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nivek 7m
all ends
with death.
nivek 14m
serpent hides behind pearl walls
ready to strike

serpent knows much guile
and even lies

serpent even composes poetry
and hisses whispered songs

serpent knows when to be silent
when a meal comes close.
nivek 23m
forging a path less travelled
yet full to the brim of surprise!
nivek 26m
To the ending of all Earthly journeying
I will lift my glass...while there is still time
and I will drink deep of that sobering toast
-to the eternal parting of all ways known.
nivek 37m
hands reach in and serve;
to feed, to heal, to teach.

hands to caress, to soothe
bring to attention

to show the way, to wave
hello, and goodbye.
nivek 43m
keen is loves ambition
to love
small remembrance, now and then
is all love asks
nivek 2h
glitches, stitches ,misunderstandings
this is where we meet
unforgiven, unforgiving,
forgiven and set free
small inconveniences, physical hurts
emotional upsets
a helping hand, clenched fist
arms open wide.
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