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Linespace Oct 2019
The first time my third eye opened, the world was horrifying to view.
I could see my entire life, each mistake glaring at me and pounding against my psyche.
Every good moment collided with the bad,
The future turned inside out and bathed me in a gory downpour of the viscera of moments to come.

Now, each time the sparks and fires start in my brain, it reopens
And with this golden eye of the blind gods, I'll stare into everyone's souls.
I'll watch all of you and judge you by the contents of your very essence.

I'll see you in the way you refuse to see yourself.
Because if people see what they want to see,
I've made it my duty to see the truth in all of it's slithering glory
As it encircles the apple, and beckons me forward.
Linespace Sep 2019
The room buzzes around me as I sit and stare into the wall stretching into eternity before me.
The flesh mannequins grin they're crooked and deceitful smiles, and speak in encoded tongues.
I read the lines between them and their words,
Slicing context from the arteries like my box cutter draining my poisoned blood.
The voice whispers for me to leave them to their own repetitive stories
And to isolate myself from the prying eyes of God.
As I close my blind eye, and rip open my third one,
The brain fires begin.
I live within the cataract blinding God
Linespace Sep 2019
A bloodline sharpened and honed by years of misfortune,
Until it comes to a fine and refined point like the tip of my jawbone blade.
I am the prophet.
The future seer from a family destined to muddy the waters.
I stare into the eyes of the abyss until its gaze falls into my trap
And my third eye opens
Revealing what will be in visions from days yet to come.
Emma Cheung Sep 2019
I lost the faith
I never had
And became the laugh
That echoes itself
Crashing off damp cave
Interrupted by drops
Of condensation.

I found the faith
I never had
And saw the hills move
With steady rhythm
Grass green as a child's
Cow parsley swaying
With the cold wind.

The sky was still
And the ocean flowed.
The eggs round
And fragile
Sat in their nests.
Everything remained in
Its place, but everything
Was different.

I became the laugh
That laughs with others
I drink whole milk
And gaze into the sun
Blinded by purity
Deafened by possibility
In the arrested daylight of
the present.
Emilia Jan 2019

i am more than myself.
the sum of my parts;
brain, liver, heart
only make up a fraction of what exists within this body.
would i understand this better without the prison of thought?
would i feel more without glands and adrenaline, or less?
i dont ever 'believe' anything.
instead, i 'know'.


there are colours we can't see,
a whole world is hidden to me,
yet my father still believes i am insane when i tell him about the universe.
we can't prove we're the only one.
the world i was born into is a prison; why was i born here?
why was i born me?


why do we like some rhythms better than others?
i only had two things to list, but two is a bad number.
why do we sleep?
because we get sleepy, but why?
i feel like a five year old searching for answers that no one has.
nine billion people in the world...
chances are someone has to know, right?
sometimes i get depressed and existential and my dad makes me justify why i believe in a soul. i think we can answer every one of the 'whys', but only if we ask them in the first place. science and spiritualism arent enemies.
Sajida Maryam Sep 2018
Why the perfections seem imperfect
When the perfectionist perfected the perfection!

Why is the soul seems empty
Even when everything's around
Why is the heart feels so void
When desires fulfilled
Why the inner self seems neglected
Even it's respected
And why the world seems so empty
When its creations are perfect!

Why everyone's restless
What's really missing?
Emilia Apr 2018
I want to run away
Abandon everything that I've built up

I want to tear down my own creations
The products of my pain

I want to let go of everything
Throw myself into loss williningly

I want to start again from scratch
Or not start again at all

I want to blow through the sky as a cloud

I want to wander with my feet damp from the dew of the grass

I want to feel the cool night air
The glow of the moon bright on my skin
Illuminate those stars in my eyes again

I want to burn down my house
So I can leave no traces

I want to vanish back to where I came

I want to become life itself
One with all once more

I want the sun on my back
the rain on my skin
the breeze in my hair
the chill in my fingertips

I want to be no more than a spirit
A wandering soul
Seeking nothing and losing all

I want to leave this place
break loose from all my bonds
and start again as if I never had a 'before'
Don't worry I'm not suicidal I just don't like having responsibilities or possessions or anything other than emotions really
Thomas Feb 2018
Mistakes are teachers
Life lessons learned
Unseen doors opened
From bridges burned

Allies turn enemies
Friends become foe
Death do us parts
Now have knives in tow

Brown eyes on faces 
Green with envy within
Bestowed the smallest of power
True colors now show

Virtue is earned
Loyalty shines bright
When you're the lowest
Stalwarts join the fight

Brutus now exposed
Healing has began
The ides failed in their treachery
Adversity defines the man

Now rise, rise up
From the ashes of hate
Your future has just started
With happiness it's never too late
Thomas Feb 2018
Destiny is determined
There'll be no eternal bliss
Fate was sealed with it's fatal kiss

No longer thinking for yourself
Letting it's calling
Be your compass

Surrendering your mental fortitude
Allowed it to be broken down
From a constitutional latitude

Diagnosed as terminal
Malignant raging attitude
Againgst all humanity
Expressed in displays of moral turpitude

Hope's light is fading
Darkness moving in
The battle is waged daily
Never seen but alone
The screams are empty
From a voice without sound
For this battle is my own
Thomas Feb 2018
I wore a smile
To cover the stain
Swam in the bottle
To ease the pain

Quick with a quip
Ready with a joke
My anguish never passing from my lip
Levity my cloak

Smiles became heavy
Strains bled thru
In the mirror a shell
Of a man I once knew

The light house has gone dark
No guide in this storm
Acts once unheard of
Now are the norm

Where is my savior
The light to lead my way
Where is my Angel
To lift this endless night
And resurrect the day
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