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Battered by idolatrous affections,
my soul cried out to Him whose love is true
to cleanse my wants and with His grace renew
my thoughts from toxicating past infections.
“Feast on My Word,” He said, “and you shall find
everything you need for restoration
in My promises of assured salvation—
deliverance for spirit, heart and mind.
When trusting Me, I’ll keep your soul in peace
and unfold joy as you learn to obey,
to follow Me upon Life’s Highest Way,
where burdens know My paramount release.
Through longings, losses, trials, sorrows, pains
My Word unleashes monumental gains.”
Into the deep, God’s calling me nearer.
Eyes set on Jesus, I feel less afraid
to plumb His holy mysteries, to trade
the shoreline’s shallow surf for currents dearer.
Immersed within God’s Word, He meets me there
with treasures buried underneath the ink,
invites me of His grace-filled seas to drink,
pledging His own inheritance to share.
The love of God! How could thoughts e’er capture
Christ’s boundless waters of sublime delight?
(unmarred, untainted, free from guile or blight)
Yielded, though, heart bathes in, tastes Love’s rapture.
In worship soul can reach to highest bliss
when Jesus is the King that soul doth ‘kiss.’
The Conqueror of sin and death returned,
ascended to His Throne, His Father‘s side,
where now He intercedes for His bought bride,
as having, through His blood, grace for her earned.
But one day soon He‘ll stand again on Earth.
He‘ll reign supremely as its Judge and King.
Set timer on sin‘s insolence will ring,
and ev‘ryone shall see Christ‘s matchless worth!
The blazing eyes of LORD/Judge/King will harden
as man‘s rebellion‘s snuffed with holy fire—
the proud, indiff‘rent, carnal, thief and liar,
whoever has not fled to Christ for pardon.
So “kiss the Son“ or face Him with your sin.
“Blessed are all who take refuge in Him.“
“How foolish you are, and how slow of heart
to believe what the prophets have spoken!
Didn’t Christ have to suffer [be broken],
then enter His glory [new life to impart]?”
Can you hear these words Christ spoke Easter Day
as He journeyed (resurrected!) with two
who had not yet grasped God’s Covenant view
that Jesus’ shed blood is Hope’s ONLY way?
From Genesis on, God painted pictures
pointing us straight to the cross of His Son
in shadows and types through Providence done—
Jesus fulfills the weight of these Scriptures!
So come, invite Him in! As those two learned,
He’ll teach you, open eyes, cause heart to burn!
“Why seek the Living One among the dead?“
asked angels to a few who‘d watched the Lord
be crucified—His blood and life outpoured,
“He is not here! He‘s risen as He said!“
In days before these women wept in grief
as Jesus‘ lifeless body, wrapped in shroud,
lay buried, guarded, sealed from Paschal crowd,
but by God‘s plan entombment would be brief!
His slaying served full payment for the debt
incurred against Himself by mankind‘s sin.
His raising proved His sacrifice the win
to satisfy God‘s wrath, my debts forget!
Because Christ Jesus died but ever lives,
the sin of all who trust Him God forgives!
The Lamb assumed the sin of all the world,
absorbed God‘s holy wrath—the debt sin owes.
Redemption‘s check written with hammer blows,
into remitting sea sin‘s wage He hurled.
For lost, sick souls eternal life Christ bought—
the graced life freely offered through new birth
to those who‘ll humbly hunger for His worth
and trust the vanquishment for which He fought.
By taking up what WE deserve—wrath‘s cross—
Jesus won our victory, laying down
His life, His glory and His heav‘nly Crown
till, as He rose, He overcame all loss!
His sacrifice and risen life receive
when in Christ‘s saving power you believe!
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