nivek Dec 6
fight they say
and the spirit will fight with you

and sometimes the hardest fight
is to admit you went so wrong
nivek Dec 6
The world is changing
darkness creeps

waiting, waiting

for good folk
to do nothing.
nivek Dec 6
our ******* missiles are so much bigger than yours.
  Dec 6 nivek
call me on my courage,
for it is fleeting  
tell me all I’ve done to earn the ire of this earth,
all sharp words flung like waves at the foot of the beach
recoiling at the sand,
and coming back for more.
nivek Dec 6
minds travel, eyes drink colour
you can taste the sea on your tongue
hear nothing while listening
make a fist or embrace the world
smell a rose and winters scent on the wind.
  Dec 6 nivek
Pavements made for pedestrians
Are covered with nothing but slight shadows
Walking on the edge
Fall off a 5 centimeter cliff
Into puddles of delicate magma
Laugh it off
Stand back straight
Up high
Head almost
But not enough
Touching the clouds
Doves are weeping above the mist
Olive branches in strands of destruction
Connotations amassing
Dynamites, pop. Pop.
Tasting feathers
While high frequencies slash eye globes with blades
Cuts above the hay
Vibrations penetrating
From anywhere
Whisk the brains
Look at the hands
look at hers
At his
Grin, frothing, grilling, flaming
Fading into dullness
Feeling water digesting
Eyes batting, lashes flowing
Chest rising up and falling
Where knees are popping
And knuckles white and rose
And skin, so much of it
And eyes, so many of them
Joints activated with oil
Squeaking! Squeaking! Squeak!
Terribly terribly terribly
Girdled and not
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