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Alphabet soup

I could never tell their order, for they all came out so fast
All the letters in the alphabet, all came with a blast
Words I did not recognise, words I did not choose
All of the letters they kept scrambling
All of them amused.

I see them all before me,
A vast ocean full of glee.
Words becoming sentences
Grammatically painting pictures
For one and all to see.

I see pictures from the present
I see pictures from the past
I see pictures in natures many guises
Some of them cast to last

I read of the mystical meandering, that comes from within Pandora’s Box
I read of the mythical dimensions, of Devinci his ruse that seekers seek to unlock
I read of the magical new beginnings, in nature as seasons produce its flocks
I read of the wonders of the universe, bequeathed by scientists since time started the ticking of its clock

All the wonderful letters bequeathed to those that note,
All the wonders of the mind, its senses from which the stories float.
All these special visions’ artists choose to collate,
All these special pictures writers choose to paint.

(c) 12.14
flowed through
the stirred
Briar Roses,
The sweet fragrance
lingers on,
Upon the Silver pond.
A white water lily
It slowly opens
to show us
the frog as she
plays with her
long pearls above,
With a Red-heart arrow.
Waiting for
little Ivanushka
to retrieve it...
Red bud, je m'agenouille devant vous,
votre  départ  jusqu'à ce
que les plis s'épanouir.
Find Love In Me...... and let me Find Love in You..... it doesn't matter if, it's the love of a friend or deeper...... I just want it to be true, I just want it to be true. To Be True......
High above in heaven a prayer heard
A man whose heart feared
God almighty I did wrong he said
Yet to gain pardon my sacrifice not paid
For Iam poor and cannot pay
A sacrifice needs money the elders say
Father in heaven his heart did pain
oh for the love of tis human to gain
To make a sacrifice his child he sent
To know the human pain in earth to spend
A child in a manjor was born
to them in darkness awaiting joyous morn
A sacrifice to our sins God did give
The greatest gift for poor to live
Christmas a time with joy to celebrate
Gifts and toys and rituals humans create
Doth not for poor God as a child born
yet humanity doth make his heart torn
its not gifts that mark the day
its a love of God to humaniny with his life to pay
Joy not in the gifts we do give
joy be found to give the dying a life to live
Not in the feast a christmas sprit found
A smile to them that cry a melody of joy to sound
to them suffering from hunger war loss of life in sickness loneliness
in debts in cold in pain letvus us share this christmas
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