"I just want everyone to leave me alone!"


".....I'm so lonely....."
Written: October 21, 2018

All rights reserved
it's a lazy sunday morning
i'm playing with your hair
our breakfast tray is still on the bedside table
but we don't care
the sunlight is almost blinding
it's reflecting off of our sheets
i pick my head off the pillow
and look over at you in disbelief

we go through pens
like other people go through drugs
we love notebooks like
some people love clubs
we don't ever have to get out of bed
let's stay in, and let our words out instead


we use pens like
captains use poles on gondolas
pushing away those closest to us

a pen can be a knife
a pen can push two lives apart
a pen can be a syringe-
to inject lies directly into the heart
we write each other off
and you're killing me with a thousand paper cuts
have goals

one more breath
one more hour
one more night’s sleep
another day
just another week
get to payday

fall down, and repeat

go out and have fun
make one more friend
get laid
and breathe

fall down, and repeat

get busy breathing
tuck another grand away
one more holiday
a cheap weekend getaway

fall down, and repeat

read a book
read another
one more
join a club
meet a partner
holiday with them
house hunt/learn to drive/propose
buy a house/buy a car/get married

fall down, and repeat

keep breathing
and grow old
all your
ups and downs
and know
they’re natural

and know
the ultimate goal
in life
is death

and you’re dying anyway
so why skip to it?
The only person who will ever be able to help you is, ultimately, yourself. Pills only temporarily keep depression at arm’s length. The best way to get through it is to make goals, day by day.
True love,
Are those who adore and accept you At your most raw.

Still after these moments,
You're the one they want to continue
To explore.

Ready to understand your flaws,
But still ready to open doors.

To kiss your lips,
Even when you're dreadfully sick.

Taking tiffs lightly,
As being in each others arms is much More exciting.

Kissing the forever,
The person,
Our home.

Even in the darkest moments,
They make you feel alive and that
You're no longer alone.

Pulling you away from the misery
Making you look at the when and the

In their eyes,
All you can see is together the rest of
Your lives.

Soulmates tied,
Learning together until the end of

© 2018

Abigail Sheard
A firm grasp upon my neck
a choke hold I can't deny
living in the hear and now
until the day, we'll die

The man I know is in control
economic and socially defined
wanting every dollar
and yes, every single dime

Political and medical
lawful and corrupt
lustful need and urgency
immediate and abrupt

Where does the greed abort
and lead to blissful shores
satiating an endless need
as just more money
than before
Less than 1 percent hold over 90 percent of the world's wealth, how much is too much? I can't imagine being so rich I could never spend all the money I have, would love to find out though LOL ;D
I spent 4 months
Stuck on you
On what we could have been
On how i hurt you
But its time for me
To change
To fix my flaws
Make someone
To learn my lesson
Its time to move on
Its time to look past the past
I hurt myself by worrying about someone who didnt care about me anymore
Who was ready to leave
But wanted to get their revenge on me before they left
To have the last word
Nothing more i can do now
Other then move on
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