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Kyle Apr 23
Oh I know it all too well,
The desperate search for adequate telling
Of Scent, Taste, Colors, so refined
Imagery so sublime, worthy of a waltz with the pen
But do it quick
Do it now
Before all sense of my usefullnes flutters away again
Then I'd have to cut myself
To describe pain
Since that's all I have left
Kyle Apr 23
I was drawn to you
Heard you're worth a thousand volts
Till' love lost its spark
Kyle Oct 2020
Gloomy it was, that midnight
His pale countenance, wicked smile
Inevitable sweep, Wolf to Sheep

But I ran on the stony pavement, barefoot
Bathed in my unshackled hair, misty breath

I feared for my decaying soul,
But his words complete me

'You will never be afraid again
Never alone, never old
Beauty untold'

A muteness unfold,
All the words that had meaning to me
Taken from my lips

I stopped,
Wings of shadow held my waist gently,
It felt like home,
How I missed the feeling,
As I stepped into the Unknown
Kindred and Sire.
Kyle Oct 2020
Voices say I should
Twist bodies to its image
Paint the night with screams
Jack did not act alone

Halloween Haiku!
Kyle Aug 2020
When my fangs are bored
I forge alliances and build armies
Then tick off other Aristocrats

A simple game really

The thing with war is
Being my captive is an honor
Why don't these men understand?

After satiating every inch of me
I ask them paint my throne in their blood
Yet they grovel by my feet begging for mercy

Playing hard to get I see
Poenari Castle -Winter, 1580
3 am
Still thirsty
Kyle Aug 2020
Madness descends slow
Even with your whispers gone
I can still hear you
The mania which haunts can be so strange of a bittersweet.
Kyle Jul 2020
Watch how we paint ourselves,
For the acrylic can be the Ego,
A fog where the Game takes place,
The Game of Remembering & Forgetting,
Until one ceases to un-know,
You are, We are,

An immortal speck of the Divine
That yearns to return,
One lifetime at a time,
To the Source of All That Is
Emptiness is Form, Form is Emptiness.
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