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nivek 2d
the road across the causeway
family secrets family guilt
we all meet beneath the Sun.
Soldier on his path
trained to **** and trained
to heal. It can be a ******
road you wish to leave
a ****** road to travel.
The causeway is a song you
forgot its tune left in the
throats of the dead.
The causeway over the sea
the waves full of the dead.
nivek 2d
love in denial
denial of love.

we crept into our dreams
and we crept back on out again

tickets are being sold
but no-one here has got any money

poet keeps on singing
because poets have no choice.

we decided to be the tickets
into a brave new solar system.
nivek 2d
one day the spring will break
all known incarnations cease

the light will have flown
back from whence it came

your face, unique among the stars
will grace other worlds

your very essence, your person
fully realised.
nivek 3d
attention seeking
attention demanding
standing to attention
attention to place
attention at event
attention to anything
paying attention
lost attention
called to attention
full attention
attention deficit
attention denied
forfeited attention
losing attention
limited attention.
nivek 3d
morphing from the physical
to the spiritual

you make your prayers
and whisper into the darkness

it was always going to be painful
this changing into something else

but just look at the Butterfly
the prayer of the caterpillar.
nivek 3d
the graveyard is forever filling up
headstones in neat rows

your name will be read there
along with your two dates

it may say 'poet'
or may say nothing at all

allowing silence to speak
allowing silence to be.
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