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My birth control is making
Me crazy again.
Breakdown, rage, comfort,
Repeat. Repeat.

Like clockwork,
I have to remind myself that
"I'm no monster", "it's the hormone",
"I swear I still crave you".

My love for you is
A radiant bloom, being
Suppressed and bullied by the
Bushes bearing thorns.

My hatred for you is
The shell of the bird that
Traps the life inside, leading
It to claw it's way out to breathe.

Wait for me to emerge,
My shell is holding me back
As a safety protocol.
I have not been born yet.
Mystic Ink Plus Feb 2018
3AM, one night of May 25
Run out of fuel to move around
“Imbalance, impatient”, was I.
Called a Dr, to get some help
Wondered, “what is your problem?”
Umm, “I never know what peace is.”
Fatigue, swelling, loss of memory
Feeling low and much more, all I get.

Achievement of life
Umm, gaining 3 pounds of weight every month
Blood work was out of range,
Homeostasis was not on my side
Felt of lost in transition,
Between Heaven and Hell.

“Dr., am I going to die?”
Tempting to release the constant fear
Stupid arguments that haunt every time.

“Calm down, it’s not too late”,
“Don’t escape from the realms of reality”,
“Let the awareness spread”,
“Fight, support and advocate”,
“Seek a path of peaceful harmony”,
“Let’s make 25th May, bigger”,
He said.
Genre: Clinical
Theme: On 25th May, it's World Thyroid Day
Mystic Ink Plus Feb 2018
Code of rhythm, fleshes and bones

A hidden connection.
Genre: Clinical
SunnySideUp Yoon Jul 2017
Love is like a two-year bonds
hormones expire
usually two years later.
Jenn Coke May 2016
Drug; he controls my brain.
He stirs an irresistible blend of chemicals in my body and convinces me to fall for him; he increases blood flow to the primitive areas of my brain and activates the circuits responsible for love and desire.

Adrenaline; he balances my stress.
He keeps my heart strong and healthy as thoughts of him and us dominate me and excite me, prompting me to get tachycardia (fast heart rate above 100 bpm) and my blood pressure to rise.

Dopamine; he regulates my focus.
He stimulates desire and triggers pleasure in me; I remember everything about us, then forget about my surroundings; I am motivated to please him, then I daydream and become unable to stay on task.

Serotonin; he stabilizes my mood.
He charms and induces me to perspire and relax, crave and distance him, lose and gain sleep, feel pain and relief, get happy and upset, and decrease and increase my immune system functions.

Medication; he forces my loveswept cells to go haywire.
He has cured my lovesickness, shooed away my regrets, helped me move on from my past, boosted my (self-)confidence, made me look forward to tomorrow, and offered me a ticket to bliss.

Oxytocin; he enables me to produce lovestruck hormones.
He affects my moral molecules as he attracts my undivided attention, pushes me to trust him, raises attachment and empathy, brings psychological stability, and encourages me to want to be closer to him.

Vasopressin; he causes me to secrete lovetastic chemicals.
He renders me monogamous and continues to have me hooked onto him; he makes me thirst for him, display amorous behavior, defend him and us, and maintain a strong partnership.
Attempt at playing around with love and science.
I may as well be a widow
Clinging to a past love that is no more
The sweetest tang of heartache
For a me, as I was before
It seems like forever ago
Since I became mature
Innocence crumbled to nothing
But a beaten senseless

— The End —