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  Sep 24 zebra
Anne Sexton
There they are
drooping over the breakfast plates,
folding in their sad wing,
animal sad,
and only the night before
there they were
playing the banjo.
Once more the day's light comes
with its immense sun,
its mother trucks,
its engines of amputation.
Whereas last night
the **** knew its way home,
as stiff as a hammer,
battering in with all
its awful power.
That theater.
Today it is tender,
a small bird,
as soft as a baby's hand.
She is the house.
He is the steeple.
When they **** they are God.
When they break away they are God.
When they snore they are God.
In the morning thet butter the toast.
They don't say much.
They are still God.
All the ***** of the world are God,
blooming, blooming, blooming
into the sweet blood of woman.
  Sep 13 zebra
On this road
Mistakes are prone
Even the Master
Stubs a toe
If he clams otherwise
It would surely means
He still needs to grow

In the limitless rise
Of enlightened minds
Even the leaders
Can be left behind
Stub not your toe
On the ceiling of knowing
Or like the master
The emotion's controlling
Traveler Tim

Zen who?
zebra Sep 9
a gaudy toxic tapestry
of filthy lies

dogma and tribalism
on parade as
  Sep 7 zebra
mabel remington
when all the birds have broken their wings
i will find comfort in the warmth of your blood on my hands.
time tells nothing
i reminisce about torn seams
and ***** dreams
as i scrape out remnants of the
purity trapped in the mildew under your floorboards

O Hearken! the lilies are singing to us!
(forever entranced by the acacia with the broken branches)
i have swallowed the frail bodies of the nightingales
and i have promised to protect them with my own flesh;
put your hands within me and you'll know the breaking of their hollow bones

Our God sees everything! how could anyone have a mother?
your ivory rib cage shatters under the weight of a thousand Saviors
as the unforeseen expanses of the universe
blot out what was left of your conscience
(snapped like a toothpick in His holy fingers)
just like those bitter nights when i hear
cassiopeia screaming to be freed of heaven’s chokehold.

O Hearken! kneel for The Great Reprieve!
when all the birds have broken their wings—
oh mercy you, oh mercy me
i have returned!! hello everyone i have missed HP dearly!!
zebra Sep 1
A poem
a strategy of concealment
about epic development

a war between love and artifice
inflections and innuendo
imagining a fiction
or the absence of imagination
as in shed or replaced
a truth woven from reality and fiction
strangely mixed
like a wild flute song
and the distinct glitter
of floating perfume
zebra Aug 23
i'm unwinding my head
honey moon belly
******* carnivorous losanges
falling in love with glazed
eye ball devils
hypnotic stare

a tunnel of fiendish odysseys

blood drooling eel
vomits gush white
daddy long leg threads
in honeys wet cage
to wither
writhing spit hot
in fat muscle and bone
head first
like a mindless falcon
after scattered mice

i feel her teeth tearing
syringes of ecstasy
ransacking swollen motion spirals
and ***** like bronz buckaroos
at a fancy pool party
crimson *** macabre
****** roast bon bon fire

licking her lump of desire
a rousing boogyman sermon
speaks in incinerating tongues
swallowing a hideous parfait

**** growl
girl squat
**** ****
mint julip throat
choke symphony
abducting lascivious pollinated gulps

take me in like reckless bull sap
through your red
dada warp land
pit of the brain
undulant flesh landscape
of shapeless ovule spume
mouthing night blows

Incised flagellation's
devour buffet spread maiden derelict
arched and trembling
drunk and drugged
like a buttermilk sky
groaning hysterical
in feral muck stained beds 
of puce and slime ochre pigments 

stunned umbra
a famished
deep veined jutting peninsula
longing for princess ***** dynasties
with vast thighs radiating inferno hearths
and rolling hill **** hieroglyphics
decipher rug pugilist lap songs

my goddess i long for your
bruised fruit
crawling like the dead of night
on pitch vanta shadows
where love becomes a savage
**** manga anime
zebra Aug 19
dissolute neo transgressive
a fantasy lauded libertine
self mythologizer
writing **** comments
on corrosive voids like black outs
broken verses sounded out
in mangled staccato
needing rearranged horizons
like olives without pimentos
and skies cobbled from
thatched metal bones
in moonless poems
with no dream life

words repeated
I, The, A, Dah

no naked glimpses
no clawing
not even a drop of blood to whiff
and already cauterized
anemic-scapes of thorn-less rosettes
emptied of black tongued gimps
and tattooed ******
no Lilliputians
swimming in marsh swamps
and no snarling brays

there are mouths to fill
with pounding gristle
and ears to bleed
like pull apart flake strudel
that squeals rapturously
shedding seas
of gagging exorcisms  

widen your thighs
look into my eyes
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