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I can’t force the universe to understand me
I won’t throw a tantrum, two or more folks
That refuse to travel with me on this path
There are more than a billion folks ahead
Of this path, waiting to align with a stranger:
Dancing in the same levels of energies

So I won’t force “ this few” to understand me
Neither will I succumb to their negativity
I soldier on, I carry on, on this lonely path
Knowing the sun will shine someday, on this path
I don’t know when but I carry on like the good farmer
I have tried to travel with many by coercion, later to realize my feet is stuck in their emotions. No one was born as a slave to anyone... we are here in this plain to exercise purpose freely without fear
Aaron LaLux Sep 23
... but you can’t fool Me,
I see your sadness for exactly what it is,
in between fake laughs false compliments,
& passive aggressive insulting attacks,

I see your sadness that you hide behind those name brands,
Drew House with fake smiles can’t fool me nor impress me,
the only way to get ride of your darkness is to let it go,
share Yourself with others like Shia did with #IAMSORRY,
made some mistakes a couple hundred times but it’s okay,
find a Purpose like Justin admit your mistakes & say Sorry,

you’re beautiful just the way you are, mistakes paved the way,
you are a living Self Portrait,  put your colors on display,
& admit you were so concerned with your own heart,
that you didn’t see the Heartbreaks that you made…

∆ LaLux ∆

an excerpt from poem #27 of
THHT3: The Hollywood Hills Trilogy 3
available on Amazon here:

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Aaron LaLux Sep 18
I wanted to say something with some significance urgently,
but like usual, I just bit my tongue & swallowed my words,
washing my words down unwillingly with plural rounds,
of complimentary shots from the open bar,

she didn’t even notice, because, as usual she was,
stuck on her phone, serving it more than it served her,

I wanted to remind her urgently, that I was there,
that she was there as well, that we were there,
I wanted to remind her urgently, to remember the memories,
before they were permanently gone, & forgotten forever,

lost in the sands of time, stuffed in the depths of our minds,
gone like skeletons in closets, faded like colors in sunsets, washed away like sand castles by the sea,
she was only ever there during ***,

only then would our souls connect & our eyes meet,
only then would she be present, without interference,
& our *** was the best, no debate, carnal yet caring,
physical yet spiritual, gentle yet rough, selfless yet selfish,

still as good as the *** was, I wanted more,
I wanted more of her, I wanted more of her there with me,

for I felt that all too familiar feeling of impermanence,
that this too would pass, as everything does,
that we too wouldn’t last & that time was our nemesis,
this gave me anxiety & anguish, so bad I wanted to speak up,
but I just clammed up, I bit my tongue, swallowed my words,
& swept all these underlying emotions under the rug,

see we were doing good, good enough to not make a scene,
or at least it seemed, & I didn’t wish to mess things up for us,

didn’t wish to arouse her inner child,
for that child was fierce, that child was a terror,
that child could be sweet but also bitter,
that child was sometimes a dream, but mostly a nightmare,

life is, sometimes a dream, but, mostly a nightmare,
so I didn’t make current waves, I just rode surfer waves,
as we rode in Uber cars, driven by newer slaves,
wanted nothing more for us than a way to escape,

wanted nothing more from her, nothing except her time,
how silly am I, to want the only thing that money can’t buy,

I wanted to say something with some significance urgently,
but like usual, I just bit my tongue & swallowed my words,
washing my words down unwillingly with plural rounds,
of complimentary shots from the open bar,

after a decent amount of time, maybe a few months,
I finally spoke, words which to this day I still regret,
words that would set in motion our end,
even though I didn’t know it yet,

I said,

“You love that phone more than you love me, so I’m leaving!”,
this sentence, like all the most hurtful sentences are,
was made up of a combination of truth, anger, & passion,
was made out of a sense of desperation, hatred, & love,

& I don’t know if you can actually witness a heartbreak,
but if you can, if you can witness & actually recognize it,
then I saw her heart break in that moment,
& it signified the beginning of our end catalyzing,

her heart broke for all the reasons a heart breaks,
she felt betrayed, attacked, misunderstood, & neglected,
she felt she had given me her everything & that I rejected it,
that I’d disrespected it & worst of all felt I didn’t detect it,

there were no tears, there was no explanations,
no reaction, no pleading, no reasoning,
there were only misinterpreted intentions for no reason,
& an escalation of arguments used as excuses for our abuses,

the truth is, I loved her,
more than any girl before, or any girl after,

but you know what they say,
you never really miss what you have until it’s gone,
you never really miss who you have until they’re gone,
you never get a chance to say goodbye once they’re gone,

“c’est la vie” life goes on, even when account’s overdrawn,
morally bankrupt, we broke up, as most couples eventually do,
going our separate ways with severed ties & broken hearts,
each of us holding separate parts of each other’s lies & truth.

We went cold turkey, no calls, no emails, no text.

We didn’t speak for months, still I thought about her every day.

It’s strange how close someone can feel,
even when they are so far away,
it’s strange how far someone can feel,
even when they are right there with you,
sometimes I feel closer to someone, when they are not there,
if you love someone let them go,
the heart only grows fonder with time,
& if they return some day you know that they’re there to stay.

One day, I don’t remember the exact day, I called her,
craving to hear her soft tones in my ears once more,
to my surprise she answered, “Who’s this?”
“It’s me.”, I replied to remind her,
there was a long pause,
“Oh, my Love, it’s been months!” she exclaimed excitedly,
months in this city can feel like years,
“So good to hear from you Babe, can I text you later?”,
the sentence didn’t make sense,
I didn’t desire another text conversation,
I desired to hear her voice, to see her face,
still, it had been months,
& I didn’t want to scare her off with overt emotions,
it’s a strange time when people are scared of love letters,
I wanted to tell her,
that time is passing faster than any of us realize,
that life is too short,
to not spend every living moment with someone you love,
that we should be celebrated as miracles,
not neglected as mistakes to be ignored,
I wanted to say something so bad, but like usual,
I just bit my tongue & swallowed my words,
reminding me of all those nights we’d spent at the bar,
so in order not to startle her I only said “Ok.”,
she said, “Thanks!”, & we both hung up our phones,
thinking she wouldn’t text back, & I’d again be left alone,

to my surprise, she called me that same night,
& confessed she loved my madly,
& that us being together in this world of wrong,
seemed like the only thing that felt right anymore,

so we made a plan, to have dinner the next day,
& every moment in anticipation, felt like forever to wait,

we were to meet at this little bistro on Sunset,
I arrived a bit early just in case & shot her a text,
she texted me back instantly saying she was on her way,
felt as eager sitting there as a high school kid on his first date,

to my shock & surprise she stood me up, at first I was upset,
until I learned that in her defense it wasn’t her fault,
see she’d died in a car crash on Crescent Heights & Sunset,
cause of death a text she was sending me before she crashed,

in that last moment, she’d sent me a text that was never sent, & I later found out when I read it that this is what it said,

“Baby I love you, sorry I’m late, I’m on my way, see you soon.”.

& we’re still waiting,  
but now the tables have turned,
now she’s waiting for me to get off my phone,
& come back home.

So I send this message to her in Heaven in hopes it’s received,
“Baby I love you, sorry I’m late, I’m on my way, see you soon.”..

∆ LaLux ∆

Poem #55 from the best selling poetry book
THHT3: The Hollywood Hills Trilogy 3
available here:
Once upon a time,
in a town by the eastern sea,
there stood an abandoned lighthouse
as big as an old oak tree.

Locals knew not to disturb
what haunted that crumbling tower
while frightened tourists shared new
stories of “accidents” almost every hour.
In this lighthouse lived the lonely spirit of
a child whose name resembled a flower.

Each sunrise, Rose played on the broken stairs
of that lighthouse humming her favorite tune.
She looked to the clouds and prayed
for friends each lonesome afternoon.
At night, she whispered lullabies to herself
as she counted centuries of passing moons.

Young Rose found the bittersweet answer
to her prayers early one summer morning
when a little blond boy raced up her broken steps
clutching his green balloon while exploring.
She pet his hair softly and devilishly grinned
before shoving the boy with no forewarning.

The locals heard a blood curdling scream
and tragedy fell upon the town by the eastern sea.
But as that green balloon ascended to the Heavens,
little Rose was, all of a sudden, a lot less lonely.
Ammar Abraham Jul 14
See? This is why running is essential to a man’s health! Out of breathe already. Well, in all fairness, I am not sprinting to warm up on this sunny day, I kind of very much shot someone in the face. I didn’t have to but that doesn’t matter now does it.

Well why did you shoot him?

Wait, what? Whose voice is this in my head? It’s probably just my head slowly loosing oxygen. Fine, if you must know, I was sleeping with his wife! HA! That would’ve been cooler. Unfortunately, I decided to take some stuff from an empty house, or what I thought was an empty house. Who the hell doesn’t come to their door after 5 door bells? You’re asking to get robbed then my friend. So yes, you can say I “broke in” to his house.

Oh god, How long have I been running? These cops don’t get tired? Are they going to chase me throughout the woods? These woods are so thick! So many trees! That’s good for the planet right? Great, someone is paying attention! ****, my legs have started to cramp!

You didn’t answer me, why did you shoot him?

Alright, my dying brain cells! I didn’t intend to shoot that man, he showed up out of nowhere, like a jump scare from those B grade horror films. They are much worse in real life. He didn’t need to bring out a gun with him! I didn’t have a weapon, it wasn’t a fair fight! Now, if you point a gun at me, I am surely going to defend myself at any given chance. Old man got really up close and then things got out of hands.

Funny thing is, He called the cops before he came down and tried to be a hero. All he had to do was stay in his room and let the cops show up. I would have turned myself in and probably a little jail time with some community service hours but no! My man had to come down with a gun and feel like a man! You feel manly now faceless *******!

Hello? No more questions? I guess that part of my head has died. And rightfully so! My lungs have given up, I am making sounds while inhaling and exhaling! That can’t be good. Also, tasting a bit of blood in my progressively drying mouth! Thank god for these trees for some shade!

Police constable yells “STOP! Turn yourself in! You got nowhere to run!”

Nowhere to run? What have I been doing this whole time? Not my fault the house was located at such a spot! And why should I turn myself in my good sir?

I broke into a man’s house and shot him in his ******* face! Yes it was an accident but will you believe that? Will You? My mom wouldn’t believe me man! My life is over! I don’t know much about law, but I am certainly looking at some kind of a life sentence. No sir!

Police constable yells “DROP YOUR WEAPON!”

My weapon? What weapon dude? Oh ****, I have been carrying the gun this whole time! WHY!?

I thought the gun problem was only limited to States! Why Oh Canada?
Okay, it is what it is now. I have the gun! Even if I turn myself in now, they have seen me with the weapon. I have zero case! I am a cold blooded killer who is now running away carrying the ****** weapon. Bad call Man!

Ah, this creek, I could just jump in it now! I don’t care if I drown; I’d give anything to drown in a creek! Hmm, that’s it then isn’t it? This must be a sign.

Let’s do a different math now. Creek is on my left and the gun is in my right hand. It’s perfect. It’s simply perfect. I wish I could apologize to all the people I caused any pain, not this last dude though, ***** him! I hope he is in hell!

Okay quickly now, creek is about to end.
It’s a Short story, hope you guys like it.
We are in a tall long carpeted room. With blue shadows casted in the dim light. I know he's here because I can hear the sound of his deep soothing voice. But I can't see him. I keep walking towards it. It's saying my name and telling me stories and he doesn't seem to notice that we are locked somewhere within what looks like the bottom of the ocean. Or that I can't see him.
           There's a floor to ceiling glass barrier that when you look up looks like it goes on for miles. As I walk slowly, cautiously, to the music of his laugh I run my fingers along the glass leaving cloudy stripes. And then I see him. On the other side of the crystal wall. He's still speaking to me. His whole face lights up when he notices I'm there. I'm so relieved I could cry. I beg him to tell me what's going on. To hold me close. To find someway out of this.
           He shakes his head no and sits down with his legs crossed and his hands on his knees. It creates the effect of a meditative state and I cannot for the life of me fathom how he's so calm. He gestures for me to do the same. I can't do much else but follow. Wait he tells me. I must have patience and everything will turn out so beautiful. But I'm impatient. I'm impatient and unfortunately believe there's a way out of everything. I stare up at the ceiling. Only, I can't see where it ends. I'm starting to realize the only way passed this glass is to break it.
          So I stand to my feet and bang my hands against it till I have nothing left. Until I'm in tears. When I turn my back and slide to the floor I can feel how this hurts him. It makes me afraid. Makes me afraid that he thinks I want him to bad. He simply has to walk away into whatever lies beyond the other side of the barrier and I'll be in this purgatory for the rest of my life. I'm almost sure he's done just that. So
I have to check. I brace myself for the worst. I turn towards where he was last. But he's still there. He raises his hand to the glass and tells me he's sorry, and that he loves me. That it's him and I against the world. That he's never loved anyone like he's loved me.
             That gives me the strength I need. He's what I want. What I've always wanted. He's my future. The father to my children. The man I want to wake up to In the morning. But he's behind a veil. So he just tells me to wait.
           So I do. I sit across from him and we talk. His voice echoes in the dark aquarium. But I hear him clearly. I fall in love with his stories and the way his eyes crinkle when he smiles at me. Only at me I've noticed. Nothing else makes his eyes smile like that.
       I sit and we talk for what seems like years. And finally I go silent. I stare at the beautiful black curls stroking his forehead and the constellation of freckles on his cheeks that had become my night sky. As I let my eyes go unfocused I saw the slight reflection of my face in the now fading foggy glass. It was filled with panic and worry, and a great sadness. But as the water came and washed away the remnants of breathe on glass I saw his face. And I understood. He knew we were underground. It hurts him that he is so close to touching my fingertips. But he has something I don't, he points behind me. I turn around and there it was, the reason for the constant smile on his face. A timer was counting down on the wall in glowing red light. He knows that when it reaches zero he can save me from myself. I won't ever have to beg him to love me on dark nights listening to his voice. I'll simply turn over and show him I love him much more than he could ever imagine.
The rain came down in heavy sheets. He pulled his soaked hood tighter to protect himself and kept walking.
Where the hell was she?
Would he find her in time?
Or was it already too late?
He wanted nothing but to find her in that moment before she did something dumb and regret filled.
Lightning struck.
There sitting on the bridge railing he saw a dark shape he knew was her.
He rushed towards her calling her name.
She looked back and hurriedly went to stand.
He grabbed her before she could jump, pulling her into his chest.
He could not tell for the rain if she had been crying.
But when opened her mouth to let out the most gut wrenching sob he'd ever heard, he knew that her face was damp with salty tears.
Wrapped in his arms she finally looked at him with nothing but pleading in her eyes. He solemnly looked at her and nodded, promising to keep her safe.
He pulled her closer to his chest.
He knew that she wouldn't be his forever, but he would protect her while she was
This started with a prompt i found on Pinterest and it slowly shifted into a really sad short story so....yeah
In ancient woodland
this child roamed,
lost in nature,
briar & loam.
Mapping clearings,
badger setts,
the places where
the deer had slept.
Picking berries
hops & flowers,
lying under
stripling bowers.
Until evening's
amber gloam,
with twiggy hair
racing home.
Joined Twitter and began trying writing prompts with vss365.  Challenging for me not to expand on the story and my adventures in our wood as a child.
I asked him, “what is a bird to a worm”

He looked at me and grinned “Food”

I wrinkled my nose,  “but worms don’t eat birds”

He laughed at my innocence and replied, “they do when they’re dead, and one day they’ll eat you too”
that's the funny thing about love
there's no denying it
one day, there is suddenly is
and for all the rest of the days
it will never fail to remind you of its company
whether it's sweet or sour
that's the thing about love
it will always need to be felt
- abigail reynolds
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