r  o
                k e n
if the hands that touch it
have a beautiful
I was so touched and inspired by a beautiful story I read about a broken Chinese jug✨ Beauty is in the way we choose to see things, rather than the things themselves...
I stay ahead so everyone can see
what I’ve left behind.
Open your heart
Let go of fear
no wasted thoughts
if others care
To dance and play
Or paint and sing
your heart is filled
The joy it brings
This beauty is
what matters most
No more nightmares
And haunting ghosts
A big mistake
in life to make
To foolishly
For granted take
True value much
Like currency
Eyes often shut
And can not see
Our family, friends
Those who are close
The ones we love
And cherish most
With them time spent
Cannot be faked
These moments are
What memories make
And that is what
Life's all about
It's not that hard
To figure out
Sure you can build
Mountains of toys
Aquire things
And find some joy
But what you feel
Will quickly leave
You'll cry in pain
As you bereave
Yet sadder still
You never knew
What matters most
A love that's true
Cause shiny things
May make you smile
That only lasts
A little while
An instant fix
Is what you sought
An instant fix
Is what you got
Like getting high
It did feel good
But not the way
That true love could
It's lacking depth
Was empty, shallow
Sent down stream
Without a paddle
Love does not
Only exist
Inside the arms
Or lover's kiss
In any place
It can be found
With open eyes
You'll look around
A subtle smile
A stranger gives
Can be the light
So someone lives
Of course much less
Dramatic still
Small gesture or
Act of good will
When reaching out
With open heart
And open mind
Great way to start
Just stay the course
And follow through
Cause what you'll find
Surprise to you
The love and all
The kindness shown
To others gift
But returned home
The happiness
you freely delt
Inside you swelled
Makes your heart melt
Written: September 12, 2018

All rights reserved.
I hallowed your name
Adored you
With every breath
That escaped
from my lips
In the dawning glow
That reflected
On your burnished skin
As well as
in my paradisaic dreams
And cherished thoughts
Every day
Carefully aligned
The chords of my heart
To the sonorous melodies
That resonated
Somewhere from your core
Weaved an intimately
vital connection
From my soul
For my existence
With my trembling hands
Tirelessly knelt before
Your sparkling facade
Never once looked
Past its exquisite splendour
Asked nothing from you
Except for your undying affection
But all you did
Was bequeath me
An undying fear and suspicion
When you recklessly
And loconically
Made me realise
That i was
Relentlessly worshipping
A heartless demon
Instead of a deity
For such a dangerously
Long duration
With all of my strength
I am,

            WRITING  .   in  .  HIDDEN,


            WRITING  .  to  .  HIDE.

To whom it may concern.
To anyone who remembers me.
I bet you thought I was dead,
hidden in this house of lunacy.

You had me brought here,
so this letter to you I pen.
This place is cold and sterile,
I can't wait to be free again.

Was it for my own safety?
Or was it to safeguard yours?
I cannot recall the problem now,
my mind is stuck on pause.

They fill me up with pills,
keep my head in narcotic haze.
I have a soft and secure room
to smile away the days.

It will be good to see your faces
when they finally let me home.
I wish one of you would write,
or call me on the telephone.

Why do you never come and visit
The Moontouched man so mad?
I'm sorry you saw my melt-down,
sorry it made You feel that bad?

I hope you will read this letter,
the pen and paper I had to borrow.
But the drugs are starting to work,
I'm so drowsy now...
          ... I'll finish this tomorrow...

© Pagan Paul (2017/18)
I don't mean to be annoying
Creating this kind of mess
When you buried me you left your shovel in my chest
When you buried me you forgot to untie my legs
How dare you when you know I love to live fast
Oh sorry for a sec I forgot I was dead

I don't mean to be annoying
But you left me in distress
This shadow we created isn't give me a rest
The way we left things black and white
Is like a snake running in and out my chest
I'll haunt you,I'll give you nightmares
Babe can't you see i'm in distress
Free me give me my freedom
So I can die a peaceful death

I don't mean to be annoying
I don't mean to cause dement
Are you sure are you sure
You didn't mean to cause my death?
You were right ghost are real
I'll be in every nightmare of yours
Free me i'll leave
Don't forget to pick your shovel from my chest
Let's erase this dark shadows causing me unrest
Well this come to me while my ex was trying to reach out,I guess raw pain morphed to anger,it was a while back but I guess I didn't leave with an empty soul words this angry words in a bad poetic form replaced the anger
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