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nivek May 21
Bad Gateway
On Repeat
Reel to Reel
No way out!
nivek May 13
Full Moon is for Lovers and Werewolves
for Madness sake
Running to u, perhaps
results in
A heartbreak;
a tear
a sigh.
Galloping across pulses
Perchance, is a chase
of the wind.
Even so,
I'll run to u.
Based on ben e king's stand by me. Dedicated to all those who still hope for love and meaningful friendships one day. May you find the person you can always run to.
nivek May 6
precious reminders, (happily reminded),
are not all candy and flowers.
nivek May 6
Give me skin like the bark of an Oak
be a beacon whose eyes shine deep
old older and oldering full right to life.
nivek May 4
Monochrome memories
whiplash across your mind

Black and white
no room for fragility

Be merciful my friend
and you will surely receive the same measure

Be merciful
and be forgiven
nivek May 4
beneath a flowers petals I sheltered
for many years and days
days for Sun and days for rain
and years to be thankful.
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