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Anya Jan 2
My mind offers a compromise
Which is instantly refuted
Shot down
I’m absolutely amazed by the sheer
Number of superficial constraints placed
Upon me, my superstitions, my desires, my obligations
Each one currently impossibly to fulfill
Each side impossible to sait

And so,
A stalemate
Sitting here, doing nothing
Unmoving, but
Thoughts whirling about
Fidget spinners, or
Bablades repeatedly clashing
Repeatedly smashing
Till it’s just me and the broken debre

All you see
Is a girl
Too lazy to move
Temporal Fugue Nov 2016
What happens at the crux
when an implacable foe
meets the immovable force
adding energy they grow

Cataclysms defined, deluxe
a wondrous and worthwhile show
thunder and lightning at the source
punches, block, and throw

Eternity, at wane and flux
not moving fast, or slow
confined in the final course
with no place, left to go
It's out there, somewhere.
Viseract Oct 2016
Dare I ask after your wellbeing?
When misery, woven in your face
Is all I am seeing?

Dare I align myself with you?
When we are of similar mind,
And speak nought but the truth?

Shall I be the only one,
Who every time I look back
Am the only one to do so?

Similarities convince me to do so
Disassociation convinces me otherwise
We are so alike
That neither wishes to make a move
Beau Grey Apr 2016
Crowns embellished
with ebony bewitching.
A sliver of gold
pierces the veil.
Stalemate defined
by velveteen seas.
Eyes of steel incandescent
under the blacksmiths hands.
The finest sapphires inlaid.
A woman in hand
the mightiest of weapons.
Snowy mountains nourished
the victory of Man.
Gravid in mysticism
keeper of seeds
bloomed the Kings strength.
Rachel Katerina Jul 2015
A life stuck at 7PM
The clock on the wall never moves
And the second hand never shifts –
Nothing to win, nothing to lose.

See the sky slowly growing dark.
The in-between time, before sleep,
Nothing is right or even wrong –
A place where I don’t want to be.

Perfect dusk with reluctant clouds;
The sun has gone to bed alone
While my head is clouded with doubts
I lie there – silent – on my own.

Waiting is the hardest part tonight:
In between breaths I wait for sleep,
Dreaming of all the things undone –
Losing pieces while losing me.

Silent rain creeps down my window
To whisper: “I will find you soon”
I turn, not wanting to feel,
Look away to implore the moon.

I search for answers in the dark,
But all I find is silence.
Seconds stretch to days behind me;
All that mattered was in past tense...

They press harder against my ears:
Screaming, screaming, screaming loud
They compete – all my secret fears
If I can’t breathe, I’ll surely drown.

There is no peace for me because
They refuse to keep their silence –
Whispers morph into demons, and
Demons are replaced with giants.

I surrender, the same refrain,
A question, always tireless:
Tell me what tomorrow will bring;
For mine endless night is timeless.
written around the time of high school graduation
PrttyBrd May 2015
Pushed back across the line
The line between *** and love
Loving you no less than yesterday
Wanting you more with each insight
Caught between your fear of intimacy
And my abundant affection
Missing the way you want me
Wanted me...
Want me Still?
Berated for loving you
Jagged dagger wounds heal slowly
While loving you no less than yesterday
No apologies for purposeful pain
You proved yourself right, though you are so wrong
You just don't want to know
Remember me with affection you were too afraid to show
Think of me often, and realize
I love you...still
In my heart...still

— The End —