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Hank Helman Nov 2022
We fell in love on an elevator,
Headed straight to the stars,
Our first kiss,
At my nephew's briss
Everyone smoking cigars.

Life is ever a circus
Elephants in every room.
I"ll hold hands
Till we make plans
Your smile in forever bloom.
is it the end of the world?
Hank Helman Nov 2022
I am yes alone,
With cold wandering cage eyes,
My time has ended.
Remember my best moment,
Hold my hand as I smile tears.
Seppuku. Ritual suicide. The death poem was usually created just before the sword was plunged into the abdomen. Syllables 5-7-5-7-7-
Hank Helman Nov 2022
He was assertive.
And zig zag.

Guiding her.
His hand firmly in the middle of her back.

He wanted to touch her.
Grab the cheeks of her ***, two bags of jam and squeeze.
Slip his fingers up and under her skirt and put two in the pink.

Buck fever.
Jelly farm her.
Finger **** her.

He closed his eyes.

Do it she whispered.
Hank Helman Aug 2022
Can we ever sing a simple song,
Where no one smiles and hums along,
A titled tune or random ditty
About eagles eating fluffy kitties.

Or must we all be kind and chaste,
Keeping everything above the waist,
Polite and kind and wash your hands,
Blood on linen, God's wonder brand.
Hi. Think I've been gone for awhile. Does anyone know the date and time?
Hank Helman Aug 2022
There is a difference between,
Lost and not wanting to be found.

Lost is eating fruit loops in the park
While people step over you.

Not found in under the stairs,
Inside the trunk full of dead people's clothes
Counting five seconds between each breath,
So you can listen for mice and postmen.
Hank Helman Feb 2022
Or more appropriately I'm listening.

I know you aren't happy
And you are unsure of what to do,
And no matter how many times you try
It always comes back to money,

I get it.

This weird concept of trading our time for tokens

But the best advice I can give you
Is to not follow your dreams,
Ignore your passions,
Stop worshiping Disney.

Join forces with others if you can
And make money.
Its the only way to get free,
To reclaim your life,
To do something that matters.

You are soon dead.
That's the only sure thing.
Money will liberate you from fear.

That's as good as it gets
Jingle jingle
Hank Helman Feb 2022
I forgot to tie my shoes
On a Tuesday afternoon.
And I stumbled out the door,
On my way to Saskatoon.

I banged my knee and ankle
And cursed the lord in vain.
Life has so many bright spots
I really can't complain.
Is there anyone from the start up days still here?
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