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Jaicob May 2021
No matter how many times I'm called beautiful
or pretty, of gorgeous, or any other comment,
I will always cry when I hear the name
You try to call me adoringly...

It is dead.
I bury it here
In the words.
I write its tombstone.
Jaicob May 2021
Oh, {deadname},

You're my beautiful daughter.
I know you're only lying.
You'll never, ever be a boy
No matter how long you keep trying.

Give up on transitioning.
Your mind has been poisoned.
The media has consumed you-
All the lies eating their way in.

Finally, you are my precious baby girl.
You're very smart, and you know that.
Don't think you're a boy- you're not.
You should put on your smiling mask

Until you're not sick anymore,

-Your loving mother
I want to leave this house... It hurts to look at myself.
Nikkie Jan 2021
Have I done enough praying in my life,
to have brought to fruition, this caring man
that God sent my way?
He cares for me and how I feel,
he pulls my chair so I can sit.
He holds me close on the dance floor,
and beckons me to follow his masculine lead.
He raises his drink and toasts to my honor,
which makes me feel unbelievably special,
like winning our own private lottery drawing.
He puts me on his pedestal and holds me
in the highest regard.
But yet he still worries; will I always be,
the same me he sees every day.
Am I going to change who I’ve introduced him to?
Is my love for him going to change?
Are the words I pen from my heart, going to
end up hurting our divine connection?
I am here to stay for the long haul,
I am not afraid to share my feelings.
I dig this power that you emit my way.
That slow drag you had in the beginning
is still locked down inside my soul
Nikkie Jan 2021
The core of your emotionally charged vibration gives me shivers,
then evens me out, like an illegal drug shocks the system.
You calm me down like a deep ****** after an exhausting ******* primal event!
I can’t say when, why, or the exact moment in time,
when you entered into my solitary world.
I can’t seem to let this go, the feeling of passion, the warmth of unity,
the wholesome finality of not feeling alone.
I don’t want to wake from my fragmented sleep,
because I feel you deeper when my eyes are closed.
I know it takes time and patience to hone in on what you feel.
I’ve waited so long for this slow dance to happen,
and I’m not about to give up now.
You make me feel like a female dragon in ****** heat,
expelling thunder like an old-time flashcube, dancing within my murky emotions.
Brandy filled chocolate covered cherries; melt from the heat inside of me,
Intoxicating the alcoholic burn on my tongue.
You’ve become a distillery of thoughtful contentment, that slowly releases
a flowing continuum of deliberate desires.
I’ve had some ups and I’ve had some downs, when it comes
to relationships and emotional intensities.
The air around you have pierced my reality and rebuilt the broken
chambers of my heart.
Feelings have been set free, with re-deposits of evaporated pain;
changing charged up devotions into kinetic realties.
My Mister Devine you bring out my divinity,
from the safety of your embrace to the finesse of your masculinity.
Jennifer Herbert Jun 2020
Suspended in time
Weightless and unworried
We hang on to the moment
Sedated magic unhurried

His scent is captivating and wild
Forever embedded in my brain
Masculine and crisp
A few hints of the earth after a rain

Insecurities held at bay
I live inside your sanctuary
Your embrace keeps me safe
My senses relaxed and unwary
Eman Jun 2020

starts with a single drop and perfect silence
this menstrual cycle that comes with collateral violence

they will laugh and joke about your chastity
then put a bounty on your virginity

make a story out of your name
then set the hounds on your trails

blood will keep on running, until you can't keep on running
until you become the very demon they've been wanting

frightened by your femininity, yet aroused by its delicacy
they'll put a cross to your face, only to laugh at your disgrace

you can't lead, can never be like Christ
yet you will imitate his suffering day and night

they'll question your faith, try to burn you at the stake
when the irony is


Women, puberty and the scathing eyes of a sexist society.
Chelsea Rae Jan 2020
Let me begin to chip away,
Piece by piece,
The idealistic fantasy of
The White Knight.

It was never fair to you
Nor I
To expect saving
And almost.. perfection.

A story so often spoon fed to us all
From young ages.
Promised, almost.
So young our minds cling to this projection of what "should" be.

You men carry things
We women could never fathom
Until we open our hearts to see you,
Truly see you,
And graciously allow you
To also be human.
Toxic masculinity is worse than we realize.
Men have feelings too.
Express yourselves.
Skye Dec 2019
Remember me
The one you didn’t know you needed
All woman, soft tender wet
With curves that made you hard
And drew forth your animal
Remember my ocean
Waters deep you dive into
Liquid sweet to quench you
Remember the fire
That burned my resistance
It burns still
The Phoenix woman rises
Time and again
She lifts you up
For it is now your time
To shine
Slay those demons that pull you down
Remove distractions and noise
Allow the pressure to reveal facets of greatness you have yet to discover
That I see so clearly
Rise my beloved
Rumble with your terror, this beast of vulnerability, wrestle that bear to the ground
And emerge victorious
I will be here upon your return
Nourished within myself,
Empowered in my work and my life
Ripe with readiness
To feed your starving
To nourish your weary
To feast on mutual desire
And remind you who you are
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