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tainted black Nov 2018
cold winds gushing in
flashing lights and falling stars
sad hearts driving far
idk if this is a haiku or what ***. i'm on the road rn and this suddenly popped into my mind.
Miley L Jan 2015
A soft blue sky
Hidden behind velvet curtains of broken clouds
Rows of sparrows, skylines, and street lamps
Hummed songs and horizons
And she's just another silhouette
Standing beside a perfectly painted background of faux splendor.
Alliteration was, alas, never my forte.
Daniel Mashburn Oct 2014
If there is one thing of which I am sure, of which I know,
Is that if love suffers at all then it suffers alone.
Daniel Mashburn Oct 2014
Standing on bridges,
Feeling something I don't know how to explain.
Seeing headlights,
And taillights disappearing around curves.

Hearing how the overpass sings to me
Of hope and forgiveness, quiet contemplation.

These conversations aren't working.
Daniel Mashburn Oct 2014
How long might this last before
The future now becomes my past?

When old men's thoughts are wasted
Because the love they never tasted

Makes all of our lives splinter
Like a tree in the mid winter

And the cold frost comes to cover
My heart that some how loves her

I wish that I could tell you
Of all my love that has befell you
Daniel Mashburn Oct 2014
Once again I feel like exploding
Tear it up before it lets me down
Inside out and I never feel like trying
I hate it more than you will ever need to know

Borderline and thoughts written in margins
It's not enough to get me through today
Always thinking I haven't got enough time
Hard to believe it's only a lifetime away
This is a poem I wrote in my first copy of The Catcher in the Rye, which I no longer have in my possession. Dug this up in an old conversation.
Daniel Mashburn Oct 2014
Oh I looked for something better,
but these lines; they were so bitter.
I find that self-destruction is the latest trend on Twitter.
Daniel Mashburn Oct 2014
I spoke a word too soon it seems,
Expressing my pity and my doubt.
Isn't it a pity that your pity
Was your only way out?

Your words still echo in my head
So long after they were said.
Well after all their meaning has been spent
But they're still searching for a way out.

Serpent tongued thieves
Were sowing seeds of insecurity
With their silver lined whispering.
Painting silver all our self doubt
Daniel Mashburn Oct 2014
This sound is filling up my ears
Your eyes are flooding up with tears
Our lives are weighing down with years
But this place has always stood still here

You always said these people jeer
And make excuses year to year
But I'll keep smiling ear to ear
Because you're in this place, still here

My head is playing out these fears
I'm getting left out by my peers
I'm seeing shadows in the mirror
But you're always in my heart, dear

It feels like I'm choking on this air
Every time that you are near
You turn around and you can't hear
That I'm glad that you're still here

So close your eyes, and I swear this won't be goodbye
Good night

Good bye

We don't know what we don't know
We're not reliant on the fallacy of tomorrow
We're not reliant on, relying on tomorrow
We're not reliant on, relying on, we're lying
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