zebra 22h
it's the management
here to inform you
your lust has been hacked
we know what your thinking
what you hide
we are all up in your business
like cyber terrorist's

don't ruin your life with to much self respect
we are  all watching you masturbate
mamma mia meets a hundred shades of crimson
and fight club
while you cum  
ooooooooh god
holes and poles
like a pig at a trough
praying to be handcuffed and on your knees
sweating and hysterical, a red moon struck fuck face
high on drugs
in a dream better then this life has to offer 

life is full of yogas
im the light in your darkness
i know what you do
i want pieces of you, you wont show anyone else
your sickness, is my own
you are my love slave
that turns me masochist

whos the bitch
whos the switch

your flawless
cry me a fuckin river
move a little bit faster and to the left
lover, shit eating grinning emoji
bleeding shrieking
fu fu fu fu fucking
your brains running out of your eyes

so hot
gimmie all your venom
snuff movie poem's
ass tongue and bosom
your mouth like jewelry
saliva blood diamonds
kiss that
you'll never go back

squealing smooth heat
breathing winds of perfume
love and pain
united by
tragedy and desire
the grotesque and the beautiful

you know baby
you look your best on the toilet bowl
a delicious little shitter
that holds me close to life
like a baby to the womb

stop banging on the door
im using this stall 

thank you
The Management
zebra 6d
the cosmos
a web of plantary oppositions squares and triangulations
curses and blessings
demons, humans and gods
friends and enemies
each a constituent
a revolving carousel of heavens and hells
the macro, an umbrella of spilling stars
like shattered glass in flames
outer and inner stone & gas planets
wandering infinitely
like strays
others in tight gravitational ellipses and eclipses

the elements of fire air earth and water
from the most subtle formless
to rocks flames oceans and the air we breathe

in a  
a mix-meister
a gruesome churning mouth swallowing our delicate membranes

and we wonder
we are in pain
we are nourished by flesh
as we ourselves are consumed
while filled with blood and nothing
and deadened by marking time
all hungry shells
and opposed
and why
we wither to dust
as do suns and moons
and gods themselves
all of us children of monsters
and corpse eaters
born of magnitudes
episodic collisions
and  harrowing creative destructions
the dead living and the living dead
with eyes that flicker only on half a landscape at a time
a holloween
of pyramids and bones

always running from wolves
because we are meant to be eaten

okay my darlings
lets try
focused breathing,
and boundless light

lets try
being Hindu
  Sep 14 zebra
Beneath the tears
That bleed fools dry
The eye of Ares dwells
Peering into eternal night
The darkest blackest hell
There be found
The wretched bound
Trapped within their dream
Whispers of madness
Within their ears
All shall be redeemed
Traveler Tim

This pretty little witch taught me this, try it!
Repeat aloud to cleanse
Evil spirits from houses and homes....

Seriously I wrote it!
zebra Sep 13
People ask me why I always write disgusting sexually explicit poetry

well the truth is

after being carted off to the looney bin repeatedly
for fertilizing eggs at the supermarket
i realized my true calling
was to scream out fuzzy wuzzy in public
as i  fertilized everything insight

i guess i just have an egg fetish
and like babies

i decided to learn everything i could about the subject
so for those who may read my stuff and
find it's flavor not to their taste
like my new poetic extravaganza yet to be published
" if aint painal it aint anal"
please forgive and understand
this is simply the thing I know the most about
and feel obsessively compelled
to share it through my poetry

you guessed it
i'm one of the worlds leading sexperts
and hold a  
Copulation University

after years of in depth hands on research
courses in clitanomics, clitologic
social and clitural humanities
the great take away is this

"shove it
where you love it"
livin the dream
  Sep 12 zebra
Lora Lee
I am drenched
                  in you
            as you wash
  through my pores
I am quenched
in tsunami
as it pushes down
my door
I am splayed
to all four corners
exposed to your eye
My veins are frayed
from suffered hautings,
'Til you
rock my tender tide
My torso is taut
to meet liquid lips
all these dirty,  
silky thoughts
controlling my hips
We share a
          rushing river language
speaking deftly in tongues
You penetrate my soul
as I breathe air into
your lungs
So take me on an
underwater journey
down the crash
of your shore
I want to drown
in this ocean
and come to life
with a roar
It has been a while. Hello, everyone! <3

zebra Sep 11
we are waiting for you
hungry with lust
wanting you shimmering in blood and cum
like red and creamy white ribbon ornaments
so that every suffering makes you whimper and simper

be brave little girl
it will hurt like Dracula's kiss
pains pleasure
pleasures pain
spice to burn
addiction to beg
every sting and gleaming bite
an orgasm
perfectly sexacuted
until your body gives out
like a fluttering thrush

and than we will take you at last
like a million black toothed moons
sex adult
zebra Sep 10
Why is brevity such a long word?
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