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clever May 2018
you are the soundtrack to my life.
your breath is the rhythm to my walk.
your heartbeat is my refrain.
Sam Apr 2018
I can't think of a title
So I'll just go to sleep for a while
It's better than crying
But not as affective as dying
As I lay here with tear stained eyes
Trying and failing to say my goodbyes
My sadness creeps through yet again
And pulls me down into a lifetime of pain

All in a matter of seconds
Asonna Apr 2018
Say Love
Easy Love
Mad Love
Wild Love.

We are the ones
In the morning
All stars
Let it go.

If this is it
I need something
Too high
Off she goes.

Beautiful Trauma
Lips on you
**** ***** love
Thick skin
Give it up.

Silence speaks
Feel it still.

Would you be so kind
That's what I like
I like me better
Can it be you?

Out of the woods
Chivalry is dead
Hold me down
I think I love you.
polka Mar 2018
The truth brings you a pain I don't wish for you to suffer;
Lie to me and tell me I'm beautiful, for I will readily accept it.
Mida Burtons Feb 2018
it's hard not to notice
when your face lights up
alone in a crowd
i listen to
the sounds of the building
the slow drip of paint
the screams of the wind
all traces of sadness disappear
as your my distraction
from the pain
which once consumed me
if i could fly
i wouldn't because my home is
right here
next to you, pure bliss
which i lean back to admire but
nobody knows
nobody sees
my need for art
but i can't complain when i have
a piece of you
as you complete me
there was a time i felt
i couldn't feel anything
i felt helpless
heavy with exhaustion
i slept
i remember the tired
then the sound of life followed
behind you
it wasn't much but it was
all i needed then
this poem was an attempt of me to do something different, i tried to write something using only song titles
Navahopi119 Oct 2017
By no means am I a poet
And everyone knows it
It's not hard to find the time
A make a couple of rhymes

By no means am I a poet
Everthing I write shows it
Rather what I write
Is as simple as flying a kite

By no means am I a poet
But don't ask me to prove it
I just live my life
And I try to show it without strife
The Napkin Poet Oct 2017
Paper can save you from paper cuts
I know this is true
White envelopes saved me from red wrists
Hand delivered with a ribboned box
letters short and long

I'd given you letters too
Ones that directed you to read
"When you're sad" or "miss me"
To read "when you're in a worry"

My letters from you had a series of fitting titles
"When you're sick of gender roles"
"When you're in a panic"
I tend to be in those quite often

Paper can save you from paper cuts
I've always been afraid of the edges
But with you i'd glide down them
Even with out knowing the end of the page

I know paper can save you from paper cuts
But I don't think you will
After all this particular paper
Always talks about free will
ryn Aug 2017
Cast me as a tyrant
Label me a saint
Wear me a mask
With time-worn paint

Think me a dreamer
Name me a fool
Fashion me a garb
From the same dreaded spool

Brand me the villain
Sing of me as a martyr
Arm me my hand
With a stolen sceptre

Call me a dreamer
Judge me a thief
Fill me a head
Full of grandeur and grief
I'm a man of the night
I've been branded
My poetry serves no purpose to the world.
I've not been branded a hero,
I've'd seen how those all end:
                    Unquestionable statues of bronze or gold
                  or rather forgotten,
              disposed after 2 weeks of fame after-death.
I want neither.
I'm no hero, no. I'm no gigantic bearded poet
                                         Hemingway shot himself
                                                         ­       I couldn't muster courage
                                         or decandence.

I. made. to.
Shoulder to shoulder.
Serving my servers.
Out of love.
I carry. As they carry.
              as I get. Carried.
As one shelters me this moment;
As other. Eloquent. Frightening. Dashing and Proud.
                 as she said;
                 titles are in fact...
july 22, 2017
3:27 a.m., Zibreiros
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