time creatures take their bed
And daytime things appear;
That's the time, I've often said,
When heaven is most near.

To stand and view the coloured show
With flowers of each kind;
The vivid hues of petals glow,
They intoxicate your mind.

To walk amongst the dewy grass
Which sparkles in the light.
Their blades salute you as you pass
And chase away the night.

To look above and see the sky
As blue as blue can be.
To stand below and wonder why
The blue is all you see.

Except the sun invades the blue
And gilded splendour cast;
A vestige that the day is new
And yesterday is past.

This day is noble, like my bird,
A beauty to behold.
This day is special, take my word;
Vivid, sparkling, blue and gold
Man Aug 2021
Longing for the land of my lineage
I am dying here, in Beggar Country
Here, where fools act the wise
Pseudo Intellectualism steadily on the rise
Where the disease celebritism has took hold
Forced out the tried and true for the shiny yet old
Where the idiom
The more things that change, the more remains the same
Is unquestionably fact
I long for Ireland
I long to go back

Give me land that's green
And rolling countryside
Give me tide to rival hell's fury
And people that mean well, amid gales so dreary
I miss fog
Like that kicked up by the mire

Give me land that's hungry
Give me people that's tired
Dave Robertson Jul 2021
Leaf litter sheep ****
verdant verges
flowers that smell foreign but aren’t
wet earth telling truth
moves to concrete and tarmac
who lie often
and heat is turned to memory
steps from animal tracks to animals tracked
have tumble drier breeze
mocking those prior flowers
**** smoked appreciatively
to thank the peace
as if laws don’t exist
and the lick of car exhaust
to recall poison
and then home
Dave Robertson Jul 2021
Green cathedral bells
are felt more than heard
though some tolls chime audible
to stomach depths
heart breadths
last breaths
blue house
brown house
tan house

brown house
blue house

brown house
brown house
brown house

backyard inside the fence
rocks inside of rivets

dead grass and
rocks inside rivets
rocks inside rivets

bridge over tracks
bridge over trails
bridge over the river
bridge over rails

parking lot
parking lot
parking lot
parking lot

high school called
a dead man’s name

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