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Julia Elise Feb 2017
Title (optional)
cliche word combination begging you to read on

something about love
something about lost
probably something about brokenness too
a story of heartbreak and being destroyed

an overused simile because those are the easiest to understand
maybe some rhymes about how, like a bird, time flies by so quickly
a closing line that contains the only actual feeling
something about what could have been

Notes (optional)
a monologue describing the words that should have spoken for themselves

Tags (separated by spaces)**
#love  #supposedunderlyingmeaning #imissyou #thisisthecryforhelpihopeyousee
this poem is about the art of poetry as a whole, and how those who do not understand the power that words can have try to write the previously mentioned poems, and end up disgracing the sacred name of the poets' society.
Julia Elise Feb 2017
no feeling toward you
not even enough to fill
one small haiku
Julia Elise Aug 2016
those beautiful eyes
waiting for you endlessly
hopelessly wond'ring
Julia Elise Aug 2016
love in the moments
holding on to single words
simple perfection
Julia Elise Aug 2016
he said to meet him
then left without saying where
the stars are different
Julia Elise Aug 2016
meet me in vietnam
he said
adventures await us
the world ahead
meet me in vietnam

don't wait the year
he said
I can't wait that long
don't wait the year

watch the stars with me
he said
stars are far
but I'll be close
watch the stars with me

you're beautiful
he said
a galaxy above
but looked at me
you're beautiful
instead of
watch the stars with me

meet me in vietnam
he said
the stars are the same
he said
you're beautiful
he said
meet me in vietnam
Julia Elise Jul 2016
you've put every
single thing I fear
directly in my face
i am unworthy
i am unwanted
i am alone
every single flaw
is prominent
i am vile
i am incompetent
i am stupid
each problem
is displayed
i am boring
i am sad
i am angry
individual sins
i am hateful
i am filthy
i am bitter
all my
i am careless
i am open
i am emotional
my blemishes
visible across
my forehead
i am pockmarked
i am paunchy
i am diseased
the limitations
i am dumb
i am pathetic
i am anxious
i am incomplete
i am lost
i am done
PSA: This could very we'll be a humbling experience where you acknowledge the flaws and move on trying to better yourself or it may trigger the realization that human beings a strange creatures who will not change no matter what knowledge is placed in front of them. - either way beneficial.
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