Mike D 1d

What an amazing time we live in
Having the Internet
All the information of humanity
Ready at our fingertips

Have a question? Type it in
And your
omniscient server gets you  
Millions of responses filtered to your search
Keystrokes all needed to do

Info that's known but can't recall
Can bring about frustration
This feeling could last days or more
But will be foreign to this generation

From this point on, all questions answered
Nothing returned to sender
A cloud storage for humans is born

Remember when we needed to remember?
Written: April 19, 2018

All rights reserved.
I was driving and thinking
I'm a deep thinker when I'm driving…
Sometimes when I'm eating, or taking a shower...

but without ramble
I was thinking…
No, thinking no…
I was feeling
Feeling so connected to this life
So much words got accumulated in my head
in my chest
I would love to have a piece of paper to write
but I think even I had one I could not do that
because they were so fast inside
as neuronal transmissions
like constellations forming, so beautiful inside me…

I just decided to enjoy them
Tried to catch some

And I swear I got ones until yesterday’s night
And today…
Today they escaped from me…

I was thinking maybe that it is what real beauty is
A vibrant and powerful touch of inspiration

Most of the time we want to capture beauty,
to capture it until we have life…
But beauty does not want to be a prisoner
Beauty just wants to be…
it is ephemeral

So, enjoy it while it lasts

And that beautiful feeling of enjoying…
That feeling is what lasts forever.
Mike D 2d

My quandary deals with my suspended state
A quagmire of forever and never

Time available to me
as an infinite resource

But have none
And from it I am severed

Written: April 18, 2018

All rights reserved.
Mike D 4d
My eyes open again
From fantasy I return
What was I dreaming about?
Can’t remember, it’s a blur

Impossible for it to be
Worse experience than this
The cacophony of cackles
from my tormentors I do not miss

I try to escape to that place
I’m not restrained and can be free
Hide in the corners of my mind
But where I go they still find me
Written: April 17, 2018

All rights reserved.
At daybreak I awoke alone
With a sadness I could not quell,
Without a love to call my own,
And now, morning's waving farewell

No one pitied the tears that flowed,
Not one word cheered my dreary day;
Alone I walked this lonely road,
Watching the noon hours fade away

No one held me close to his heart,
No one looked at me lovingly;
No chance this pain will soon depart
Now that evening has been set free

To my lips no kiss found its way,
Alone I watched the setting sun;
No one said he loved me today,
And now ..... the day is done
Many strange things in my time I have seen
What I see now may seem extreme
I sit in the garden by a small bungalow
They both stand together, a cat and a crow.
What I see is an unbelievable sight
The cat walks away, the crow takes flight
I return again the very next day
Together they stand in the very same way.
The cat is at peace and so is the crow
They are both too old, and very slow
The crow it stays in the same oak tree
And the cat can no longer run easily.
So within this garden they both now reside
Weak and feeble, yet still alive.
Maybe they've lost the will to kill
Or simply they both have had their fill.
But there is a lesson that is clear to see
If they can live in peace, so can we.
This is actually is a true story. When I was working in a pensioner's house I saw a cat and a crow on the lawn eating food together. The pensioner told me they seemed to get on but I must say they both looked like they had seen better days.
Mike D 7d
Spinning in circles
Round and round
constantly moving
an endless ride

Should I put up a fight or
Accept my fate
and simply hold tighter?

Fasten my grip
Buckle my belt
In for the long haul
Know my place; Don’t need help
No questions asked
No answers wrong
This is where I am
So it’s where I belong

Spinning in circles
Round and round
Constantly moving
an endless ride

I coast and glide
I shift and slide
Never in the same place
but always the same spot
I have it all
but don’t have a lot
My feet planted firmly
It’s where I need to be
Everything familiar
Far from society
from the darkened hand
the one that strikes out
I cower in fear
Full of self-doubt
My carousel glows and spins
It sings a song to me
The lullaby I know so well
Here I’m alive and free

Spinning in circles
Round and round
Constantly moving

Like the stars in the heavens
The moon in night’s sky
And this beautiful rock
Where I’ve lived and I’ll die
A spec of dust
Is far too great
To compare myself
in size and shape
When I think of it all
Everything that exists
Impossible to imagine
What’s my place; Where I fit
To juxtapose me
against the infinity of space
Solar systems and galaxies
I’m nothing; Mere waste
In what we perceive
as space and time
I’m no more than a thought
No, even that is too kind

Spinning in circles

A dancing ballerina
I endlessly twirl
Like the heavenly bodies
On their paths as they swirl
Orbital movements
Circular in nature
Even massive galaxies
they can not escape from
God’s amusement park
Forever stuck on their rides
Until their hourglass empties
And they must say ‘goodbye’
So how could I question
or possibly have the gall
to buck the system
This grand scale I’m so small
If it’s good enough for them
It’s good enough for me too
A bedtime story I told myself
A work of fiction that wasn’t true


In this game I play
I’m never winning
True ‘til the end
And since the beginning
Put on my smile
Gotta keep grinning
Like they don’t already know
Who do I think that I’m kidding
My stomach’s in knots
I feel sick; I start spitting
No beliefs; Stand for nothing
This whole time I was sitting
Pass the needle and thread
Wonderful yarn I was knitting
A divergence within
From myself I am splitting
I’m falling from grace
and every branch I am hitting
On my perilous plunge
I deserve what I’m getting
Served up on a spit
Table set without settings
Both the groom and the bride
in a black heartless wedding
Naked and on display
As my skin I start shedding
Revealing nothing underneath
Know what direction I’m heading
It’s the same path I’ve been on
The same bet I’ve been betting
A wedding cake of sin
my appetite will be whetting
Never called myself a sinner
Didn’t stop me from sinning
Round and round I go
My endless loop I keep spinning
Written: April 14, 2018

All rights reserved.
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