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Dear J,

       Did you know, there are billion of stars that made up a galaxy?
       The sun is the closest to the earth.

P.S. Stay close, baby.

For My Dreamer
And if all else fail, do not be afraid of the pain.
It may hurt, i know, but that's how it should be.
You need pain to understand how important it is to feel comfort;
To appreciate the little things life has to offer.
To see the things you've never seen before.
To hear the simple words that could make you smile again.
A thank you,
A sorry,
Or even a goodbye could be beautiful. To realize that there is a big, wide world waiting to be explored.
To summon all the courage and strength you do not know you have.
To do amazingly great things you do not even know you can.
To make you realize your potential.
To know that above all this you are still alive.
You feel the pain because you are alive.
It makes you more alive.
And in all of this hurtful experience, there is God -- making all things new for you.
There is pain because there is love, and there is love because of God.
Pain that is achingly beautiful.
You just have to look on the other side to realize this.
Dear Somebody,

     Nobody wants to see you sad and lonely.

Always here,

For My Dreamer
I'm that fictional character in your life.
The deleted movie scene.
Filmed but never made it to the screen.
To the previous sun in my life.
How ironic it is that you need to cross on something broken just to get to the other side.
Funny, right? When i first saw this road sign I thought to myself, there might be something wrong in the sentence construction. But as I ponder on it deeper, i realized something significant in a person's life: YOU REALLY NEED TO CROSS ON THE BROKEN LINE TO GET TO THE OTHER SIDE.

There is a cautious voice inside that may cause you to stop in the middle of your tracks. You will experience bumps and may be chased by cadillac pains, and yet...

there is something about your exhausted breathing, strained hands, bruised feet, that sends a tingling sensation into your chest; your pumping heart is still fighting for where you want to be. You take a little step forward. Again. Because you strongly believe that beyond these broken lines, just beneath the horizon of clouds, is the place where you belong.

You cross the broken lines that make you feel incomplete to fill in the gaps.
Slowly now.. making your self whole.
For the nth time.
There is a certain kind of longingness that even words nor photographs cannot fill in.
And that is when, i want to write about you, the most.
This amount of emptiness needs to be said. It needs to flow like the ink in my pen or the the blood in my veins,
to sustain my sanity or else...
Melancholic thoughts will run and invade my mind until all the hope in my heart is gone.
This is my other way of saying i miss you and this is just a part of the whole feeling. I miss you so much J.
When i was young, i was very fond of reading stories of different kind. Be it a fairytale where i could be a princess who would soon meet her handsome prince. An anecdote of some legendary ****** who saved her town from a monster.

My books were full of pictures, colorful and in peculiar shapes. But when i grew older, books became thicker and less entertaining for me. The images i am used to seeing in each page disappeared in every turn. As i grew taller, the fonts in my books grew smaller.

I lost the joy of reading.
Slowly, it fades.

But then i met you.
And reading becomes my hobby again.
But it is different with you.
I came to love those complicated, hieroglyphics-almost codes that made up your personality.
I love how unpredictable you are. Like i'm reading a tragedy but in the end, turned out to be a comedy, or a sweet love story.
Nevertheless, everything you say and do, you never cease to amaze me.

I came to love reading...
It just came out. Unedited piece. Kindly suggest revisions if you want. I'm open for it. Thanks! :)
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