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Kyle Sep 2023
Under the moonlight
Calm is the space between Now
And Eternity
You will find it in a quiet walk at a desolate yet beautiful locale.
Kyle Feb 2023
The last of heartbeats,
The vanishing of crescendos,
Fading maroon,
From thy cheekbone,
Prey become predator,
Wistful glides,
Moonlit cobblestone,
Innocent pouts,
Invited home
A short one after watching Let The Right One In.
Kyle Nov 2022
So fair skinned a lass
That he couldn't look away
The Moonlight envied
Kyle Oct 2022
Amidst the turmoil, silence speaks in ways words could not
(10 words)
Kyle Oct 2022
Ever watchful from every angle,
The decade wears not his oak-like scale,
A glimpse of his regal gait & you will see,
That which you seek becomes thee
An ode about a majestic Balinese carving that I own.
Kyle Apr 2022
Last vampire defying the living,
Bite swift canine's a given,
Decapitating slayers like a guillotine,
Stacking bloodpacks fight's unending,
The after-image mirage in a vision,
Tearing the jugular respiratory failing,
Flaunting words wearing them like a pendant,
Death of my master means vengeance
A short rap verse inspired by a vampire themed mobile mmo rpg I came across.
Kyle Feb 2022
The March is short, The deafening roars prolong,
It numbs the heart, It's too late for remorse,
Which side are you on?
The reaper's instrument favors no one
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