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Kyle Nov 21
Flames licking my fur
Leaves sing to the fiery dance
Earth I shall return
Praying for Australia. Bless the brave souls who are saving these beautiful creatures
Kyle Nov 14
A fortress floats by
Brushing clouds and painting skies
Pass the drowsy eye
A haiku on one of the most beautiful things I might've seen
Kyle Oct 31
A feverish dream under the phantom twilight,
The tiny hamlet rests on a colossal pumpkin,
The gargantuan bulbous emerges every Hallow’s Eve
Carrying with it an ominous kin,
The Pumpkin Folk are eccentric & gaunt,
From Dainty Betty to Growling Bob,
They speak very little, eyes bloodshot,
Bent on making menacing faces on Jack-O-Lanterns,
The air sweetens as they carve & peel,
Until an unfamiliar gallop draws near,
The headless rider with an ethereal glow knows no halt,
His battle charge mocks the very tempest Nature spawned,
Terror looms over the Pumpkin Folk but their Elder came forth,
‘Oh Great Fiend, what is it you seek?’

*******! Your pumpkin island looked smaller up North
Guess the perfect head will have to wait
Happy Halloween
Kyle Oct 28
Who deems themselves worthy to assume,
That we are not real, the Fae folk & Mer,
We simply hide in forests & moonlit cove,
Where there is beauty & greenery we take refuge,
We bless your garden for honey and milk,
Until the spell is broken & Nature undone,
Burning woodlands and bullets to the hunt,
Fairies fleeing in numbers beyond reckoning,
No longer left alone in songs & hymns,
Mountains & woodlands reshaped in twisted sport,
Blessed be those who believe in magic,
Bless them quick for time is short
Kyle Oct 27
As October ends
  Differences mean little
    We ghouls need friends too
Kyle Jun 21
The forest's dying breath carried by the wind,
Reaching Melody's keen hearing and she sprang into action,
Melody is kind but thin, Everyone calls her Twig because,
No amount of bread ever seems to make her look less malnourished,
Melody ran in the cold, bitter winter's night desperate to answer a cry for aid from the woods beyond the village,
Barefooted and panting she arrived at the clearing, cloaked in her night gown under the moon's haunting glow, she finally spoke,
'What seems to be the matter, Old One? I have come as you command'
One by one, wolves circled the helpless child, maggots crawled out of the earth & the crows watched from their twisted perch,
Melody let out a feeble shriek and the frenzy begins,
Her flesh & bone gnawed clean, bits of her brain left for the insects to lay eggs, the toads in turn feasted on it, the crows claimed any pieces of meat scattered near & far,
The forest is now alive with howls from the pack, croaks from the pond & caws from the tree, the ground rumbled with glee,
Music has returned to the forest & Melody was the Key.
Kyle May 15
The battle-hardened maiden descends in her regal gait,
As clanks of clamouring steel subsides,
Crimson soaked marshes sprawling with death,
Twitching bodies ensuing after shattered heads,
Entrails entwined on broken blades,

She counts the spent bitterly with her cherry lips,
As her battalion sings in praise at the fallen dead,
Golden chariots and white steeds prepare the voyage,
Ferrying Vikings to Valhalla for an eternity of songs & mead
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