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zebra 2d
a carnival of hords in withering grass

the high priestess tongues the beast

wet mandible
on a dragging
death gowned doll
like a cyclone coils paradise

trans mutative
a prismatic whirling

passed bones of confusion

passed scorched debris
of radiating spiraled phantoms

the more gods, the more demons
battle angel symmetries
in Taoist jaws  

  galactic lurking's
into parametric infinities
escalating war like cloud light
rush glittering arms of affliction

exhalations like upleaping sail fish
drizzle sooty rain
shellacking tinsel rhinos
on hieroglyphs of the barbarous

a transfixed guttural prana;
between advances and retreats
in chimeras earth quake palace  

death: an origin story.
I bring my facilities to mix upon a dream, the concrete, and the thunders of spirit
zebra 3d
the seduction of eternity

ice house Shekinah
sad hag
during the blood soil days

pets left on the dark side of the moon
a deluge of morality in a palace of tears
structures of consciousness under compression

the tongue of eternity
a veiled Eros licking
flickers a selfish dream serenade
pollen of discontent
like a pregnant superhero
dressed in a candy wrapper
treading a visionless ezoic brain

bugs; war zones of memes and genes

all matter is metaphor
near death objects
meteors of grinning spiked crowns

we are memetic plucked limbs, clawed minds
sulfurous dust
short lived bloated yolks
mice in a supermarket with tape worms
and a trade mark

we are something boiling

the bowels of eternity
graves of meat and mud
crucifixes in a screaming

belly of shadows
zebra 6d
a future of promise
a ******* like bundled gym socks
in stuffed blue jeans

a future of threat
a shriveled phallus wrinkled obsolete
on Mr. Mild

she remembered fondly
being beaten
and seized like roasted dingo
****** raggedy Ann
catapulted beyond Euboean heavens
ravaging scrotums Gordian ******
with her wild fiendish mouth
a river of saliva snot and ****
planted in desire
by a runaway hot house of pink

gorged macerated orifice
a half eaten radish
******* hordes
of big cocked men with horns
blow jobs $14.95
or the group rate
fun tickets

a ****** face in thorns
Babylon abalone
mashed by swinging *****
like caped chandeliers
trots a faint giggle
in a constellation
of broken arrows

scared with happiness
one smiling bruise at a time
her badge of calamities
black and blue silhouettes
an invitation like a party favor
without a crease of shame

weeping ******* rapturous patchworks
bled like water melon fountains in summer
every body had red fizz drinks

finding their way through winding labyrinths
of swan song
zebra Jan 12
they danced in a dream
like a bending shadow
face down
a begging ***
hungry back door paradise

ankles strapped on a foot worn floor
paint faced like Ubangi night
with pin needle eyes

in bed
blood red neon's
cutting curtains
like kissing claws
so their bodies wouldn't forget
dark pleasures lightening
and biting tantra tantrums
swallowing mad ***** blossoms of **** candy
breathing the others inhalations
foot sniffing ballet arch
in fastened Japanese yellow paper slippers

gazing rectums prayer
solar eyed insurrection

finger by finger
clutching wrists like the grave
for bloods salty cove
an injured landscape
a dire chaise desert
like bogs hold bones
a rave for a *****
covered in yellow ocher rubber sheets
soft on the feet
x rated amputee costume
made of blood lanterns and spit

look mommy no arms
a bellied tattoo
of hennaed homunculi  
burning needled skull

black eyed beauty hissing
while cord throated
rip tie
another notch please
a dizzy *******
down silver fluted gullet
in a steamed up bath house
party of blotted sockets

*** kitten
kissed dead girls thighs
tremulous and stretched
a shimmering serum
like wide tubular channels
as pontoon edges slit
through midnight howls for velvet skinned girl
who thrills retrograde
her head a veiled Jehovah
saliva wagging tongue ****
a stuttering ****** dance
a hula hot momma in rubble
slapping hot lipped kisses
over starved darkness
along telegraph avenue
melting eyes like butter
a globed pudding spill
******* drool drops of gold
and black river gladiators
slaughter lies
with every long ******
between cascading squeals

paraphilias mausoleum
like tumbling mice
a scapegoat pulp fiction
chiseled in cement
******* rips
drip drip drip

**** spasms like a hot glue gun
soiling cherry clover
zebra Jan 9
I like seeing pretty Korean girl, Miss Mina, putting things in her mouth so I watch and watch and watch wondering if she like to put me in her mouth too.
I wonder am I a good texture
spicy, salty maybe a little sweet?

she said she likes cushy flexible
does not like it to thick on the outside
because it takes away the flavor of the inside

Hoping she eat me all up
like sea squirt and gogi mandu!
Ouchy Ouchy Ouchy
she's drooling on a slow riser
the top is dry and the bottom wet
but so soft
feels like a pillow
and a surprise inside
like edible paint

I love Korean food and Miss Mina look tasty too
I like to put her in my mouth like spicy noodle
taste like conditioned hair
or just maybe desert
but always moist on the inside
cookie yakgwa
very tasty treat!

I want to eat her mommyoh too,
ok maybe a little stringy but still good enough :)

I like chrysanthemum bread
and kimchee dumpling
on Jeju Island Market
make me happy
zebra Jan 9
blood blot
a hideous music
like fixed stars
a chaos of shattered glass
you can hang your hat on

bamboo shards make a ****** wound
gold spun hair
on floral linen
blemished soaking red
like a shaking rat in a cats mouth

Hazels glistening ******; a pretense
salutes celibacy and high end moisturizer toilet paper

to shock simplicities morals
of an excretory affair
a dark chandelier hangs in the balance
torpedo runnels through chambered knots
unleashing treacherous sanity
sins crib
theater of purgation

father forgive her
she took a ****

an idealist without ideals

the grand masturbator
a simulacrum of a lubed ***
in nights dragging shade
oracle of a  ruddy opera  and legs over head
flexed crimson wattle rolls

theories invite anti theories
light invites darkness

silence yields
shadows throat
and cacophonous whispers
a grind house temple of gods and demons
in horrendous geometry
of inflicting malice

until the serpent ascends
from black pitch hells
like a bomb through the skull

lusts antidote
waterloo of the soul  
annihilation point
the cadaver smiles
surreal ….a poetry of fragments
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