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Coleseph Nelzsun Nov 2016
If I can't be your rock
Let me be your stepping stone
Use me as you walk
Up the steep path toward your throne
Whether you just want to talk
Or feel your heart's come home
I can be the harbor's dock
In life's ocean where you roam
Coleseph Nelzsun Nov 2016
Nothing matters?
But “nothing” is a concept we can never experience since we are all something
Yet nothing has to be something
Because everything is something
So nothing has always mattered
Coleseph Nelzsun Aug 2016
Sometimes I think I would be freer without the pleasures of my life
For parting with a good thing hurts like the stinging blade of a traitors knife

Why can't the good things be the norm instead of the exception
If you believe that anyone is always happy you've been tricked by their deception

Because to balance is to live
With only take there is no give
Coleseph Nelzsun Aug 2016
What I am becoming is hard to put a finger on
Lots of what I thought was me seems at times to be completely gone

Maybe this is why some old folks get so bitter
Looking at things from their perspective sure can make me shiver

But I also know that I can still hold onto my old self
The happy me the hippie me, thats better for my health
But to be honest it can get boring and life must be a journey
I like to feel all types of ways even if its me I'm hurting
Coleseph Nelzsun Jun 2016
"I love your feet for how they found me"
Those aren't my words but there sure true
Because this life is quite the journey
I'd like to travel it with you

We'll find new comfort in the thunder
And let the silence speak its peace
Just happy in each other's presence
As the days turn into weeks
I'll be the one to hold you tightly
And reassure you that your whole
I know this world at time seems lonely but your heart stays warm dispite the cold
Coleseph Nelzsun Jun 2016
Let down your walls
Your defenses must fall
To truly feel the fire that runs through us all

Because there's no limmit to the love we could share
You dont want to admit it, like your heart is not there

Fear will keep you from falling its true
But when fear is your compass you can't truly be you
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