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Riham Jun 2018
And just like the sun she feels alone at the morning sky .. keeping herself away from the world showing herself slowly  
afraid to hurt anyone
She learnd how to keep them warm and joyful  by her natural heat
but they can never touch her
she let them see her as yellow orange when she's usually red, they once said she's cold in the inside that's why she have the rage of the heat it speaks about her coldness
but they didn't understand her
they didn't understand why she keep herself alone
why she enjoy her loneliness!
  it was never a reason for her to need anyone of them
she's afraid , afraid of them, they all have different dark point in their hearts and they think it's the only way to survive this life...
How sad is that...
Riham Mar 2018
My words has been reading by the def person
My words are noticed by that blind person
My voice has been shut down for myself pleasure
lost , still searching for myself
But all I can find is a black mirror reflecting all of my lies
I did cross the river by hiding from the tik of the time
I did trust in the rage to get me out of myself cage , in the first seconds I did find out that my cage is just a memory of revenge there's no need to get out of it
the demon who's in my room corner is whispering
Telling me things I admire about the night
He's Trying to turn my flame to the fire
He's trying to get a chance to get the same reference
His whisper is getting louder
He's waiting for me to talk
So he can see the ignite program
Same as his main road
As long as my silent will keep his blind
i will keep my misery for my Mystery the beauty of silence always was an art but only the blind person who can understand the beauty of it ...
Riham Dec 2017
He was a man with an angel tattoo In his neck
He looked at me with passion and said salut mademoiselle can I talk to you ?
I looked at him without saying anything i felt like He did touch my soul in the first second I saw his eyes first thing he said is how long can you keep me for  
I Said why !?
what do you mean !! He said i know your kind
Living for the feelings lying about their true colors it's a part of your beauty of being mystery to some people and a cold heart to some other people
How strong? , keeping everything in the inside , crying every night
Crying for letters
Wishing for life that you know you'll never have , you are mix of white and red
I can see throw you
you look so visible to me
broken heart
Living for the pain
you keep breaking your own heart before anyone will have a chance too right?
  if anyone had chance of doing that he would be a special one and you've lose your self to your weakness you'll be Without an identity of writing or living
You have a pleasure of living with ....."your own kind of pain".....
-How !?
He stripped me naked heart
I had nothing to say or to Deny I was screaming in the inside
But calme in the outside
how he stripped me naked heart
How he knew all that about me
i never admit that , even to myself
Who is he!?
What did made him so angry at me !
He just walked awaya
I was Standing with words
Who is he !?
He did put a words print in my mind
I just can't forget how he did look at me
He lookd so deep in my eyes that he made me so insecure about myself
So lovelessness
So shameless..
A m w a a t ty for Peint of self knowing
Riham Nov 2017
Here , I find a distance time to dream
Here , I did find a time to feel
Here , I did find a lonely soul to be with
I told him I could be the sun only if you can be the moon
Here , I burned his pure soul without even touching him
Here , he become a dream again like a flower without water slowly dying
Here , how cold i could be for something who burns?
How I can play apart of two players one who heal & one who kills
How I mix them in different emotionally words in every letter there's a tear one of joy one of fear one of pain and one of regrets
Can he notice the difference?
Can he notice the difference between my pureness and my rageness ?
Is he that blind by me
Can he notice ?
Can he know the real me like can he understand the message behind my question ?
Can he understand the message behind my answers ?
How could he be this dumb
How i could be this cold ??
How cold I did become
for something who burns ...
Riham Oct 2017
The first time that I saw his eyes I knew how much i will be broken at the end of the road
And I probably should stop falling for him ,I should escape those endlessly heavenly feelings
but that was hard all I did is getting more attached to him
It was so artistic how he controlled me
All I was thinking is how am so unthinkable around him..
He was warm
Wolfie kind
My favorite kind
he did Burn every dark spot of my humen heart
I was so addicted to the feelings he made me to feel that I forget how much i'm going to lose under the line of my broken heart ...
Riham Sep 2017
the voice is haunting my mind
At first it was about little girl
Second time was about the Father
Now it's about the world
The world is a mess
War after war
Blood in every image
No peace
What's happening!!??
The end seems near but near is far from the end
They say go and Save yourself , go run to the safe place and grow your self thought and light the world
Am saying yes I will put the image away
Am clearing my mind
but what's this voice
Why I have voice of  people screaming in my head
Why is haunting me ...
Now tell me how can I run away from     this ...
The voice is haunting
The voice is haunting me
Riham Sep 2017
Here we are again reading at the same page
Same eye color
Same habits
Same laugh
Looking similar to each other
He did like my words and
I liked the way he did hold the book
We did avoid eye contact  
We both know what it will happen..
I wanted to Tell him that he
appeared in my dreams last night
That's why I don't look existed to see him after such long time
And I wanted to Tell him that i miss the pure moments that we did share
Baby laugh , angel touch
Talking about our dreams
Under his favorite part about the world "the Rain"
He used to tell me that the rain complete us as much as we complete ourselves ...
But After a year and a half everything has changed
The weather, the people , our laughs , our happiness , our guidance ..
Everything has changed
Everything ...

Riham Sep 2017
Chasing my dreams
To ignore my falls
I been under myself for so long ..
Now am alone with a broken candel that did light my room , it did warme my soul for a midnight Writting , I did write all night
Tear after tear
I had my feelings
Now I need my words
for the love of the world
Believing maybe there's one soul can heal my loneliness ...
I was brave enough to lie at myself for saying I love being alone i love my loneliness
But that loneliness drag my breath under my own Health ...
Riham Sep 2017
My mind is broken
Am thinking about hope but I failed , my eyes are open but I can't focus
Hearing the same voice over and over
Again that hopeless voice ...
I wanted to run away but I didn't
I still can't focus on the road that I signed for
My mind is broken , I wanted to fix it but something hold's me back , I searched for myself I searched for my  thoughts  ...
But there's no art to buy , there's no art to buy ...

— The End —