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TW: blood
isn't it amazing?

put your hand on your chest
now make a cut and watch yourself bleed
bleed deeply
but that heart
it's still beating
feel deeply
still alive
despite the pain
Since I was born
I stood out
All I wanted
Was to be the same
That childish need to fit in
Overtook my growth as I fell prey to my feelings

Then I was told
That I should embrace my difference
That that was the key to connecting myself
To the rest of society
That I should fit in by standing out

Differences are what make us who we are
Those flaws are what make us human
How can we deny ourselves,

How can we turn away from the very things that make us human?
That is what separates us
But the very things that make us different
Are the things that make us the same
From every atom of our being to the stars in the sky
They make us the same
take this time to rest in bed
so that tomorrow you can clear your head
love was made for two,
but not us two tonight
Sticks and stones may break my bones,
but people always manage to hurt me
why did you leave me?
we had so much to do
yet you still left
like you had nothing to lose
i miss you so much
sometimes we forgive hoping to forget
leave the past behind get rid of all regret.
sometimes to forgive is very hard to do
with the memories you have still inside of you.

you must find away to leave it all behind
you must find forgiveness erase it from your mind
open up your heart let yourself forgive
leave the past behind just move on and live.
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