zebra Nov 4
abstinence and cruel practice
old dancers have no feet
living our beliefs
in this house of rabies
a house of lies
lies that tell the truth
taught through the agony of disillusionment

the planets move
we do their dance
fire points
angles in motion

when they square
we are constrained
when opposed
swords cross
when trine
we are graced
always the dance of the other

the world whorls
strikes like lightening
breaking the nose of every beautiful thing

forcing their delusions
twisting metaphors of history
they smear the world

you are its hands, heart, spine
darkness tears and sighs

whispering feet on dark floors
send you their dreams
and construct inner mythology
to bend your will
always on its own side
redundantly unanimous in that
a real villain

an odyssey through your heart
thats how it gets inside you
while your hands remain folded
and your ******* sleep on a plate

dance school arcade pinballs planets
twisting wraith flies flying in circles, circling
in black mother
like hands on a clock
conveyance of ardor
born in the
palace of tears

why don't you speak to me like you love me?
inspired by sysperia
  Nov 4 zebra
Talk is cheap
But your lips were expensive
I might as well get
My money’s worth
  Nov 4 zebra
I numbly leap then look
Bounding rooftops stories high
Blood’s quickening pace
A blazing fight behind my eyes,
Constant chatter beneath my skin
Begging me to survive;
I counter, disdain
And dive to swift demise
  Nov 4 zebra
Sweet scent, my gravity
Carries me
Through winding trees
Fallen leaves hiss at me
An omen, indistinct
Upon the clearing
My meadow stands empty, save for
A maple. Its sap,
Rust and wine,
A fountain of false prophets
From which I feast
Into scorched earth, I cough up teeth
Scarlet blood boiling
Back up at me
  Nov 4 zebra
Lora Lee
This fragile heart
sometimes bursts into
the tiniest shards
                  of infinity
clear as crystal light
yet empty
as an ocean, waterless
to be filled and filled
over and over
as I would fill you
to the brim
overflowing with
enough life
and love to heal
a thousand
                aching moons
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