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Lea Loveit Oct 2017
You didn't ask for life
If you would of began it
you would of been filled with strife
And this is hard for me to admit

I pictured you as a soul with a heart
A fighter to live
But you didn't even want a start
And it wasn't something I wanted to give

Lets say you did arise
One part of your creation wouldn't be around
I'll be up for years with your crises
and learn how beautiful it would sound

I would give up my dreams
do all I can to give you nadir
and as easy all this seems
Overall I'll be a failure

As you develop
you'll ask yourself questions
becoming rebellious
rewarded with many life lessons

You're a pure soul
not a consequence
although your small role
you'll forever be anonymous

Right now you probably hate me
Its okay I deserve it
I understand and can see
I wasn't qualified and I'm unfit

I accept all that has happened
I feel as though Its what you wanted
It would of been very harmful to you, I imagine
But you won't be forgotten

Maybe we will meet
Perhaps, this was all in the plan
This is all concrete
I appreciate for all you done in your life span
Lea Loveit Aug 2017
To my unborn
Know it is my fault
Know my heart is torn
It was an unguarded vault

I take all the responsibility
Put me away
All agressive humility
I don't know what to say

I wanted you to be great,
See you smile wide like a boat,
And give you the world to create
and opportunity gloat

You were a surprise
I didn't find out
or know you were Alive
Till I met that route

I was afriad
every ounce of doubt
came into my body and raid
with criminal filled throughout

I put my soft hand over my belly
The pain was a claymore
Struck deep through the jelly
Then I proceeded to see the gore.

Then I  was in mist of knowing
That there was a you
And you were growing
until i saw the red hue

Red all over the white toilet and floors
I squat to sit as the clench of my face starts
While my back leans against the door
Aware you might of just developed a heart

Although you weren't in my plans
I know you were with me for cause
Right now I could of fit you in my hand
But for now I'll put my life on pause

Now an empty exhibit
Because you are gone
Now please visit
but also let me move on
Lea Loveit Mar 2016
I was stuck so long
In a rut so deep.
It's a simple song
About how I took a leap.

I wanted nothing to do with him.
Greg was not so shy.
Who saw the light that was so dim
To notice I'd fall in love with that guy?

It's ten to three
With him on my mind
I should be asleep
But it's too late to try

Before him I had dangerous boys
Those I rarely think of today.
They used me like a toy
So glad I finally got away

When the feelings were found I thought
'If I follow my heart, my head thinks I'm dumb'
Then I thought,
'But if I follow my head, my heart will feel numb.'

It was a sticky situation
I didn't want to be hurt again
All apart of personal frustration
But I didn't want Greg just as a friend

I followed my heart
With caution from my head
Cupid hit me with the dart
At least I'm not dead

He's so full of love
All for me
He puts me above
For everyone to see

He is my dream guy
Smart, calm, kind
Opposite of sly
And all mine

As I can't stop thinking
Now it's ten after three
God I should be thanking
For leading Greg to me
3:12 AM

He's running on my mind like he's a track star. Dedicated to G. E.

xoxo lea
Lea Loveit Nov 2015
What's hardest to do
Is letting go of what stops me
In loving you
And keeping me from being free

The chains bring me down
And the cuffs get tighter
Somehow I drown
Although I try to be a fighter

The loneliness consumed
And the darkness fills
And you just assumed
It's all by my will

But I love you
Enough to try to fight
To do what I got to do
To get through each night

But I'll give it away
Surrender everything
All of the pain, if I may,
To get that special ring

Not sure how
But I'll try!
The darkness will leave now
And there will be no more cries

I promise you this all
Till the second I die
I hope we never hit a wall
Because I'll make the sacrifice
Lea Loveit Nov 2015
Not too sure why
But finding peace within myself is hard
Even when I find the perfect guy
I still hold up my guard

I want to let go
Make things easy
To stop feeling low
Stop feeling queezy

Go back to fun nights
Just living life
Where we didn't fight
And be in the future, where I'm your wife

The future is scary
Something I can't control
Someday I'd like to get married
And always have your hand to hold

But that's not certain
Although it's up to us
To make new beginnings
And never end trust

I'm sorry I'm this way
It's harder for me to live
Sometimes I don't know what to say
All I can do is give

"Tú sin mí"
Is unthinkable
"Yo sin ti"
Is sinkable

Our language can't be reproduced
But I am replaceable
And that's up to us
Y yo lloro y lloro

Por favor mío
I can't stop to think
Take me to Río
Just give me a drink

Is the love there?
I question sometimes
I'm sorry I'm so scared
Overthinking is such a crime

It's difficult to understand.
I just want to sleep
Hold your hand
And know I have you to keep
Lea Loveit Jun 2015
Dear Gregory,

Falling in love is pretty scary
But with you it's different
Perfect, amazing, and brilliant
We work with one another
Maybe why we're the perfect lovers
Each day with you I learn
You'd never let me crash and burn
I can honestly say this isn't a dream
You make me brightly beam
Other than how you make me feel
There are more signs that this is real
You hold verity within you
Take pride in everything you do
No matter how many times I walk away
You will forever fight and stay
Through our debates I yell and burst
No matter what you'll still put me first
This isn't puppy love or infatuation
It's a beautiful creation  
With all the colors of a cartoon
We paint the perfect honeymoon
And life after that stage
Is a love that grows with our age
I love you indefinitely
I can tell you do as well by the way you treat me
When I'm in your arms
I'm safe and never alarmed
Your kiss constantly reminds
Me to never be blind
Your eyes show me where home is
Without a question, test, or quiz
Your skin is my art
There's a meaning for every inch of every part
Beautiful words on a silver platter
You eat them and your heart gets fatter
With you I hope to be delicate
Since you're perfect and intelligent
My Greg, you I wouldn't break
I'll keep you safe for our sake
The definition within you
Can't be summed up with a word or two
You give me clarity
And I shall repay you with sincerity
From the start
I didn't think you 'd have my heart
From the first time my lip touched your lips
I knew it was you I will spend my life with
Please hold me tight
I promise to love you right
To be there for both good and bad times
To work hard and continue to climb
For the future I have visions
Of us making decisions
Our two kids
Playing in our backyard with leaves and twigs
Watching them grow up
Being a family owning a pup
If only you knew
How much I love you
With every kiss and touch
Every thought and such
Until our death bed
Know I freaking love you Greg
I hope I can make you see clearly.

Aleyah Llovet-East

P.S I love you most, never least.
Lea Loveit Jun 2015
From the first kiss
I know I didn't miss
My personal eccentric man
I'm your number one fan
To others you're a typical breed
But you're the different one I need
Sometimes my judgement is misguided to you
And at times you act improper, it's true
But together we guide
In each other we confide
The truth always be told
And the love will swiftly unfold
Our partnership becomes teamwork
To an ultimate "joint-effort" perk
The sacrifices we make
And the selflessness we take
Clashing together making us strong
Surly for us to last long
The hope, belief, and faith
Gives us less fear and more strength
Saying " we can" and "we will"
Knowing no matter what, I love you still
What ever we become of
It will be good because we grow with love
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