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ChildofGodyay Jul 13
Carefully you cut my hair.
The fingers of your hands slid through the blanket of my head.
I looked at your eyes.
Filled with such focus and concentration.
Afraid to talk I tie a knot with my fingers.
Afraid to talk, I made excuses.
Afraid to talk, I tap my foot.
Yet when I opened up.
You revealed to me the normals of your life.
But really a surprise to this life of mine.
Fellow hairdresser, as I sit in the chair.
carefully cutting my hair.
With a scissor on his wrinkled hands.
Maybe I should be more open.
But I should stay closed sometimes.
Like maybe...a half-opened door...
just some thoughts. And yes i did go to the hairdressers today!
Parker Poole Jun 11
We grew up learning valuable life lessons from the people around us
We learned, for instance, to always use our manners, our please and thank you’s
We learned to look both ways before crossing the street for any cars surrounding us
We learned that even if the adults are wrong we bite our tongues and respect our elders
As young ladies, we learned that we’re to scream ‘fire” if we’re being attacked
This taught us that a burning house was more important than society having our backs
We learned that if a man catcalls you, or gropes you on the bus
You’re to politely excuse yourself to take a phone call
After all, we’re to be seen as respectable young ladies, even if respect is never what we receive
As a culture, young men are taught that it is weak to cry
To show emotions at any time, no matter what
They’re always supposed to keep their mouths shut
We never knew any different than these lessons we learned
Our hearts are scarred where the lessons are burned
Our childhoods tainted with these teachings…
So how do you expect to change as a society…when we can’t even change ourselves?
My mind's so open
that, technically speaking, it's
really closed backwards.
Phantom Poet Apr 20
Surviving and living,
Both have the same meaning,
It is just the difference in feeling,
Let me begin explaining,
Surviving is staying alive,
Just for the sake of being alive,
Surviving is struggling,
It is a rough journey,
Full of hatred and being lonely,
Living is surviving,
But with happiness as feeling,
It is a rough journey,
But feeling happy,
In every little story,
Feeling happy with oneself,
Happy with whatever is happening,
Even if your world is crumbling,
Find joy within the disaster,
The aesthetic within the storm,
Don't waste time competing,
Struggling and fighting,
Live life don't fight it,
Once you can smile through a storm,
When happiness is the feeling,
That's when you know,
You are living,
And not surviving.
Once there was a blue light
It shone bright over us in the night
Quiet in the midnight sky
When mankind was still kind
We looked not to religion
We looked not at tradition
We looked not at culture
We placed our hopes, dreams and aspirations not in a politician
When everyone was a person
No-one was a colour and titles did not exist
Simplicity was the name of the game
But then mankind ... the one who was suppose to be kind
Gave a name to everything
The division had begun
Was man-kind really kind?
What once was one had been splintered into pieces
Now we stand divided
Where have all the pieces blown, you ask?
Where are they hiding?
An incomplete puzzle we have become
However the answer has been revealed to few
But for now their tongues are on mute
Written by Sean Achilleos
03 April 2018©
Amazon: Sean Achilleos 'An Affair with Life' The Philosophical Poems of Sean Achilleos
YouTube: Sean Achilleos
Just because you learned something new
Doesn't make that information true

It was learned from someone
Or somewhere before
A chain of Chinese whispers
That has a lot to answer for

People like to get up on their high horse
Pushing their opinion on others
With aggressive force

The anger that arises
When they are opposed
Leaves the listeners minds
And thoughts closed

Question the validity
Of everything you hear
And in return
Some valuable information
You may just learn
And in your opinion
Others may yearn

But if you choose to be opinionated
And can't rise above it
Then you can take your opinion
And you can shove it.
Marília Galvão Mar 2015
Now I ask you to join me
Now you celebrate
Not being me. Not being you
Only Us for the great



Some steps I will take
Be my guest
Pull your anchor
Out of the lake

In the room
In the building
In the crowded city
In the country with thousands of cities
The country shares the continent with an enemy nation
The two rivals are carried round and round by the Earth's endless rotation
The Earth obeys the master’s magnetic line, burning since uncountable clock time
The sun is blind to his insignificance too, ignoring billions of other star mates, it can’t see through
Immeasurable it seems, magnifying! All of them such tiny little parts in one of Miss Milky’s arms
Some light years away there they are: Pinwheel, Cartwheel, Black Eye, Andromeda and Cigar
Unmeasurable it seems, humongous! All of them such a fading little part of the cosmos

There you are
Floating from a distance
Feel the empty ground
Drink from the fountain of existence

Still blind to insignificance?
Still convinced about the rightness of imposed beliefs?
Still judging others’ defects according to our pretentious and vain mind?
Still punching away the different, protecting the mold?
Still reinforcing illusory antagonism and insignia?
Still seeing only two sides?
Still holding to the pride?

In the ******* room

Am I? Are you?
Let's try it again
“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness." Mark Twain
Gabriel burnS Jul 2017
I wrote a poem for you

but I keep changing the words

because I'm learning
Lyra Daydream Dec 2016
I am not Christian but I have deep reverence for the teachings of Christ and his love of humanity.

I am not Roman Catholic but I recognize the life-affirming power of community, communion, and ritual.

I am not a Moslem but I find beauty and usefulness in the teachings of Mohammed.

I am not Buddhist but I have seen the results of meditation, daily spiritual practice, and putting aside my own ego.

I am not Taoist but I have felt the peace of the way of simplicity and harmony with the Tao.

I am not ancient Egyptian but I know the power of the Sun in the heavens, and I honor the Holy Mother Isis whose name has been hijacked by terrorists and propaganda machines.

I am not Wiccan but I have danced with the natural cycles of the year and the moon; I have known the power of the Earth and my place within it.

I am not Jewish but I will not forget the lessons of suffering, wandering, Silence, and discipline they have taught the world.

Heathen. Pagan. Atheist. Heretic. Believer. Trickster. Demon. Saint.

Paradoxically, I am none of these things and All of these things.

I believe in a humanity that can transcend the enslaving dogma and intolerance of patriarchy and religions used against us, to see ourselves, our ***(esse)s, and our highest noble values in the faces of each other and all the natural wonders of this universal dream.

Original Sin = the Original Lie.

I believe in the goodness and greatness of us all.

Won’t you be my neighbor?  <3
All the best things I ever learned were from a certain neighborhood...
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