Thank you for stopping
How may I help you?

I would like
two items
from the value menu
to feed my children

Nothing for me
I will go hungry
A few dollars
is all we have

The kids are in the back
of our rusty car
our home on wheels
In need of repair

Rent was late
the electric was turned off
their father left us
we were evicted

no support from
our family
our "friends"
or the government

we are alone

By the way
may I please use
my employee discount?
Based on a true story
  Sep 10 Jeff Gaines

Each body part
sizzled in pure pleasure
in the blissed wake
of your oral efforts
brought forth the waves
of rapturous delight...

                                       Spurs poetic inspiration
                                        in equal liberation
                                        of desires to please.
                                        Bodies transpose
                                        in fluid motion
                                        as brazen eyes meet.

        Savor the voluptuous image before you.
        Indulge your eyes in my carnal halo
        before they roll to the back of your head.

On all fours
knees between your thighs
tips of swollen breast
caress your chest
tasting fresh honey
upon lips in a kiss.

                                        Ripples of ardor
                                         by wet trails
                                         of sensual kisses
                                         suckling towards
                                         the apex.

Breathe in
the slow motion pace
that pulsates eagerness
to the fore tumescing bulge
leaking with anticipation
of viscous lava.

        Tickles of silken hair
        against flesh edges closer.

Emerging subtle grumbles
in deep resonance
betray your impatience .
Hands tightly twine
in tangled hair
to maneuver
the treasure hunt.

                                         Licked lips pause
                                         at the sight of fire
                                         burning in
                                         glazed gazes
                                         before engulfing
                                         the throbbing member.

Plump ruby lips
greet velvety texture
in a slow deep dive.
Tongue curls around
the flavor
in a dulcet embrace.

                                         Moans release
                                         as grip tightens
                                         in my hair
                                         settles the
                                         rhythmic pace
                                         to taste in an
                                         oscillating dance.

        The masculine aroma of heady musk
        lingering there, arouses my appetite.

With my enthusiasm
attuned to
your preferred rhythm
suckling, slurping
surface and dive
in measured unison.

                                          Break of breath
                                          allows tongue
                                          freedom to roam below,
                                          licking, soft kissing
                                          the tender hammock
                                          of testicles.

        Tongue and lips escalate higher
        to mount another assaulting dive
        deeper in the depths
        of the cusp in cavity.

Wetted fingers
probe even lower
circling superficially
as gasp escapes
your heavy breath;
flaming eyes lock.

                                          Finger dips in
                                          with expert finesse
                                          gorging hardened growth
                                          within a wrapped hand.

Thighs tighten
with rocking grip.
Head thrusts onward,
drilling forward
in each dive.

        Salvia slips
        fingers grip
        lips dip

Engorged swell, flesh tightens in an intensity
of volcanic eruption ...


Pace retracts.
Loosened lips kiss tip.

“Soon sweetheart, your time will cum
inside me as we surrender to synergy."

Inspired by Multi Sumus' love...................................lust (act I) with my reciprocation in collaboration.

  Sep 10 Jeff Gaines
Multi Sumus
Hand upon the
kisses are taken
  Derobing to reveal
thy beauty.

                        With throat grasped
                           Stealing the taste
                        from your lips
                           Stripping the
                        covering that hides

   Gentle your body
lain upon the pillow
silk and soft be
the binding.

   Marks of
remain by subtle
suckings cascading
towards the basal.

                         By hands command
                          your form is cast
                          upon the floor
                         Bound that escape
                          be denied.

                        turn to bites leaving
                         soothing bruises as
                         descent is begun
                         unto the nethers.

Whimpered whispers
echoe as your
undulates in rythms
patterning the lappings

Quivering awaiting
such satiation.

                              Muffled screams
                              break the violent
                              silence as your
                               writhing body
                         calls to the lashings

                          In anticipation you
                             quake seeking a

   And with each passing moment your taste grows sweeter still
   Enticing me with every stroke

                   Pace quickens!
                    Air thickens!
                   Flesh stiffens!
           A last gasp and then!...


Tongue swirls and
tender kiss upon
the thigh, Soon my love
soon you will find
content and deep are
the sighs from within.

                              Skin swells from
                       the sting, Permission
                      has not been granted
                        for your release and
                         heavy is the breath
                          that escapes.

And gazing upon
such a vision as the
candlelight refracts
within the salted beads
formed upon the skin.

Hand found nestled
enveloped by the
succulence, Softly
caressing now wetted
and warm.

                         And while savoring
                          your slavery sweat
                           pools beneath
                       reflecting the flames

                   ­          Quick slip fingers
                            within, Beckoning
                             come hither as
                             thumb rubs firm
                             upon the shroud
                      while palm drips full
                            and overflows.

The time is near
that your freedom
be found for now
loosened be your

                       It is now the offering
                              is demanded!
                        Present to me your
                          gift upon this altar!

   Hands hastened as tips tickle bringing closer the moment
   Moans escalate to howls announcing your forthcoming
   And upon the pinnacle i sit awaiting your arrival

   Unable to contain with body bowed and exhaustive breath, A last cry and...

   Explosions unseen before as  flesh trembles in ecstacy

               And i, i am found

Collecting your
essence that my
thirst be quenched.

                         Receiving the sweet
                              amrita as my

     And leaning to kiss the tears    from your cheek i whisper
                "Once more?"
With a silent nod you agree...

Ahh My Dear, The night is still young, And this is merely the beginning of your pleasures.
multi sumus   (act I)
Cne'                  (act II)
Collaboration (act III)
  Aug 27 Jeff Gaines

My mind to frolic, with words of Frost
Slides between and then is lost

Drifting ‘round to fellows long
My thirst is deep; desires strong

Filled with all that Maya says
Flits in and out my meddling head

And ah, when Pablo speaks of love
My heart's aflutter with pure white doves

Around the beat, who else but Poe
A deep dark place I've come to know

I stop to ponder the words worth
As if I've nursed them from their birth

I settle to hear the rambling brook
Where Gwendolyn baits my eager hook

Then ‘long comes Oscar, running wild
I listen like an eager child

When Langston paints his colored hues
His canvas fills my point of view

Not just the finest spinning me
To this state of flux and reverie

For verses drift from near and far
Forever reaching for the stars

Feeding on the gentle night
I languish in the word's delight

Finding rhyme from ‘neath the skin
The place where passion's settled in

To fill my cup, appease my soul
Till hunger's sated, fat and whole

The empty space behind my eyes
Is filled with life's sweet lullabies

And when at last, I lay to rest
I'm filled with cadence of the best

  Aug 11 Jeff Gaines
This round flame is not here to attack you
it is the energy of who I was, who I am, and who I may be.

If you look into the shimmering ball of flame you will see who I was,
you will see my sorrows in the morning and regrets at night
I was buried and my roots knew I was not ready.

Ball of flame show them who I am now...

“her spell was broken by her inner spirit named truths leading freedom to be born
her angel hair let loose to finally be in touch with the wind
her smooth fingers understood each cryptic part of her body
her earthly feet connected with the sound of her heart beat”

these roots are not completely hugging all my body

Ball of flame show them who I will be...

“Standing tall close to the horizon she is not yet a complete tree. She will soon be who she wants to be in time. See, each inch will soon be covered by her magical world and mirrors reflection that will continuously shape her spirit. Tomorrow she and the flame will beam brighter that she will begin to believe she is nearly close to becoming a complete goddess to her kingdom”

Many fears had to be let go in order for these roots to reach my chest and grip my heart’s truth
What are your truths? Are you living by them? Are you proud of them?

Ball of flame, I wish them and my growth the best.
inspired by Mia and Sebastian's Theme by Pianist Kyle Landry
  Aug 11 Jeff Gaines
Truths were talked
truths were texted
worries rang my phone
my worries rang yours

For a year
8am through 4pm
my cheeks ached with a brighter smile

For a year
8am through 4pm
parked car therapy session consisted of us exploring our thoughts in winter along with the warmth that your truck comforted us with

In your car
late night sleeps with you consisted of your cologne
dreamy and sleepy
With you by me

let's go home

my silent whisper,
....I love you best friend

my gentlemen,
fresh and smooth,
led by your hands and feet to join you in your musical beats to dance

time was out of sight and out of mind
carried away by our moment

Another day, anticipated
What is next?

Late night dinner
with your fresh printed patterned shirt along with that clean cut beard and smooth edges

with dresses showing every curve, smooth black hair, cute painted finger nails you like to pick at and hold

carried away by our moment
ready to travel the night

For a year,
temptation crawled our minds
words were never spoken
our brown eyes knew what it wanted
shy maybe?,

biter liquor brought us courage

early morning,
hung and stunned
by courage

Late night drinks
"I don't want this to mess up our friendship"
"you know me more than anyone"

Could I... Be the one?
Is he... the one ?
I feel it in me

your pocket rings

and that moment

"Hi babe"

Sucked out of the trance
8pm felt darker  
space felt compacted clothes felt tight
heart shattered
throat knotted

For a year
my truths spoke
my truths texted

For a year
she had you
you had her
and you

..had me
  Aug 11 Jeff Gaines
Time tells you
you tried to tell it

"it's not who I want to be"

by time
by time

"dear time leave it behind"

I am still moving
in winds
in bees
in love
in trees
in water
in feet
in pain

Swayed and drifted
in bed

play and repeat
the melody of piano
play and repeat

I am moving
in fingertips
for touch
is never
the same

I am moving
I am sure you are on repeat

Swayed and drifted
in hazards
of all dark colors

see me

for I am
your shadow

I am
east, west
south, north
Surrounded by shadows times

Swayed and drifted
by who you want to be today

let I be
your healed pain
your dancing feet
your fresh water
your wavy trees
your tender love
your buzzing bees
your mystical winds

let I,
be your time.
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