The mind of a poet is such a curse
Its search for words an endless thirst

Poets cannot sit and simply be
Soak in the splendor of all they see

Confronted with beauty which defies description
A quest for lyrics is the poet's prescription

Thinking wordy expression will enhance the sublime
Poets lose the chance to be lost in time

Though graced with wonder again and again
The poet can't find that elusive zen
I sat this week and watched a stunning sunset over the mountains.
And my mind was spinning the whole time looking for the words to describe the incredible sight.
And before I knew it, the sun had set on me, my relaxed enjoyment of the moment, and ironically, on my creative spark as well.
There were no words, but stupid me tried to find them anyway.
Fall freely into love.

But don't feel
it's for free.
Be a miser
when it comes to
spending on anger.
As colours fade from familiar halls
And graffiti messily takes its place
The gentle murmurs, now lost in walls
Chatter no more in empty space

I colour a new place as I leave
Of vibrant paint for heavenly dreams
To ride the memories that I weave
And hear voices at blissful streams
The tarmac was wet
with the tears of my fathers.
Shades of blood spilled
down their winding paths.

The stories of the past
an early grave walker’s tale.
Lost beneath concrete
some fifty feet below.

The shame and triumph
whitewashed with a
black permanent marker.
I...see it bleeding through.

Darken our shadows
and our ghosts become real.
A different monster
but still just as frightening.

We hide our mistakes
our imperfections reel
with the heady power
to rise again—
in different form.

Pride is a destructive force
when shame forgets
we are humans too.
And we decide we are gods.

“What is...truth?” After all....
You know when you get the whisper of a melody in your head,
Or just that murmur of a song,or poem that you just have to write,
That gut feeling you get that it could be something amazing,
That's exactly  what I feel when a with you,
Euphoria  at it's highest peak.

True this could just be a lust phrase
That will hit hard and leave me seeing stars
True our physical chemistry isn't in question
But lacing fingers in the dark,hot breaths on your neck
Your murmur's "I know its to early but I really really more than like you"say more its like a euphoria drug injection to my heart.

You are like this song in my head,I want to hear more of
The whole song,the whole melody
I want to figure out if this is a song with power
Or one that will fade into history without leaving a mark.
All I know is I want more of this.
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