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Jason Jan 29
"I look like a melting gargoyle when I cry."

She laughed, like wind-chimes in sunlight, soothing and warm. She replied, "You don't have to show me."

"Will this really work? I feel silly."

"Well you won't know unless you try, now will you?" She smiled.

"Okay, okay. Like this?" I asked, crossing my hands over my chest.

"Kinda," She reached out and adjusted my hands slightly, "Like that, gently, like you're holding a baby bird against your heart."

She let go of my hands and floated backwards a pace, watching me encouragingly.

Still feeling silly, I tried to clear my mind, while remembering her instructions;

Focus, stay relaxed...


Think of hope, I told myself, and as I did I began to bring my cupped hands down away from my chest and hold them facing the sky.

"*******!" She exclaimed, leaning in, her face alight with - something.  

I started to lower my hands, thinking as I do, that she was poking fun.

Her face fell, and her hands shot out like lightning, gently bracing my hands and preventing me from lowering them. "Don't be shy," she smiled softly.

I looked up into her eyes, wary, but her face showed only concern.  I looked down again, ashamed of my reaction, and she ducked her head to maintain eye contact.  "You're a squirmy one, aren'cha?"

I felt my face flush, but I laughed, despite my anxiety.

She nodded towards my hands, "Don'cha wanna know what I see?"

I saw nothing. "Sure," I said, trying not to sound skeptical.

Apparently I failed because she let out another peal of chiming laughter.  She seemed to sober a bit, without losing her carefree smile and leaned in a bit more closely.  She peered into the bowl formed by my cupped hands like it was filled with stars instead of empty air.

She remained like that for what seemed an eternity.  I held as still as I could, awaiting her judgment.  She straightened and looked at me, very seriously.  Her face was not hard, exactly, it was like a waterfall that had just stopped falling, all trace of humor was gone.

"Why are you ashamed of me?" She asked softly, no anger or hurt, just concern.

"I..." I didn't actually know how to answer.  I thought for a moment, the both of us standing there, with her holding my hands like a fortune teller.

"I think I have just been convinced, over and over, that I should be." I said somberly.

"Silly boy," she replied, her face once again alive with that same ephemeral light.  "Don't you know?  People will tell themselves all kinds of things when they're hurting.  Don't you go and let hurt steal your hope, your light!"  

I hung my head a bit, somewhere, deep down, I did know.

She shook her head slightly, and smiling a bemused little smirk, she glided closer.  With her left hand she began to push my hands back up towards my chest, and brought her right hand around to cup the back of my neck, simultaneously drawing our foreheads together.

Her eyes drifted nearly closed, as if she was falling into a trance, and as my hands reached my chest she whispered something I could not quite understand.

I saw it first in her eyes, a faint glow, and as she finished her short silent prayer the tiny glow flared into uproarious brilliance!  The blinding light suffused us, filling my vision with blue/white fire.  

Hope's warm countenance floated before me now in the heart of a star, and just before I awoke, I realized that the light was coming not from her eyes, but from beneath my cradled hands.
©01/29/2021 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved

I had previously tagged this short story with "dreams" so it would show up under that tag, but I don't want people to get the impression this was an actual dream.  Just a story.  Keep Hope alive! <3  :)
Jason Oct 2020

I tore my hand from hers and I stumbled backwards feeling disgusted.  Feeling disgusting.  

Soiled, oily.

Five bottom-shelf screwdrivers and a pitcher-and-a-half of cheap beer briskly informed me that my stomach was a little too happenin, and they were gonna go ahead and go.  

Like, NOW.

I ran towards the bathroom, elbowing several people out of the way as I went.

Several much larger, and leather-clad Mowhawkians.

Moshers who had been standing in line for at least 15 minutes.

How I didn't get punched I will never know...

I careened into the stall like a methhead pinball and got ready to lose my liquid lunch.  

The watery hi-***** and natty light must have seen the same sight I did, because they decided they didn't really have anywhere to be after all.

I propelled myself away from the nightmare cesspool masquerading as a toilet, mostly by force of horror.

Luckily my legs wanted the **** out of there as badly as the rest of me, and they shakily complied.

Rocking side-to-side like a punch-drunk prize-fighter in Round-9, I bulled past an eight-foot-tall stick-figure goth-person, and it hit me:

I am going to have to tell her....

I was suddenly alone in the club.

...I am going to have to tell the love of my life that another woman kissed me.

The electricity went out.

Not in the seedy South East D.C. nightclub, but inside me.

The room was still, full of the life-like statues of dancers.

Lasers, frozen-fire, suspended in darkness and smoke.

The color had drained, like a rerun on a black & white TV...

I could only watch as my life crumbled in my mind's eye.

In the midst of this noisy, noxious, overcrowded *******.

In deafening, rhythmic silence.

What passed for air was sweaty-*****, and midsummer dank even in winter.

But the air around me became crisp.

Not crisp like the wind in February,

Crisp like the silence in a tomb.


Because I won't survive this.

I didn't know it yet, but this $5 cover open-bar might as well have been my tomb.

Sealed as tightly as my fate.

With a kiss.
© 10/20/2020 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved
For the prequel story, go to:
Allesha Eman Oct 2020
“How do you feel?” I ask again. I, knowing the answer, poke my head into the lion's den. I feel the ghost of your frustrations floating about in the confined space. It haunts the room as our shadows strangle each other.

“What is the opposite of homesick?“ You ask.

“Homesick, ” I answer.
A 53 word short story
Dresden Aug 2020
As we sat in the car and the sun declined, the world turned to a peach hue and dimmed. The pouring rain from not only an hour before still felt as if it lingered in the air, sticking to my skin. A car joined us in the parking lot and started staring to the East, we both turned our gaze to align with theirs and saw a perfect rainbow accompanied by a faded second. And as we sat there and reflected on the topic of the human perseption of light, I found a moment to ask, "Can I kiss you so we can remember this moment forever?"
They replied, "of course".
Romantic or cheesy? I see no difference
Isewk anan Aug 2020
What is seen is temporary
What is unseen is eternal

I live on borrowed time
but I will gladly spend it with you

My days are numbered
but I will gladly count it with you
Isewk anan Jul 2020
It was dark, it was lonely

It was quiet, it was empty

My heart cried out

But nothing, not even an echo returned an  answer
Lyn-Purcell Jun 2020

My King,
I am light in the shade, and no slave to sin.
The charges upon me and mine name are false,
but naught can be done as you have decreed that
my kith and kin be stripped of their birthrights
and slain...

My grief knows no bounds to the injustice,
but the only assurance is that I will reunite
with them once I am free from the bonds
of this mortal coil.
The world of women is harsh and hard,
even more so as we tend to our gardens.
to be fragrant for you. To be fresh for you.
To be righteous. For you.

We are sold to carry our family names
on our shoulders and dragonseeds on our
All while living in a luxuriously guilded cage.
I am a one of many flowers you so tenderly,
proudly plucked and yet,
I am left drowning in nothing but
cold tears and everything I am scattered
to the wailing wind and raging rain.

As I take my leave of this world,
I pray you shall be of great health
and live for ten thousand years more.
You came into the world under the wings
of a storm of destiny
When the winds howled
and the seas roared

As the people paid sacrifices
to the Gods to still their rage.
Only with your loud cries did the storms
pass away and then all things became light.
The passion we once shared bore sweet fruit,
to our dear Second Prince who is carved
in your image.
He is me and he is you and he is he,
a son of the God who walks this earth.

You say you hold the Mandate of Heaven
in your claws, and all you do is mourn that
wretched sour flower with such affection,
not even seeing how my love withers in
the heart of your golden palms?
Do you truly believe that Meihua is without fault?
Without sin?
She only remained so white and youthful
because she bathed in the blood of those
she so willingly, wilfully, wrongfully spilt,
yet all you see is her aura of eternal
spring flowers?

...How I pity you...

Under her gaze was the guile far more
venomous than any krait.
I only wished for you to see the truth,
to tear her hypocritical mask of
innocence, and be your ***** friend.
As I still do!
But I see now that all my cries, my pain
our love, our history have fallen on mute ears...

I love and loved so fiercely.
I love and loved so purely.
And with the Gods as my witness,
as foolish as it may be, I love you still!
I kept myself clean from the touch
of man and have been naught but
a loyal, patient and caring wife to you
and our brood.

Meihua truly has you bewitched and
has bested me and my sisters, as she is so fang-deep
in your heart. Seeing how you will not accept
the truth, I pray that one day that it is seen.
My only wish is that you spare our child
and that he tastes only sweetness in this harsh life.
I commend my soul to the Gods,
devote my life to the stars...

And leave my heavy heart and memory
on the foot of your conscience.

For those who spill the blood of an
anointed line will see the karmatic deliverance
And not even you can halt what you
have long since set in motions.
I have resigned myself to it all.

Let the vipers lay claim to my titles,
my riches, my lands, my position,
but they will never pry the crown from my
hand nor the heat from my heart.
I will be watching all from the Gates of Death.

I have been wronged, so very wronged...

The wine of gold silkworms shall be the greatest
of comforts.
For that is sweet.
And you.
YOU are the poison which I refuse to
consume again...

                                         Yours once and never again,

And it's finally arrived!
This continuation of my poem,'The Screen' and 'Meihua's Message'.
There will be 6 letters or so in total, and each of them are connected to one another.
I hope you'll enjoy it, I just let the emotions flow out of me.
Once the collection is completed, I will let you all know and it will be in a collection!
Here are the links to the Screen and Meihua's Message. Please have a look at them when you have the time as there is more to their stories.

The Screen [Intro]:
Meihua's Message:

Do tell me what you think!
Be back soon with more letters and poems!
And thank you so so much for 341 followers!
You guys are amazing.
Take care everyone, stay safe and well.
Much love,
Fiona May 2020
It was a quite place
The wind spread through the wild flowers
Like a wave
She closed her eyes
She laid in those wild flowers
For a long time
So long her fingers and toes sprouted roots
Grounding her.
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