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Yazad Tafti Oct 2019
shove your **** in my face
let me lick them uhhhh so ******* big
******* hard as diamonds cut my jugular
from the lack of blood we'll call it ******* asphyxiation
let me lick you ***** like ice cream
shove those **** in my face i'm gonna milk you cow lady
smack that ***
******* derek jeter smack that ***
this is going to be a good time as the crowd goes wild :)
feels good ya baby
Dré Jul 2019
Oxytocin lovers is really all we are,
for how could we claim to love each other
when to love is to hold onto collapsing shells,
sustained only by the reliance upon one another.

I could only really love you whole,
for half-empty,
I would surely expect you to fill me
with all the things I fail to give myself.
Xallan Feb 2019
you give me a new kind of high
that I've never even felt before
yet familiar
a sober rush, an impossible love
without romance or passion
but so full of ecstasy
it fills my mind with so much
so much think
drowning in so much oxytocin
I hardly remember what cortisol is
or motivation for my future
because these drugs addle me
all I see is you
my syringe and my supplier
not quite an addict
but certainly lacking self-control
with you every weak breath
is momentous, and minor
in the moment
empty without the next
without forward motion
just more chaos
more oxytocin, more dopamine
flooding my bloodstream, each ruptured cell
my sight grows dim
flooding my brain, every neuron ablaze
my reason grows faint
flooding my mind, the only soul I have
my thought grows loud
drowning in so much dopamine

filling the empty space where my heart was
and you give me a new sensation
something akin to love
Mystic Ink Plus May 2018
Her high Dopamine
Is the secret
She is unaware of

His high Oxytocin  
Is the secret
He is unaware of

It is that unawareness
What will hold them

Genre: Clinical
Theme: Unaware  |  Humanizing Medicine
Note: Dopamine is the hormone of attraction while Oxytocin is the hormone of attachment.
Jenn Coke May 2016
Drug; he controls my brain.
He stirs an irresistible blend of chemicals in my body and convinces me to fall for him; he increases blood flow to the primitive areas of my brain and activates the circuits responsible for love and desire.

Adrenaline; he balances my stress.
He keeps my heart strong and healthy as thoughts of him and us dominate me and excite me, prompting me to get tachycardia (fast heart rate above 100 bpm) and my blood pressure to rise.

Dopamine; he regulates my focus.
He stimulates desire and triggers pleasure in me; I remember everything about us, then forget about my surroundings; I am motivated to please him, then I daydream and become unable to stay on task.

Serotonin; he stabilizes my mood.
He charms and induces me to perspire and relax, crave and distance him, lose and gain sleep, feel pain and relief, get happy and upset, and decrease and increase my immune system functions.

Medication; he forces my loveswept cells to go haywire.
He has cured my lovesickness, shooed away my regrets, helped me move on from my past, boosted my (self-)confidence, made me look forward to tomorrow, and offered me a ticket to bliss.

Oxytocin; he enables me to produce lovestruck hormones.
He affects my moral molecules as he attracts my undivided attention, pushes me to trust him, raises attachment and empathy, brings psychological stability, and encourages me to want to be closer to him.

Vasopressin; he causes me to secrete lovetastic chemicals.
He renders me monogamous and continues to have me hooked onto him; he makes me thirst for him, display amorous behavior, defend him and us, and maintain a strong partnership.
Attempt at playing around with love and science.
Lahela Aug 2015
You move me chemically more than any other person
Lia Apr 2015
oxytocin serotonin rhythm rhythmatic
a dopamine drip like a metronome tick
endorphins crash like waves

~ rest ~

epinephrine more like norepinephrine
neuropeptides simmer down &
monoamines die like flies
Wuji Seshat Oct 2014
bright honey pours
all across my dawn
for pictures of you

that seem a hundred years ago
or seven, or beautifully
transparent into who
I once was, and the person
I’ve become, the nectar is curved

love never leaves us truly
just a nameless horizon
where faces shimmer

and wisdom like a fabric
can be held from world to world
planet to planet, until
our body of pure love suddenly
touches the light of a new day

and every face seems like
somebody we should have known
every personality feels really

intimate, I get that a lot
when I’m people watching
it’s a baptism of love
fluid as golden light
as I melt so easily into a stranger’s

eyes, that I feel my entire life
cupped in their hands, in their
memories, as they mix with my own.
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