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TYRAN Aug 2018
My mind is in a foggy state
when I’m waking.
Condensation leaking from
my concentration.
Can’t tell the difference,
what’s real or my imagination.
How can I keep my world from quaking
when every little thing
grows bigger and the ground starts shaking?

Conscience coincide with science.
I could never follow trends,
I’m too defiant.
Indigo until the end,
I’m too reliant.
I **** everything in silence...
You and I, a plus.
Me? Alone?
Finding positivity within the negative.
TYRAN Nov 2017
I'm losing colors in my waters.
The fog in my brain is thickening
and I'm afraid there is a monster.
My breath is steady quickening,
what if I think I'm the imposter?
The thought of it is sickening,
but up there is a higher place
of not racing in thinking things.

With my back against an old tree,
I hope no one can find me.
If they don't understand
what's going on with me
then I can't withstand
the barriers of my sensitivity,
and the sea of regret
comes rushing rapidly.

I'm prone in the force of my zone.
I knew something was altered
when I felt it in my bones.
Stay committed and I fit in
where the normal don't belong.
There's a black sheep in my home.
It's funny how I always feel alone,
even with familiar faces
smiling through the phone.
You've felt it before,
but that'll change when I'm gone
and the mic is on the floor.
It's okay to be your own person.
  Nov 2017 TYRAN
Zero Nine
Hope below the moonlight
Invested in nonsense
Believing if there's hope
Life won't need to end

Childhood, so sweet,
put holes in my teeth
Innocent nightmares
bear cruel realities
They grow there

Hope below the moonlight
Invested in nonsense
Believing if there's hope
Passion grows, endlessly
She was wrong

Fire gets the rain
Smiles wither
Teeth rot
Empathy opens
Invites love
Invites pain

Time expedites
The threshold dips lower & lower
The balance upsets
Love disappears
Pain envelopes

Now I can't feel
Why would I
not want that?
  Nov 2017 TYRAN
Zero Nine
Hear the heart cry
**** the lungs dry

I give you time
I give you sweat & blood
I give you devotion
I give you love
In offer

Bite the lip numb
Make me succumb

I give you time
I give you sweat & blood
I give you devotion
I give you love
In offer

Angels of envy
Give sacrifice
While I admire
The view from here

In quiet night
In shapeless shadow
I scry & chant
The view from here                                                         hurts.
TYRAN Nov 2017
I️ am a lonely faucet
crying crocodile tears.
Bound to the fear
of facing my fears.
What I see ahead of me
is darkness beheading me;
any future is dead to me.
I am a zombie,
I slipped like I'm wasted
and feeling sloppy.
Currents take me to the flood
to drown me in tsunami
with my senses left behind me;
everything is dead around me.

Life can be a hex,
overdosing stress.
The moon will call
and after all,
the colony recalls.
Better on and better off.
Eventually the path clears, just keep going.
  Nov 2017 TYRAN
Star BG
We are all dancers with words
together connect with a creative invisible cord
laced in a melody that plays from heart.
inspired by communication with Lady of Ravenhill  Thanks
  Nov 2017 TYRAN
Nick Huber
There is an endless brutality
Mixed inside this gentle soul.
And it takes it out,
On the one most ill-suited to sustain it's relentless attacks.

To understand it requires:
A Kindred Spirit,
With an Unrequited Love...

It isn't that I feed off negativity,
I simply force myself into a dark room
and light a single candle.
I take the dark, and t̶u̶r̶n̶ ̶i̶t̶
Transform it into something else....
Entirely different from the shattered form,
Others saw it as.

Think of the earth
With all the roots
Stabbing the soil.
How they may sprout into beautiful flowers,
Given a few tears,
And the light of the sun...

But I work in the opposite way.
I live on in dreams.
Picture it, Hope.
The one emotion that seems, ever so far away.
But we cling to it!
So, I feed on Hope
Without it,
I will die!
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