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Alyssa Underwood Nov 2015
There's a peculiar kind of beauty that can only be experienced
with the innate knowledge that the moment is fleeting
and the most intense beauty can only be seen in
the presence of both light and shadows.
For it’s often in the loss of a thing
that its worth to us becomes
most precious and by
letting it go with
grace we can
best savor
its purest
that the pain
runs so deep only
because the beauty ran
so deep and that without
it having once touched us we
wouldn't now know the emptiness
of its loss, our grief will eventually turn to
thankfulness that it ever touched us at all, and
we will be left awed by the mystery of its haunting.
Tammy M Darby Oct 2014
Damnation haunts yesterdays footsteps
Poison tipped arrow's bearing memories
Seek their mark
The day offers no mercy or  respite
From the long night screams in the dark

Salty sweat drops upon burning dreams
Awaken oh soul to the blackness and fear
Its but a fleeting moment of millenniums to come
Marked so carefully on a calendar of tears

Turning helpless eyes away from the light
Placing trembling hand upon forever's door
Incomprehensible words muttered under your breath
Slipping into oblivion
Off sanity's sharpened edge.

@ Tammy M. Darby Oct. 5, 2014
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ryn Oct 2014
She comes to me every night...
When all is asleep with stars lit yonder.
Comes to me with subtle might
Peeking fiendishly from darkness's cover

Await such time she'd choose to show
Await the chance to finally take.
Ready to pounce like a well tensioned bow
Arrow-like talons, ever honed to stake.

Awake or asleep, she would come without fail.
Creep is her gait; this shadow clad figure.
Always a ***** in my impervious mail.
Claiming her wants with ferocious fervour.

Deemed to be strong, easier to succumb.
Don't fight...don't struggle... Don't call for aid...
Just wait and will yourself numb
She'd come regardless of prayers that's said.

She was here with me last night
In bed, I stared at a being that's faceless...
And my heart wrenched tight.
Gripping and feeding me senseless...

Soon as she came, she left but not before
Siphoning the good and replacing with dread...
Stole was what she did; left me wanting more...
Once deed is done, into the dark she fled.

I know her all too well,
Nocturnal guest that I unknowingly invite
Her intentions to incite, not quell
Send me spiralling through emotional blight.

Day will recede, making room for dark
She'll come; swift and without sound.
She'll arrive majestic; inflicting her mark
I'll wait for her, ready and unbound.

Looking forward to her return
This silent foe whom I find familiar.
With every touch I cringe and burn
Oh secret friend whom I'm beginning to savour...

She is synonymous with various names
Each would bear the likeness of semblance
Let fly her cloak of not dissimilar aims
Endearingly I call her...,

Alysia Marie Dec 2018
I’m sick
And I’m tired
I’m eating my words
As they dance on my tongue
Making me squirm as they turn
Oh I’m biting
I’m chewing
Simply swallowing my pride
For I can’t say how I feel
No matter how hard I’ve tried
For they pin me
They ***** me
Puncturing my mind
As I sit here and silence
Muted like a mime
I can’t say it
I fear it
The version that you’ll see
If I emit all of these feelings
My caged memories
For they haunt me
They taunt me
Like a stained porcelain tub
You can’t rid it of residue
No matter how hard you scrub
That’s my mind
They’re my eyes
Tinted a light shade of blue
As eroded as these beaches
I’m drowning from you
Your fingers
They’ve grabbed me
Now bruising my soul
How can one escape from your grasp-
I just long to feel whole
For it was physical
Now emotional
Unsure which one is worse
See these flashbacks you’ve gifted me
Were your most vicious curse

                               Alysia Marie 2018 ©
Perhaps one day these flashbacks will subside
Perhaps one day it’ll all end.
Benji James Mar 2018
The secrets you shared
Opened my eyes real wide
Had to take the burdens
That you bared
Couldn’t let them lead you to death
I ****** out the poisons
Plaguing your mind
I wasn’t about to sit on the sidelines
I’m a fighter
Takes a lot to knock me down
It’s gonna take a lot more to take me out

Hunt me down
All of the darkness
I took that from you
Now I’m wanted
Hunt me down
I’m not one to be outgunned
in a fight
This time around hells wrath
may have me bested
In its fury
Hunt me down
I’ll do what I have to, to stand my ground

Once purified
Now drowning in darkness
Opened eyes
Fill these abandoned woods
Everywhere I turn spirits haunt me
I’m not scared, I’m not afraid
It was in this place
My life was made
There’s comfort here
And I’m alright
I don’t second guess
The decision I made
Alone with the ghosts
You gave to me
I told you I’d take them from you baby

Hunt me down
All of the darkness
I took that from you
Now I’m wanted
Hunt me down
I’m not one to be outgunned
in a fight
This time around hells wrath
may have me bested
In its fury
Hunt me down
I’ll do what I have to, to stand my ground

Heaven shut me out
Long ago
I’m just another abandoned soul
I’ll walk these deserts for the rest of time
Taunted by the nightmares that kept you awake all night
I hope you sleep peacefully in dreams
You deserve the best baby
I’m the one who took your pain
Made it my own
Cuz I could not watch it hurt you, no more
I’ll fight for you forever
Your angel in the darkness
I’ll fight until the end
Until my wings are ripped from my back
Until my eyes run black

Hunt me down
All of the darkness
I took that from you
Now I’m wanted
Hunt me down
I’m not one to be outgunned
in a fight
This time around hells wrath
may have me bested
In its fury
Hunt me down
I’ll do what I have to, to stand my ground

©2018 Written By Benji James
Shofi Ahmed Jul 2018
Dancing the billow in the sea
the cool one will show up with love.
Deep down from the deep
with the flute on the lips.

Listen to the flute!
The chorus clouds bang out
floating by the river blue,
they sing down the sky as they move.

The sun draws in
from the secret valley
ambling with the wonder light
as if it, the punter sun, in the sky
knew it, knows the flutist
rose from down the sea!

There is no stop in the solar disc.
Twirling around the inner music
every orb, every planet is a bee.

The waning and waxing Moon
in silhouette and at half-light
swings over the sea.

It all starts from the ground;
it was from our sea waterfront
Him the creative sweetheart in the midst
floated the leading light the bumblebee.
All the stars bubble in the galaxy
they know this ancient story!

Since then the brightest bulb
the sun in the solar ring  
leads the bunch’s mindful
butterfly dance on the way home.
Following the enduring haunting melody
of the pre-design command ‘qun’ be!
A poem from my upcoming book Qun: Love is Unconditional
Saudia R Mar 19
I hope my words haunt you

Because when they do

You'll know I'm right
Some things you never get over
Sometimes the moon just won’t shine
The pain will never leave you
And nothin’ ever looks fine.

It’s never gonna' be alright
Cryin’ in the dark again tonight
Just leave me alone
And unplug the phone
I’m never gonna’ be alright.

You split my heart in two
Now I’m loathing you
No one here to see me through
Now the love is lost
Because you played your game
Now you just **** me off
Don’t wanna’ speak your name.

But when I see your face
The love is haunting me
I’m such a big disgrace
My body is stung and I feel unplugged
If only I had the words to say
How I miss you babe and I’m never gonna’ to be alright

But I’m righteous and shy
So I’ll just say goodbye
Bite my lip
Hold my tongue
And cry
Because I’m never gonna’ be alright.
Read more at http://******-in-oncology
G Rog Rogers Aug 2017
I knew Her as an angel
She is remembered as a ghost
Haunting every memory
with love that now is lost

Her ways were
near to perfect
until the shadows
touched Her soul
The bitter winds
they overtook Her
far more fierce
than She could hold

Now the hauntings
of Our memories
and the tragedy
that did befall
is all that's left
me to remember
of the angel whose
name I once did call

Beauty then to darkness
as the shadows
haunting pause
Reveal a ghost before me
where an angel
there once was

Remembering an angel
when surely She is lost
I turn and focus onward
Righteous vengeance
then my cause.



kevin hamilton May 2017
lost Sunday
i travelled light on cemetery rd.
flinching at every sound
of the whistling oaks
coming after me

i was sick but i didn't know
hushed by the fire
on the horizon
and the footsteps at my back
through crystal snow

believe me, i was sick
i was a drunken punk
in the soy fields
sleeping giant  
in a ring of salt
Gary Brocks Aug 2018
Verse 1

Why do I have this haunted feeling?
Something is moving in the shadows.
Working secretly tides flow,
as night steals past the day.
A voice is singing to silence,
a thousand petals falling windblown,
the still earth will lie strange, unknown,
a tolling bell brings on the night.

In the fullness of a falling tear,
In the garden of remembered time,
In the silence sung before the song,
Life will find you there.

Verse 2

What moves a fallen leaf to swirling?
Couples are speaking words of love songs.
In the hour of the dawn's glow
a rose will scent the night.
Moonbeams will stir the waving waters,
while feathered wings caress the breezes,
and your heart sings to pierce the dark,
a falling star will shed it’s light...

In the fullness of a falling tear,
In the garden of remembered time,
In the silence sung before the song,
Life will find you there.

With the turning of the heaven's sky,
With the dancing of the seasons by,
With the yielding of your lover's sigh,
Life will find you there,
Life will find you there

When the darkness spreads from near to far,
In the cascade of a falling star
In the motion of a bird in flight
In the sweetness of your lovers light
With the beating of your yearning heart...

Copyright © 2007 Gary Brocks

This is a love poem to life, after almost losing mine.
While American in sensibility, this poem is an homage to Portuguese Fado music.
It has been has set to music by Jesse Elder: THE GARDEN OF TIME, Lyrics GARY BROCKS, Music JESSE ELDER
An unmixed studio recording (Gary Brocks, Vocals; Jesse Elder, Piano) is available by contacting Gary Brocks.
Alyssa Underwood Dec 2016
O morning sky of endless blue
Tinged with purply-pinky hue
You tell me of His mercies new
Whose heart pursues my own

O geese in wingèd winter's flight
Your honking cries arouse delight
And lift my gaze to seek thy sight
As wooing from His hand

O softest breeze which skims my face
And stirs with such mysterious grace
My soul to reach for Love’s embrace
You brush me with His kiss

O snowflakes falling to the ground
You pierce my heart without a sound
To crave a purity only found
Beneath a bloodied cross

O setting sun in half-light glowing
Waning day’s last glorious blush showing
You paint with fire my spirit’s own knowing—
This life is fading fast

O stars of midnight’s blackest sky
Paraded forth, you pull my eye
Toward One Who speaks this ceaseless cry:
“I’m coming back for you.”

O creeping fog to dawn’s light clinging
You whisper, Love’s veiled message bringing,
With haunting echoes faintly singing,
“Lose all of you in Him.”

"The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of His hands. Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they reveal knowledge. They have no speech, they use no words; no sound is heard from them. Yet their voice goes out into all the earth, their words to the ends of the world."  ~ Psalm 19:1-4a

JayceeJellies Dec 2014
I hate remembering the good times we shared.
I say I'm moving forward but I just feel ensared.
Caught up in your lies, I've cried everytime.
You've caused me enough pain to last a lifetime.

But I'm not going to come running back to you,
Someday I'll forget you and all that you've done.
Even though that day is far away from the present,
It will eventually happen, and you'll become a stranger.
Rhiannon Nov 2017
You slate me again,
And I will rip out your fingernails.

Engrave into your skin,
The words you engraved into my brain,
Then I will take your tongue and set it on fire.

You slate me again,
And I will use all the fury from all the curses in my mouth,
To manifest into a monster of conflicted emotions,
That won't leave you alone and will constantly dissect your every thought,
Until you are left to nothing.
Until you are left to nothing.

Until you are left to nothing.
I dug up some old anger.
Dallas Dec 2018
Ive been giving little pieces of myself to people.
But ive never given someone enough to get the full view of who I am.
Some see my addictions.
Some know what keeps me up at night.
One knows that I havent felt at home in years.
Some know that taking care of myself is a battle and that Im not always sure about fighting anymore.
A few get to see how sweet my heart can be but that never lasts.
Only a handful know my past, know about how I run when I get feelings. Since the others dont know they dont stick through or try to talk me down from it. They just let me go.
Im a mystery that nobody gets the real chance to solve before I disappear.
Im a ghost haunting the potential relationships I could’ve had before my apparition fades to black.
The ghosts of the past dont haunt me anymore but sometimes they pay me a visit, whispering to me in the dark.
    Just let someone in.
       Last time was just the wrong person
Im moments before fading away
   But do they ever miss me?
Aztec Cathrine Feb 2018
The thought of losing you hurts me more than anything. These memories won't go away. It feels like it has never been morning. It was always night. Memories that I sometimes ignore. I can't help but remember them though. Take them with you before you go. I don't want these haunting memories hurting me in the future. But one memory that I want to keep is you.
This sad song broke me when I heard them. It reminds me of him.
Kaitlin Evers Jan 2018
Branches long and stretching
Waving in the wind
Like a picture from a haunting
It's eerie the way they bend
But no thoughts of running away
No horror no fear
Only a feeling to stay
There's a kind of air here
Of connection, and hope
Like the rain has washed away
All the grime of the day
And time itself is held at bay
Tyro 5d
It’s time to free your memory from my mind
Now your memory will not haunt anymore

It’s time free my heart beats from you
And now it is capable of beat without you
veritas Jan 6
sometimes, it's the songs without words, the ones that slip silently beneath the undercurrent, that will seek you out,

that will sing you the terrible story of crows to mend your heart, that will whisper what no one will tell you because it's your soul manifest, it's your heart reaching out --

they open themselves slowly, but you have to be careful with them; you have to look

at them from afar, and bow, and maybe then, she will open her mouth to you, where not words but wisteria lie, where not passion but pain rest, where everything raw and immaterial pours out in the haze and panic of devolution in the chaos of the earth and skies and all that suffers in between where in the center of the swirling mass amidst the high cries of sorrow and love will be her

and just,

   her ,

some songs will move you, shift the light through you, shift the pedestal of surety and blow it right away.

some songs will obliterate you, but most will hold you.

and when they'll release you, you will fall, and it will be so glorious and so terrifying that you will become a god in the storm and you will know, truly know, then, what it is like to be immortal, to be unhurt and untouched, unmoored and unbridled, impossible against the possibilities of a mortal existence.

you will deify.
inspired by the song "nuvole bianche"
Philomena Dec 2018
"Say you will stay you want me too
Say you'll never die you'll always haunt me
I want to know I belong to you
Say you'll haunt me"

Let me hear your voice, let me hear it say
You belong here with me always
I want to know I belong to you
And say you'll haunt me
Used to sing this to a friend, part of a Stone Sour song (Say You'll Haunt Me)
dani May 13
Your eyes lured me in
I was drowning in your ocean
Your sins are what seduced me
You would kiss every inch of my scarless body
Unaware, that in 1460 days
I would be inundated in them
Due to your violation

Your body
Was my promise land
You confessed all of the pretty things
I wanted to hear
I inhaled you
You were an addiction,
An unbreakable bond

You let your darkness into my life
It seeped in, consuming me whole
It was beyond contagious
You infected me.
I should have put myself in quarantine
Isolated myself from you when I had the chance

I saw the devil in your eyes
So beautiful, yet so dangerous
You stripped the purity from my soul

You got a rush of adrenaline
When you laid hands on me
My scars gave you a sensation of euphoria
Your sick mind made mine ill

You reminded me of how useless I was
Every day I woke up feeling unworthy
Your words left bruises,
Permanently engraved in my soul

You used me
In unimaginable ways
I was manipulated to give you pleasure
I was nothing but an inanimate object in your eyes

You never saw me for who I truly was
Unfaithful was your middle name
You sought thrill in other women
Who weren't me
ruth Jun 2018
Talk to me,
I haven't heard your voice enough
For it to taunt me.

Talk to me,
Your silence is the only song
That comes to haunt me.
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