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G Rog Rogers Jun 2019
I'm not young anymore
but I am not old yet
My youth now gone
but I believe well spent

Paid in full
returned with interest
To obtain the treasure of rich
and wondrous life experience.

Holding dear the absolute
enchantment of living
and the time that might yet still remain

Embracing the joyous moments and memories
of the sweetest glorious reminisce

G Rog Rogers May 2018
Almost is not
near enough.

G Rog Rogers Feb 2018
To Whom it may concern;

Today marks fifteen years
that have come and gone
since you left me there alone

Now I have made my way
back up to where together
We once belonged

But still I will probably
die of a broken heart
The broken heart
You left me to endure
all along.



G Rog Rogers Jan 2018
To Whom it may concern;

Do You remember
that last night
in December?

Thirty years ago today
I found You the love of my life
We shared a beautiful journey
Filled with wonderful moments
of the greatest grandeur of sublimity.


We together.

Nothing will ever be as good.
We were still then young.

Now We are growing old.
Never can we be young
and in love again.

Goodbye my Love.


G Rog Rogers Jan 2018
A heart of Love
A heart of Hope
A heart of Devotion
unto God above

Grant me this Lord
and life restored
Guide My thoughts
My words My way
All then unto Thee

I then seeking the blessing
that righteous virtue
may achieve
Knowing through Your
will for me
is that place where
there then is all I seek

A heart of Love
A heart of Hope
A heart of Devotion
that Almighty God
holds from above.


G Rog Rogers Jan 2018
The Human heart has about
3 billion beats at 72 beats
a minute average.
About 37,843,200
Heartbeats per year.
To reach 80 years old
Your heart must beat
3,027,456,000 times
on average.

Every Heartbeat Counts!
Make it Matter.
G Rog Rogers Dec 2017
I'd like to plan a chance
impromptu rendezvous
with you

Meet Me near the Beach
by the cannon
at the top of the cliff
That overlooks the pier
and the Ferris Wheel

Just before sunset
To watch the Sun
meet the glistening sea
Sighing in the reflections
To enjoy the moment
of just We between

We can then
stroll the pier
and surely ride
the Ferris Wheel
With all the colors
of the dazzling night
lights ablaze

In the cool of night
We will walk
alone together
and touch that
perfect semblance
of the Devine surreal

We can then
have a cup of coffee
or share a glass of wine
along the Promenade
As We speak of
happiness transpired

The moments gently pass
Then We part with
a hopeful glance
That there is much
more still between Us

Content in a
beautiful evening
well shared

I'd like to plan a chance
impromptu rendezvous
with You.

Meet Me...


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