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In a world moving by so fast
We tend to miss the signs
Despite the fact
That they are actually
P u  l  s   i   n   g  within us.
My dad always told me
“Follow your gut”
But what does this mean?
How can I decipher between
My true intuition and
The madness my mind convinces me of?
Kewayne Wadley Jul 2018
It is possible.
To leap beyond where fear takes us.
Surely so many things happen.
By contrast
We stand still.
Wound up in total curiosity.
To dream in wonderment.
With each twirl we captivate the essence of someone else.
A sort of inspiration that convinces us that we are more than what we believe.
Beginning to walk,
Our other functioning parts come to life.
Embraced in true courage.
Spun around and round.
This huge metal behind it's back.
Suddenly this obstacle isn't what it seems.
First finding what is important.
The touch of someone else
Through encouragement.
The wind-up doll begins to move
No longer incapable by what we define as fear,
But enormous faith.
To place all of it's self in another
Without fear of adding another chip to it's face.
It waddles along.
Moments later,
Pride interferes.
It's movements stop.
To be spun up again and again
Falling to the floor
Seconds at a time
JaegukLee May 3
The melody that earphone sings,
momentarily interrupts me
from the surging flow of life -

It releases me from
the supressing weight of burden,
softly whispers and convinces me
to become part of the wave than to chase it.

The shaking tides of spirit
the dance of a child.

Today, Tomorrow and on
I am looking forward to become
part of the voice.
Emma Ottinger Jun 2018
She says she doesn’t have the strength within herself to write poetry.
Yes, her. The one who so often nourished me with song
til my soul began to learn how to hunt for itself,
whose word carried weight in leading me to pick my own instrument,
albeit one of a different tone,
as the key in keyboard became prominent for the first time
and the sound of purposeful fingers upon it could be considered,
only in the right light,
synonymous to the plucking of strings, just as rooted in emotion.

Yet she's the first to say that she herself can't do it.

Thing is, I suppose we’re politely at odds on the matter.
She favors poetry that’s sharper, with a cleaner cut,
that’s message is immediate and jarring
as a conduit running from soul through skin,
or a loose-lipped diary finally freed from lock and key.
And when she declared it, I started to consider what my poems seem to me:
Blackberry bushes (but kinder, I hope)
that snag and immerse just long enough
to make me feel I’ve had an effect.
I’ve used writing to expel my most gnarled feelings
to any passerby who’s maybe felt the same.
Like crying in a mirror:
alarming, but oddly refreshing,
and an indefinite reminder that our aches are never only our own.

Still, I'm not sure why it blows my mind
to hear that even the most glamorous hearts,
who wear confidence as a summer breeze that's always in their favor
and who inspire, from beau gestures to sleight of hand,
are included in those who find themselves pacing back, back and forth,
begging curbside at the dime store
for a scrap of the same feed that convinces a heart to pump ink.

But she says that any art that's enjoyed is worth it.
So while she seeks out words that bare the bones,
I’ll stay and make a meal of the marrow,
hollowing them so that the poetry may have a rightful place
to reverberate as hymns in a universal monastery.

But hell, like I’m any old soul.
I dress nicer than I otherwise would,
turn to the mother who told me I don’t meet her lowest standards,
and ask for a critique.
All for the moment when she greets me at the door with a legendary G#.

...Now please, could you spare a dime?
Dedicated to Elise, who, when faced with my tangled mouthful of flattery, somehow saw through to the part of me that’s actually worth a ****.
Matt Shaw Apr 3
Pieces of me collapse and flake off into my *** and coke.
I **** on a joke, forget it it's not even funny
Skip that and I'm straight to the punch line
A mind occupied by anxiety.

But a golden pseudopod escapes from my forehead
Touches something meaningful and I stumble into bed
I've got a bad feeling that I don't really matter
But she holds me so tight she convinces me I do
And I (almost) choke on the words,
But I love you
G S Jan 21
Loading, reconnecting , but the connection oddly never fails
Our screens, and faith, keeping this relationship alive
The only source we've ever known, our only means of communication
But the love that runs right through these components is underestimated  
Like the rush you send right through me ,when your name comes up on my device
The name that drowns me in a swarm of butterflies every time
The name that convinces me that angels exist

We say the universe can be unkind , for a love like ours is bound to die
These odds are irrefutable ,so I will proudly wait a lifetime if I must
We may be too impressionable, but never too young to love this hard
So I can safely say I love you unconditionally,
since we have it written in the stars

I promise I will never say goodbye

- g.s.
Babyg123 Mar 5
I need help
Im not sure what with
But i know this dark cloud in my head cannot stay any longer
The cloud that constantly whispers
“You’re not good enough”
“No one cares about you”
“You’re nothing”
The little voice that convinces you that you are;
Unknown, ****, unimportant
You go unnoticed by anyone
Even those closest to you have no idea about the way you feel
Because that voice in your head tells you they will look at you differently
Or they wont care
Or they will think something is wrong with you
But you dont want their looks of pity
You just want to be heard, held, helped
You want someone to help get rid of the voice of uncertainty
But it reminds you that it would be a burden to others
So you continue on with your days
Listening to the dark wisp of a cloud
The shadow that follows you everywhere
Always around the corner to ruin a good day
bree Nov 2018
The devil is a boy
pretending to be a man,
who makes you feel
like you deserved
the unwanted advances.
And convinces you
that black and blue bruises
is the art upon your skin,
which he embellished on your thighs,
because you looked so
******* ****,
he couldn’t resist.

And now you
force a laugh and lie
and pretend
that each time
you see his face
you don’t cower away
in fear.
Silently wishing,
always praying
to the God that you don’t believe
loves you anymore.
Praying that this boy,
pretending to be a man
would burn in his flames.

But devils never die.

Even if I did that night.
first draft
Tylese Bennett Oct 2018
The girl walks slow,
as the sticks behind her begin to crush,
she turns to discover a doe...
she convinces herself that she is in no rush,

She slowly approaches the beautiful creature,
as it stares into her perfect ocean eyes,
for the doe stayed still,
its calmness was an amazing feature,
she thought her brain was telling lies...

Until she touched it,
its soft fur,
its little ears,
"Oh, you're gorgeous..." She spoke...

The doe continued off on about its day,
the girl was heartbroken...
when she got home,
she wrote about the creature...
almost every day...

For she had cast a spell,
for animals to be calm around her more,
and you'll never guess what this witch found at her door...
Let's just say... She lived happily ever after...
tinhearts Jan 5
“Weren’t our hearts on fire when he spoke to us along the road and when he explained the scriptures for us?”
Luke 24:32

Isn’t this true of today. There these men were, eye witness of the ongoings in Jerusalem but with the noice of different voices and distractions going on about what happened they were confused and in despair. It’s like a woman who lost the diamond from her engagement ring while walking the darkened streets of the city.
Unnoticed by her that it was missing, yet, a weary humble soul found it laying amongst the debris and filth and saw it was of great value. Picked it up and cherished it as his heart burned in knowing he had found the truth.
Today the truth is lost, laying along a side road somewhere unnoticed and not missed because of the noice factor that clouds the minds and convinces the soul into believing whatever she hears and soaks it in as good food for thought. Coming from that tree of the KNOWLEDGE of good and evil.
It suffices Because it doesn’t cause any disturbances. Nothing alarming enough to make a change within their minds actions to SEE they are blind guides leading the blind and they will all fall in a pit.
When the truth in all its humility is heard it causes disturbance within the innermost being. It’s supposed to so that you know the other is false. The truth burns like a fire to consume anything of the false order and turn the soul to her true Light of Life the Living Jesus, sleeping in the manger because the inn is full of imposters.
   The Pharisees stick their nose up in the air because it will change everything they believe in and upset their lifestyles.
I’m telling you the truth. Didn’t Jesus insist on that constantly! For those who have ears to hear listen!
He knew they were lost yet not knowing and wallowing in their sects of unbelief and misguided preachers robbing the lambs food and leaving them hungry.

I’ve noticed by the Spirit the ones who believe what I say and the ones who leave in disgust.
Jesus said,”And you, do you wish to leave also!” Precious Peter said,”Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words to eternal Life and have come to know, that you are the Holy One of God.”
How did he know? The truth rises within and burns away the false. The darkness can not comprehend the Light and it DISAPPEARS.
Just like Jesus disappeared after the Light of His words penetrated the souls of the two men on the road to Emmaus. Once He broke the Bread of Truth and Life they could SEE. Amen
Bee Jul 2018
she whispers poetic metaphors
comprised of beautiful words
into thirsty ears
and watches as hungry eyes
become enveloped with stars
as they imagine the beauty
of her love

she tells them
¨he is the earth
and i am his moon
orbiting around him¨
orbiting for him

you see
an orbital´s path
is not paved by love
for she often asks herself
if she was really in love at all
or was it simply
his proximity
which so forcefully
pulled her in

for closeness
is what tore the moon
from her own established path
amongst the stars
when she encountered
the inescapable gravity
of another celestial body

the moon
diminutive and frail
in comparison
had no choice
but to succumb to the earth´s captivation
and redirect her path
to assume a new orbit
around a new focus

instead of progressing forward
she now knows nothing
but the same hideous loop
and like a scratched record
it repeats itself
         and over
                           and over
                                            and over

and every taste of freedom
simply brings her careening even quicker
around the next corner
until she becomes
all too familiar
with the same series of events

so she convinces herself
she's fallen in love
then that she's fallen
back out of it again
she hasn't really fallen anywhere
her mind simply adapts
a new narration
for the same spiral storyline

she never really loved him
for while they were close
momentum prevented their hearts
from ever truly touching
(for if the moon and the earth
drifted too close
they would collide)
and she will never know
now that she has become entranced
by a new planetary orbit

and as she tells the story
of how the moon
fell for the earth
the paradox of orbitals
was the perfect disguise
for her sinister love

why is it so much harder to fall out of love, than it is to fall in it?
Anya Sep 2018
Before you know it
It’s over
And you’re left wondering
How did it start
How did it end
Is it really gone?
A suspicion of deception invades you
Until your rationality convinces you otherwise
Its really done
No more
And tomorrow
And the next
Your heart refuses to believe
For the longest time
As you gaze at your phone waiting
Until it gradually grows slow
And cold
And slower still
Till it stops all together
Neha Sharma Jul 21
"I don't love him anymore" , my mind convinces me.
But still he lies somewhere inside my heart.

~your smiling queen :)
I still love him.
Hunter Sep 2018
Step 1:
Realize that winning at life does not mean that you beat others, but rather that you beat life itself. Realize that the only thing holding you back is life's grip on you that convinces you that you can't beat it. Break free of it. You're not seized by death, but by life.

Step 2:
Take care of yourself. Self-care is the most important, specifically the hard stuff. Clean your house, one room at a time. Shower, brush your hair and teeth, go for a walk outside, exercise, cook proper meals. You're not helping yourself at all by doing things you already do and enjoy. If you don't change yourself then the world won't change around you. Better yourself and everything else will follow closely in your wake.

Step 3:
Accept that happiness is a reward and not a gift. Accept that happiness is fleeting and you will have to continue to work for it if you want to keep getting it.

Step 4:
Listen to music you enjoy. Listen to music that matches your mood. Listen to music that inspires you. Trust me, it's important and you'll even enjoy it.

Step 5:
Be mature, but never grow up. Remember how to be a kid, but keep in mind that you have to be an adult sometimes. If you can decipher when each are appropriate then life will be significantly easier.

Step 6:
Get over it. It's harsh, but it's true. If you keep dwelling on things that happened in the past and are irreversible then how will you find the time to make sure the future turns out better?

Step 7:
Remember that you have plenty of time left, but that you have much control over how plenty. Remember you were born with enough time to do everything you want, but if you waste it then you'll lose it and can never get it back. Remember that if you enjoyed wasting the time then the time wasn't wasted and that you will die eventually.

Step 8:
Acknowledge that forgiveness is not a requirement. You do not have to forgive anyone who has hurt you, but people say it's nice.

Step 9:
Remind yourself that your health is more important than others' comfort. If someone feels better at your expense then they need to stop. Take care of yourself first, other people have their own coping mechanisms and they will get over it. You are your priority, no matter what.

Step 10:
Never forget that all problems have solutions. If you feel stuck, think. You'll eventually realize you know how to solve all of your problems. Never forget that solutions might not solve every problem at once, and you need to pick what's most important and what can be saved for later.

Step 11:
Accept that the future might be worse. Especially if you're in an environment you don't have full control over, things out of your hands could change for the worse. Accept that you can change most things however, and you can decide when things get better.

Step 12:
Know that there will come a time when you'll be forgotten forever and that will be so freeing. After you die, someone will think about you for the very last time and you'll be truly free. Nothing you do in life will last forever and soon everyone will have forgotten you ever existed, and it will be good.

Step 13:
Don't be superstitious. You'll worry more than you already do.

Step 14:
Realize that you won't ever get a positive answer unless you ask. No one will tell you yes unless you express that that's what you want to hear.

Step 15:
Listen to your doctors. Take your medications. Do your exercises. They studies for many years to tell you how to not die, listen to them. I promise they know more about how to help you than a random article online with no sources of sustenance.

Step 16:
Trust your gut. If you even stop to seriously consider something, it's probably at least a little bit true. If something is wrong, you will know it. You also know when that opinion is yours, or the one you've been tricked into believing is yours.

Step 17:
Think about the past. In moderation. Realize that the past is only as good as you remember it, and if you think it's better than the present then you will grow to despise the present. Realize that even if the past was better, you cannot go back and it passed for a reason.

Step 18:
Don't get back together with an ex. You broke up for a reason. Unless everything was a misunderstanding, in which case maybe. Even if you look back on your break up and think the reasons were foolish, remember that they hurt someone enough for you to break up. That will permanently damage your relationship, even if you try your hardest to fix everything.

Step 19:
Realize that you don't need to take advise from a random sixteen year old over the internet. Realize you can and should disregard any previous steps if you disagree.

Step 20:
Die knowing you lived.
mila splawska Aug 10
he tried to **** himself
wanted to take his own life
but when i look at him
i really can’t see why
his smile is the only thing
that can bring me peace
his laugh makes my ears ring
his voice convinces my tears to cease
he is the most beautiful thing,
that i have ever seen
if only he'd believe that
it'd help him make it to seventeen

— The End —