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zebra 2d
I feel violated
by your ******
maudlin poems

you have no language in you
just a sobbing pathos
in the inferno of morals

ooooh and your stars in my sky
the down in my pillow
the cup in my cape
the sprinkles in my *****

you dont love enough
to say yes to her ******
her spit
her ****
her tears
and the pit of her deep dark ****

to hold her in your arms
to push the blade of feral lust
through her belly
while you *** in her face

and she is not grateful
to be strangled
with her own filth stained *******
adoring the sensual brutality of it
lost in the madness of subjugation
by your lecherous carnality

that would take wisdom
neither of you have

well   you're to good too be loved
zebra May 16
a vaginal self examination
yields neon membranes
like door bell fingers
in a blood shot
labyrinth of sprouts and shadows

dream girl
spreads for a caress
and floats one eye swollen
like a moon blasted out of orbit
smearing lipstick
while stroking
through soaked *******
waiting for a blow to the head
that she may fall away
from the thousand voices
that traffic
in asylum mutterings

she pivots
hermetically gripped
spine flexed
and tossed like
a spectral nightgown
of tumbling flames
a happy bride  
at night alone

shaking in a clutch
of lechers   
she pantomimes doom
oiled and ardent
in a hippodrome
of waving walls
moaning against
tremulous mirrors

in a field of staring ghosts
she swings her hips
for a devil mill-wheel
of imagined men
to enslave her
in a shrunken bed
of mottled burlap and thorns

pendulous tongues
bulged eyed eclipse
her insides
like mosaic temple walls
in a garden harvest
of strangled flowers

she swallows
bulldozer *****
like nights devour suns
lost in a phantasmagoria
of roaring mirth
and foot kissing Caligulas

lust witch adorns
pom pom slippers
bandage wrapped toes
and hard strapped ankles
posturing submission
with widening haunches
spread and eager
for crucifixion

she whispers
sacrifice the ****
and unwind
midnight belly
my love
with slippery lipped beasts
so the gullet
and bowel burst
like drenched Niles

her writhing breaks heavy
in dark crotch vapors
impaled through
mouths hungry layers
to feed graveyard lions
of stone

she cries
radiating rings
in a dazzling leg show
of grace and pain
that seize a tempest
downward dance

from the depths of hell
she calls stuff my mouth
with black mud
until my eyes scream
like boiling fish  
plug the nostrils
and get the broad axe
for a dream come true
headless photo finish
of candy box tears
and stained linen

abuse me
amuse me
love me like you hate me
ill never run

bent low on blood pooled tiles
freaky maiden waits
feral and stretched
for her ritual of death

the garden spreads wide
swing hard
  May 16 zebra
Anxiety feels like I’m not the real me.
The real me is locked in a cage
And I don’t have the key.
  May 16 zebra
To abuse another,
Guilt you will feel.
Yet abusing yourself,
Seems like no big deal.
It’s how you talk to yourself.
  May 16 zebra
You looked at me
And wanted to see her
But I wasn’t her
And that was my beauty
  May 16 zebra
When you are alone
Those dark days seem like forever
But always remember
You are the sky
And everything else is the weather
  May 16 zebra
There will be storms that we will overcome.
For it is often said, a river will find its way back to an ocean.
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