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Cross Boundry Sep 24
i'll sketch you, mon ange
i'll draw you on the page, my pencil giving you immortality
poem four: french beauty
Amanda Hawk Jul 3
Let me sketch you

With words

I will frame

Your body

With descriptions

Of the way

I view you

Ignore all the definitions

The world

Placed on your shoulders

Recreate a language

Using your name

As the beginning

So you can relish

The sound of every letter

Learn to adore

The sound of every vowel

Then maybe your reflection

Will become more within your eyes
AditiKo May 27
Kept working
Sweating and renewing
And carefully weaving
My thoughts through the world
And I realise
That I didn't like it.

Venting and pounding
Failed art
Broken heart
All cleared away

And that's some space
For another tone, a face
Start afresh the next day.
There are only so many tries before you make it. Do the math people
Kairosclere May 27
Each stroke of my charcoal pencil,
Scraping against paper,
Scratched out yet another scar
Masking my feelings
As they bled on paper-
Black rivers running scarlet,
And locked it there,
A dam brimming
Wiped off, in a brave
Attempt to never
Be uncovered again,
Under alluvium.
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Jenish Apr 13
Nipped the brush, picked the paint, let the canvas fill
Oh my crush, like a saint, keep your head still
Let me first, draw the sketch, what a cute face!
Body next, let me fetch, lovely gaze and grace
Lines are made, streaks of color, your portrait is good
Bit of shade, made it duller, a monkey in woods.
Ankush Arora Dec 2019
“Taking photos is not allowed here”,
said the caretaker.
I, at first thought,
“I'm not a traitor”
I move ahead and observe the event.
Things appear like there is a revenant.
Not even a single picture,
but I was printing better than the 3D- printer.
I can make as lively a sketch,
as it comes out of the white;
but the same feeling I cannot transfer,
unless the recipient sees the outline.
I can talk to you on a video call,
but you know it right?
The increase in one dimension,
affects my sight.
We are taking photos of important events;
but we try to ignore the bad clicks.
We are using our eyes to see the bad,
but our camera to see the sketch.
But deep down we understand that
we can develop the camera;
but not sensitivity.
The picture always looks better in reality,
than in the gallery.
@mywritings.emotions on facebook
Proctor Ehrling Sep 2019
A ghost of a house is a blueprint
A soul of a blueprint is a sketch
A sketch's spirit is in vision
And lemme tell you, your vision's quite a stretch
A guy I know has a tendency to develop things and plan for stuff he has no way of ever accomplishing. This little nugget js written in about 2 minutes.
Ylzm May 2019
Prose, a photo
Poetry, pencil sketch,
                                       in five lines.

We see not with eyes but heart
We hear not with ears but heart
We think not with mind but heart
                                                           ­   Helen Keller,
                                                                                      wise beyond sight.

And we feel not with heart but in the guts.
Whisperer Apr 2019
I try not to write about you

But whenever these hands get hold of a pen

They start sketching your beauty and flaws
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