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Pat Villaceran Jul 2022
There was this

that says soulmates
were meant to know
each other before they even

And I know
that moment came

When that sunlight hit

your face

One afternoon
that changed it all

The meaning of

Francie Lynch Oct 2021
A good liar
Is a bad liar,
And I was the worst.
I lost your trust;
Gave rise to sorrow
And a life of regrets.
I don't ask you forget,
But forgive, with peace,
Lay it to rest.
This is a well worn theme.
Man Dec 2020
wait for the waft
of familiar scents
to speak to you
stealing you away,

a sight been seen
touches you felt
a noise you heard
a scent been smelt

kismet's coincidence
Swanky sauntering swagger of a sashay.  Verve’s chutzpah, moxie savvy's panache, dexterously agile acuity.  Articulate coordinated excellence and prowess’s talented exceptional.  Objectified manifest's eidetic prospectus's invertible investiture's infinite possibilities perpetrate incorporeity ideology's perfectible ontology!   

Intrepid intuitive intrigue, mystical magical multifariously versatile nefarious nemesis.  Malfeasance evocative tout, execrating eventuation evocative expletives, executant tour de force entelechy's apotheosis.  Ne plus ultra irrefragable opulence, erudite illuminism numinous piquant poignancy.  Dynamic livid lurid vagile puissance.  Lucid orotund sonorous fecund resilience.  

Eloquent exuberance felicitous transcendent epiphany.  Nuance tactile audacious preternatural metaphysical clairvoyant imperative.  Augur quantum ominous avant-garde profundity, virulent vivid indomitably indefatigable cogent fatidic, quintessential deft.  Celerity innovative veracious metamorphic, adroit nimble avid austere. 

Fulgurous astute atman clever crafty rapacious sagacious.  Effulgent zealous fastuous temerity machismo enunciation diction, imperative repartee.  Exserted protuberance educement proclivities succinctly ostentatious.  Ardent arduous inductive adamant incursion ostensible hornswoggling swashbuckler!
oneiromancy's apotropaic!  Chicanery dynamism's fealties.
Pat Villaceran Jul 2020
She who dives
down the thorny road
in search for apothecary
to cure the woes

She who didn't
know what she would
find. Is apparently


Then one day  
a Galahad would
come bump her toes


Inevitable, at least.

This blasts a loud boom of happenstance

Helpless ****** in the face of
the egoist

Both come to terms
and apparently
It has to be

It simply has to

Lyn-Purcell Jul 2020

Love and war's eternal kismet
are forever bound
They are hand
in hand

Still under the weather but feeling somewhat better today!
I hope to get back to some more women of myth poems soon
Hopefully after this week passes, I can resume...
My nerves are still raw on the surface.
Stay safe and well everyone
Much love
Lyn 💜
Alicia Moore Jun 2020
Let us change the course of our kismet
By dividing our steel tongues
amongst the crowd
And spitting upon the roots
with sonorous rage.
Inspired by the BLM movement.
Trish M Feb 2020
I still remember that day
We were inseparable in many ways
Yet destiny interfered

Here we are again
I am close yet you're far away
You're hairbreadth away but I'm to stay in place

Kismet kept us apart
Yet fate recaptured what we had
And I have to make out this connection we had

Now I have a choice to make
Will I stay in place or will I join yours someday?
It's an option I'm glad to take

This is a gamble I'm ready to begin
First, are we on the same page?
Like Eros and Psyche had fared?

You thought our story already ended but it only started
The feelings I have is yours to take
This emotion, I wish, will be reciprocated someday
Isaac Spencer Jul 2019
I've been waiting for Death to come knocking-
On my front door, oh I've seen him stalking,
The lock is dusty, the screen door is creaking,
I think I hear him speaking,

And he says-

I've been patient; I'm Death, walking-
Down every side street, I hear people talking,
God, money, drugs while their life blood is leaking,
Nothing on Earth can stop me from seeking.

I hear Death, he's outside talking-
I walk out, the porch swing is rocking,
The chains are rusty and his voice is thinning,
I'm weak, he's at the beginning,

And we say-

I've been waiting for Death to come knocking-
On my front door, oh I've seen him stalking,
The lock is dusty, the screen door is creaking,
I think I hear him speaking.
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